[VIDEO] Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, Ruger Max-9, Taurus GX4, M&P Shield Plus


The micro sub-compact 9mm pistol has become a very competitive market. Ever since Sig Sauer developed the P365, there has been a “race to the top” to see which manufacturer could pack the most rounds in a 9mm magazine. Add to that, optic ready slides, night sights, holsters and modifications, each of these pistols have […]

The New Taurus GX4 9mm Is Looking To Compete In The Micro-Compact Category, And It’s Absolutely Worth A Look


The micro-compact handgun category is flaming hot, and the options keep coming. The latest release is from Taurus with their Taurus GX4. It’s their first-ever micro-compact 9mm handgun, and it’s something not to overlook. Taurus has stepped up their game with the GX4, and it’s sure to please even those who have shunned the brand […]

[FIREARM REVIEW] NEW Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) 9mm


Last month, Walther Arms announced they created a dynamic new pistol that would offer several modern features that today’s shooters desire in a handgun. Anticipation strongly grew as firearm enthusiasts speculated about the new design. How could Walther top their flagship PPQ handgun? Let’s face it, the Walther PPQ’s design, ergonomics, smoother trigger and shooting […]