Virginia Governor Northam Declares Emergency To Ban Guns At 2A Rally, And You Won’t Believe His Legal Justification


On Wednesday Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued an executive order declaring a temporary state of emergency, effective January 17-21, in order to ban firearms at a pro-gun rally that is planned at the state capitol complex on Monday January 20th. During a press conference Wednesday Northam attempted to justify his actions by saying, “we have […]

State-By-State: Can You Legally Carry A Firearm While Voting? 2020 UPDATE


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Why Every Gun Owner Should Understand The Gini Coefficient


Abstract: The Gini Coefficient is the single greatest known predictor of violent crime. Understanding the Gini Coefficient can help us understand murder rates better than analyzing gun ownership rates, gun laws, or any other commonly debated variable. Background: If you are a gun owner and you occasionally peruse social media, you have no doubt encountered […]