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[WATCH] The Last Thing This Guy Does Is Draw His Gun, But The Armed Citizen Behind The Counter Is Quicker

The location of this video isn’t known, but that’s not what’s important.

The important things to watch in this video, and what it shows, are;

  • The guy behind the counter and his situational awareness
  • The bad guy’s body language
  • The guy behind the counter’s ability to quickly draw and place his shot on target

It’s truly an incredible video that shows speed, skill, mindset and the determination not to be victimized.

This video comes with a View Discretion, as it contains a lot of blood in a very short amount of time.

Take a look at this screenshot to see just how on-his-game the clerk behind the counter was:

See that? He had his firearm out and on target even before the bad guy was able to draw his gun. He had a bad feeling based on the interaction with this guy, noticing his body language as well, and made some quick decisions in no time.

Then, as soon as he saw that the guy actually was reaching for a gun, he pulls the trigger.

The quick amount of blood loss with this shot is pretty intense, and I believe it’s safe to say that this bad guy didn’t make it.

How’s your attention to other’s body language? It speaks louder than words in most cases.

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