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Man Shot Dead During Home Invasion Attempt In State With 3rd Highest Gun Ownership


In a region where 56.9% of residents own guns, if you force entry into a home and get shot, you deserve your Darwin Award. The odds just aren’t in your favor.

The region in this case is the beautiful state of Idaho, which takes the Bronze among all U.S. states in terms of gun ownership. Only two states (Arkansas and Alaska) can boast a more heavily armed population:

image via Business Insider

Nevertheless, since there is apparently no limit to stupidity, a 24-year-old man decided to take his chances and break into a Post Falls home at 1:30 a.m. Monday morning. In short order, he made enough noise to awaken the man and woman who were sleeping there.

The home invader caused significant damage to interior property and aggressively ignored several commands to leave before the homeowner shot him several times with a handgun.

The Sheriff’s office, as interviewed by KHQ, reported:

“Preliminary, the investigation indicates a male and female were sleeping inside the residence and were awaken by loud crashing noises coming from inside their home. The male resident discovered an intruder had forced his way into the home through a door and was continuing to damage property inside. The resident confronted the intruder verbally telling him to leave. After being told several times to leave, the intruder, who also appears to have been armed during the incident, began aggressing both residents. The male resident fired several rounds from a handgun, which ultimately stopped the intruder’s attack.”

PSA to those considering a career in burglary in Idaho: You’ll get better odds in Vegas.

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