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Armed Gas Station Clerk, Who Is Also A Marine Veteran, Shoots Suspect Trying To Rob Him

JOELTON, TENNESSEE — With a holster on his hip during some video after the incident, 58-year-old Zane Friend was armed and ready for any threats against him. Then last Thursday, when Friend was outside for a break at the gas station he’s worked at for the last 19 years, three people ran up on him with guns drawn.

They must have been so excited to rob the place that they didn’t realize that Friend was openly carrying a firearm on his hip. It was a critical mistake.

Friend was armed with a pistol. He told police one of the suspects pointed a gun at him, so he shot the suspect in the stomach.

The two other suspects reportedly ditched their friend who had just been shot.

Thug friends are only friends until their freedom and life is on the line. All too often, we see them leaving their fallen buddies behind.

Friend, a Marine veteran, made the decision to help the teen that he had just shot in self-defense.

According to police, Friend then ran inside, grabbed towels and tried to help the man who had just tried to rob him. Friend said he performed CPR on the suspect and called 911.

The good guys are truly good, while the bad guys are truly bad.

18-year-old Gabriel Gonzales is the one who was shot, and was taken to the hospital with some serious injuries. He was said to be in critical but stable condition. Once released from the hospital, he will be charged with a number of crimes. For instance, the firearm he used in the crime was stolen.

Friend was not injured during the incident. To Friend, we are happy to hear that you were not hurt, we thank you for your service, and hope that this is the first and last time that you have to go through anything like this.

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