A Year Ago, This Man Victimized His Girlfriend; This Year, She Was Prepared


JACKSONVILLE, FL —  In a testament to the fact that guns do in fact save lives, a Jacksonville, Florida woman shot and killed her abusive ex-boyfriend after he broke into her apartment earlier this month.

Action News Jax reports that 33-year-old Michael Turner attempted to break inside of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment by shattering a window and entering through the opening.

However, what he might have forgotten is that a year before he had nearly killed his ex by beating her and nearly strangling her to death.

As Action News Jax reports, Turner nearly killed her that day. She lost consciousness, and after she regained it, she went to call the police. She was attacked again. She would not make the mistake of being vulnerable again.

In response to that attack, she purchased a firearm. When he broke in in the early morning, she was prepared.

Police report that Turner was found in the apartment with several gunshot wounds.

The woman was reportedly interviewed by detectives and then released. It does not appear that she will be facing charges.

Although we never like to see a life lost-this is clearly a case where it was necessary. There is no telling what Turner would’ve done to her had he been given the chance. He had already heard her before, and he was entering the house illegally-there’s nothing about that that could be good.

Good for her for staying armed, and staying responsible.

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