Concealed Carry Permit Confiscated Over Misdemenor Violation?


An interesting thread was started over at the forum by user uxotech, where he brings up an apparent encounter with local police. Long story short, he states that his concealed carry permit was confiscated by an officer from a Sheriff’s department in West Virginia after…well, here is his story:

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Hi all,

First timer here and I am trying to get some information concerning an incident with the local sheriff’s department in West Virginia. I had a fender bender last month where I hit a utility pole with the front corner of my vehicle in a parking lot. I backed off the pole, investigated the damage, and talked to a couple of bystanders about whether or not they thought I need to call the police because there was no damage to the utility pole. I agreed with the guys I talked to that I also didn’t think there was a need to call. I forgot my phone at the house so I walked about 1000 feet back home.

I called my insurance company, reported it, and had a rental in less than 30 minutes. The State Police came to my door and was very polite and asked me to go back to my truck to give an accident report. When we got there a couple minutes later, the local sheriff’s department was on scene. To say the least and to spare all the details, they were just rude and disrespectful. I told the officer, “you get what you give”. He detained me in handcuffs for 1.5 hours and told me that I wasn’t going to get a ticket but now I’m getting two because of my mouth. Now I was not rude, over-bearing, or abrasive to them in any way. He was on a power trip in front of two other officers, which is why I think he did it.

Anyway, he took my concealed carry permit because of the tickets he gave me and because I was now being charged with a misdemeanor. After he found out I was a former military EOD tech and a disabled veteran, he changed his tone and was real nice. But after 1.5 hours, he let me go and I walked back to the house…

I would like to get any thoughts or legal recourse I may have against the sheriff’s department, and whether or not I will get my permit back after my court date next month.

thanks in advance…

Retired Vet

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Yikes. If his story is true, it seems like the Sheriff’s office will be finding itself in a sticky situation in the near future. I’m not sure who has the authority in West Virginia to yank a permit, but that wouldn’t even fly here. . .in New York of all places.

Hopefully, uxotech will be updating his thread with the outcome of this interesting scenario.

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