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Our first review on sights, we couldn’t be more excited and enthusiastic to bring you our thoughts on AimLine Sights. Made in the USA and bringing to light a great concept, AimLine aims to please (yup, there’s a pun).

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Before we begin, let’s go over our personal policy with concealed carry firearms. We have a strong belief in keeping our concealed carry firearms stock. With that said, there is one exception to this rule; Sights. While we love, for example, the factory Glock sights, we feel that AimLine has a distinct advantage over ‘traditional’ sights.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


AimLine’s concept comes from their Half-Reticle Theory. This theory states the following:

The most accurate shooters in the world are snipers. They rely on a full reticle scope to shoot with precision and accuracy. The full reticle scope is simple in it’s execution allowing for a clear and accurate sight picture. Put your intersecting lines on the target and squeeze the trigger.

On traditional 3-dot sights, CHL and combat shooting instructors teach drawing a line through the dots to achieve target alignment. This basic concept is taught throughout the world.

AIMLINE took these concepts and developed the “Half-Reticle Theory“. By simply bisecting the target you get a quicker line of sight and target acquisition.

This theory is applied to the ST SERIES. Just “make your line” and “fire”. It’s that easy. It’s considered to be the best blend of precision and target acquisition on the market.

Makes sense?
Good. We’re all on the same page.


Before we really get into the review, we felt it necessary to talk about the packaging that these sights come in. We don’t like to half-ass things, and we appreciate businesses that don’t half-ass as well. AimLine’s packaging is just awesome. They created a cardboard slide with the sights affixed in their proper locations so that you can get a really good idea of how they will actually look once installed.

Just looking at the package, you can tell that a lot of thought and care went into presentation. If they took this much time to make the packaging the best it can be, just imagine how much time and energy went into the sights themselves. A+ AimLine, A+.

Our Experience


We began running these on our Glock 27, which replaced our factory sights on this particular firearm. Once we opened the package, we quickly realized that we had stumbled upon a fantastic set of sights. While the concept of the line isn’t new, AimLine has a way of bringing it all together. They also offer a variety of colors to choose from. Our choice was a white front sight paired with orange rear sights. Our thought on this was to have the front sight be as visible as possible. Once we started playing around with the other colors however, we noticed that all stand out on their own just fine.

At the indoor range (poorly lit, mind you), these sights were easy to see and even easier to line up on target. This is our first experience with the line concept and as you may already tell, we were very pleased.

Keep in mind that these are not night sights, although they do have night sights in development that will be available in the future. With that said, unless you are in the complete dark, we are able to see the sights well enough to get a fix on our target.

From their website, they have compiled a list of advantages of their sights, and we agree with every single one of them:


AIMLINE sights are CNC milled out of 4100 series steel and coated with a black oxide finish.

AIMLINE sights are available in 4 vibrant colors; WHITE, YELLOW ORANGE and GREEN.

AIMLINE sights are engineered to shoot off the top of the sight.  This allows for zero target obstruction.

Immediately you will notice how our sights have been engineered with a FLAT TOP design. The design delivers an instant sight picture.  Most shooters can shoot AIMLINE sights with both eyes open.

All AIMLINE sights have a large, 6-32 set screw on the rear sight. This adds that extra confidence that your rear sight will stay secured even under intense shooting or accidental impact.

AIMLINE sights are engineered for tactical applications.  The front and rear sights have a chamfer cut to eliminate snags on holsters and clothing.

AIMLINE sights are designed to allow one-handed slide racking off your belt or shoes.



Our biggest hangup with sights on our carry firearms is snag. While many that we have tried do tend to get caught up on clothing, we have had no issues with these sights so far. The design is pretty flawless and allows for easy draw and easy reholstering, snags not included. Good news for everyone!

GSWAT04Models Available

They currently offer sights for GLOCK, SIG SAUER and coming soon, SMITH & WESSON. Development is in progress for many other manufacturers so if you don’t see your firearm listed, keep checking back with them on their website and Facebook page.


These sights are our #1 favorite. They are easy to install, look great on our firearm, and we love the choice of colors. The concept is there, the customer service is there, and the price is on point. A set of AimLine sights will set you back in the mid to high $70’s. Well worth the price for what you get if you ask us.


We had some questions for the fine folks at AimLine to help us better understand their product and goals:

1. What is the hold?  6’oclock?  Sub 6?  Center?

The hold is center.  It is POA POI.  As stated in the theory just bisect where we want the bullet.  Not having to put a dot on target we don’t get any target obstruction.

2. How durable are they?  Will the insert fall out like some fiber optic stick tend to do?
The sight itself is constructed of 4100 series steel and then black oxide.  The color insert is ACETAL Polymer.  (Space-age plastic)  Very strong and chemical resistant)  During assembly every insert is set with a roll pin.

3. Do they glow?

The current sight insert does not glow.  It is very visible in low light because of the surface area of color and the property of the acetal insert.  In pure darkness  there is no glow, but tritium inserts are already in the works.

4. Any professionals using them?  How accurate are they?

We will be posting some videos soon showing some amazing accuracy.  Splitting playing cards, putting 9mm into 45 casing, etc…  All fun stuff.  The most impressive thing we see is from novice shooters that immediately start shooting tighter groups with the AIMLINE sights. As far as professionals using them we can happily say that we have sights abroad in Afghanistan with US Army SF, as well as SWAT,  LE, Border Patrol, and ATF men and women who have adopted them.

5. Whats the biggest hurdle for AIMLINE?

Getting sights in production fast enough for the other gun manufacturers.  They’re all on their way though.  This is a great industry to be in.  Almost everyone we’ve worked with has been very open nd willing to assist as much as possible?

6. What are the best colors?

Every human is different.  What I see in color acuity may not be what the next person sees in that same color.  That’s the reason we offer 4 different variations in colors right now.  The idea of differentiating the front color from the rear also ensures that you never get mis-aligned right or left when shooting if that is a preference that you like.  Pink is another color on the way for the women that want to accessorize.


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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP, with a Shield Sights RMSC Red Dot, that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in a Vedder Holsters ComfortTuck IWB holster.

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