Concealed Carry options; outlining the different locations and methods


When deciding to carry concealed, you are faced with a very important decision; What is the best way for me to conceal my firearm that will allow me the quickest and safest draw, while still allowing comfort? Some people will tell you that this isn’t as important as it sounds, but we couldn’t disagree more. It is one of the most important decisions that you can make in the world of concealed carry. Imagine an unfortunate day when you may have to get to your firearm in a hurry and have something go wrong. More importantly, that ‘something’ could probably have been avoidable.

As with any of our articles, we are here to provide useful information based on our own opinions and experience. It is up to you to find the best carry method that fits your lifestyle. Everyone is different, and no one has the same set of rules when it comes to choosing that perfect carry method. Regardless of the choice you make, be sure to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE WITH YOUR METHOD OF CONCEALED CARRY!!

LADIES: Concealed Carry options specifically for you are found below!

While there are many many options for concealed carry, we have decided to touch on just a few of the more popular locations and methods. We begin with the Hybrid IWB Holster.

glock-27-review-for-concealed-carryMethod #1: IWB Holster (Inside the Waist Band)

This method has been tried, tested and overall approved by many, and is by far the most popular method to carry a concealed firearm. The location chosen for right-handed shooters is usually around the 5 o’clock position, while left-handed shooters tend to use the 8 o’clock position. The belt clips wrap around your belt and offer great retention of the holster itself, and you will quickly watch your firearm disappear under your clothes (note body type and firearm size need to be accounted for, someone that is 110 lbs trying to hide a 1911 in shorts and a t-shirt is not recommended). There are many types of IWB holsters out there, but the most comfortable and most secure type (in our opinion) is a Hybrid of kydex and leather. Many companies such as Cleveland Holsters and Crossbreed Holsters offer excellent products for a wide variety of firearms. Pictured to the right is a Cleveland Holster holding a Glock 27.

IWB carry is good for anytime of the year, but be careful with the size of the firearm you plan to carry based on what you’re wearing. In some states, you may get arrested if you print (visible outline of your firearm). To avoid printing, make sure you choose a firearm that compliments your body type and wear looser-fitting clothes than you normally would. Darker t-shirts also print less than a white t-shirt would.

*Note: We recommend an IWB holster that offers TWO belt clips verses one. The additional belt clip offers more stability and control, and does not allow the holster to shift as much as it may with a holster with just one clip (especially when you sit down). Take this into consideration when finding your perfect holster.

Kahr-Stellar-smMethod #2: Pocket Carry

Pocket carry is another popular method, but is limited in the respects that it only accommodates the smaller-variety firearms such as the Ruger LCP. Our recommendation is this; ONLY pocket carry with a quality holster THAT HAS A TRIGGER GUARD. While we never pocket carry, this is very important to remember. The last thing you want to happen is to have your firearm go off in your pants (there may be a pun in here somewhere). With that said, know your options and do your research before purchasing.

Pocket carry is good for anytime of the year, as it fits nicely in many types of pants and shorts.

holster_ah1Method #3: Ankle Carry

This is another popular method for smaller firearms much like those used with Pocket Carry. Especially while sitting, this location usually allows quick access to your firearm should you ever require it. Obviously this method will only work with long pants, so there is some restriction based on your dress code and geographic location. Also take into consideration that if you are in a situation while standing, it may seem like an awful long wait until you can reach your firearm. These are all important factors to consider when choosing this method.

m5pBFGAefK9O13Fq89dz1JQMethod #4: Shoulder Carry

This method seems to be a dying breed, but is still considered a great way to conceal your firearm. Shoulder Carry allows the firearm to be carried on the side, below the armpit, in either the horizontal or vertical position. Obviously for concealed carry, you would need to wear a jacket, suit jacket or similar garment in order to maintain concealment. Because of this, the option of shoulder carry is thrown out the window by many.

1069380_492617520818434_1214355105_nMethod #5: Holster Shirts

These seem to be gaining steam in the concealed carry world. A holster t-shirt is just that; it fits tightly against the body while allowing you to carry your firearm and a magazine under either side. With this method, most people will need to wear a loose fitting shirt above this to avoid printing. Keep in mind that your dress attire will need to accommodate quick access to your firearm. A tucked in shirt may not be the best option, as you would need to lift the shirt relatively high in order to gain access. If this method interests you, our best recommendation would be to purchase one and just try it out.


Concealed Carry Methods for Women:

Along with the above methods listed, here are a few options that are specific to women who would like to carry concealed.

hqdefaultMethod #1: Thigh Holster

Concealment in a proper dress is easy to achieve with a thigh holster holding a sub-compact or mini firearm. Just be sure of your orientation while sitting and standing up, as you wouldn’t want to flash the goods. These holsters are typically held up with an elastic band or a type of garter belt.

flashbang71Method #2: Flash Bang Holster

The name says it all. While some women agree that this is uncomfortable, it is a very popular concealed carry method for the ladies. The holster attaches to the front of the bra and sits in place. Again, a Ruger LCP or similar size firearm would be for this location.

galco_classic_holsterpursegunMethod #3: Purse Carry

There are many purses and handbags on the market that have special compartments to conceal firearms. The only problem that we see with this is; what if a bad guy snatches the purse and runs off? We have a whole other story on our hands now, as they just ran away with your firearm. Take this into consideration when deciding on your carry method.



Odds are, you’ll end up with a whole drawer full of holsters as you try different types out. That’s ok, because it’s important to find something that is comfortable, safe, and fits your individual needs. We have yet to find the perfect holster, but have some that come pretty close. The perfect holster for you may be right around the corner.


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