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Trader Joe’s To Customers: “Please Leave Your Guns At Home”


The grocery chain Trader Joe’s, with over 450 locations nationwide, is asking customers to leave their firearms at home. Since Texas made open carry legal, the company placed signs at their Texas locations banning open carry.

They haven’t, however, clarified their open carry stance in any of their other locations that are found in open carry states.

A PR rep spoke with Forbes and provided the following statement on their policy, mentioning that they follow all state and federal laws.

“In general, at Trader Joe’s, the policies we create and follow are for ourselves and cover our own behavior. We have an explicit policy that prohibits our Crew Members (employees) from possessing firearms—or any other type of weapon—while performing job duties, while on company property, or while at company-related events. We do not presume to control our customers’ behavior through grocery store policy.

Our approach has always been to follow local laws; for example, New Mexico specifically prohibits ‘open carry’ in stores that sell alcohol for off-site consumption. In Texas, we follow a new change in the law (Section 30.07, effective Jan. 1, 2016), maintaining what has been in place: basically, openly carried handguns will not be allowed in Trader Joe’s stores in Texas.

We feel gun policy should be addressed by governmental and law enforcement agencies.


To be clear, we do not welcome weapons of any kind in our stores and never have. While there are laws in place allowing for openly carrying firearms, we would very much prefer that customers not bring guns into our stores.

We acknowledge and respect the rights of everyone involved in this important, often emotionally charged, debate. As we do with other important issues related to our business, we listen to our customers and Crew—and use the feedback we receive in our decision making.”

Recently, the gun control group Moms Demand Action started a campaign to try and strong-arm Trader Joe’s into banning open carry across their entire network. This isn’t the first time the group has done this, and they’ve been known to cause problems before. One example is their excessive push for Kroger to ban firearms in their locations, only to be met with resistance from the company itself.

In other news related to the Kroger story, let’s not forget the time a concealed carrier stopped an attack on an elderly man in a Kroger parking lot.

But you know, armed citizens are evil and chaotic.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Kevin Snyder

    “We have an explicit policy that prohibits our Crew Members (employees) from possessing firearms—or any other type of weapon—while performing job duties, while on company property, or while at company-related events.”

    Box cutters are not weapons? How did 911 happen, then?
    My firearm is not a weapon, either, until I choose to use it as one.

    • David Teiwes

      Thanks for a common sense voice in the insanity world of libiturdism!

      • John

        Thank you for the 3rd grade name calling instead of an adult comment

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          Must be a libtürd.

          • Petrushka

            Regardless of your name calling judgments, some people of every different political persuasion are afraid of guns because of ignorance and misinformation. Your unsympathetic comment only drives them away farther. You might consider an attitude that would share your love and knowledge of firearms in such a way that they would learn something and not be afraid.
            It is possible you know. I have instructed and converted some of your so called “libturds” into people who love and respect guns.
            Name calling: libturds, gun enthusiasts, gun nuts, etc only continues the polarization. Winning this battle requires a giant step in maturity and compassion from those of us who own and love our guns. Please consider this well.

          • TheBitterClinger1

            While it is sometimes difficult to be polite to the hoplophobes it is sometimes helpful; every once in awhile one comes our way and we want to be able to help. Reality hits and they realize they are unarmed in a hostile world.

        • Pam Dunn

          Thanks for being a moronic liberal turd and idiot.

        • HawgDaddy

          Use all the terms you choose. It is a free speech world….which they take full advantage of……that is until they are offended by something which is at every turn. I think I remember these same ones using “teabagger” in lieu of tea party etc etc etc. What they fail to realize is that a teabagger tea bags……whereas a tea bagee in one who GETS tea bagged…..

    • Law_dog1

      Great comment! Good job I agree.

    • vincewarde

      Allowing employees to carry create huge liability problems. It is quite rare for any employer to allow this unless required by their job description.

    • King Aurthur

      I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s. Do they have a fresh meat department? If so, are their butchers allowed to possess kn*ves?

      • antiliberalcryptonite

        Mostly hippy cråp. “Meat”? I’m not sure they carry that there.

        • Petrushka

          o they don’t have a fresh meat department but their products are high quality at lower prices. Their stores are always crowded.

    • Olen Biehl

      No Kevin, it’s not! Our guns are tools with which we protect oueselves. I guess I just won’t open carry there. Oh, I don’t open carry anyway!

    • Robert

      My firearms are tools, not weapons. Tools that have a very specific function of protecting me and those around me should the need arise. Just as a box cutter serves a very specific purpose, to cut boxes. As you stated, tools can also be used for purposes other than intended, which can lead to the loss of life. It’s not the responsible individuals I watch for, it’s those whose will is to cause harm.

  • Moss500

    I always thought Trader Joe’s was highly overrated anyway.

  • ReallyOldOne

    Trader Joe = No go

  • David Teiwes

    Do I detect a major boycott blowing in the wind with the dumbass policy of forcing a gun free zone so muzzy terrorists have free target practice with no consequential resistance! Dumb is dumb is dumb because it’s dumb and will always be dumb like a box of rocks and we all know what the IQ of a box of rocks tests out to be! Trader Joes needs to be held as an assory if a negative conflagration happens in any of their places of public business that cause bodily injury of a debilitating or permanent damage! What lunacy Trader Joes is agreeing with!

  • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

    These Moms Demand Action anti freedom anti American libtards make my blood fucking boil. I wish we could ban them. At any rate, Trader Joes is fairly shitty anyhow, we never found anything good there. Now I have a real reason to avoid them.

    • mrsmup

      Yep, I bet the Moms purchases of the cheap 2 buck wine will make up for the loss of income from the rest of us…NOT!

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      It will be funny when the cråp hits the circular oscillator and these whacko “moms” come crawling to us begging for protection.

      • JRocked

        i’m willing to bet more then 1/2 of these whacko moms are hypocrites and have and use guns in their homes.

    • Petrushka

      Well, this is America and their opinions are as free as yours. Please reign in your outrage and seek more positive ways of dialogue and informing them of the truth you know. Really, if you are a gun owner you really need to cool out your boiling blood or leave your gun at home.

  • BA Baracus

    Fuck em will still carry in their stores. That’s why it’s called concealed carry.

    • John

      You show them!!! You go ahead and go where you aren’t wanted and continue to support them with your money!! You sure show them!!!

      • Lou

        How is this? Your type of liberal thinking is not wanted anywhere in a free country. If the State law allows me to carry, and there are no POSTED signs on the property, I WILL exercise my right as an AMERICAN citizen, according to the Constitution. And, remember that without the 2nd Amendment, YOU would not have the 1st Amendment to allow you to criticize us here. SO Laugh your ass off at that, and hopefully, if you are in danger of being robbed your mugged, hopefully one of the “thieves” will sneak around to help you. Or maybe not.

        • jannaM

          I think you missed the point John was making, which was: why wouldn’t you simply patronize a different store, namely one that doesn’t try to stop you from carrying? Why support Trader Joes financially?

  • Go Faster

    They still allow conceal carry here in Texas so this article needs to be revised.

  • Michael Stohler

    Boycott TJ’s!

  • Benny Mamamelo

    Concealed means concealed.

  • John

    LMAO You people keep saying concealed is concealed and want to continue going to their store and giving them your money and support. What is wrong with you?? Take a little pride. Shop where you don’t have to sneak like a thief to give them your money!!

    • MisterSandman

      It’s quite simple, actually…if they don’t display the correct signage that the state mandates, carry anyway. Wear a short-tailed shirt so your gun ‘accidentally’ gets revealed when you stretch or bend; a store employee confronts you about your sidearm and you point out to them that they do not have the appropriate signage; therefore, the policy is null and void. They’ll get the appropriate signage…that’s when you go in with an empty concealed holster and let it get ‘accidentally’ exposed. When an employee confronts you…simply show them that you are not armed and make a federal case to management regarding harassment. This policy will go the way of the Dodo. You hoplophobes are so funny when you try to act smart.

      • Rightway1208

        An awful lot of work to go to when one can simply shop somewhere that doesn’t care whether you carry or not

        • antiliberalcryptonite

          True, all three of you. However, I don’t care what policies ANY store or shopping center has. I don’t look for signs, I don’t see signs. I have my business to take care of and I couldn’t care less about their crappy sign. They can shove their sign. But, just to be clear, I don’t shop at Traitor Joe’s anyhow.

      • JRocked

        I really like the way you think. but for me if some punk ass kid at a store confronts me about my gun, i would tell them to mind their own fuckin business.

  • Pod

    Unless they install metal detectors at the entrances their statements are just hot air.

  • Dannie McKay

    They just told the whole world that its open season at Trader Joe’s. This cannot be good business for TJ’s.

    • vincewarde

      Not really. In fact, I would bet their lawyers told them that banning all carry would result in significant liability. Concealed carry is still permitted – and they could stop that quite easily IF THEY WANTED TO. If obviously, they do not want it stopped. It is an unfortunate reality that seeing firearms in public places makes many people uncomfortable (more or less depending upon the location). TJ’s is trying to thread the needle here. They have not folded to the anti-gun movement, nor have they done everything we wanted. That’s not their job. Their job is to make money for their shareholders – and they obviously think that this policy has the best chance of doing that.

      Criminals know full well that a 30.07 sign only bans open carry – they know that far more people carry concealed and that some of them could be inside the store. I don’t think banning open carry creates an open season the way banning all carry does.

      • Rightway1208

        Agreed and well said vincewarde

      • Andrew Chamberlin

        You just made the point for open carry sir. Think about the statement you made, “It makes many people uncomfortable”. Have you ever seen the picture of the gallows with the caption that reads; “The site of the gallows focuses the mind?” Now the evil doer has something to contemplate, and says to himself; I don’t think my prospects look to good here. Maybe I’ll go down the street to the gun free zone where my chances are much much better. “Now think on how many reports of gun crimes were committed in gun free zones vs. open carry.” Here is where you have answer. Evidence overwhelmingly shows you that you are much much safer in an open carry situation. Remember we should hold to are inalienable rights in which the constitution frames for us in no uncertain terms, And anything that infringes on them is evil, Also subjects us as Americans to oppressive situations to the opportunist. That my friend is the reality.

  • vincewarde

    OK, let’s look at the bottom line. TJ’s has banned open carry in a state where this has been an emotion charged debate for some time. They have also REQUESTED that people not carry in their stores. MDA can declare victory to their completely uninformed “membership”.

    Now let’s consider what they DID NOT DO: They could have just as easily posted a “30.06 signs” next to their “30.07 signs” and ban concealed carry. Get caught and it’s good by permit. They refused to do this. Like it or not, in many places, people are freaked out by open carry. Concealed carry lets these people remain blissfully ignorant – and remain happy customers. It also lets permit holders continue to carry concealed.

    Also note that in other states, their policy remains unchanged. My closest TJ’s is not posted.

    So, each of us must decide if this is enough to keep us from shopping their stores.

    • John Hovsepian Jr

      Depends on the state.In Florida, for instance, even if they have a sign posted and they called the cops on someone who ,let’s say printed or accidentally exposed their firearm, that person would not lose their permit. Although if they had been asked to leave prior to the police showing up but refused they could be charged with armed trespassing which would probably be worse than just losing your permit.

  • Peter Klutinoty

    Sorry. We need a Supervisor, CEO, or family members of such people to be in such a position where a weapon would have kept these folks alive. At that moment, a point will be made: Either it’s admitted that the weapons are needed……..or pride cometh before the fall, and that CEO sticks to his no-guns THEORY , as it were, and watches his family being offed. Interesting situation .

  • MaxEffectUSA

    Trader Joe’s or any company which displays this low level of intelligence does not deserve anybody’s patronage, with or without a firearm.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Lick my left one. I carry. Every day. EVERY where! Sign or no sign. Your gay sign doesn’t supercede my right to life. Unless you have a personal security guard standing at the entrance to escort and protect each customer, then sück it! If I come in to your store, and someone goes nuts and tries to rob the place or is just there to commit jihad, and I get killed in the attack, is Trader Joes going to pay for my funeral and support my family because I obeyed their b.s. no-gun wishes??? HéII no! They will deny responsibility. Police also deny the responsibility to protect you. They admit that it is only their job to show up after your are dead and draw a chalk line around your dead body. They are not obligated to protect you. Therefore, it is up to the individual Citizen to make preparation for their OWN defense. Sign or no sign.

  • Pam Dunn

    Sexual intercourse “Trader Joe’s” in their rear opening without any Vaseline or KY Gel> I scratched them off my list along with several other places of sheer idiotic ideas about concealed carry.

  • Joyce Jenkins

    That’s ok I’ll go somewhere else.

  • timothyf7

    Thank you Trader Joe’s for posting a policy that lets any potential thug know that they can enter with the knowledge that no one inside your doors will be able to protect themselves nor others. You are offering over 450 locations for uninhibited ‘duck shoots’

  • Jack Speed

    Ain’t none of ‘Ol Trader Joe’s business that I was just in their store with my Glock in the small of my back. And you can bet that I was sizing everyone else up, just like I do everywhere I go. I may get killed but it won’t be while begging for my life.

  • Pelcham

    If you put a Do NOT carry in our store sign on your door I will not come in.

  • ForTheLulz

    Moms are just hypocritical progressives that have no basis in reality and live in some far off dream world… They should be treated with the same respect as the college crazies that keep encroaching the first amendment. Swear these people would prefer we actually did live in some tyrannical authoritarian socialist country… god forbid they ever get their way.

  • Vincent Von Jaeger

    What they don’t know won’t hurt them? Just go somewhere else? I hear these words often.

    Too bad the gun owners can’t ban together the way the anti’s do. Most of us just want to hide behind anonymity and hope the NRA does it all for us. We have numbers AND the B.O.R. on our side, and still we remain silent. Truly, we deserve everything that’s happening to us.

  • Freethinker02

    Dear Trader Joe’s: Since you wish to prevent me from protecting myself, do you plan to provide for my protection? And when you fail to do so, may I prosecute you for negligence or homicide when an innocent person gets killed in your store?

    Evil people will ignore your stupid request because they prefer gun-free zones. Your policy will only affect good people and your stores will be more dangerous as a result.

  • Scott Snoopy

    when I have been in Trader Joes and feeling terribly out of place, judging from the looks of the folks most of them prefer to be good tree huggers supporting bernie….the men, well the metrosexuals in their skinny jeans and proper square toe loafers and the women appear like sasquatch aka the first occupant of The White House are more manly than the metrosexuals. This like Panera, Starbucks, etc are places I will not spend my money at again

  • JRocked

    2cd amendment gave me the right to bear arms. aint no store going to tell me i can or can not. besides trader joes is just reskinned amway crap.

  • desert

    So…trader joes thinks they are powerful enough to stop our 2nd amendment rights? Screw Trader Joe…if I leave my weapon at home, I also leave me and my money at home…kiss my ass!!