Ohio machete attack gun free zone

*UPDATED* Machete Attack In Ohio Restaurant: ‘No Guns’ Sign On Front Door Creates Helpless Victims


A reader with better eyes than us pointed out that he didn’t think the ‘Gun Free’ sign was on the front of the restaurant. When we took a closer look at the video and matched a few things up, it looks like he’s right. The footage from CNN at the point of  the sign showing up seems to have been taken at the T-mobile store right next door to the restaurant.

TL/DR: The ‘Gun Free’ sign seems to be outside of the T-mobile store and not outside of the restaurant.

The restaurant does have a few signs out front in the same location, but they are not readable in any of the footage or images we have seen so far. Well, we thought we saw it clearly.

Our mistake and apologies, but our words below still ring true for Gun Free Zones.

— Original Article Begins —

If only they had a ‘No Knives’ sign. </sarcasm>

On Thursday evening, a mad man with a machete wreaked havoc inside a restaurant, indiscriminately slashing anyone he came in contact with. After the attack and patrons fighting for their lives, the attacker was finally stopped by police away from the scene of the crime.

“(He) immediately began swinging a machete at customers and employees inside,” Columbus police Sgt. Rich Weiner said. “There was no rhyme or reason as to who he was going after as soon as he walked in, according to some of the witnesses.”

The above screen shot was taken from this video posted by CNN, and clearly shows a ‘No Firearms’ sign proudly displayed on the front door of the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, where a frightening and near-deadly attack occurred yesterday.


Now, FBI officials are probing a possible terrorist link.

In Ohio, persons carrying a concealed firearm need to abide by any ‘No Firearms’ signs by law, and I can’t help but wonder if any patrons in the restaurant at the time of the attack are permit holders… permit holders who are law-abiding and defenseless in these designated Gun Free Zones.

The screen shot below is taken from the Ohio Concealed Carry Laws Manual, Page 14, provided by the Attorney General:

ScreenHunter_171 Feb. 12 21.37

While a private business has every right to restrict people from carrying firearms into their shops if they want, I can only hope that incidents like this one will make them think twice about their current policies. It’s a damn shame that out of an estimated 460,000 Ohio concealed carry permit holders, not one of them can legally defend themselves in these Gun Free Zones.


Four people were injured in the attack. The attacker was later found by police in a vehicle, and he was shot dead by police when he produced his machete and another knife.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Rodney Campbell

    I hope everyone in the restaurant sues it. Since they decided to take away your safety they should be responsible for anything that happened to the people inside their business.

    • Donald Lemay

      Ohio law makes the business incur extraordinary liability when they prohibit concealed carry, as they assume full responsibility for the safety of its patrons.

      • Kim D Campbell

        Cool your jets …it has been verified this restaurant is NOT posted.

  • ReallyOldOne

    Don’t patronize no gun zones! We don’t go to businesses, states or countries that disarm my wife and me. Don’t go!!

    • Kim D Campbell

      …it has been verified this restaurant is NOT posted.

      • ReallyOldOne

        Thanks for the update. However, that doesn’t change my response. We don’t willingly go anywhere we are not welcome and not welcome means disarm to enter. We do not support such places.

        • Kim D Campbell

          Fair ’nuff. Wouldn’t expect you to.

        • Stephen Hielkema

          This isn’t that place – owner is a ccw himself

    • Shine

      yeah what are you supposed to do? Lay it on the sidewalk out front and retrieve it when you leave? Friggin’ stupid.

      • kiljoy616

        Nice one.

      • Shauna Morgan

        No silly. You go to a different restaurant or eat at home. They don’t get your money maybe they will go out of business and someone w more wisdom will move in there.

  • Six Gun Justice

    so what happens if you carry inside one of these gun free zones, and use your weapon to stop a situation?

    • Ken Andrews

      I would suspect your use of deadly force would be judged on exactly that. But they could also charge you with the carry violation. Probably not easy to convince a jury of 12 to convict though.

      • Epapa

        Not with me on the jury. No conviction would be possible.

    • HJA614

      I live 10 mins from this location in Columbus, it’s kind of surreal to see all this but that’s the world we live in. I carry 100% of the time everywhere I go even before this.

      Gun free or not I opt to have my G26 or G43 on me. Everyone be safe

    • Stephen Hielkema

      Doesn’t matter – there is no sign!!!

  • Ken Andrews

    Since that sign does Carry the weight of law behind it in Ohio, I will NEVER patronize such a business. Glad I don’t live in Ohio.

  • John Lawler

    Here is what the front door looked like today. I go there and it’s been a while but I never remember seeing this sign.

  • TimboT

    Should have squirted Ketchup in the assailants eyes~!

  • Michael Ossing

    Patrons threw chairs, the owner’s son got a baseball bat out and went after the guy, all of that apparently chased the him away, leading to the end game with CPD down the road.

    I know many carriers here in CBus that carry, regardless of the sign. State, county and city buildings are exceptions to that behavior, as CPD, FCSO and the OHSP are vigorous in their defense of those properties (metal detectors, checkpoints, and so forth).

  • Amy Adkins

    Since it is now clear that the “No Firearms” sign is on the store next to the scene of the attack… It could just as easily have happened inside that store. We live in a sad, sad world these days.

  • Dan9

    Not sure if CNN changed the images or WBNS 10 TV (original footage), or there was a miss interpretation (it’s possible that footage was from a neighboring location used during the investigation), but that “Guns not allowed” signage is not from Nazareth’s. I didn’t remember seeing that before, so I drove by earlier today and took some pictures. I live near to the restaurant.

    The pictures can be viewed as these 3 links. I copied over my face and license plate in a couple of the pictures. Otherwise, they are unchanged.

  • Dan9

    I was out running errands and stopped by again. That clip from WBNS 10 TV and CNN showing the “No Guns Allowed” sign is actually from the T-Mobile store next door and not Nazareth’s.

  • SlickMick

    “Now, FBI officials are probing a possible terrorist link.”
    Ya think?
    Wouldn’t it be sad if one of the victims left their legal weapon in the car, as I have done, obeying the sign if one is posted.

  • Eric Blatter

    Let’s be realistic here and not be silly. I know of no single person out of dozens who legally carry that wouldn’t go in that restaurant. A court house, a federal building, or a state government building? No. There is a vast difference between a company policy and the law. And I’ll be judged by twelve before I’m carried by six. So, in my opinion that sign doesn’t exist.

    • Sig_Sauer

      A restaurant or movie theater can ask you to leave or place your firearm in your car.
      Failure to leave, you can be charge with trespassing. Carrying in a court house, state or federal government building you will be arrested and charged with a felony. Big difference.

      So like you, I too only notice the signs on Federal and State buildings.

      Visiting my doctor’s office, someone had posted a “no guns” sign on the doors inside. I asked why, and was told it will keep everyone safe! I said to the receptionist, you know there was a similar sign posted in the Colorado movie theater! She didn’t get it!

      • Eric Blatter

        Your experience with an office receptionist is the norm anymore and not an unusual experience. Some people simply cannot see and understand the hypocrisy they support. A couple can be sued and their business destroyed merely because they refused service to a couple for a cake. Entire city blocks can be torched in protesting the death of a thug shot assaulting a police officer and that doesn’t seem to be important as those criminals were protesting “injustice.”

        The “Black Panthers” can park on the steps of the California State Capitol building carrying arms, yet some people protesting government excess and also carrying arms are “terrorists.” It’s “bad” to kill an armed black person, but “good” to kill an armed white person. The hypocrisy is astounding yet many support that hypocrisy. Truly we are doomed as a society yet many can’t see that. It is inevitable

        • Sig_Sauer

          I believe we are not doomed, because, I believe that God is in control and He has a plan for us and our country. Don’t give up!

  • Kim D Campbell

    Recommend you delete this story and repost – it has been verified this restaurant is NOT posted.

    • Shauna Morgan

      Your wrong it is posted. Just not that one. Read the update closely. They are elsewhere.

      • cashman966

        Shauna have you been to the restaurant? If so please tell me where YOU saw the posting.

      • Stephen Hielkema


  • cashman966

    Your update is insufficient, you need to either delete the story or remove all reference to the machete attack and this restaurant. The story and headline still imply that the restaurant was posted. Someone who doesn’t take the time to read your story will falsely assume the store was posted and potentially pass on that lie and wrongfully hurt this mans business.

    • Shauna Morgan

      Actually he said it is posted just not the particular song in the footage. It is elsewhere on the restaurant.

      • cashman966

        I was at this restaurant Monday and it is not posted anywhere on the premises. The article still clearly states that it is.The author has had plenty of time to correct the story. Not doing so is bordering on libel. If he wants to report on the sign in the picture he should base the story on T Mobile and take any reference to the unposted Nazareth and the tragic attack that happened there, as it has nothing to do with with the posted T Mobile store next to it.

  • Rob Griffith

    So this guy has a machete and a restaurant full of people we helpless because they weren’t allowed to bring in a gun?

    • Stephen Hielkema

      No signs!!!! Owner is a ccw himself

  • Mot Kain

    — Original Article Begins —

    If only they had a ‘No Knives’ sign.

    So people get killed by a freaking maniac and all you can think of is its a chance to rag on gun free zones, , Your mama didnt raise you right, I wouldnt want you in my house armed either unless I had my shotgun in hand while you were here

    • bjensen

      Your concern over someone who has undergone the Legal process to obtain a concealed carry license is ridiculous, and I’m guessing not many people would want to come to your house anyway.

  • Kbecks87

    So, not only are you a moron who believes other morons should have guns, you’re a moron who published an article about a sign in the wrong window. Fantastic.

    • Shauna Morgan

      They have signs. Just not that one

      • cashman966

        Where are these signs at? I was there Monday and there were none.

      • Stephen Hielkema

        There are No signs – the owner is a ccw himself

  • Go Faster

    Note to Self:
    Rule # 1. DO NOT frequent any establishment that is a GUN FREE ZONE. Oh wait, I already obey that rule.

  • beenice

    It would seem that if a business is not allowing a person’s 2nd Amendment rights, the business should be be liable for injuries to their patrons.

  • Sig_Sauer

    Life’s Rules:
    1. If dressed be armed – If not dressed, keep it close
    2. NEVER enter a “Gun Free” zone unarmed
    3. Make sure wife is also armed

    4. Always follow rules 1, 2 & 3

  • The reason they attacked the Ohio restaurant is Bloomberg was very upset they allowed people to drink up to 32 ounce of soda which in NYC would have been a crime if he stayed in office . NYC Has banded 22 caliber rifles that can hold more then 5 rounds or any person caught with a 32 ounce soda punishable by a fine and jail time for either

  • Stephen Hielkema

    The owner is a ccw and there is no sign – shame on you for manipulating this situation for your own purposes!

  • jamson64