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4′ 11″ 105lb Woman Stops 200lb Attacker With Her Pocket Carry Pistol


MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — A 65-year-old woman half her attacker’s size is crediting her firearm for saving her the other night during a frightening ordeal that occurred just feet away from her apartment.

The woman, who is 4-foot-11 and 105 pounds, said she had stopped at Mobil on the Run, 1050 S. Willow St., at about 11:30 p.m., after leaving work. She told police she was on South Willow Street at a stoplight when she noticed a dark colored sedan behind her. She said it caused her heightened concern when it followed her into her apartment complex parking lot, so she parked as close to her building as possible.

She said the following vehicle parked close to hers and as she got out of her vehicle and headed for the building, she heard a car door close and a person walking quickly behind her.

She turned to see a white male coming up behind her, running past her and then situating himself directly in her path. The woman said that he then reached out to grab her, and that’s when she pulled her firearm from her pocket and fired a shot, striking the man in the chest.


Police say the woman has her concealed carry permit.

The man, Robert Bontaites, 23, was taken to the hospital by an accomplice who was waiting in the vehicle. When his description was heard over the radio, an officer at the hospital recognized Bontaites and arrested him.

This is yet another fine example of an armed citizen taking control over their personal safety. Had this woman not been carrying her firearm, who knows what would have happened to her in the end.

Here’s to the armed citizen.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Louis Marschalko

    Next time I bet she brings a real gun!

    • nano

      Oh ok tough guy!!

    • EH

      This one seemed to do the trick just fine. Thanks for your oh-so-helpful comment!

    • *Everyone’s response after reading your comment*

    • drjgorman

      I guess I could compare what she used, with what might have been a better choice. Oh, wait . . . We don’t know what she used!

    • Ed Woodson

      And, what exactly is a “real gun”?

      • Louis Marschalko

        The comment was made T.I.C.
        I think the article reported that she used a “pocket pistol” and I was under the (false) impression that her assailant had taken himself to the hospital when in fact he was driven there by his companion.

        What I was alluding to was that although she shot her attacker in the chest at close range his cessation of aggression appears to have been due to his own volition and not due to his being physically incapacitated.

        • John

          Not everyone is Rambo. Try to remember she’s 4′ 11″ and 105 lbs. Just the right size for a howitzer

        • Mark Grant

          Wrong conclusion. The aggression did cease.

    • John

      and then there are those idiots that think it’s “not a real gun” unless it’s a big caliber. Big caliber guns are for those that can’t hit their target at close range

      • Kayle

        Not necessarily, small caliber guns can do quite a bit of damage too. Not everybody can handle a large caliber gun.

      • cccthornton

        I took it that he was saying since he did not die from the shot, that the gun she used wasn’t powerful enough. A gun only needs to be enough to stop the person from making it to you and causing you bodily harm, if one shot does not stop him/them, then shoot until the person(s) are immobilized or retreats.

    • Mark Grant

      Seems to me the one she did bring worked just fine.

    • Kayle

      I’m thinking that if you ended up getting shot by her gun, you would believe it is a “real gun”.

    • mike

      The day you stand in front of me and let me shoot you in the chest with, let say, a 22 caliber pistol, then maybe I will take your advice about getting a “real” gun.

  • Smith

    What would the little Green Guy say?

    Size matters not. Strong I am, with the Force (-multiplier, that is.) :-}

  • Vagh

    Good for her.

  • Reptiles Rule The World

    Permit or not if you shoot a bad guy you shouldn’t face charges.

  • Biker689

    Glad she is safe.

  • Tim K

    A – for situational awareness
    A – for being prepared to defend herself(being armed)
    A – for correct use of weapon
    F – for failure to avoid a dangerous situation
    And our thanks for taking a thug off the street for a while.

    • Ben Bushong

      Sometimes the dangerous situations just find good people… Not sure how she gets an A for situational awareness but an F for failure to avoid a dangerous situation… Sometimes bad stuff just happens. At least she won.

      • Tim K

        According to article she identified someone following her and was aware that the car parked near her. However she failed to act on the awarness. She had a options to not get out of the car or drive her car to a more public place. Instead she put herself in a dangerous situation. Perhaps her awareness should have been downgraded when she turned her back on a potential threat at her apartment complex. Point is avoiding a dangerous situation is the preferred option when available.

        • Ben Bushong

          Yeah, I suppose I’d buy that for a dollar… I was thinking about that a little as I was writing, and thought, well, if she parked, noticed the car parked nearby, she could have started her car back up, backed out, gotten the license plate or description of the vehicle, and driven off. If that vehicle took off at the same time and followed, call 911 or go to the nearest police station. There are ways to deal with that…

          • John

            Just because 99% of America has a cell phone doesn’t necessarily mean she had one. I think she did fine but there are always those that will complain that she didn’t

          • Tim K

            It’s not about this outcome……it’s about learning that she put herself in a dangerous position and didn’t have to. Sure she was armed but the guy ran past her and blocked her path. So if he had had a gun ,bat, or knife he could have killed her before she pulled her gun. Avoiding the situation is the best choice when you can.

          • sootsme

            As is, the goon is facing charges. Drama notwithstanding, this is arguably a better outcome than allowing him to withdraw and then go and locate a better victim… Each of us must make our own call which path to follow in such a case…

        • Alex Fraser

          she’s Chuck Bronson’s cousin yo. She was setting that perp up fer an ass whuppin

        • freeper

          Bu then she wouldn’t have shot the sucker…

  • The Dude

    Bravo, sistah!!!

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    Glad the woman wasn’t hurt , and that the bad guys lost again !!

  • wbedwards

    Good lady with a gun stopped a bad guy from who knows what… End result she’s okay and the bad Guy’s not…,

  • Mark Wurz

    The “slugs for thugs” program is working, the world is better one thug at a time

  • freeper

    Can’t wait for Obozo to invite Bontaites to the White House…

  • deathgoat

    Another example of needing a bigger gun.