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How Not To Handle A 2AM Knock At Your Door


HEWITT, TEXAS — A former Marine successfully stopped an attempted home invasion, but the execution was a little off.

Eric Walters awoke around 1:45am Friday to someone knocking on his front door. Armed, he went to the front door and looked through the peep hole and saw a man on the other side.

…and against his better judgment, [he] opened the door.

As soon as Walters opened that door, another man came running around the corner armed with a gun. That’s when Walters, realizing that opening the door was a bad idea, slammed it shut and fired six rounds through the closed door.

The bad guys got away, and it is unknown if either were hit by gunfire.

Keep The Door Shut

While Walters was ultimately successful in stopping the attempted home invasion, it could have turned against him quickly. Once that front door is opened, your advantage decreases dramatically. What if the first guy at the door had pulled a gun and fired? Would Walters have had time to react? What if five guys came around the corner instead of just one?

Then, the act of firing through a door (or any other structure) is typically frowned upon. In this case, Walters seems to have had a clear view of what was happening in the moments before firing the shots, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was still shooting blindly.

Walters was protecting his wife and two children who were inside the home at the time of the incident, and while I certainly can’t fault him for taking the steps to defend them, he could have put them in more danger by opening the door.


How To Handle A Middle Of The Night Knock

Walters started off perfectly by arming himself before going to investigate. The last thing you want is to be down in front of your door, unarmed, and then be face-to-face with the bad guys after they break it down.

Finding out who is on the other side of the door is important, whether it’s via a peep hole, video surveillance or other method. At no point should you ever open the door for a middle-of-the-night knock. The smarter thing to do is to call police while staying inside your home. If the person happens to be an innocent stranded motorist, the police can sort it out when they arrive. Be sure to let the 911 operator know that you are armed, and where your location is inside the home. A description of what you’re wearing might not be a bad idea, either.

When All Bets Are Off

While you’re waiting inside your home for police to arrive, all bets are off if there is any attempt by the person(s) outside to breach your home. It’s easier to explain a deceased bad guy a foot inside your door than it is to explain a deceased bad guy half way down your driveway with bullet holes in his back.

Plus, you aren’t opening yourself up to any unknowns by opening that door. If you stay put, you maintain your tactical advantage and can react appropriately if someone tries to enter.

Seriously, keep the door shut.

As a rule of thumb, a knock at the door in the middle of the night is never a good thing.

Another rule of thumb, shooting through an object without a clear picture of what’s on the other side can have disastrous consequences.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • DavidyArica Freire

    Don’t open doors EVER!!

  • onebigelf

    What if the person who knocked was being pursued and the guy running around the corner was the only one that was a bad guy? Opening fire through the door and shooting the unarmed individual seeking help is a sure way to face ruinous criminal charges. Know your target. That is, not just being sure of what you are shooting, but why.

    • That’s an interesting scenario and a great point.

    • Douglas Moose

      Calling 911 on the way to answer the door should help, assuming the Cops are not sleeping in their patrol cars! Also, there is NO WAY for you to tell if the guy knocking is actually being chased, or if that’s his way of trying to get you to open the door. When in doubt, LOCK THEM OUT! You’ve got to choose between keeping yourself and your family safe or helping a stranger who may mean all of you harm.

      Call for back up (911), and keep the door locked!

      In my situation, the guy would have to speak up over my 90 lb German Shepherd barking next to me. He always barks when the doorbell rings. It’s in his job description! Sometimes the sound of his bark scares even me! He does a great big-dog bark!

  • ovez japanwalla

    Been in the situation. Drug addict who goes knocking on neighbors doors with sad stories about needing money. Did not open door. Even though had to shout through door. Made him go away.
    Found out later, from other neighbors. Did call 911 though, cops picked him up and never had to do this again

  • Susan J. Barretta

    I will NOT call the police on an innocent stranded motorist. That’s a GREAT way to get somebody summarily executed – without benefit of legal counsel, jury, and judge. That is the LAST thing I’d do.

    If I were in this situation, I’d offer to call somebody for the motorist. And maybe have my spouse observe from a second story window to see if we can better determine if the knocker’s situation is as claimed.

    • Paul Buckner

      You’re soooooo right, because EVERY cop is just itching to kill someone. I have friends in blue who help stranded motorists and the like almost every day, and do you know how many people they have shot? A great big, whopping ZERO.

    • Chris Lee

      Have you been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid? Not every cop is a killer, in fact statistically regular people kill more people than the police. The police have a job to do and that job is to one keep you in line and two go towards trouble. You have one job, stay the hell away from trouble.

      Give the police a break. You are going to have a few bad eggs in any authority position but 9/10 times the police are excellent people who want to help every bit as much as your or I. Put down the koolaid, not every cop wants to execute people and not every cop wants to kill poor innocent thugged out black kids either.

  • Patrick Duffy

    “thumbsticks – for family correction: warranted lawful!” – 1782, Judge Sir Francis Buller
    Rule of thumb, don’t beat your wife with a switch larger than your thumb…..
    Nice repeated use in the article hahahaha.