Video Released Of Deadly Self-Defense Shooting In Ft Myers Waffle House


FORT MYERS, FLORIDA – A 28-year-old man will not be facing any charges after he defended himself with his legally concealed firearm during a confrontation at a Waffle House in Fort Myers back in January.

Newly released video (above) shows us just what happened, and why the legal gun owner did what he did.

The State Attorney’s Office will not file any charges against the man who shot and killed Dakota Fields in January at the Waffle House restaurant on Palm Beach Boulevard.

Jehrardd Williams, 28, was the shooter at the Waffle House, but the reports released this week indicate Williams feared for his life when he fired three shots at Fields.

Fields and several friends were in the restaurant early in the morning on Jan. 5 after drinking the night before. The report says the group was loud and seemingly intoxicated when an argument started.


After examining the video, it seems that Williams did everything by the book and acted as he should. Here are some points that I’d like to make about his actions:

  • He wasn’t confrontational with the group that was harassing him
  • As soon as things looked bad, Williams asked for the check so that he could leave
  • When approached, he backed up in an attempt to give himself some space
  • After firing the shots, he placed his firearm on the counter and immediately called 911

After racial slurs, getting punched and being outnumbered by guys who look to be bigger than you, lethal force is likely on the table. And that’s exactly what the courts found in this particular case.

One thing that Williams could have done better was to give distance between himself and the man who ended up punching him. But you know, hindsight is 20/20.

In addition, the placing of his firearm on the counter is questionable. Re-holstering it is likely your best bet, but things can get crazy during a situation like this. If you were to set it on a counter like Williams did, I’d be sure to keep an eye on it at all times.

I commend Williams for his actions and the way he handled himself in this stressful situation. It’s level-headed gun owners like him that make me smile.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • clay

    I don’t think putting the gun on the counter was a good idea. Always keep your firearm controlled.

    • Mustascheo

      I wonder if he was worried about being shot by LE. He is black after all.

      • clay

        That certainly could be the case, but I don’t think being black has anything to do with it.

        • Mustascheo

          I don’t know. I’d be worried about being shot by LE even if I was an UNarmed black dude.

          • clay

            And yet, all evidence shows more white people are killed by police than black people…I mean not on the news, but in real FBI and DOJ statistics.

          • Mustascheo

            I’m not sure statistics would make me feel better if I were in his shoes……

      • whubbard

        He certainly was by the 911 transcripts. He states that he gun is away from him on the counter, and unloaded and to please not shoot him as he had done nothing wrong. Really sad he was so fearful of LE, but I understand given recent news.

        Edit: He further says he is going to be lying on the ground surrendering before LE shows up. He was clearly very nervous.

        • catagious

          Mr. Williams was arrested before. Misdemeanor conviction. NOT FELONY!

      • Jeff Allen

        That was my first thought.

    • TruckerGuns

      You might have a point here, but I believe that this is something that “authorities” tell you to do. He could carry a holster on his side, but if he does, it’s more likely to be “seen”, and then you have the element of people overreacting because they see that “there is a man with a gun”. Remember the CA unloaded open carry brouhaha and how it caused law enforcement to go into panic mode so many times?

      • clay

        Not really what’s going on. He actually just shot someone while legally carrying concealed.

    • Josh Howard

      What you are saying is right, but you have to understand that the guy just shot someone, likely for the first time, he was probably in a state of shock and not processing things clearly afterwards. I think he showed great restraint leading up to the shooting and the shooting was justified.

      • clay

        I agree he showed great restraint. The article was explaining what he did right. I agree with everything except laying the gun on the counter.

    • Drew

      I’m going to postulate that the gun was quite safe by being placed on the counter.

  • Mrocket1

    It was a good shooting

    • Candice Holmes

      How was that a good shooting? LMAO!!!

      • allen

        He legally defended himself without hurting anyone else and not going to prison. In the concealed carry and law enforcement community we call that a good shooting. You must not be part of that community.

        • SBRon

          How about your “community” work on “non” shootings being viewed as a successful conclusion to these incidents…?

          • weatherweary68

            @SBRon, Unfortunately situations like this only go one of two ways, either in the good guy’s favor or the bad guy’s. The victim was horribly outnumbered and would have been beaten to a bloody pulp had he not the presence of mind to be armed. Of course no shooting at all would be the preferable outcome, but then there would not be a shoot to call “good” or “bad”. In this semantic, “good” and “bad” are relative to circumstances already having taken place. It’s like ‘successfully’ crash-landing an aircraft. Obviously the successful conclusion of any flight would be to remain in the air from departure to arrival, but after both of your jet engines have crapped out, your ‘success’ becomes relative to necessary or uncontrollable circumstances already having taken place. I carry a firearm almost daily and will have lived a happy and fulfilled life if I never have to draw it on another human being. Unfortunately I’ve come face to face with scourges of society who do not listen to reason and understand only force, thus the reason I carry.

          • SBRon

            I get where you’re coming from, thanks. I simply don’t believe in them…

          • weatherweary68

            I can certainly empathize. I’m curious though, what are your thoughts on self defense and, if you don’t believe in the use of firearms, how do you think someone should go about defending themselves?

          • Marty

            The guy was slugged…he had it in his rights to self defense to pull the trigger ESPECIALLY after saying and showing the MORONS he had a gun. They got what they deserved….and I am WHITE !!!

          • SBRon

            Well, I am BLACK and I believe if you “live by the gun, you’ll die by the gun”…(good guy, bad guy, black, white, or other)!!

          • allen

            We don’t have shootings in my community 90 % in my community have concealed carry and are armed.Criminals know this and don’t dare commit crimes. Crimes happen in community’s that are suppressed by the democrat party and those that restrict the second admendment and places that are gun free zones That don’t allow a citizen to legelly arm and protect themselves! That young man in the Waffle House did what he was trained to do and protected himself legally and I’m proud he did!!!

          • allen

            In the Waffle House shooting he did everything he could to resolve the issue with nonviolence what else was he supposed to do ? He even told the waitress to hurry he had to leave!!!

  • BA Baracus

    Play stupid games,win stupid prizes.

    • John O’Banion

      Yep – In his (inebriated) mind, he’s going for the gold; all he got was lead. After a night of drinking, the white guy here is obviously feeling 10 feet tall & bullet proof. Sad it turned out the way it did. Unfortunately, he found what he went looking for – trouble.

  • Atlas

    I love it when the good guy wins! Well done my friend.

  • TruckerGuns

    No problem here with this shoot, Mr Williams stood his ground and should be considered a hero because he could very well have saved other lives by taking that thug down.

    • Andrew Beverley

      He was calling the white guy a thug, not the shooter. Jack meibaum is trying to get people worked up for his amusement.

      • jack meibaum

        No my friend, I am not trying to work up anyone. I am personally amused by this thug business. Thug is a behavior – not a color. I am simply being amused by this business with the word thud.

        • Stephan Anthony White

          well said. Evil has no colour

          • jack meibaum


  • Tnerb Notpit Itanram

    Good for him. I can’t say I would be as level headed as he appeared to be were I in his place.

  • Bullet Gibson

    Good for this young man. He did it right.

  • Photo-guy

    This is one of the reasons I like for there to be video cameras everywhere in public places. It backs up the good guy and proves when the bad guys are not being truthful. There was clear proof of what happened, not a battle of he said/ he said..

  • Ford

    I bookmarked this page for every race baiting scumbag who tries to tell me how CHLs are meant to target black people.

  • mike_sergent

    Good. This needs to happen more to thugs like these!!

  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    The only reason this should go viral is to show black folks that all you have to do is go by the book and have proper paperwork at all times, degrees included, and you can get away with just as much as these white folks..

    • Molecule Splitter


    • Molecule Splitter


    • Kenneth McRae

      What if there was no surveillance video? Most recently, another Black man was shot after calling 911 because his home was being burglarized. Cops showed up and shot the homeowner.

  • scott

    Waffle House has a no guns policy here in Kansas

  • Josh Howard

    Wow…. How about we just applaud restraint shown by the guy leading up to the shooting and leave race out of this?

    • Lavaris NuchiBlakk Davis

      Leave race out of it…? They were yelling racial slurs so there’s no way to put away the fact that this was racially influenced. Hate crime gone wrong and this is what every black man or woman in this country has become prepared to do! Wake the fuck up.

      • Josh Howard

        You need to relax Bruh. Before you respond to a post actually look at the whole picture first. I was responding to Jack Melborn’s passive agrressive racial animosity towards PC words/statements which had nothing to do with the shooting. Don’t go on the internet picking arguements when there is none to be had.

      • Rainlion

        oh so because they were acting badly it’s your excuse to do the same? You call the rioters in baltimore thugs, but I know damn well you didn’t say the same thing about the white kids who rioted in kentucky… but thanks for revealing your true nature

        • Richard

          Anyone who destroys the property of others during a riot, or causes injury to innocent people, regardless of the reason for that riot, and regardless of race, color, creed, or origin, is a thug. Anyone, regardless of the above, who breaks the law for personal gain, is a thug. Color doesn’t matter. It’s not the color of one’s skin, but the content of character that matters.

          • 239Runner

            TThe crazy thing about it is Jehrardd Williams got off FREE
            HE’S ON YOUTUBE>>> Young Ether

          • Richard

            Not crazy. He used self-defense to protect himself from a thug.

          • Pixiecunt

            I agree.

          • myboone

            Sorry bro this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard!!!! I guess all those guys breaking the law in blue coats in the revolutionary war where thugs to right…

        • Jason Allen

          Blacks love that they have ONE incident with young white people destroying a single car.. They feel like they are justified for all of the riots, rapes, murders their own people do. So what we have here is a few stupid drunk white guys and only one of them was being racist and stupid and he also got shot and killed for it.. It looks like the other two white guys tried to apologize for the stupid friend..
          On the flip side, if you want to talk about the number of white on black attacks and the number of black on white attacks, you’re going to lose the argument. Blacks violently attack white people every day and they don’t have to be drunk to do it. Do yourself a favor and look up the stats for black on white crime and white on black crime.. Educate yourself because you’re clearly clueless about the facts.

          • Cannon

            You mean one that has video proof. Their are plenty more instances but you probably allow the media to do your thinking for you.

          • Richard22

            Its amazing how you and others try to turn this around. In this case the shooter was right and just happens to be black. All you race baiter trolls are the problem because your trying to start the race argument where it does not apply.
            Thats no different then what the dumb ass that started the assault was doing to start with. His excuse was he was drunk whats yours.

          • Kennethpytn

            No, you are the ignorant one Jason: I think that you are the one who had better look up the stats on the crimes that have been committed against Blacks by Whites. Go read a few history books, dummy. You can start with the Black Wall Street Massacre; or how about the Springfield Race Riots, which actually led to the formation of the NAACP. Of course, you may not count a few hundred Whiteboys killing and rioting and destroying a Black town as being criminal acts, but we do. Even in modern times, you Krackers have remained virtual killing machines. Apparently you forgot that your White Brother Jeffrey Dahmer Dined and snacked on Black people for years before a Blackman finally took his hungrey ass out. Moreover, Columbine and other mass killing grounds, such as Arizona where Jared Lee Loughner went crazy, and the Movie shooter in Colorado all count against you crazy ass Krackers, Jason, not us. We had nothing to doing with that shit. I can take your stupid ass all the way back to the the “Boston Strangler (Albert DeSalvo), and that David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, as well as, the crazy fucker who shot John Lennon (Chapman). Jason, you need to sit your dumb ass down somewhere and STFU, because when it comes to indiscriminate killing, you Whites lead the pack by a longshot and everyone knows it…… except your dumb ass.

          • GhettoSamurai

            Fighting a racist with more racism is as ignorant as anything else. Is this a statement that would have come from Dr. King? No. Additionally, trying to equate mentally ill killers with one race is just as stupid. You haven’t read the news much in the last twenty years…have you?

          • Rainlion

            One incident my ass, pull you head out of the sand, and educate yourself rather than relying on your biasesd presumptions lol. As for your crime stats – newsflash sparky. “Black on Black” and “White on White” crime are roughly on par w/ white on white violent crime increasing since 2013.

            The 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report, a compilation of annual crime statistics, also shows similar data: 83 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders; 90 percent of black victims were killed by black offenders; 14 percent of white victims were killed by black offenders; and 7.6 percent of black victims were killed by white offenders.

          • Casrekoli

            I’m really trying to understand something here. You show in your own stats that 90% of blacks are killed by blacks. Why all the obsession with the very small number of police officers that kill blacks? One of the biggest problems we have in this country is with PEOPLE killing PEOPLE. I, personally, am not willing to spend a lot of my time trying to figure out how to stop one of the ways a very few number are dying. If most people die in the home from fires, why spend all your time and energy trying to stop drownings? (I admit, I don’t know that’s true. Just an analogy).

            I’m asking a serious question here.

          • Rainlion

            Wow, where to even start. First… “obsession with a small number of police officers that kill blacks” — in 2015 to date, police have killed someone every 8 hours. So justified, many questionable, that the victims are men, women, children and just about every ethnic group.

            Second, the difference is that police are supposed to represent the justice system and are there to protect and serve remember? If they aren’t doing that… if they exhibit bias in executing their responsibilities and excessive force, then why wouldn’t people question their reliability and trustworthiness?

            Third… that’s a bit of a silly and false analogy… so you’re saying that one should make a judgement on which deaths are more important than others? Regardless of how it occurs, aren’t all unjustified deaths the same?

            And just to revisit my first point… you say it doesn’t matter, but what about when it becomes you or a family member or friend? Then it will be worthy of your consideration? little late then don’t you think?

            Finally, you seem to be missing the larger point… if law enforcement cannot be trusted to abide by the laws they are supposed to uphold, then what the hell are they good for?

          • jay

            One point not mentioned is that when blacks kill blacks they’re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When police kill blacks they get a paid week off for good behavior and their gun back along with a bunch of money collected for them on gofundme sites.

          • Casrekoli

            Probably not mentioned because it’s not true.

          • Casrekoli

            Most justified. Some criminal. In the end.

            Of course they are. I never said they shouldn’t be held to a higher standard.

            I’m talking sheer numbers. I’m not saying people shouldn’t do anything about drownings. I’m asking why that’s ALL anyone is doing anything about.

            I never, ever said it didn’t matter. But I have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren and statistically they are more likely to be killed by an average citizen then by the police so I’m going to concentrate on stopping the most likely cause, not the least.

            LEO’s are made up of people. Most good. I just don’t understand why people want to throw this particular group under the bus.

          • tony

            Jason…your ignorant for even looking at stats like that…Ok proven stats ok…in the late 1800s..and early 1900s…there were plenty of black cities(communities) that were successful….every one of them were taken by insecure white men…what would you do if the shoe was in the other foot????…there could never be justice on stolen land…every culture.with agreements and words of men have been agreed with handshakes as a men of their word!!! Only when white men came here it have to be written’ the ones who makes the so called law…WORDS OF A WHITE MAN…

      • Johnny Martin

        yeah. Lets leave race the f out of it, you wake the f up. what he was saying is the same thing I said, Color is not an issue. And just so we are clear, PEOPLE of all races are prepared…for THUGS of all races. Deal with it

      • Jason Allen

        You should wake the fuck up.. You’re playing the poor victimized black person again. First of all it appears that only one of the white guys was being racist and he’s also the one that got shot and killed.. The video shows that the other white guys attempted to apologize for their stupid friend.. So they weren’t all being racist.
        Secondly, you make it sound like this happens so often that black people are prepared for it.. The truth is that black on white crime is a much bigger problem in this country. Even though blacks only make up 12% of the population, they attack white people on a daily basis.. White people are the majority of the population and they rarely attack blacks. Look up the stats for yourself.. White people are the ones that are a daily victim of hate crimes by black people. White people are the one that really have to be careful.
        Look up the stats for yourself.. Black on white crime is a major problem in this country… White on black crime is very small. Black on black crime is huge.. Wake the fuck up..

        • Kenneth Wise

          He’s so sorry for his friends racism that he tries to punch the guy when he refuses to shake his hand instead of respecting his right not to shake his hand.

        • Terdarin Whitfield

          Ok, Jason you are talking about appearance. Your appearance looks as though you are ignorant to facts. Percentages alter facts when it comes to the minority, that is why they are used. It is impossible for blacks to have more crimes against whites. It APPEARS, that you sit on your couch and listen, to stories #his story. There is no sound in the video, so you don’t know what was said. It also appears , that you are a racist. That is my perception, so that makes it my reality. And also, THAT WAKE THE FUCK UP COMMENT. YOU BETTER KNOW ALL CLOSED EYES AIN’T SLEEP.

        • jay

          Lol they apologized then punched the dude in the face! It was a ploy to sneak attack him in the first place. How naive are people lol. 2nd, if there’s a racist so brazen that he’s confronting people in public, odds are he keeps similar company. I’d disassociate myself from any racist like this instantly if he publicly embarrassed me that way. I can guarantee you, what you say seems like 2 good guys and 1 racist were actually 3 racists. He even lied about what happened until they showed him video proof. How great a guy could he have been? C’mon fella really

      • TheTruth

        All violent crime is fueled by hate.

    • Kennethpytn

      Stop trying to duck the race issue. The THUG came in yelling about Niggers. Consequently, a Brother lit his ass up. I am angry that he did not shot and kill the one who actually struck him. That is the one who should be dead.

      • Josh Howard

        Wow, another guy who can’t read… I wasn’t commenting on the incident that happen. I agree it was a racist attack by a thug and he got what he deserved. My comment was directed at Jack Meibaum’s comment scroll up and read who I was replying to for context. I’m going back to World Star even those guys are not as stupid as some of you.

        Next time actually read the whole damn thing before you send out a stupid reply.

        • Kennethpytn

          Duh, which way did he go Josh…which way did he go. I thought I saw him come in here Josh…..which way did he go Josh…Duh…tell me Josh…..which way did he go?

          • Josh Howard

            Bruh, If you asking about Common Sense, he saw you and went the other way. I heard him mumbling something about avoiding you on purpose cause yall never see eye to eye:/

          • Kennethpytn

            Duh, Josh, what do you use for your brains? Oh, I know, Josh Air!! Duh, Josh is a fucking airbrain. Duh…Everybody…Josh is a fucking airbrain. Goodnight, airbrain.

      • Casrekoli

        No, the one that should be dead is the one that was an imminent threat to him. If he’d have shot over someone just to shoot someone for simple revenge he would have been arrested. You have to actually know a little bit about firearms laws to get a CCW.

        • Kennethpytn

          Sounds legit.

        • Mike

          Actually if you sit out a class at a gun show like my wife did, you may go away with more questions than answers. The so called instructor told her about the 3 step rule in Florida that does not exist. True you must sign a statement that you read and understand Florida Statute 790, but that is all. I have educated her in the truth.

          • Casrekoli

            I live in NC and here they teach you that you can’t shoot someone because they’ve done something you don’t like. You have to feel an imminent threat to your safety and well-being. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with FL.

    • The Mullet

      How? He was minding his own business when those clowns started calling him racial epithets. There is no way to avoid race in this but the guy did what he had to do. I’m sure the last thing he thought about in the Waffle House was a bunch of white guys railing on him cause he’s black and then having to defend himself. Stupid people win stupid prizes.

      • Josh Howard

        *sigh* please read the comments. Was directing my reply too… And read my subsequent comments, I really don’t want to go through it all over again.

  • Craig Sims

    No maturity. .

  • Security cameras kept that man out of prison. A white man’s word “he reached for a gun when I tried to shake his hand” is taken over two minorities that say otherwise.

    • Casrekoli

      The article says nothing about ‘taking the white man’s word’. Just that he claimed that until the video proved he lied.
      I like the idea of videos. They will end up disproving some of the more outrageous claims made.

  • danybx

    What does his race have to do with anything, why call him a name at all? Even when he did the right thing hes still a thug and a nigg$!#.

  • Яeey Mbonge


  • Dick Chainie




  • Chris

    WAY TO GO !!!!

  • fthatkid

    Okay charge the friends with murder because they were all committing a hate crime. The old “I’m white so they will believe my story” didn’t work this time. And race played a large part in this shooting because the criminals were using inflammatory racist language at the victims.



  • jack meibaum

    Hi Latoya, Nice to hear from you but I must disagree. The word thug describes a type of behavior not a color. If whites are rioting – they are being thugs., If blacks are rioting – they are thugs. Not a smart ass gesture but simply a stupid answer to the idea that the word thug is a replacement for any other word. When black youths are rioting and breaking into stores – they are being thugs!! period. If they were white they would also be called thugs. For some reason the black community is trying to distract from the reality of this situation and by doing this making things worse. All of this is taking people ,,like me, that stood up for integration in the 60s. people like me that went to the south to fight for the black people and turning us into racist people that are tired of all this stupid rhetoric. Patience Latoya, do not enter this with words but with education and respect. White people are not your enemy – the black THUGS ARE YOUR ENEMY AND THE ENEMY OF YOUR “People” God Bless, Jack servant of Jesus

    • Josh

      Thanks Captain obvious. I’m sure she’s well aware the word thug by itself does not describe a color. The point is people feel the word is used quicker with black people. I’m sorry your puny mind is too weak to grasp this. Continue with your tired old strawmans, though.

      • jack meibaum

        Thank you for your reply Josh. Your point has been noted. Thank you for your critique. Have a good day in the Lord, God bless, Jack

      • Marty

        Apparently, from her words Josh, she ISN’T…. “see the THUG word as a replacement for the N-word”. How many whites have been called the ‘N’ word. None that I have ever heard. Thug, up until recently had been a noun to describe ANYONE who was up to no good. Now urban language has revised it’s meaning to refer to blacks that are up to no good.

        • John O’Banion

          In reaction to your not hearing the ‘N’ word used to describe white people, there is a derogatory term used in the same fashion for low-life whites – ‘whigger’ – & I have heard it used frequently. Aside from that one technicality, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment.

      • RebelDread

        It maybe used quicker for black people for the simple fact that its a word that many young blacks have embraced. No thug is not the new n word. “Thug Life”-Tupac.

    • Rainlion

      That’s all well and good Jack, but the reality is the word is applied to only one group of people, one specific ethnicity. When the kids rioted after the championships… you didn’t see them described as thugs. So sorry, but I find your facile justification to be kind of silly

      • Cleatus

        Only difference is whites do not condone or justify that behavior when committed by other whites as the blacks do. You do not see any white activists coming out trying to condone that.

        • Josh Howard

          Thanks for lumping all blacks in the same category and that is in fact a racist statement. Neither I nor any of my black friends condone the violence in Baltimore and I think those thugs that looted and robbed that community should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I’m guessing you can’t ever see a black guy saying that with a white sheet over your racist head.

      • dj righteous

        red herring side show. you don’t care about the problem you just wanna pretend there isn’t one and get caught up on nonsense. go for it.

      • kevin barter

        I have to call bs brother. When I was growing up, my friends and I were all referred to as punks and thugs. We weren’t really that bad and we were all really white. peace

      • John O’Banion

        Allow me to reiterate a previous comment: “In my day, we would have called guys like Fields ‘hoodlums’. IMO, that’s exactly the way he was acting & that’s what he was being. ‘Sweetie’ is a term of endearment; use of the ‘N’ word is a derogatory term. This [white] guy was just plain out being a belligerent pain in the ass.” The solitary reason I quit drinking some 30 years ago was I found myself around too many belligerent drunks & I wasn’t enjoying their company.

      • RebelDread

        I described the white rioters and thugs, savages and animals. Whats silly is saying thug is the new n word when many young black males use this word to describe themselves and their peers. No thug is thug, n word is the n word. Stop being a damn hypocrite.

        • Rainlion

          Roflmao. Thanks for further proving my point. How am I being a hypocrite? Only by thinking all black people are alike could you arrive at that childishly simple conclusion

  • DC

    Black youths that riot have lived a life of extreme poverty, lack of education, racism , police brutality , fear , and despair. Your tongue in cheek response of calling them “sweeties” shows your lack of compassion and intelligence. When white college kids riot and destroy shit because their sport team lost or won , are they thugs?? does the media call them thugs???? step outside of yourself and try to imagine what it’s like not living as a privileged white male on the top of a totem pole.

    • jack meibaum

      Greetings, First of all, I am not an elite white man. I am 71, I was active in the integration movement in the 60s. I went to a 1 room school in a very country area – all 12 grades in 1 room, no water, no electricity. I was considered a stupid kid that could not get out of my own way. I now live in a third world country with no income helping others in need. SO, lets get off the “You are white and have it all” I am who I am because i made a decision to do so. Lets look at the youths in the Ferguson riot – Mostly black, mostly covered with tattoos, can not speak English. Rapid use of swear words. Thuggery actions, burning down stuff and wrecking autos. Please forgive me but WHO WOULD WANT TO HIRE THEM? Who did the tattoos? Who made them talk that way? Who made them riot? THEY DID THEY DID THEY DID. No other person or color did this. This your problem and stoop blaming people you do not eve know. Make some good decisions in your life. You can not fix those kids – it is too late BUT it is not too late for the children.

      • DC

        Jack what you don’t understand is just having white skin ALONE, before you even open your mouth to tell your story, gives you 80% advantage over a black person .

        I am a mixed race man , who has a white Doctor father from rural Virginia , and a Black CEO mother from a 3rd world Country who came to America with $15 in her pocket ,she went on to receive a master’s degree from Columbia University. WITH NO ONES HELP.

        my “PROBLEM” is when people like you allow stereotypes and ignorant thinking to be justified and “okay”

        I’v never gangbanged, never even stolen a pack of gum, I graduated from college, don’t have any tattoos and speak the queen’s english like (GASP) a white person.

        But do you know how many times I have been called a THUG? and a NIGGER? followed in stores, pulled out of my car by police, denied entrance to a public establishment, the everyday looks of fear from people like you who cross the street when they see me coming??

        I can’t even count Jack… and its been like that since I was 6 years old (yep, thats the first time a adult white male called me a nigger to my face) , and I grew up in D.C.The nation’s capital.

        I have been in a bar in Boston and heard a man behind me say “Oh great now thugs come here”

        I have even been pinned to a wall and threatened by a group of white men for speaking to a white woman in a ST.LOUIS bar. I have experienced this all over the country..

        So guess what….. THATS MY PROBLEM, because according to your little list of what makes someone worth basic respect in our society; I have done everything “RIGHT” my only crime was being born with light brown skin, big lips, and a face that makes all the pretty girls melt.

        No matter how good of a person I am , I STILL get called a THUG at 33 years old.

        and BTW … I was also called a stupid kid, and had severe learning disabilities growing up, I had to go to “special
        schools.” Thank god I had a chance to.

        So dont go there and think that gives you some idea of what it’s like to grow up disadvantaged and black in America because is doesn’t even scratch the surface.

        I barely made it ….. and if someone like me can BARELY make it..

        What chance does little Daquan in Baltimore have? He doesn’t have parents that could speak proper english to him because there parents couldn’t either , He doesn’t have a basic public school thats going to give him the support he needs, he doesn’t have an after school center where he can get out of his toxic home and learn a instrument.

        Everywhere he goes people are scared of him and assume he is bad before he even opens his mouth, police treat him like a THUG , his whole society calls him a THUG , and no one expects him be anything other than a THUG.


        • jack meibaum

          Ok dc, you make a good point BUT now I am going to tell you why people “LIKE ME”, as you called me, are becoming racist. I am so tired, and so are others, LIKE ME of being called “The problem” I have never been racist but I am quickly changing due to all this and nice folks like you blaming me. You do not even know me and you are blaming “People like me” for the problem. We are tired of this. The black community had!! a friend in people “Like me” but you are quickly losing us. I am uploading a picture of me and my wife for you to see. I am not your problem. You need to discuss these problems without anger. Anger with people “Like me” simply isolates you from the very people that would be glad to help

          • alwaysright21

            ewww, nasty oildriller

          • jack meibaum

            I AM SO VERY SORRY FOR YOU. iT must be hard having such hateful life. bye and thank you for your comments

          • keno


        • RebelDread

          I am a black man living in America. I have never ever been called a thug or a nigger. At least not to my face by whites. I get called a nigga by blacks a lot tho. Something I am quick to address. No I am not a nigga or thug, hoodlum or whatever most blacks think is cool as shit hop dictates. All of a sudden being a thug is un cool because whites are using the very same words many blacks are proud of when describing themselves. “Thug Life, Nigga” – Tupac.

          Yes Black americans. People are getting sick and tired of your whining and your hypocrisy. This includes blacks, whites, asians and every other ethnic group you can think of. You are a bunch of hypocrites. I suggest blacks grow a thick skin, get education, take care of their children and I mean really take care of them. This includes going to PTAs, helping with homework, cooking nutritious meals etc. Enough of the whining and content need to be accepted by other groups. Love and respect yourself first.

      • Marty

        EXACTLY Jack.

  • michael s

    Kudos to Mr Williams.

  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    when you fight back, racist be like…

  • Chalky_White215

    Thank god this upstanding citizen was able to protect himself from these dangerous, savage thugs.

  • WhenWillTheyShoot71

    Good and I’m glad he wasn’t charged.

  • Jamal Warner

    You can not speak for no race at all. Any race you represent is surely lost.

    • jack meibaum

      Well, I guess that I can see first hand why the black people will NEVER get all this straightened out- You simply will NOT talk to anyone – you just want to blame, wine and riot – a race of people full of thugs and they themselves, the, black people singers – rappers, call themselves the very name that they hate. You know who hates the black race the most? The black people – you hate yourselves. I do not hate you – it is YOU that hate you and it is YOU that is racist and it is YOU that you need to blame for your troubles. Point blank!!!

      • Jamal Warner

        So much for your “blaming” post. Your entire post is outright ignorant and racist. You fail to address the issues impacting all races and especially white race. You act as though people of color race is the only race with issues. White people commit most of the crime in America, but yet you fail to mention or acknowledge it. Your post is a post of blame the people of color.

        • jack meibaum

          you need to check the statistics before you blame anyone. I am responsible for my actions – no one else makes me do something and the white race does not make many of the black youths act as thugs

        • Cleatus

          White people commit the most crime??? Blacks are 13% of the population. Check out the FBI crime stats on the crime committed and then say who commits most of the crime. That is fact not racism

  • Jeff Allen

    I wonder if placing the gun on the counter was more so for the police not over reacting to due to his race. Not that it should make a difference, but it has in the past… Good shoot!

  • Luis Rosado

    Can’t the friend be charged with murder? When the first guy took the
    first swing for no apparent reason other than to cause bodily harm, then
    that should be considered assault and menacing. Therefore, a crime was
    being committed, when his friend ran in and attacked that makes him an
    accomplice to the crime. If someone dies in the act of a crime, then the
    remaining people charged in the crime are responsible for that death.

    Just curious :D

    • GhettoSamurai

      I think you’re right personally, charge the friend with a sort of manslaughter imo.

  • Adam Steed

    Man stood his ground and a thug died. He then proceeded to inform the police of what happened. Innocent. Video shows it all.

  • Brenda Samuels

    It’s about time they c the whole picture we going to start fighting back thank GOD he used his head and waiting on them to mess with him

  • cj1404

    Damn shame that had to go the way it did

  • Jonathon W Haywood Sr.

    Thats what happen to stupid people….dont have to worry about him anymore..

  • Jovon Brown

    But I guarantee if it was vice versa you would have used the word thug to describe the black dude…..I GUARANTEE IT!!!!!

    • jack meibaum

      I do in fact do use the word “Thug” to describe the black folks involved in these thugish actions. Anyone,, black or white participating in riots etc. are thugs.

  • Thatmanbolt


  • Jay

    White boy forgot he wasn’t behind a keyboard!

  • bdj1

    Right thing happened. Got hit, pulled a gun and didn’t shoot, just warned not to attack again. Another thug came out to attack and got shot defending his life. Called cops, placed gun on table… No problem.. Was self defense.

  • Es Jay


  • Darryl Lee

    Owned thats what his dumb ass get.

  • billybear3

    The video doesn’t lie. Zimmerman on the other hand did.

  • Antonio Norwood

    ‘Black’ is about 16% of US. ‘White’ is a lot, but white is a ridiculous amount of races. European, Canadian, Scottish, Australian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, etc. ‘Blacks’ are wrongfully arrested, almost never given a slap on the wrist compared to “whites”. Almost no country likes America, even our allies don’t really like us, they like Obama though lol.

  • drbattie

    I am glad there was a video. The question is, would it have turned out the same way had there not been a video?

  • Johnny Martin

    I agree it was a righteous shoot. I watched it a few times, and it looks pretty clear cut. Color is not an issue, the man has a right to defend himself, he warned the thug, and even after being punched he didn’t shot the first guy, but when the next thug rushed him, he had no choice. No charges should be filed

  • Richard

    The idiots claiming that the word thug is racial can KMA. The perp was a thug.

  • Mark Kruk

    Shot an unarmed man… Where are the riots… Just wanted to shake his hand. I bet if the races were reversed there would be a tiff on this.
    Good for Williams. But should eb the same rules for all. If you are attacked, regardless of race, you have to right to defend yourself from an attacker if they are armed or not.

    • Ohgeezus2wyce

      But that’s what happen bruh. Race was only a factor to the whyte guys. Knegah play pussy… get phucked.

  • Richard

    Except, the “thugs” in this story are white, and the person using self-defense is African- American.

    • 239Runner

      Jehrardd Williams got off FREE
      HE’S ON YOUTUBE>>> Young Ether

  • Ohgeezus2wyce

    Lost his homie on some knegah shyt,.. hahaha. Everybody wanna be a knegah,… til some real ones show up.

  • Mia Thomas

    Oh well….

  • 239Runner

    The crazy thing about it is Jehrardd Williams got off FREE
    HE’S ON YOUTUBE>>> Young Ether

  • denny

    Black white red or green.a thug is a thug is a thug…..the little druck ass hole deserved to get shot….good shot bro…

  • dj righteous

    another one of obamas sons who i guess the white man made do it. this is how it should be done. save me tax money. no trial, no more welfare and programs…just a few feet of dirt and a lot of lives saved before he killed someone, and spread his seed to a dozen baby mamas. its your fault whitey. you didnt give him a job a house a car and an obama phone. its not his fault its yours and government will steal from you and fix it all. don’t worry…look at baltimore….democrat politics and programs at their finest. 1.8 billion for education from obama and they cant form a sentence or pull their pants up.

  • dj righteous

    well you’ve been bought and conditioned to be emotional rather than try and fix whats going on in your community. listen to the radio stations, read the black mags. every girl want dey thug. this is black culture. you don’t like it change it

    • Rainlion

      Love when people outside of a situation/culture decide to tell those within it what it is… roflmao

      • dj righteous

        you go now al sharpton. I’m a human. but you divide…ill tell you this…black culture is def different than all others. and that is they key to its demise. take a black man who carries on our shore from another country with nothing and he’s successful. take one born her and taught to be owned by the govt and the lies about opportunity…and just vote for the same people who run baltimore, chicago, dc and the rest of the place where they buy votes w stolen tax money and obama phones. look in the mirror.

        • Rainlion

          Too funny right as if the same problems with governance don’t exist in majority white cities and govts. Thanks for continuing to display your true nature sport. And for crying out loud if you’re going to toss out talking points at least pick ones that aren’t obvious lies.”Obama phones”. Roflmao… yes there is a federal program…started in 1984 under Reagan

          • dj righteous

            dude i can’t get you off the coolaid. any black man can arrive on our sure and be a billionaire in his lifetime. if he’s born here he’s got his pants down, rocking his gold fronts, can’t form a sentence and wants me to pay for it. enjoy your culture.

          • Rainlion

            Not my culture sunshine. Of course you can’t understand you can’t even spell Kool aid (which is ironic since you want to criticize others ability to form complete sentences) Your inability to address direct questions or move beyond childish bigoted stereotypes isnt surprising either. Newsflash there are more non minorities receiving assistance than minorities. Enjoy your ever increasing irrelevance and wilful ignorance

          • dj righteous

            yup its a spelling bee when you dont like facts. chinese come here and in 3 weeks they win the spellling bee. indians (yeah black) come here and graduate #1 and go to the best schools and get high paying jobs. youre owned by the lie. live it and enjoy it. get your free stuff and teach your children that when they fail its someone elses fault. its really working for you!

          • Rainlion

            Indians aren’t black but of course we know how you like to stereotype. Got anything other than hyperbolic and false talking points? Rhetorical question kid.

          • dj righteous

            of course they aren’t to would topple your stupid hate whitey blame everyone else get the gambet cheese thing. just move on and get your welfare. pant up don’t loot!

          • Rainlion

            too funny… I’ve said nothing on here that even remotely approaches “hate whitey” or “blame everyone else” – unlike you. Heck you can’t even keep your childish racial stereotypes straight… pretty sad.

            Like I said before – Pity you’re so impotent, ignorant and insecure that you can only express yourself by trying to insult people… newsflash, your words mean nothing and your vain attempts to feel better about yourself by denigrating others will in no way help you heal the emptiness in your life.

            Rinse and repeat as needed while you continue to fade into obscurity and irrelevance further.

  • Petty Kash

    I’m a little confused about this “thug” word.. Why is it that black folk feel is some new racial epithet ? I’m a little old school so we were using thug for a lot more instances than anything race motivated. And if there are some people trying to associated it these days it only has as much credence as black folks give to it…I personally call any thug a thug…Black White Asian Indian Hispanic…its an action word, a verb or pronoun, don’t be so damn sensative. I just watch this thread take a wrong turn for absolutely no reason when there was actually a point of agreement here.

  • Mo Rosejew

    No, he was a bigot that was looking for a fight, and he found one. But I have to hand it to you, Jack. That was some fine moral relativism. At least have the balls to use the ” “N” “: word. You know you want to.

  • alwaysright21

    Ook eek! nice truck tire nose sheboon. My tax $ are paying for the purple grape drank an fried chicken at your partay! Mhmmm, with a head BOb!! Ha !!!

    • Rainlion

      Pity you’re so impotent, ignorant and insecure that you can only express yourself by trying to insult people… newsflash, your words mean nothing and your vain attempts to feel better about yourself by denigrating others will in no way help you heal the emptiness in your life.

      • Just M.

        Fact. Also, don’t feed the trolls.

  • kevin barter

    Absolutely justifiable!!

  • jack meibaum

    Latoya, Greetings to you. After some thought I would reply that I do not use the word “People” because the folks rioting are not acting like people. People do not act like that so we use another word for them which describes the type of behavior they are having – “Thug” It makes no difference the color of the person. Latoya, I think that you do not approve of this thuggish behavior any more than i do. Please stop battling over words and work toward fixing the problem Most of These youths will never get it right. Most have passed the point of return BUT the children in these areas can be taught better and disciplined. You can start a program to accomplish this. It will take years because the older youths will try to ruin your work – but you can make a positive change with positive actions – Not battling over stuff that does not really matter and will make no change for the children. I have faith that you can do this Latoya. Bring God back into the community and into the lives of these children

    • Latoya Scott

      Greetings to you Jack. I apologize for the last response, but this is not a site I offend visit. You are exactly right. I had that a thug is any race, but I also believe “nowadays” that it is a replacement for the N-word. Times have changed. To me, we have accomplished alot as a people. On the other hand, I believe that we need to tackle race relations amongst ourselves. Tip-toeing around it….WILL NEVER FIX IT.I’m a very outspoken person with, strong beliefs. If my beliefs & they was I “express” myself offense anyone then….I hate labels! N-word, Thug, Cracka, Thots….(this is negative labeling). I’ve lived on both ends of life, so I am blessed to know, what people say about me is a non-factor to me. For instance, my Grandmother raised me. She was born in 1927. So yes, I was exposed to the negativity about “white people”, from my Grandmother (which was her life experiences & her beliefs). Around 9 years old (after I started live with my parents ) in changed schools & was introduced to a muticulture environment. But all the while I attended church as a young child & still continue. Therefore, I never had a problem with a person’s race. I believe we have “good &bad” people in this world. Yes, we (my daughters & i) are very involved with youth, elderly & veteran organizations. My responsibility is raising my girls to the best of my ability. So when I come across conversations such as this….I’m brutally honest & don’t sugar coat. I feel these types of conversations shouldn’t even have to exist, but sadly it does because we avoid the true topic “racism/bias”. Just sad….

      • jack meibaum

        Hi Latoya and thank you for your kind response. All of this is extremely confusing to
        me. I do not know your age but possibly
        we are around the same age. I am almost
        72. My mother raised me to not see color
        in people. I never knew anything about
        race problems so as I grew up race was not a problem. In the 60s I , of course, became aware of all this and
        became involved in the integration movement.
        Interesting times which involved trips to the South. Fortunately I never
        got arrested. All that passed away
        from my life as I continued with life.
        BUT, Now I am truly confused with what is happening. SO –
        What I am going to do for you is explain what is happening to me as a
        white man living in these times and witnessing what is happening in the world
        . You seem to be an intelligent woman so
        I think you can understand this conversation as constructive and not negative. Me
        – the white man who can mix into
        any crowd black or white and feel comfortable.
        Now comes Ferguson. I see a
        problem with black vrs. white cop. The
        black community willing to lie to win the case.
        Michael is not a saint. OK – there
        seems to be a problem in the Ferguson police dept. Needs to be worked out. I agree
        BUT riots. I see no reason for riots. This does not
        help. To my mind something is happening. Unknown to me, my background is being
        poisoned. The black lives matter
        movement could have been good but it also is poisoned by people that want
        violence. Police murders my mind is being poisoned even more. Politically correct stuff – This
        is even worst. Now a saltine cracker cannot
        be called a cracker but should be an
        “American saltine.” Now
        instead of pockets of race problems I see
        a part of the black community, including the President , trying to , in
        my opinion, stir up race problems with Al Sharpton and others. The mind of this once peaceful white man is,
        to a great part, totally turned . I believe
        that all this is all going against what the black community wants. It is not working as planned. Now there are two racist groups – not
        one. I now see color. I really see color now!!! How can this be fixed. I do not think it can be fixed. It is too late. The main problem is that society has removed
        God from everything. Without God and the
        principles of God being a big part of our lives all will go bad –
        REALLY bad. I am truly concerned for the USA and the possibility that there
        might not be a USA in 25 years. I have rambled on and on – I think
        it might be fun to talk on telephone about this. Possibly I might understand it better. My email can be found on my site put these
        words together mision para
        los ninos .org. jack Meibaum [email protected] God bless to you. With a lot of respect to you Jack

  • John O’Banion

    In my day, we would have called guys like Fields ‘hoodlums’. IMO, that’s exactly the way he was acting & that’s what he was being. ‘Sweetie’ is a term of endearment; use of the ‘N’ word is a derogatory term. This guy was just plain out being a belligerent pain in the ass.

    • jack meibaum


  • John O’Banion

    Excuse the expression, but this thread has turned into a pissin’ contest. You’re all arguing semantics. The facts are, the white guy was wrong, the black guy was right, and the white guy’s aggression got him righteously & legitimately popped. End of story, end of discussion. Let’s everybody agree to have a nice day & go our separate ways.

  • AfriSynergy West

    If he had kept the gun in his hands or anywhere on his body, it is very likely the cops would have shot him, once they arrived at the location, responding to his 911 call. I know of two separate occasions where black men called the police to their home after confronting burglars in their home and still had the gun in their hands when the cops arrived. Both were shot. One is dead and the other was shot in the neck, a life threatening injury. Therefore, in conclusion, he did the right thing by not holding the gun, and putting it on the counter, awaiting arrival of police.

    • GhettoSamurai

      Couldn’t agree more. The author didn’t quite think out that part of his piece. I mean…cripes, it happened in FL….I am still amazed that he wasn’t shot by the cops. I wish the world were different, but for the way it is, he did everything right. I hope he never goes through anything similar for the rest of his life. Regardless the circumstances, taking one life is taking one too many. I wish him and his peace health and happiness.

  • maurice

    As a black male who is an American first…the guy is a thug. Period. Hands down. Any human from whatever ethnic group of people that go about violating people’s rights, and hurting people or their property without valid cause is a thug.

    • jack meibaum


    • Kismet

      You’re American before you’re Black? You do realize that you’re Black no matter where you’re from, right?

  • Brian

    Perfect example that a black man with a legal CCW is completley justified in shooting a “thug” that threatened his life. The “thug” in this case is a stupid drunk white guy. “Thug” isn’t a racial comment, its a character comment. This proves that race doesn’t matter when the law looks at the facts, black or white. Unfortunately this racist moron decided to show his true colors by acting like an idiot, and the calm cool and collected legal gun owner was forced to defend himself and someone died. I applaud this man for defending himself. The world is a better place without this type of “thug” black or white, and better with intelligent legal gun owners, black or white.

  • Just M.

    Great draw and fire, awesome job!

    I can’t believe there are still racists in the world. How much do you want to bet those violent racist shitheads are either cops or military.

    • GhettoSamurai

      As a Vet, I think you overestimate the amount of racists in the military. We stood by one another, white black asian latino christian jewish muslim buddhist….none of that shit mattered to the guys I knew. Hellfire, I went to Islamic services quite a few times to show my solidarity with those folks. They say being an atheist in the military is hard, but it let me get in with more people than you can shake a stick at.

  • James M. Ray

    Darwin Award candidate down. I’m glad he wasn’t charged, but agree with the author he should have retained control of the gun until the cops arrived & asked for it.

    • GhettoSamurai

      In most cases I would agree, however, if I were a black man…I would have done the exact same thing. I’m not trying to be a smartass….but he likely would have been shot by a cop “fearing” for his life. He did the right thing for his situation.

      There was a time in DE, my lot was being robbed while I happened to be playing the role of security guard…I couldn’t afford to hire actual security. When the police arrived I went running for the gate, and forgot that I had a .38 strapped to my hip in addition to the shotgun in my hands. The cops told that I was lucky as eff to not be shot down right there. Adrenalin got to me, I just wanted the punk arrested.

  • Kelly Payne


  • T. Sajdah M.

    What is interesting to me is that the Shooter was hit by one of the friends of the deceased before the fool ran back in… They were seeking to find a PATSY and they found a FUNERAL. I hope that more THUGS will get that message when they decide to STEP UP and SHOW OUT. Stay SOBER… Don’t let DRUNK FRiENDS find their DEATH because of FALSE BRAVADO… Bravo~

  • Tom

    Another win for the good guy!

  • johnbrown_007

    Stupid has No Color…

  • 0hiojoe

    Proof positive that guns and alcohol do not mix. In this case a legal concealed carry firearm was used for its intended purpose. To protect the owner. These drunks should have stayed home instead of going out looking for trouble.
    Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

  • Rainlion

    no need to continue displaying your weakness and ignorance… we all recognized it the first time. good luck with your dead end life sunshine

  • James Himes

    no charges should be filed against the guy! this was justifiable. i don’t care what part of the country this was or what color the guy was on either side of this. if you’re wrong you’re wrong. I do think it sad that you can’t even go out to eat though with out people being total idiots any more though,

  • Massolo

    Serves the dumb racists right. At least there is one less idiot in the world now. I hope the other is brought up on charges for lying to a cop too.

  • GhettoSamurai

    Good. One less racist p.o.s. in the world.

  • Darwin Award Winner Dakota Fields

  • GunSkull

    It makes me proud to see someone who knows how to use a concealed carry weapon responsibly. I admire his self-restraint by not shooting the guy who punched him. I would’ve acted the same way – with someone rushing towards me, I wouldn’t know if they had a gun or knife or what. Applause for Mr. Williams.

  • Kennethpytn

    The POS THUG got exactly what he deserved. I nominate Mr. Williams for an NAACP Image Award for dealing with a racist in the correct manner. Die you lowlife piece of Trailer Trash!!!

  • RebelDread

    “I, see the THUG word as a replacement for the N-word.”

    This makes no sense what so ever NONE. Please stop repeating the drivel you hear from libs. By the way many young black male enjoy calling themselves thugs. Remember Tupac and his thug life mantra. No, thug means thug. The n word is the n word. Whats next criminal is the new n word. Stop this nonsense please.

  • The Mullet

    The man was yelling racist stuff at him and he tried to take the high road. He shot the one that needed to be shot. Moral of the story: Don’t run up on mofo’s you don’t know! On top of the shooting didn’t they severely injure someone when they crashed?

  • Casrekoli

    The worst crimes? Really? I guess you think it’s all peachy by being murdered by your common criminal instead of a serial murderer. I’m sure you think women are cool with being raped by common rapists but not by serial rapists. I’m not going to get into any argument about who commits what crime, but you’re insane if you think putting the word ‘serial’ makes the crime worse to those involved.

  • The Real Farmer

    Outstanding! Your next lunch is on me.

  • Brian Rapp

    It does matter who you are. You have the right to defend your life as needed. You can’t threaten people. Too many people follow through. This guy defended himself.