[VIDEO] Woman Pulls Out Gun To Defend Herself During Restaurant Brawl


The details on the incident shown above are extremely vague, but it seems that the officer’s actions at the end point to the woman being justified in drawing her firearm, at least preliminary.

It’s important to note at the very beginning of the video, the armed woman is seen pistol-whipping the woman she is fighting with. At that point, the male comes into the mix and starts beating the armed woman while she still has her firearm in hand. Also, her trigger discipline stays on-point the entire time.

ScreenHunter_254 Feb. 25 17

After the fight breaks up and the armed woman is trying to keep the man away while having her firearm trained on him, he makes numerous movements towards her. Regardless of what happened earlier, so many things could have gone wrong while he was approaching her. The armed woman, however, was able to maintain a level head and continue yelling commands for him to step back and move away.


When police arrive, the armed woman places her firearm on the ground and puts her hands up and out to the side. An officer approaches her with his hand on his firearm. They speak for a few seconds when the officer seems to tell her that she can pick up her firearm and reholster it, which she does.

ScreenHunter_255 Feb. 25 17.25Armed woman reaches down to retreive her firearm that she placed on the ground as officers entered the building.

We’ll try to find out more information on this incident. Assuming that the woman was legally carrying her firearm and was in danger, how do you feel she handled the situation?

And to the woman screaming in the background at the end of the video, you aren’t helping anyone. Just go home and stay there.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • From the little we see in the video, that woman handled herself amazingly. We don’t know how it started, hopefully she did not provoke the attack upon herself only to end it by drawing a weapon. But as you noted much could have gone wrong but didn’t due to her self control, and discipline with her firearm.

  • Matthew A. Berish

    Amazing self restraint and firearm discipline. The woman screaming at the end I must assume was the original attacker trying to make it seem to police that she was the victim, amazing how it starts once a man with a badge shows up.

  • Benny

    She has more self control than a cop.

    • She IS a cop. She clearly says to the uniforms “I’m on the job”, and shows her credentials before they let her retrieve her weapon.

  • Jon Blyeth

    It sounds to me like the armed woman may have been an officer of some sort. It sounds like she keeps saying “Im on the job” when the cops show up. Either way well done on her part for keeping her cool.. most would have shot the guy when he attacked her by the table…..

    • Thebabydoc

      She couldn’t- she did not have a round chambered.

  • Lonnie

    I know that at the least I would shoot that caterwauling bitch at the end!

  • Roger Rabbit

    Someone need to slap the *&^% out of the woman screaming at the end, she is just plain stupid.

    • Joe Rue

      right she didnt start yelling till the cops got there then it was nothing but her screaming i was like someone needs to shut that bitch up lol

      • Guest

        Edit: Sounds like shes saying “don’t arrest me.”

    • Gary Wieland

      Roger, I couldn’t agree more. Dumbass needs an extra large cup of STFU!

    • Harvester

      The woman screaming in the background is the black woman who was assaulting the woman with the gun. She didn’t want to get arrested, you can hear her saying; “don’t arrest me” at the end.

  • Ken Miller

    Kudos to the cop for quickly ascertaining that she wasn’t the threat and allowing her to reholster (and, thus, preventing an uncontrolled firearms from just sitting on the deck).

  • Rick Cook

    Little prick deserved to get shot, but she wouldn’t have been quite justified in doing so. Assuming that she was justified in drawing her firearm to begin with, she seemed to do a great job of keeping her head from start to finish.

    • TheLight

      Not justified? Did you miss the part when he was punching her head? She would have been fully justified there and also at the part where she said he was holding a knife.

      • Rick Cook

        She would have been justified in shooting him WHILE he was beating her, or if she felt he was about to do so again. Even when she said he had a knife, he wasn’t holding it in a threatening manner, and wasn’t advancing toward her. Given his proximity (about 10-12 feet by my guess) that would have been marginal in terms of justification.

        • scoobysnax

          while you are right about her being justified in shooting him during the initial attack, with two on one that is a clear threat to physical safety by any means of the law, the proximity of 10-12 feet is still a extremely dangerous situation. an attacker with or without a weapon can cover around 21 feet in about 1 second. if he took one step towards her she could justifiably shoot him. as he had attacked her already.

    • Gary Wieland

      Once he struck her or, depending on which state you’re in, just made her “feel threatened” she has the right to whack him. Here in Texas, all they need do is approach in a threatening manner, e.g., hands up, telling her he’s going to kick her ass, and that’s enough. In this situation her restraint was just phenomenal. Matter of fact, a CHL in Texas can shoot that dumbass just for attacking the woman or any other person who is being attacked.

      • sickofhate

        Not every state has laws that protect a CHL holder as well as we do.

        But, If she would have shot him at any point during this, I think she would have been in a trial for her life with the anti-gun crowd screaming excessive force.

        • Gary Wieland

          Amen to that about our CHL laws. Texas is like a whole ‘nuther country! Yeah, they scream excessive force until someone points a gun at their asses. They were even saying that about the pharmacist in WV last week who offed that druggy who had a gun pointed at him. I’d rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone!

  • Jeffrey Ostermiller

    Why the hell don’t people just have the presence of mind to shut the hell up and walk away? That guy didn’t do himself a bit of good. Stupid is, I guess. Kudos to the woman with the fire arm. Great self control. Meanwhile the caterwalling woman just needs to STFU… what a total IDIOT! Great example of how shit can happen…. and turn south really fast.

    • TheLight

      Because everybody wants to be right all the time. Nobody ever wants to back down and so they get shot.

  • Chris

    You can see the women with the gun take a badge on a necklace from her purse and put it around her neck. That’s why the cops let her pick up the gun and re holster. She’s well trained!!

  • Joe Dalton

    Ok everyone’s like who’s the hysterical women in the background… towards the end of the video, shes the ORIGINAL girl who was also attempting with the lame guy to beat the armed women,whom is now in the background screaming “oh my god their arresting him” she is bent over the table being a hysterical jackass. *look in the upper left of the video 10 seconds before the clip ends the cop also partially obscures her as he bypasses her . BTW the amazing women with great weapon retention skill and handling her cool, bravo. She clearly knew her weapon and didn’t have a hot one in the pipe so she was clear to pistol whip away, later you don’t see her but hear the DISTINCTIVE slide racking one in, that’s when the guys balls began to shrink, then the cops arrive and his vagina sprouted

  • wildman

    she did exercise a greater control than I probably would have

  • Guest

    From 1:25 to 1:37, I was willing to place bets that he was about to get another open wound.

  • Todd Smith

    Is it ironic for the man that the song Lucky is on in the background? Cause he sure is Lucky he isn’t 6 feet deep!

  • Chris

    Usually “civilians” don’t address assholes as “Sir”. She’s a well trained cop. Curious how that situation escalated to a fight.

  • Sue Leahey- Di Nardo

    Great job, don’t know how she refrained from shooting that punks ass,

  • TheLight

    She should have shot the asshole while he was punching her over the head. She would have been justified at that point.

  • Garrett

    From what we can see, she did amazing. She kept calm and held him in her sights. Then handled the officer’s arrival well too.

  • MVG

    o.k. i watch the video a few times , don’t know what started the fight , but i will say this , she WAS hitting the other woman With the pistol in the begining of the video . defense of a third party would justify the guy for trying to STOP the woman from beating his friend with a deadly weapon. i doubt very much if she was a trained cop , no badge displayed , lack of defensive tactics and beating the woman with the gun. REMEMBER you can go from defending yourself to assaulting the other person. we do not know what started the fight , i would have like to have seen the whole thing . and YES the woman at the end screaming , anoying and putting on an act. when i carry , round in chamber period , the time it takes to rack your weapon you could have it taken or be killed . this whole sittuation could have ended very badly for all.

  • MVG

    i don’t know who is screaming , but the other woman in the fight went to the front . also good job Police.

  • William Bush

    Anyone else notice the girl screaming says, “don’t arrest me”?

  • m2karateman

    Nigs involved. How typical.

  • Darren M. Frey

    The second time he started coming at me with a knife in my hand I would have shot until he stopped. That was WAY too close of a distance for my comfort. It’s proven that you can be attacked from 7yds away within 3seconds. The dumbass was lucky it wasn’t me holding the gun bc I wouldn’t have taken that chance.

  • Jon

    That was the dumbest video I’ve ever seen & still I see comments like, she’s trained ,she’s so relaxed . No!!! She’s the dumbest one got her ass beat with a gun in her hand ass wipes !!!!!the guy had the chance to take the gun over and yes over the gunned women was stupid and need not to own or carry as I see …. Trained [email protected] my ass I’m a seal ass wipes & that shit was as dumb as a bird eating chicken . Fuck right

  • Thebabydoc

    Interesting that she does not have a round chambered yet she is concealed(?) carrying. Not the brightest move. Score one for the Asians over the animals, though.

  • The armed woman is a cop.

    When the uniformed officers arrive you can hear the armed woman say several times “I’m on the job”. She then tells one of the restaurant workers “get my wallet”. Her wallet is retrieved and she shows it to the uniform, who is then satisfied and turns his back, while she hangs her shield around her neck and retrieves her weapon from the ground.

  • Mariaa Santos

    CO (slut Jennifer Rodriguez) should be fire! she uses the court house as her private motel anyway, nothing but a whore with a gun.

  • Mariaa Santos

    cunt Jennifer Rodriguez with a gun… her flat ass.

  • disqus_NdbZjEtTJH

    She should have shot that punk! As soon as he advanced toward her in an aggressive manner after she instructed him to step back was all she needed. He proved he was willing to hurt her earlier on in the video and now that his intentions are known he is dangerous and should be treated as such. “Suck my D*%$K” is all I need to hear. He is a bad guy.