[WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC] Argument In Bar Leads To Gun Being Taken By Other Guy, Now-Unarmed Man Executed


The videos that John shares and narrates over at Active Self Protection, for the most part, are somewhat mild and don’t contain a whole lot of super-graphic content. This one, however, shows a pretty graphic execution of a man in Brazil after getting into a verbal argument inside a bar. Give the video a watch […]

#DIGTHERIG – WheelGun Jimmy and his Ruger SP101 Model 5720 in a Braids Holster


SUBMIT YOUR #DIGTHERIG | SEE MORE SUBMISSIONS HERE​ 1) Ruger SP101 Model 5720 2) Braids IWB Holster 3) I carry this wheel gun because of its simplicity, reliability, ruggedness, and the nostalgic and historic significance of revolvers, in general. I carry it everyday and everywhere I’m legally allowed. I am also okay with the reduced ammo capacity. […]