Pizza Delivery Driver Pulls Gun On Robbers, They Get No Dough


JONESBORO, ARKANSAS — A pizza delivery driver successfully defended himself with his handgun after three men ambushed him at a delivery. When he arrived at the address with the pizzas, he handed them over and then was attacked by one of the three men. He attempted to flee but was pursued, getting beat in the face and kicked.

In his account of the event, he got a .40 S&W handgun out of his jacket pocket and fired one shot. This sent his attacker running. All three fled the scene and the delivery driver stayed behind to call in the attack to police. They arrived and found no evidence that the perpetrator was hit with that round and failed to find the bullet’s point of impact, according to WMC Action News.

For his efforts, the pizza delivery driver was out the pizzas he intended to deliver and his everyday defense handgun. Police confiscated it. Hopefully, he remembers the simple rules to getting that gun back from police should it go through civil forfeiture proceedings.

Police are treating this case as a self-defense case but, obviously, the District Attorney’s office will need to weigh in before the matter is settled.

This means that the pizza delivery driver better have a back-up gun. From what we’ve seen, guns confiscated for cases under investigation are not generally released (or available to be released) until the case is formally closed by the District Attorney’s office. This means that this guy could wait several months or longer before he can get that handgun back.

This is why it may be a good idea to own at least one backup handgun. It doesn’t need to be fancy but in the extremely limited chance that your main gun is not accessible — for any reason — you have a backup at your disposal.

But, above all, do like this pizza delivery dude does: carry everywhere, every single day. You never know when you’re going to need that gun.

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