Why we always recommend carrying with a round in the chamber. *WARNING: GRAPHIC*



The internet brings us many great things, and also brings us closer to the true realities of everyday life. Hearing about a robbery is one thing; seeing one play out is a whole other story. Anything can happen in a split second and if you are not prepared, you may have a really bad day.

We have covered this topic before, oh and here also, and will continue to post articles on this very topic over and over again because of it’s importance.

Example 1

In this example, we see a quick presentation of just how little reaction time you could have in an undesirable situation. One second can mean the difference between life and death.

Example 2

*GRAPHIC CONTENT* (video will open in new window)
This is the sad reality of a consequence that can come with not carrying a round in the chamber. During this video, robbers bust into a jewelry store. An employee takes out his pistol to fire at the robbers but has trouble chambering a round. Ultimately, this man loses his life (as the video depicts). Yes, this is a very graphic video, but it could be what someone needs to see that ultimately changes their minds about how they carry.

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Example 3

This looks like a police officer, but we aren’t entirely sure. Either way, he is lucky that the robbers didn’t fire at him, as they had plenty of time while the man attempted to rack the slide. (link)


If you know of any other examples, please share them with us in the comments below. It is ultimately the user’s discretion as to whether they carry with a round in the chamber or not.

The truth of the topic of carrying with a round in the chamber is this: Under stress, it is much more difficult to successfully rack the slide of your firearm. The majority of malfunctions occur when the action is in motion. If you have already performed the action (chambered a round), all that’s left to happen when you need your firearm to go ‘bang’ is the striker hitting the primer.

If you wait to rack, you may end up like the man in Example #2 above. It’s an absolute shame, but also reality.

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