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Concealed Carry Training: How Would You Handle These Two Scenarios?


From time to time, I am going to have some articles that throw out hypothetical situations that could happen while you’re carrying, and ask what you would do based on the information given. It’s always important to play through an entire scenario all the way to the end. If you want, walk through different steps that you may take, depending on what happens next. It’s all up to you. Many times, we stop at “I’d shoot the bad guy” and don’t go beyond that. Let’s change that each time a new scenario comes up. Play them out.


For each scenario, we’re going to assume that you’re carrying your firearm. After all, it’s no good anywhere else if you need it immediately. Here’s a quick list of things to consider while you’re deciding what you’d do:

– Assess whether you draw your firearm or not
– Figure out what to do to get others out of harm’s way, if necessary
– It’s up to you to decide what happens beyond the information given for each scenario

Example: If someone is trying to break into your house, it’s up to you to finish the rest of the story. Maybe the bad guy got in… what do you do then? Maybe you scared him off by yelling through the door that you are armed. The playing field is wide open.

Scenario #1

You’ve just pumped gas and are walking into the gas station to buy a candy bar and a soda. As you’re walking back outside, you see a man opening your driver-side door of your vehicle that is still at the pump. He’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and you don’t see any visible weapons. He looks to be about 50 lbs heavier than you, 4-5 inches taller, and roughly the same age. You are about 50 feet away and he’s just sitting down in the seat. You can see him fumbling around inside, and you assume he’s looking for keys or valuables. Every single pump at the station is occupied, so many people are in the immediate area. What do you do?

Scenario #2:

It’s 11pm on a Friday night and you’re inside your home watching a movie with your family. For the purposes of this scenario, you are home with your wife/husband and two children, aged 3 and 5 (yes, the kids are still up). You hear a very loud knock at the front door. As you get up off the couch, you see a shadow figure walk past your back window. Someone else continues to knock loudly at your door. What do you do?


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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Jon smith

    First situation verbal comand (yell call the police that guy is trying to steal my car, get out of my car now. Drawing as much attention as possible to the guy. Only drawing my firearm if physically threatened.

    Second gather the family and go to a safe room, call police, if they break in the house use verbal commands telling them, I am armed and get out of my house. if they do not comply and come into the safe room. I will shoot until the thret stops!

  • HandymanHerb

    I don’t go into a store while paying gas, I use Murphy Text Pay and don’t even have to pull my wallet out, so he would have never got near my truck, if he did try to get in, my dog would keep him busy, he might forget all about me.

    That’s what security’s cams are for you can see who what and where and know how to respond, all the family is well trained with guns, so I’ll wish them good luck, do you feel lucky punk

  • Kenneth Byrne

    #1 call 911 on my cell phone while yelling that i am on with the police and to get out of my car, from a distance # 2, have my wife and kids in the bathroom, on the phone with 911, and use deadly force on anyone that entered my house, without a verbal warning.

  • Ye Ol Pirate

    1. as long as he stays no threat I will take pics with my cell, call the police. no need to become a risk to others…
    2. set off panic alarm on security system, have the wife call the police, draw my pistol, inform them that I have called the police and that I am armed.. only if they come in at that point will I have to fire…

  • tboy

    1, call 911 and report a car jacking. 2, send family to safe room, call 911, and announce to the world I have a gun and if I don’t see a badge you will be blown straight to hell.

  • ED/PHX

    1-Continue walking cautiously towards the car, firearm drawn, watching his hands which you have already said you can see. If I can get close enough to confront him and still no sign of a firearm, I order him out and to the ground and ask one of the many people to please dial 911, putting my knee in the middle of his back, hands out to his side, gun barrel with pressure to the perps back, at the pressure point just above the spinal column.

    2-Assuming your firearm is at hand, you send your wife/children upstairs, another room, basically out of the line of fire with a phone to call 911. You have alot better chance of defending 1 person than 4. Then, from an off-set position from the door, ask what they want. I listen for an answer but don’t wait for 1…my main concern is the one I’m not supposed to know is there….Front door is a diversion, back of the house is the threat…if a break-in is apparent, kicking at the door in the rear, glass breaking, shout a warning that you are armed and should they continue, you will shoot….the rest dictates itself. Then turn your attention to the one who made a point to let you know was there. The rest would depend on how far they have either entered, or if they are even still there…if so, handle accordingly. If they are there, check their hands for weapons of ANY kind, and take what ever action is dictated.

    • Randy Gruber

      At the end of the day your actions are your choice but this is a discussion so I will add my two cents.

      I think there are several things wrong with your number 1. Why are you so quick to draw on a perp who is visually unarmed and committing a misdemeanor robbery. Also there is not ONE firearm instructor in this WHOLE country that would ever teach anyone to hold someone at bay in the manner as you were so descriptive “putting my knee in the middle of his back, hands out to his side, gun barrel with pressure to the perps back, at the pressure point just above the spinal column.” Wow…lol. I believe you are watching way too many movies. You never get that close to a perp until you have back-up present.

      I didn’t bother reading your number 2. Get some training but then again that is just my opinion.

      • ED/PHX

        Thanks, picked up on a few things after I had sent off…no reason to get that close after I re-read. And several of your other points make more sense. Was trying to do it as I would live it in a split second….thinking it thru, ur’s are more logical. Thanks

  • Douglas Cowdrick

    In scenario one it’ll never happen. I lock my car doors with the remote locker, so nobody will be “rummaging” in my vehicle. In scenario two if I don’t have a gun on me grab the closest one, then dial 911, then peek out the door to see whom it is.

  • Wendy

    #1: I lock my van even when I’m standing at the pump; no issue there. I also don’t drink soda or eat candy, lol. If it were like the scenario you described, I’d yell at him to get out of my (expletive) car, to draw attention to him. No draw needed, as far as I can tell. Also, too much of a chance of hitting another customer or the gas pumps.

    #2: If I had a family, we would have a plan to gather in a safe room
    In the house. The husband would call 911 and keep them on the phone while I (being the brave armed woman) would shut off all the lights inside the house and turn the laser on my gun on to see if anyone came in. Then BOOM, unless I saw the cops pulling up by then. A laser dot on your chest is probably a good deterrent.

    As it is, I’m single with a roommate and two dogs. The dogs are the alarm, and I’m the Sheepdog.

  • DtotheB

    #1, could be an impatient customer trying to move my car away from the pump. I’d yell at him to get his attention and the attention of others around. Probably wouldn’t draw, but would have a cover location scoped out and make sure I have a clear shot if he turns out to be a threat.

    #2, I would have the family hide upstairs, then call the cops. Plus I have security cameras that see both the front door and back windows/doors so I’d know if someone was trying to distract me in an attempt to break in.

  • sanjuro

    #1. I won’t leave my car unoccupied or unlocked at a gas station where there are questionable people around. Still, I would call the police and then stop the man after he got out of my car, not while he was inside.

    #2. I would call the police, then arm myself before answering the door. I would not open it, of course, even if the people outside asked for help or to use my phone.

    I would make a call for them, and I would inform them help is on the way in the form of the police.

  • evilvw

    Some of you commented that you’d announce to the home invaders that you are armed. I personally would not do that. You gain tactical advantage by not giving away your position and your armed status. You jeopardize yourself and anyone near you because if the intruder is armed, he will open fire in your direction if you threaten him.

  • fordownr

    #1. Call the cops and take a bunch of pictures. Wait for the police.

    #2 Arm myself, have the wife get her pistol. Call the cops (leave the phone connected to 911 and lay it out in the open so the cops dispatcher can listen. announce that we are armed and the police have been called. Take up a crouch position preferably behind a counter or large appliance. See what happens ( the cops take 10-20 minutes on average to respond ) We’re in a fairly rural area.

  • Jordan C. Ellis

    First situation would not happen. I lock my car immediately after exiting it and pay at the pump 99% of the time, always checking things out around me as I pump.

    Second situation… I would have my wife and kids retreat to our master bathroom as it is the furthest room in the home but could still be exited through the window if necessary. I would withdraw myself to our master bedroom which is at the end of a long narrow hall. No matter where you enter my home you will end up in this hall. I have a big tactical advantage in this hall by accident. Some moron wired the 3-way light switches wrong so no matter what position the switch at the other end is at the one by the master bedroom will override it. I can keep him in the dark… I also will have four layers of Sheetrock and two layers of studs to cover behind.

  • Jimmy Craven

    1st scenario,i dial 911,then confront him from cover.if he produces a weapon he gets shot if not then he can get his ass on the ground and wait for police,unless youre attacked or see him point a weapon never fire unless youre attacked 2nd scenario reteat to the bedroom get my shotgun call 911 and wait for them to enter,once theyre thru that locked door or window all bets are off and they will suffer lead poisoning by 12gauge doses

  • MellyMel

    #1 I would go back into the store and have clerk call police. #2 Make sure my significant other had their loaded weapon on them as well send them to the back area and ask who it is at the door while calling 911, if they kick the door in and get inside they have gotten past that barrier that protects them from me.

  • Jack

    #1 I always lock my car door when I leave it.
    #2 put my wife at the front door with a gun and me in the back. If they enter the house they are dead.

  • Yogi911

    You idiots…. play the game !!!

  • CJW8

    First for all those that say it wouldn’t happen to me… You don’t get to change the scenario. Suppose this one time you forgot to lock or he picked the lock or he has a hacked key FOB.
    1. From cover, ask them what is going on while you are someone else is calling 911. I would not draw unless there is a clear threat to myself or others. Take pictures or video if possible. Nothing in my car worth killing for.
    2. Muster all to pre determined safest muster area inside the house turning off lights as she goes . Wife is to arm herself with muster area weapon and call 911 telling the operator an intruder is trying to get in. I will be retreating to a position of cover in front of the muster area, weapon drawn, while announcing the police are on their way. Wife tells 911 operator we are armed and in defensive positions, keeps call going. If they break in, they aren’t there to borrow sugar. If target is clear, shoot to stop the threat. Wife, using best judgment, shoots anything breaching my position unless they have the safe word. We are probably 20 minutes from any LEO response.

  • RSL

    #1 I would walk up to another pump beside my car to see if I can get a better view of what the man is doing in my car. Then I have someone else call the police. My life at this point isn’t in jeopardy.
    #2. I would tell my wife to get the children and go to the bed room. Get ready to call 911 with shot gun in hand. With my hand gun at the ready I would ask who is it ? Without open door.

  • Imjingo

    I’d push the panic button on the key fob and watch him run.

    I typically have nothing of value in the car anyway. An even if I did I see no needed to get into a confrontation over replaceable property.

    • thisisnotatest234

      Panic button, interesting idea I had not thought of. I would be curious how that would pan out.

    • onebigelf

      BRILLIANT response. One to remember.

  • Ed

    #1 call 911 take pictures from a defensive position, trigger panic button on key fob.
    No threat no draw. Bad guy determines whether or not deadly force will be used.

    #2 In no particular order: Take pre-arranged armed defensive positions. Dial 911. Assess prowlers on home security video system that I can access on my iPhone , trigger panic buttons on all vehicles parked in my driveway. Prepare for attempted breach. Wife calls neighbors on both sides and across the street to alert them to potential trouble. Soon their car alarms will be sounding too. The neighborhood plan is to make intruders as uncomfortable as possible.
    Again, bad guys determine whether or not deadly force will be used to protect my home and family.

    • Nicholas Noah

      I disagree. I would draw on #1. I do if I’m in uniform and I would do out of uniform. You can announce Police if you choose but be careful for a second person nearby. Maybe a lookout. Never have tunnel vision.

      • Randy Gruber

        Nicholas, you mention uniform so I am assuming you are LEO. Now I am not LEO so I won’t pretend to know your protocol and could understand if you were arriving to a scene why you might draw your weapon but why would you suggest that a civilian draw a weapon on a perp who appears unarmed and potentially committing a misdemeanor robbery?

        Are you also suggesting that a civilian announce themselves as police? Is that not impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer which is also an offense that warrants arrest?

        Got it on keeping an eye for a 2nd person but I am definitely questioning the rest.

        • Nicholas Noah

          You are a troll looking for an arguement. The question wasnt, “what would you tell other people to do if they were ever in this situation?”

          Second point, it is not a robbery it’s a larceny of vehicle.

          Third point, unless you are family or close close friend I don’t suggest anything. You do what think is best.

          Forth and my last point, if I’m in plan clothes I would handle it most likely the same as if I was in uniform in this particular “scenario”.

          Please stop assuming.

          • Nicholas Noah

            I see the confusion on this thread. My apologies.

  • Russell Maas

    #1 run to the car but don’t get to close maybe the opposite side and open the door and yell at him to get out keeping my hand on my gun just incase he pulls one I didn’t see. That should get everyone else’s attention at the pumps to call 911. If the guy does not get out and the keys are in my pocket just stay to the back corner of the car keeping me in his blind spot and my eyes on him until police arrive. #2yell at the wife and tell her to get the kids and go upstairs and lock them in the bedroom then lock them in the master bathroom 2 door locks to get through. Once there call the police. The guy at the front door wants to be pull your attention away from the guy in the back so make sure you follow the guy to the back. The guy in front knows he is given away. Once the guy at the back tries to break in tell you have a weapon and if he still tries to get in give a warning shot to the floor that should be enough to to scare him away. If not wait until he breaks in then shoot him. Then stand ready for the next guy because you don’t know where he is. But after the first guy was shot I’d go stand at the bedroom door and wait to see if the other guy comes up. Got to protect your family. You have the sneak attack the strais are always a trap area if no stairs a hallway.

  • J R

    First case scenario: I yell for the attendant to call the police and I calmly walk over to my car, pull out my weapon and if the thief stays in the car until the police arrive then nothing occurs, but if he appraoches me I will take him down. Second case scenario: My wife or son pulls theirs out while I pull mine out and I will call the police and inform them that as soon as any of them enter they are getting shot….if they do not enter then they may have just saved their own lives. I will not hollar to them that I am home with a gun as some might because I do not want them attempting to come back another day…..the choice would be theirs to live or die and I will be glad to accomidate them either way. Those are my opinions on how I would handle those situations!

  • Gabriel Lintner

    #1 A)Immediately press the alarm button on my keys if I have them. If I don’t, call attention to the situation to make the surrounding people aware of the intruder and the intruder aware of your engagement by yelling for him to get out of my vehicle NOW. B) Take a close look at the man while quickly walking to the vehicle with your hand still on your gun. If the man runs, look for anything that may be stolen out of your car and call the police. If the man locks himself in the car, stand-by and call the police to have him arrested. C) If he threatens you, show him your gun, tell him the game is over and let him know to wait for the police that you’re calling. **Remember it’s a gas station and people are around so escalating the situation with a gun should be your last resort and you should notify the police for the communities protection as well as your own.

    #2 A) Tell your wife to take your kids upstairs immediately and prepare to defend them. 2) Grab a gun and a phone and wait on the stair case. C) Yell at the intruders that you have a family and will shoot anyone who threatens them. D) Call 911. E) shoot anyone who you feel threatens you. F) When the police arrive, put down your gun and keep your hands in the air.

  • Tomm

    Scenario 1:
    Call out loud “Hey, whatcha doing in my car?!” He could’ve got into the wrong car (your car). If he starts walking toward me hold objects or not. I’d warn him to stay way (that I’m armed), otherwise I’ll shoot!

    Scenario 2:
    Warn the kids & wife to go in their rooms.
    I’d cock my gun, preparing to stop the madness that’s about to happen.

  • Jordan

    Holy crap! Everyone is going from 2/10 to code red 5 alarm alert!
    Scenario 1:
    Cautiously walk up to about 10 feet away. “Can I help you?” from there he better be leaving the vehicle or up to him if he’s feeling lucky…
    Scenario 2: Look out window and see who it is (identify threat or not…) I home carry for this exact situation. Single story house so I’d keep wife and children near me. If I don’t recognize then have wife get her gun and investigate back of house. Until doors are breached or they prove to be hostile I’d just yell “this is private property the police are on their way” Again up to them if they feel lucky or not… Obviously at this point police have been called so just hunkering down and waiting for them to be stupid enough to make a move…

    • Wibbins

      10ft? Uh someone can go 10ft In a few steps and if they had a knife you wouldn’t have time to draw

  • E

    #1 I would be really confused. I’m 6’5 and I drive a jetta, so I would be wondering why someone damn near 7′ tall would be sitting in my car? Then I would take my phone out to take pictures because that would most likely look funny. Lastly I would tell him to get the hell out and watch him struggle, while trying not to laugh.
    #2 I would tell my wife to call 911 then look through the peephole, gun in hand. If they broke in I would shoot them & explain to the kids exactly what happened & the importance of owning a firearm.

  • Wibbins

    Scenario 1: yell at the guy to get out of my car, keep distance and call 911 probably

    Scenario 2: tell wife to grab shotgun go to the safest closet wait for the safety word and call 911 while I look at security cameras to see how many and where OR we all go to closest call 911 and if anyone opens the door after breaking in they’re fair game

    • Brent Lasater

      This scenario was what I told my wife exactly.

  • Nicholas Noah

    1. ORDER him out of “MY” car and have him at low ready. At this point he’ll know (1. It’s my car. 2. He made a big mistake. 3. He should do what I tell him to since I’m clearly armed.) If someone was around me while I observed the man in my vehicle I’d tell them I’m a cop and to call 911. Explain what I’m wearing and someone is trying to steal my car. If he complies I’d hold him from a cover position until police arrive. If he runs, so do I.

    2. Tell my wife to head upstairs and grab the gun up there and call the cops. Let them know we are armed and let them know I’m a cop. Tell them you are hiding with the kids upstairs and I’m downstairs holding the perimeter. Tell them exactly what we saw and heard. In the meantime I’d be downstairs looking to see who’s at the door. Obviously not through the front door incase it gets kicked in. I’d go from there based on the intel. If it is a stranger ask wife to secure kids in the room, have her bring my shotgun and i would find a good place of concealment. She would go back upstairs with our kids. We would ask them to identify themselves through the closed locked door while still concealed and wait for police. The millisecond the house is breached load them up with 12ga buckshot, slug, buckshot, slug until the threat doesn’t exist. Stay put with gun and wait on the second suspect or cops to show up.

    • Randy Gruber

      Ok, it’s your choice if you want to draw your weapon so quickly but impersonating a law enforcement officer and then giving chase makes me seriously wonder about your training.

      Sounds like you are the one going to jail with the perp here.

      • Steve Harris

        You are making dumb assumptions, if he says he’s a cop he is. No one is dumb enough to call 911 and tell them I’m a cop if they are not.

        • Randy Gruber

          My bad…I was fixated on scenario 1 and did not read into scenario 2 where he states he is LEO. I have also seen way too many people on carry sites who are wannabe Cops. I could never do it but I carry everyday and would gladly help if I ever witnessed an LEO in need of assistance. I owe Mr. Noah an apology and will do so right now.

          • Steve Harris

            Awesome I can admire someone who owns up to a mistake, I always try my best to be fair with myself and others and do not try and hold ground that I relize I never really had. +1

        • Dispacter007

          Really?? You’ve just proved you have trust in people, proving you are not a LEO with any experience

          • Steve Harris

            I never said I was a LEO, I was just pointing out he said he was a LEO. Reading comprehension might help on your next comment, because what you said opens the door to be insulted.

    • Randy Gruber

      Nicholas, I owe you an apology here. I was fixated on the 1st scenario and did not read into the 2nd where you clearly state you are LEO which in my opinion warrants your actions to be slightly different than a civilian. I personally would do as many others have mentioned, yell at him to get out of my car, activate my alarm, stay back, observe and document, be ready for anything and call you.

    • thisisnotatest234

      (I get the feeling you’re not LEO, but if you are statements below would change slightly.)

      1. Low and ready with no threat to life? Why confront him? Its property. You’re maybe getting yourself into an unnecessary shoot out. Tell a bystander youre a cop? With your gun drawn? I see what you’re trying to do here (calm any bystanders) but you get into court and you’re going to have issues with that statement. Far too aggressive for the scenario. Thats not an opinion, thats what the judge is going to tell you.

      Stay at a distance, take a pic if you want, tell someone to call 911, KEEP your weapon holstered until hes a threat to you or someone else and move to cover in case you do have to engage.

      2. Let the threat come to you. Take position at the top of the stairs or a hallway. Why go searching through your house? Trying to clear your house alone is extremely risky and unnecessary if all people are in a safe room. You’re risking your life and your families life by trying to protect property. Again calling out your a cop, not so sure.

  • Aldo Perez

    1. Start by kicking myself in the rear for not locking my vehicle. I start video taping with my phone as I set off my car alarm with the fob. I keep a healthy distance so I can see what his intentions are. If he retreats, great. Go check if anything is missing. Call 911 to report as appropriate. If he advances, tell the gas station clerk to call 911 and try to maintain a safe distance while informing the guy he’s being taped rummaging around in my car and that the cops are on his way. If he’s really stupid and decides he’s going to try for a physical altercation, pull back into the gas station where the are witnesses and additional cameras. If he barges in, get ready to draw. The guy is bigger than me and obviously thinks this is his advantage. His last chance (and he’s had four by this point) is draw and point with loud exclamation to stop and remind him the police are coming. If this doesn’t make an impact on him, then 2 shots center mass will.

    2. This one is easy. Wife and kids get to safety. Wife takes carbine to defend while talking to 911 operator on speaker phone. I kill the lights, keep pistol on hip, sling 2nd carbine and grab 12ga. Take up central position to defend my family’s position while being able to respond to first person breaking in. First bad guy in gets a 00 buck with a repeat if they’re still moving (there is no mercy here, they knew we were home, they came in multiples, they showed some level of organization by trying to distract to the front door while coming around the flank). Next immediate action is to fall back forward of safe area. If 2nd intruder is bold enough to enter after hearing 2 shotgun blasts, they’ll be met by the same. If the number of intruders is greater than this, that’s where the carbine comes in. Hopefully the cops are hauling ass at this point since wife will have had the operator listening the whole time. Continue 2 shot take downs from barricaded position. Pistol kept in reserve for primary malfunction or in event of close quarter struggle. They’ll grab at the carbine.Will draw pistol and eliminate threat if control is not 100%. Keep fighting until help arrives or threat is neutral. Now is this an extreme scenario? Yes, but better over prepared than under.

    • Randy Gruber

      Aldo, Love your number 1 response. Well executed. Number 2 too but the last sentence of number 1 gets the award. Scares me how many crazies want to draw first and ask questions later (from the back of the cop cruiser…LOL)…

      • Aldo Perez

        You’re absolutely right. Those guys (and some girls) are only looking at the Hollywood version of gun use. The are much greater things at stake beyond the immediate situation, specifically another person’s life. Mattis said it best, “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event.” I take that statement as a warning to be damn sure that you know what’s going to happen when you pull the trigger.

  • Ben

    1. Approach in a similar fashion to an officer on a traffic stop with my hand on my carry piece and order him out of my car. With proper vocal volume everyone around will know that something is wrong. If he makes an off move then I may have to escalate my force.
    2. Lights out, wife and kids upstairs with the heavy hitters and on the horn with 911. Yell out to them to try and ID. If they force their way in they will be on my home turf in the dark. Outside lights will silhouette them as they enter, and I have home field advantage.

  • Michael Saunders

    S#1: Take photo(s), call in discription to 911, notify gas station management to create an authoritative witness. Chill till cops arive. I have the keys.

    S#2: Wife brings kids to master bed closet, ie gun safe. ARs come out and the kids stay behind the safe. Call 911. Time allowing, PCs are donned. If they make entry, the German Shephard and I should hold the line just fine.

  • J N

    #1 first off you don’t pull a gun nobody is in harm. I would yell (hey that’s my car) if they proceeded to steal the vehicle you call the cops…
    #2 women and children upstairs.tell wife to have phone in hand and if I yell call 911 or if she hears shots fired call 911 asap…i would approach door yell who’s there,if I don’t know who they are I make it apparent that I have a gun and I’m willing to use it if they force there way in…

  • Mike D

    The gas station scenario is a no brainer.
    Call the police.
    If the suspect gets out then ensure you have a good description…height,weight colour and clothing etc.
    I would NEVER draw let alone fire unless in imminent danger.
    2nd scenario is different.
    My wife and I both carry and we have 12 gauges as home defense.
    The shotguns are ALWAYS ready if we are in the house.
    Again call the police.
    I would ensure the kids are in a safe area and locked behind a door and then I would wait.
    If the potential intruder comes in any door or window then it’s fair game.
    My CHL instructor hammered home the importance of making the decision to fire and the ramifications of doing so.
    I hope never to be in any situation where I deadly force is required but I am ready.

  • TDS

    1. Use my phone to take his picture for the police later, then hit the panic button on my keys and laugh my ass off as the idiot craps himself (figuratively, not literally. It IS my car after all…).

    2. Have the wife take the kids into the basement and be ready to call 911. I’d try to check who’s at the front door/in the back yard through a window in an adjacent dark room or from upstairs. After that, it would all depend on what I saw

  • Hoss

    #1 call or have someone call 911. Cautiously approach car and yell get out of my car the police have been called. Set off alarm. If no threat then no draw. # 2 have wife and kids go to bedroom and wife get her pistol and call 911. I would ask the guy at the door what they wanted and announce that police are on the way. Keep a eye on the guy going around back. If they come its fair game and I would do whatever means necessary to protect my family.

  • Todd Scheck

    1. Keep my distance, call 911, while on speaker phone, order the thief out of the car. Letting him know Im on the phone with police. Be prepared to react from there. ie, distance kept back about 10yds. As he is in my car, I know I can react faster than he can get to me.

    2. Send the wife and kids upstairs and tell them to call 911 and keep them on the phone. I will address the knock at the door, letting them know we’ve called 911, and I will defend my home. Let them make their own fatal mistakes.

  • Guest

    #1 – I always lock my doors when I go inside.
    #2 – Tell husband to dial 911 and take kids into bathroom with the phone and gun. Look out window for vehicle in driveway. Depending on what I saw… Draw firearm an ask what knocker wants.?? We live in the country, usually takes up to 45 minutes for police to respond. I’d handle whatever happens. Wouldn’t be nice about it. Not opening door to a stranger like that, but front door has huge window.

  • BetterSafe

    1. YELL. Attract attention from others at the gas station. Yell for someone to call 911. If its a false alarm, that’s fine; if not, good to have police there.
    I would not confront him – could be a mistake, maybe he got into my car by mistake.
    This is NOT a place or time to use my weapon. Worst case, he drives off. I’ve got a description of the car for the police who are already on their way. It’s just my car, can be replaced.
    2. 911 is called immediately from phone on table.
    (We have no children.) Defensive positions are taken with weapons at the ready. Shout to stay out. Shout that police are on their way. Shout that we are armed.
    If someone still breaks in, shots are fired. Then attorney is called.

  • EdC

    #1. You say nothing about others in MY car so, with no family endangered I’m backing into the station and telling the cashier to call 911 and be sure the video is capturing the guy in the front seat. Then I’d start videoing as well. Nothing in my car worth a shootout among others while pumping gasoline.

    #2. Tell the kids to get behind the couch and the wife to grab her gun and watch the back door from the hallway. I’m armed already and starting to dial 911 as I call through the door to see who it is.

  • Kyle

    #1. Move to point where other pumps are clear, and is also about 20 feet from my car. Too far for him to engage hand to hand, and close enough that my shot if necessary will find its target without undue harm to others. If he runs, let him – no valuables in my car. If he does get away with the car, I have a separate phone in my car charging off the battery all the time – and it has a gps chip in it. So they’d have to find the phone and take the battery out for to not know where it was everytime I access the tracker app. (Teenage daughter doesn’t know this.. there was an honesty issue when she first got keys to the car.) The gun becomes essential only to defend myself if he charges when I announce myself. If he’s a loud mouth, let him be a loud mouth with a gun pointed at him. Just stay cool, and remind him he needs to step away from your car. Doing this as calmly as possible does intimidate people. It’s too easy to forget that someone being an asshole doesn’t need to make you upset. You’re already about to shoot him for taking what’s yours, if he’s stupid enough to try and fight for it.

    #2. Move family to center closet quickly and quietly. If time allows, flipping on all the lights in the house while getting them safe. Center closet has only one entrance and also has the gun cabinet. If each empty room has a locking door on it, lock it and move to next one if time allows. Wife should be calling police from cell phone as she moves to closet with kids. Once in closet wife should be arming herself with her choice of the other pistol or the shotgun. The oldest daughter is 17, so she should have the pistol and mom have the shotgun, but whatever. One or both of them should arm up… they do practice for a reason, after all. Once family is safe, position in home so able to intercept whoever breaks in first. If they break in at the same time, move towards most immediate threat of getting past you to family. In my home, the floor plan allows for locking the doors to create a long way for the guy at the front door to move without chance for cover, so he’s first. I would also be closer to him when I got him, giving me time to hit the guy in the back of the house before he ever gets to the master bedroom door.

    Main point on the 2nd instance: Once you see that shadow in the back window, answering the front door is bad idea and is out. He gets no answer, activate the safety plan. You only stated two possible attackers, and surprise is lost. That leaves 3 guns in home, in a defensive position, against two attackers. Even if both attackers get past me, they still have to move fifteen feet through the bathroom to the master closet door … where two other guns are waiting for them. Hell, if they take enough time to get in, my entire family would also be wearing ear plugs.

  • moonpie1016

    1. Walk around the other cars so that i can come up behind him, once close enough have my weapon at the ready and aimed at his head while i order him out of my car.

    2. Move the family to a safe area inside the house out of view of any possible intruders, ensuring she has her 9mm with her in the even of worst case scenario. Pick up the phone and dial 911, leaving the phone open while i inform the assailants that i am armed….the recording will come in handy in the even of a trial. Make sure i can only be seen by one assailant (depending on the layout of the house, mine works fine for this) and wait for them to enter…..if they do….shoot, i did my best to warn them

  • Steve

    #1. Wouldn’t happen. I always put my windows up, and lock the doors when I get gas, or go into a store. If by chance it would, I dont keep any valuables in my car, So I would walk up (standing a few feet away from the car) ask him what the hell is he doing, with my hand on my gun, if he runs, I run after him. If he pulls a weapon, Ill be at the advantage with my hand on my gun, and being in a standing vs sitting position. If its a gun, I shoot first, if its something else, I yell “drop it, get on the ground” Police are called. End of story.

    #2. Send the kids and wife upstairs, get a gun, lock yourself in a room until I say, and call 911. I wouldn’t be up that late without having all my doors locked, so I know no one is getting in unless they break in. I would get my gun from the hide-away safe in the living room, and turn off all lights, and the TV. Check see if I can see who it is, or has a weapon. Ask who is it. if its someone I know, I let them in. If not, I unlock the door, open the door sightly, step back quickly, if they bust through, I shoot. Then Lock the front door, and go to the back and look for the other guy.

  • David Johnson

    Start with #2. You and family retreat as quickly as you can and secure all of u in a room. Master works well I’d u can. Place children and wife in tud/low to ground make call to 911 tell them whats going on where ur located in the home and that you are armed. Be ready to use that weapon once they are trying to yet get through another locked door. If u take down perp prior to police arrival try to stay where u told 911 u were located to prevent a mistake of identity.

    #1 still unclear if the perp has a weapon or not. U could have another weapon in the vehicle use all precautions. Pumps are full so can press panic button if equipped. While dialing 911 or asking others to while u maintain a visual and be ready to draw if the need arises. Reminder there could be a weapon and other ppl are their and innocent. No need for in need gun fire. A vehicle can be replaced if he takes it. However if a family inside or home needs to be protected once a perp makes entry.

  • David Johnson

    If* & tub damn auto correct

  • David Johnson

    Pleas clearly tell tell tell E911 operator what when where and how.. Highly important that they know who u are and that you are armed for protection of ur self and officers

  • Andrew Mock

    1. Observe what the person does at a safe distance. I keep no valuables in my car so there’s nothing to lose. Since I always have the keys with me it’s unlikely he will drive off with my car. If he is attempting to steal my car then he can have it. My car is not worth his life no matter who he is. If he is still fumbling around after a minute or so I’d approach carefully calling to him to determine why he is in my car. My weapon is NOT drawn yet but I’m prepared to do so depending on his response. At the moment neither I nor anyone else is in imminent danger of being harmed so I must not escalate the situation. I’d rather be inconvenienced by someone who may simply have mistaken my car for his than draw my weapon on someone who may be innocent of any bad intent.

    2. Direct my wife to take the kids upstairs, get the pistol from our bedroom, call the police, and wait there. Draw my weapon and hold at safe low. Turn off any lights in the area since I know the house better than they do. The person or persons outside my home already know someone’s home and now the lights are off. From a safe vantage point try to determine who is at the door. Stay aware of doors/windows until police arrive. If someone I don’t know enters they will be subject to being shot repeatedly. Reload. Watch for other intruders. Wait for police. Repeat as necessary.

  • Brian MacBain

    #1, I would yell at the guy to get out and to alert others. If he does get away with my car, he will not get far because my car is a push button start and the key is always in my pocket. The car will turn itself off when it is out of range. Will call 911, however I would not remove my sidearm because my life is not in danger at that point.
    #2, Tell wife and kids to hid in the downstairs bedroom closet and have wife call 911. My two dogs (German Shepard’s) will be ready as well as my side arm. Once they enter the house, they will get their 8th hole in the head.

  • Paul

    #1. Yell at the jerk to get out of my car. Be prepared to access your weapon in case he bails out towards you in way that you perceive as a deadly threat. So far drawing your weapon is not justified
    #2. Make sure family is in safe location in house. Have wife call 911. Take a defensive position between intruders and family, gun in hand. Tell wife to advise PD that you are armed and give a description of you so responders do not mistake you for intruders. If entry is forced and you or your family safety is in danger aim for center mass and double tap.

  • Chris Nielson

    In the first scenario, I’d yell “Get out of my truck” and see what happens from there.I figure yelling will get everybody’s attention, which will help if the shit hits the fan.
    In the second scenario, I’d call the cops, have my gun in hand and start a conversation through the door with the person knocking. I’d have my wife take the shotgun and wait by the back of the house.(We have no kids). If either individual breaks in before the cops get there, they get shot! In Texas I have the right to use deadly force to prevent a night time burglary.

  • Bill Williams

    #1. I walk up to the car on the driver side and tell him I have a gun and tell him to put his hands out the window I have one of the customers dial 911 while I keep him there. #2. I send my family to stand against a safe wall and I turn off the lights. I wait for them to break in and I kill whoever breaks in first while my family dials 911.

  • fordownr

    #1 Observe and call the cops. At this point its only a property crime and the use of force is NOT justified.
    #2 Draw weapon and pull back the hammer, Cover the wife and kids as they get into the nearest bedroom. Call the cops. Wait and see if the dogs barking scares them off or see if they are really that dumb..

  • OldNYFirefighter

    Any time I leave my car it is locked, so the first scenareo would not happen. I lock it when I get out & unlock it when I get back in. Second scenareo Both of us would be armed within 30 seconds, my wife retreating to the bedroom & locking the door. I would open the window & ask what they wanted as I can already see him, her or them on my wireless camera that monitors the front door with my smart phone app. I can answer their questions from the window, which is above their reach. If they need car assistance I can call any # they want. It they try to break down the door, which will take a few tries, I will be waiting inside & not the first thing they see so if armed they will be dispatched very quickly. With the first shot fired my wife will already be calling Police Dispatch & tell them shots have been fired, but she doesn’t know by who but I am armed & she is in the bedroom & also armed. She will stay on the phone until I give her the proper password before she opens the bedroom door or I give her the all clear to do so. We have practiced this dozens of times in both of our residences. Since I am a Firefighter the Police already know me & they already know I am armed.

  • Minou Barton

    Scenario 1: I’d turn around and go back in, call the police from the relative safety of the shop. My gun isn’t for object defense. It is for people defense. It’s not my job to interrupt or hold him at bay, especially if there are others there who may be hurt if the situation goes south. Scenario 2: I’m the wife…but we both carry, so we’d have to be careful not to shoot each other! If I were on my own with the kids, I would send the kids to a safe area away from both door and window and have my weapon in one hand and the phone in the other, speaking to the police dispatcher. Should either the window-shadow or the knocker gain entrance, I might warn, but I’d sure shoot. As long as they’re outside, I can wait for a peace officer. Come inside, and you’ve made yourself my problem.

  • Sonoffar

    1. “Hay slick! Get the hell outa that car!”
    2. Let the door knocker knock. Get the family into a safe spot and wait for the person at the back to do whatever they plan on doing. I have the edge on all those outside because I know where they are, (outside), and I am prepared if they should force entry.

  • David M Dalton

    First thing I’m doing on the 2nd scenario is have wife and kids hide up stairs then I’m drawing my weapon and finding out what they want. The first saneriao never leave your doors unlocked so be prepared..

  • PaB

    #1 I’d make a ruckus and call or have someone call 911. In my state you can’t pull your weapon unless there’s a threat of death or bodily harm, so if I presented, I’d get arrested.
    #2 get the family to a safe spot, then keep an eye on the back door, or both back and front if there was a vantage point from which I could see both

  • Nathan Fuhrman

    Scenario 1: Keep distance and defensive posture, announce what is happening and appoint someone to call 911, appoint others to take pics or vid and move back, while you remain in a defensive posture. Do not follow or attempt to draw unless a firearm is brandished or approaching with other weapon. Unload show clear after threat is gone, and have ID, etc… ready for police.

    Scenario 2: Immediately move all family members into a designated safe spot in the home (Corner of bedroom, Basement, etc… Somewhere with only one entry point and no rear or side blind spot), ensure both parents are armed and oldest child is on the phone with the police. Either parent can instruct the child on anything they do not know to provide, while keeping concentration on choke point.
    Await police. In my opinion, and maybe it is just my circumstances, if I see someone outside my home at 11 pm (even if I am mistaken), they are up to no good. I am quite confident in my ability to handle a threat like this when it is just me, and end lives. With my family at home, nothing is worth underestimating a threat and putting them in jeopardy.
    I am not a police officer, but I do know that they are there for scenarios just like this and do not mind coming to ensure a home is safe, even if it turns out to be my eyes playing tricks.

  • oldhess

    #1 go inside tell the counter worker to get on the PA and tell the thief in the 20 year old SUV that the cops are on the way and aside from 84 cents in the cup holder there isn’t much worth losing freedom or life over.
    #2 get the wife and kids into the bathroom (ours has no windows) lock the door lay down in the tub and call 911. go grab the 12 ga from the closet (daily carry is always on my hip) and wait for a burst through the door or a badge.

  • Scenario 1: From a safe distance. tell him to get out of my
    car. If he was able to hot wire it and drive off, I’d call 911. If he confronts
    me in a way that puts me in fear for my life, I draw and shoot the poor bastard
    and then call 911.

    Scenario 2: Call 911, if someone then gets in and puts
    me in fear of death or great bodily harm to myself or anyone in my home, I
    shoot the poor bastard and advise 911 they need to send an ambulance.

  • Sianmink

    1: hit the panic alarm on my remote fob, walk back inside and get the attendant to call the police. There’s nothing in there worth a direct confrontation over, but I’ve got nothing against drawing all sorts of attention to what he’s doing.

    2: Ask who it is without opening the door. No polite business occurs after 9pm. If it’s not my neighbor, then they’re told the police have been called. (because they have) If anyone makes it through either door (I can cover them both from the hall) they catch rifle fire.

  • John Burns

    Id tell em in both scenarios to “say cheese and wait for the flash ” lol