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Introducing The Glock 43, Glock’s Very First Single Stack 9mm


Well folks, it’s finally here. Glock has answered the calls for a single stack 9mm, and she’s a beauty. Just a hair bigger than it’s little brother, the Glock 42, the new Glock 43 is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Check out the G43 Specs below:

Length (overall): 159 mm / 6.26 inch
Length (slide cpl.): 154 mm / 6.06 inch
Width: 26 mm / 1.02 inch
Height (with magazine): 108 mm / 4.25 inch
Barrel length: 86 mm / 3.39 inch
Length of twist: 250 mm / 9.84 inch
Trigger distance: 65 mm / 2.56 inch
Trigger travel: 12.5 mm / .49 inch
Barrel distance: 19 mm / 0.75 inch
Line of sight (polymer): 132 mm / 5.20 inch
Line of sight (steel): 131 mm / 5.16 inch
Line of sight (GNS): 130 mm / 5.12 inch
Pistol without magazine:  459 g / 16.19 oz
Magazine std. empty:  50 g / 1.76 oz
Magazine std. full:  125 g / 4.41 oz
Other Specifications
Magazine Capacity (rounds): 6
Barrel Profile: right hand twist; hexagonal
Standard Trigger Pull: ~5.5 lbs
Muzzle Velocity*:  1116 fps
Muzzle Energy*:  339 fps
**depending on ammunition used

More information is on the horizon, such as pricing and availability, but we’ll be sure to keep up to date on this information. And of course, we hope to get our hands on one to give it a solid review for you all. So, let’s hear it. Are you thrilled as much as we are?

G43 45 G43 Right G43 Rear

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Robert R

    They couldn’t have made the grip a tiny bit bigger?!!!!! I want 7 or 8 rounds, not 6 dammit.

    • Donald Bright

      leave one in the chamber you will be carring 7 rounds

      • Brian Mumford

        I agree. Unless they were producing a true pocket nine, I would have rather had one more round.

    • Keith Edward Brown

      Extended mag, problem solved :-D

    • jonjon7465

      Someone will make extended grip mags

    • LJ

      I’m sure Pearce will make extentions. I use them on all my Glocks. And why a Glock compact 9 verses others already in the game? I my case, compatability. I already own 5 Glocks and whenever I pick one up I know exactly what condition it’s in and I don’t have to think whether or not it has an external safety to fumble with. All the triggers break the same with the same reset and the same trigger pull at 5.5lbs. Are Glocks as compact as some of the other guns on the market in the same calibers – no, but size doesn’t always factor in. Just ask my wife :D

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  • Carl Spackler

    late to the party as usual. I love my glocks but they need to be more aggressive and give the people what they want when they want it

    • Keith Edward Brown

      They are giving people what they want. Wanna know why they took so long? Because they wanted to make sure all the incidents that happened with the Glock 42 do not happen with the 43. Why did they not reveal it at Shot Show? Because when they released the 42, they only had 1 million of them produced, and those were gone within 3 days, Glock is producing 6 million of them as we are coming upon the NRA Show. Trust me, the extra wait will be worth it.

      • Brian Mumford

        I wanted a pocket nine

        • Keith Edward Brown

          I’m considering getting a picket nine so looking between the G43 and the M&P Shield(which would go nice since I already EDC the M&P9 compact :-)

  • Firocity

    What is your source on these numbers? It can’t be the leaked magazine article because width and height aren’t revealed.

    • We link to the spec sheet in the article.

      • Firocity

        My apologies, I noticed the spec sheet shortly after posting. Thanks for sharing with us!

        • No problem! Hope you enjoy it. More info coming on the 20th from Glock.

          • Firocity

            What I really want to know is, can the g43 be carried comfortably in the front pocket?

  • Chris Lee

    It’s funny that on the gun boards so many people show disappointment in the new Glock (at least what we actually know about it). I can’t understand why? People have said things like they are copying Kahr, or the Shield is better, why couldn’t it have been a single stack G19? Etc…

    What did we expect Glock to do? Reinvent the wheel? What’s a single stack 9mm for? Concealed Carry, short grip, thin profile, light weight. That’s exactly what this new Glock is. If you want higher capacity with a shorter grip, go with a G26, if you want a longer grip and more capacity, go with the G19.

    You’re just not going to get a concealable single stack 9mm with a 15 round capacity. Even 10 rounds pushes it for a single stack. Case and point, the Shield with the extended magazine. Now printing out the back becomes a concern.

    For the market Glock is targeting, concealed carriers, this is a great additional to the Glock line up. If you think the Shield is better or the Kahr is better, get one!

    As for me, I’ll keep my 42 and my 26. 42 for light weight slim IWB carry and my G26 for 9mm/higher capacity OWB when concealment is less of a concern.

    • Trevor

      Whoever said Glock is copying Kahr should check their history. Glock, like every other manufacturer is responding to what the market wants. Free Market at work. The Glock haters, hate on them because they are popular. They are the neck-bearded hipsters of the firearms industry.

    • Brian Mumford

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but after owning and carrying a Shield, PPS, XDs, and Glock 26, I was hoping for a pocket pistol. The Glock 43, from what I can see, doesn’t fill that roll.

      • Chris Lee

        I can agree there, but at the same token 9mm in a pocket-sized package can be a lot to handle. I like my 42 more than a buddies LCP because it shoots easier. Granted, longer slide, more weight, but I can toss it in IWB and barely notice it’s there. Something I can’t do with my 26.

        Either way a single stack 9mm is a nice addition. I’m sure if it performs well that Glock will continue to bring more single stacks to market. We all know that the next big demand will be the single stack .40 and as Trevor above pointed out, many-a-Glock-haters will point out that you can get the Shield in .40… haha.

        • Brian Mumford

          I guess everyone is different. I had the same holster for all three of my single stacks and when I compared it to my Glock 26, it hardly made a difference to me. Not enough to lose the rounds. I carry a G26 IWB just fine. I can also sport it on my ankle very comfortably as well. The only thing better than the G26 in my opinion is a second one. ;)

    • Walle Walker

      The grip still is as wide s the top slide. IE same as the G-19 its not that much smaller. Stupid idea for Glock to try

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  • EmmyP

    Is this a joke?
    What’s the source?

  • Redwolfe

    Glad to see this is finally happening! Can’t wait for some reviews!

  • Shawn Morris

    Seems a tad big for a single stack compared to say the XDS.

    • Brian Mumford

      Actually, it’s marginally wider, but it’s smaller than the XDs in every other way including weight (by over 5 oz).

      • Randy Gruber

        Marginally wider is wider and It is just a tad bit smaller…The weight..Yes…but with an extra round I will stick with my XDs too…But…Have a G23 I love, love, love…very happy with XDs for my EDC…

        • Brian Mumford

          At 23 ounces, my guess is that the XDs also shoots better. I loved that gun in many ways, but I was stuck with a lemon. Cabela’s sent it back to Springfield for repair, but when I got it back it was still having light primer strikes with quality ammo and the slide lock would intermittently unlock on its own (in one case giving me a nasty pinch). I know ALL gun companies can have lemons, so I still regard it is a great gun. Cabela’s refunded my money and I ended up getting a Glock 26 instead. I’ve owned/carried the PPS and Shield as well, and I LOVE those guns, but in the end my G26 is even more comfortable to shoot, and the thickness isn’t THAT big a deal for me. I’m going to try the G43 and give the single stacks one more try though. Nonetheless, the XDs9 is a great, great gun. It’s really about perfect in just about every way for concealed carry. It’s not a pocket pistol though, and my guess is that neither is the G43. The G42, however….

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    Ill rather have the Sig P320 Subcompact, 12+1, better trigger, night sights, Just a better gun.

    • jonjon7465

      Um a 320 is a doublestack. Thats a completely different class of gun. The equivalent G26 has been out for decades.

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  • JJTX

    I will change to this from the G27 for my CHL gun.

  • Will Vallarino

    This is probably going to be more difficult to get than the Glock 30S. Hoping I can get one to try out as Summer is right around the corner.

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  • William Kister

    To bad they are late to the party. Ruger Kel-tec, Ruger LC-9, S&W Shield, and even companies like Kimber with their Solo have beat them to the punch in a thinner package it seems.

  • Beau M.

    Yawn. My PPS has 6, 7, and 8 round mags, is slimmer, better trigger, and one can get several nice night sight sets for it.

    Plus, it’s been around over 7 years now…

    But that’s right…the PPS has a paddle mag release. I imagine the same people who dislike the PPS for that reason are also the same kind of people who still use internet exploiter…because it’s all they know how to use…much like a (belly)button.

    At least with my paddles (PPQ, P99c, PPS) I won’t have an accidental mag release while shooting, or even more embarrassing, when I’m out in public, carrying concealed.

    Hands down, the PPS is, IMHO, the best single stack carry one can get. And yes, I’ve tried the Shield, both calibers of the XD-S, the Kahr, and the LC9.

    There’s nothing about the ’43 that hasn’t already been done half a decade ago…as such, it will appeal to the die hard Chevy..err….Glock fans, but to anyone else who may have a little desire for a more classy, upscale CC, it’s already as dated as last month’s newspaper.

    • Publius

      Owned a PPS. Sold it because getting magazines or spare parts involved waiting for them to be imported from Germany or Italy. Plus the removable “safety” backstrap made me less willing to trust it long-term. It was a phenomenal handgun. I carried it every day but the Shield is a PPS done the right way. I will own a G43 b/c of the others I own. Once you learn to shoot one Glock well, you can pick any of them up and shoot them well.

  • joe

    the s a w shield carries more rounds than that in 40cal.glock got it wrong.what would u rather carry.ill take the shield in 40cal.

  • Roger Brown

    You people are ALL out of your minds. You all comment like a single stack 9mm pistol never existed and now that Glock may have one it’s some new radical innovation. Get a Shield 9mm , or better yet, A Ruger LC9S Pro. All this talk about a Glock pistol in a market that has already been well established with great guns, is just silly.

    • Dave

      I’ve held the shield and don’t like the way it feels. I own a cm9 and a cw9 both great guns but the trigger pull is longer than I like. I love the glocks I’ve owned before just didn’t like the thickness, so I’m hoping this glock 43 will be just right. That’s why people are exited, the more choices we have the better.

      • Dan

        I’m hoping the G43 has a better trigger than the G42. I wasn’t a fan even though I like Glocks as well!

    • Barry O


  • Randy Gruber

    It is not much different than my XDs which I do love…G43 is only 5 oz lighter with a full mag and surprisingly wider at 1.04″ vs. .90 with the XDs, although I kinda think I am being silly talking about a .14″ difference lol…I think I will keep my XDs because the additional round and I do like Springfield’s additional handle safety…I have programmed myself to lower my hand on the grip when holstering to ensure I do not depress the grip safety…you know…for that extreme rare possibility that my shirt gets caught in the trigger guard when holstering with one in the pipe (Florida – Shorts, T-shirt & Flip Flops most of time)…

    Love, Love, Love the G23 and use that in my Gun Vault next to bed for home protection…Now that the G43 finally is here I think I am going to go for the G42 for deep cover since it is so small and light…Been struggling even with the XDs on dress up days…had to move to an ankle holster for those days and I don’t like it that far out of reach…

    • whamerly

      Randy you ant silly talking about a 0.14 width difference. Im a very small skinny female and a 0.14″ difference is a big deal for me when carrying. I have a hard time concealing most guns lol

      • Randy Gruber

        Glad to see more and more women exercising the rights of the people to defend themselves. I am slim too which is why I mentioned the 0.14 difference from the G43 to my XDs 9mm. Have you checked out the G42 yet? At 0.94 wide and a very light 17.2 oz loaded (nearly 10 oz lighter than my XDs) it is hard to pass up. I am going to pick one up as I can keep that on my side where I like it while dressed up (even in a white shirt). I would rather have a .380 on my side than the XDs 9mm on my ankle…or maybe both ;) lol

        • whamerly

          I’ve shot my friends 42 and I absoulty love it, I really do. And I could conceal it. But my father taught me that a good rule of thumb is carry the biggest thing you can. I’ve held the xds and it’s just not for me. I’m hoping the 43 isn’t so wide it will make a difference but it’s hard to say. I’m trying to pre order one and if I don’t like it then I’ll sell it and get the 42. Ideally I’ll carry a 9mm but size is a huge deal to me. I don’t like those snappy tiny .380s and 9mm. For training purposes I love the low recoil of the 42. I have a lot to consider lol but size is the most important thing I have to consider.

          • Randy Gruber

            Well your father is a smart man. I concur.

            Ok…Lets compare apples to apples…Here are the XDs specs:

            Weight: 23oz Unloaded / 28.7oz Loaded
            Length: 6.3″
            Height: 4.4″
            Grip Width: 0.9″
            Mag: 7+1 with 8 & 9 options

            Here are the G43 specs:
            Weight: 16.19oz Unloaded / 20.6 Loaded
            Length: 6.26″
            Height: 4.25″
            Grip Width: 1.02
            Mag: 6+1 (I am sure other options will be available for a higher capacity back up) I carry an 8 as my extra but I ordered a 9 and will see how comfortable that is to carry.

            You will get a full 8oz reduction in weight. That is a big deal. The rest is just a wee bit smaller. I have lots of holsters (Alien Gear, Talon, etc.) but I live in Florida and often have cargos and a T-shirt on. I am 6′ and 180lbs. My EDC is my XDs with a Blackhawk molded nylon holster which I feel most comfortable with on my strong side hip. I just wear a tank style t-shirt tucked under a Large t-shirt untucked to keep it off my skin and I can conceal fine. I use the other holsters for dress up occasions. I am not real fond of the 4, 5, & 6 o’clock positions because as soon as I bend forward I print with a t-shirt.

            I have a G23 too so I am positive you will get Glock quality with the 43 and it won’t be snappy like the LC9 and some of the others. Sprinfield pretty much copied their spring which is why the XDs is smooth with the kick as well.

            Good luck. I am sure you will love the G43 when you get it but hopefully you are not too far away cause I am gonna want to try it ;) lol


          • whamerly

            Well you’re safe from me taking a g43 from you because I’m not anywhere near FL. I have a cancan concealment holster. The reason the xds is not on my list of guns i want is because i hate the way it feels in my hands; i cannot stand that grip. I know my hands would get really tired of holding it after about 150 rounds. I loved the way the g42 felt in my hands and i could shoot that baby all day long. The only thing holding me back from buying the 42 is the fact that carrying a 9 is more ideal and if i can conceal it, then thats what I’ll buy. Im only 5’4″ and 125 lbs. Ive had to get rid of all my tight shirts because I wouldn’t be a able to wear them and conceal. My boyfriend was lucky enough to get on a pre-order waiting list for the 43 and should get his gun by the end of april. So ill know soon enough if its the gun for me. Thank you for taking the time to talk guns with me! I have an awful lot to think about and I wish this was an easy decision. I’m an over thinker, so this is driving me crazy not knowing what I want lol

          • Randy Gruber

            Love talking guns. Glad to see more people getting involved and especially women. I always suggest that you guys take the extra steps and continue training and education. All ranges and clubs offer plenty of programs. Tactical and Situational Awareness are highly recommended. You can never be too prepared in case the day arrives that you have to put that training to use. You hope not but just in case.

            You can never over think when it comes to making a gun decision. It took me three months to decide on the XDs for EDC. My friends and family made a joke of it because I changed my mind like 10 times…LOL

            Good luck and safe carry!


          • whamerly

            Best to you too randy, my boyfriend has military experience and is now a police officer. We go shooting usually once a week at his private range. We constantly train and he constantly takes classes from the pro shooters. He always tells me that in a stressful situation you will fall back on your lowest level of training, so we are always trying to train lol. I love shooting! And I’m glad im not the only one deciding which gun I want lol

          • whamerly

            And ill just mention that recoil doesn’t bother me, but when you shoot something as sooth as the 42, you can’t help but love it.

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  • Ski

    Screw this. I’m sticking with my Desert Eagle 50AE with four extra mags for summer concealed carry.

  • LDR

    Epic fail, IMO. Why carry 6+1 in 9mm when you can purchase a G36 and carry 6+1 in 45 in a similar sized package?

    • Jack Mahoghof

      Epic Fail

      Yet Glock will be laughing ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK when they sell a metric shit ton of these…

      • LDR

        Jack. Your right about that. Even though I’m disappointed with the capacity I know a ton of people have been waiting for this for a long time.

    • Dave

      Because 45 doesn’t work for everybody

    • Anthony Clark

      The glock 36 is almost the same size as a 19, not even close in size to the 43

  • Jake Taylor

    Glock might be late to the single stack scene but you’re not getting the reliability with an xds or shield that you will with a glock.

    • ElliotR

      My XDS has never failed… Don’t know how you can get more reliable than that!!

      And my XDS is thinner!

      • Stacey Stanley

        I had a glock 22 and thru some trades I ended up with an XDS-45. I have to say that I had multiple FTF’s with my glock and never had one with my springfield. I am not a glock hater but the truth is the truth. I kinda like having some sort of safety as well.

  • Mike Kennedy

    I paid $350 for my Shield and I have a choice of magazines. I’ll stick with the Shield

  • Jason

    Only Glock I own is my 30. For sure one of my favorite guns to shoot…especially since it’s .45 cal and shoots so smoothly. Hands down, my go-to nightstand handgun. Too big for me to carry concealed though. :( My edc is the Shield in 9mm and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it… Very east to conceal…even with the extended mag and it goes bang every time I squeeze the trigger. Factory triggers aren’t an issue to me like they seem to be with so many others (since Glock is apparently notorious for a “crappy” foctory trigger)….you learn to work the trigger that comes with your gun and for self defense purposes, it’s going to do it’s job 100% of the time. I’d love to shoot the new 43…just to see what Glock has to offer but I doubt if I’ll purchase one with the intent of replacing my Shield…why?….simply because you shouldn’t buy/carry any gun based on brand loyalty alone. You buy your groceries based on brand loyalty, not your self defense weapon!…And I don’t see how Glock could possibly make such revolutionary improvements on a single stack handgun to make it worth abandoning what I already trust my life (and those around me) with. That being said, the day H&K comes out with a single stack version of the VP9….that may be the day that my Shield goes into semi (at least) retirement! lol

    • Russell Howerton

      I don’t agree with a large caliber handgun or a high powered rifle (ar15) for that matter as a home defense weapon. Think about it, you are woken from a dead sleep by an intruder whom is wide awake and pumped up with his attention on you. You grab your large cal pistol or rifle and start squeezing of rounds. Where are your misses going? You can’t see because you were just woken from a deep sleep, your hands are shaking because you are afraid and your adrenaline is through the roof. You will miss your target. It isn’t like shooting paper, I promise you. The missed hits are going through the bedroom wall and maybe into your child’s room, or maybe through the whole house and into your neighbor’s home (ar15 and green tips). I’m for a pump short barrel 12 ga and 00 buckshot ammo. Less likely to miss and the pellets stay home. Most likely they stay in your room. Bigger isn’t always better. This is just a cops opinion. I have been there, both as a Marine and as a cop. Find something else as your “go to night stand” resolution. Please.

  • JULZ

    ***WOW** I originally posted this: “I am sure they will sell a ton, however for the money the new striker fired Ruger LC9S Pro with 7+1 capacity and less expensive price will be better DEAL than the Glock 43.” However it got flagged as SPAM. Must be some Glock lover that does not want people to know the truth. THIS IS NOT SPAM, but MY OPINION !!!

    • ElliotR

      Block lovers… Lol ;)

  • Nick

    What, it’s not a concealed grenade launcher? What were you thinking Glock?!

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  • Mike

    I carry glock 17 on duty, own a glock 19 (first handgun) but will stick with Beretta Nanos for concealed carry.

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  • Doug Petri

    The G26 and the G19 are epic pistols. I have handled the G42, and it feels great. The thing that kills the G43 for me is price. I can get a Shield for less than $400.

  • abaton7

    I’ll stick with my LCP. I put a slightly longer grip extension on it to give me a 3 finger grip. This is a true pocket pistol, and fits nicely in my jeans watch pocket.

  • I just got my Glock 43 and I love it. When I hold it side by side with my Beretta Nano, the Glock 43 is actually a hair smaller overall. I can’t imagine why anyone would want anything smaller than this. It is pretty much as small as you can make a 9mm pistol that is still easy to shoot and control.