Today’s Mass Shooting Happened Because The Gunman Lost The Tournament

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A mass shooting that claimed 2 lives and injured 9 others happened today at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville.

The incident occurred during a Madden video game tournament, ABC 7 reports.

New reports show that the gunman was a participant in the tournament, and it seems that his motive for the shooting was because he had lost.

The 24-year-old man, who was identified by MSM but we will not do so here, “has been described by witnesses and people who knew him as a gamer who erupted in anger after losing the event.”

The gunman died after taking his own life.

On witness told reporters;

“I know the person was a gamer, for sure. I know that they did lose, for sure,” he said. “I don’t know if they came back, I don’t know if they went to get a gun, I don’t know if they had it on them. I really can’t tell you that.”

The gunman obviously had some mental health issues, or else he wouldn’t have opened fire. It’s truly that simple. We’ll be waiting to hear if he had any history of mental health issues, as well as the legality of the firearm he possessed.

How do you stop a mass shooter? You have other, law-abiding armed people in the area. Whether or not folks needed to go through security to attend this event is not known at the moment.

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