Hunt Launched After Man Is Beaten To The Point Of Serious Brain Injury


SARASOTA, FLORIDA — The Sarasota Police Department is seeking public assistance in identifying two suspects who assaulted a man in downtown Sarasota at around 1:50 a.m. on March 4 in the 1400-block of Main Street, according to WWSB. The victim suffered severe injuries, including a brain bleed and multiple fractures. It’s a short story, and […]

Montana Inn Shooter Will Not Be Charged In Fatal Shooting


FLATHEAD COUNTY, MONTANA — The Flathead County Attorney, Travis Ahner, has decided not to charge the shooter in the April 2022 shooting at the Snowslip Inn in Essex, which left Jeremy McKenzie dead in the parking lot, according to the Flathead Beacon. The investigation raised “issues of self-defense,” according to Ahner. After evaluating information from […]