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Veteran Has Gun Pointed At Him While Driving Down Highway

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — A North Texas Army combat veteran, who has chosen to remain anonymous, faced a shocking ordeal on Loop 820 in North Fort Worth. Amid heavy rain and traffic, he was attempting to merge onto the freeway when an SUV driver aggressively blocked him, resulting in a collision that damaged the veteran’s car. Shockingly, the SUV driver then brandished a firearm out the window. The veteran, used to such dangers in combat but not at home, recorded the incident on his phone.

Describing the event as frightening, the veteran recounted how he confronted the armed individual, who eventually lowered the weapon. Intent on seeking justice, he plans to file a police report and provide his video evidence to the Fort Worth Police Department.

In Texas, using a firearm in a road rage incident can lead to severe legal consequences, including a felony charge and up to 15 years in prison, especially if the gun is loaded. The veteran, acknowledging Texas’s firearm-friendly culture, highlighted the grave implications of rash decisions involving guns. The authorities are now seeking the SUV driver, who may face significant legal repercussions for their actions.

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