I Am a Mom & I Am Armed


Republished with permission By Aby Rinella via NRAFamily.org As I saw her face, I knew nothing would ever be the same. This life I held in my arms put it all in perspective. As a college-educated career woman, I looked into the eyes of this child and knew I would take her home and never turn […]

Women: Finding The Right Gun


“What gun should I get?”  I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard that question.  There is no right answer.   Sure enough, whichever one you get, you’re probably going to want a different one after that. Gun shopping is difficult.  There are so many choices – make, model, caliber, design, but we’re […]

Woman Testifies Against Armed Assailant In Parking Garage — Why We Carry


LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — A prior felon out on probation is being accused of first degree robbery and attempted murder after he assaulted a woman returning to her car in a parking garage. Surveillance footage showed him entering the same elevator as the woman and then later following her to her car. Thankfully, she was armed. […]