How has your firearms selection for CC changed with time?


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So, I'll start this forum off. When I started CC, back in the mid-70s (that's 1970s for you smart alecks out there), the 1911 was the go-to. I carried one in the Army and was comfortable with it. As the years went by, I tried Glocks. They were OK, but just never felt good in my hand. Eventually, as a 60 yr old Reserve Deputy Sheriff, I chose to carry on and off duty with a Sig 229 in .357 Sig. I liked the long pull for first round double action, and the Short Reset Trigger single action for follow-up shots.

A few years later, following extensive cancer treatments and strong-side shoulder replacement surgery, I went with a Sig P320 Compact (.357 Sig) because it was lighter and still felt good in my hand.


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My off duty gun as an NYPD OFFICER was a Colt Detective Special, and was my carry gun for more than 25 years. I was trained to trust a wheel gun more than an automatic back in the day, but with the reliability now being built into modern pistols, I've recently switched to a Springfield Hellcat for the extra fire power while retaining decent concealability. I also occasionally carry a Sig P938 SAS when maximum concealability is required.


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I think most CCWers change over time. I have long urged people not to “rotate” guns daily, but I think in decades long concealed carry most change guns a few times. 20 years ago when I got my carry permit I carried a Browning Hi Power for a year. Then, I settled on the 1911 exclusively for a decade. Now in the past decade it is a G19 or G26. I don’t see a change any time soon.


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i started out carring an XDm 9mm, eventually i picked up the Hellcat which i use exclusively now. can't beat having a 15 round mag on a micro compact.