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Welcome to the forum! We hope to have a great community in no time, and with any successful community we need rules to abide by. We'll keep things simple.

1. Stay Friendly!
We're all welcome here, as long as things stay friendly. Having a discussion or disagreement is alright, but please be polite and courteous when doing so.

2. No foul or obscene language, images, avatars, signatures, etc.
Basically, if you're posting it to the forum, make sure it's not foul or obscene. This includes language and images, as well as avatars and signatures.

3. No selling of firearms and/or ammunition.
This may be changed in the future, but for now, do not try to buy/sell/trade firearms or ammunition on the forum. This includes threads, posts, replies, and private messages.

4. Advertising.
Do not post any advertising on the forum in any fashion, unless you are a paid advertiser. This includes threads, posts, replies, private messages, avatars, usernames, signatures, or any other location on the forum.

5. Mods.
Mods are here to keep things in order. Basically, please respect the mods.

These rules are subject to change at anytime.