Concealed Carry


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What do you prefer OWB or IWB? Why? I prefer OWB for comfort!! Will use IWB!!
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I have both for my FN 509. I prefer OWB for comfort by far, but the IWB is no doubt more concealable. In most cases an untucked button up shirt will suffice to cover the OWB however.


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IWB for any time I'm in public. OWB for around the house or while fishing.
Short of wearing spandex pants and a form fitting Under Armor compression shirt, almost every person walking around is self absorbed and ignorant of their surroundings. Someone who carries will spot you almost without fail, but since they are carrying as well, they don't care. They will pick up on your dress, the occasional line in the clothing, the way you carry yourself, and little things we all do that since we do them, we recognize.
I've really had an education over the years as to how oblivious people are these days. All to our advantage.


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During winter, OWB under a wool vest. Summertime, usually IWB, covered by a shirt. Most of the time at home, open carry (except in winter when there's always a vest on).


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IWB. I always preferred concealment. Typically I carry appendix with a CrossBreed mini tuck. But in the summer I often wear shorts without a belt so a belly band is my go to.