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AIWB Carry Makes This Guy Nervous When A Round Is In The Chamber


Let me start out by saying something: I am NOT putting this guy on blast. We’re a community of like-minded people and we are here to learn from each other. At the end of the day, however, these are legitimate questions that people want feedback on. And if they’re asking, you can bet that other people are curious as well.

A reddit user recently posted about his concerns over carrying with a round in the chamber in the AIWB (Appendix Inside The Waistband) position. His concern? That he’ll run the risk of blowing his manhood to pieces.

Anyone else get really anxious when you AIWB hot? How to overcome? (self.CCW)

  1. I carry IWB 3 hot all the time no problems.
  2. I carry AIWB unchambered as well when its hot, but id rather carry hot. But I get really anxious.

Is this normal and if so, how did you over come it?

The real question: How comfortable are you really with your firearm and/or holster? If you worry about one carry position over another because of where the firearm is pointing, are you truly confident with your setup and yourself?

If we’re carrying properly, there should be no reason for any modern firearm to discharge. Ever.


Now of course we’ll take more care when anything is pointed at the goods –especially something like a firearm– but it brings up another good point.

Never point your firearm at something you are not willing to destroy.

It’s a reason why I personally don’t carry appendix. If I’m carrying IWB at 4 o’clock, my typical location, the worst I’ll get if the gun ever fired would be a burned rear end (or a hole). But again, that should never happen if I’m using a proper holster. Ever.

What do you think? Does the idea of appendix carry make you nervous?

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