Why is Concealed Carry important in the United States?


For those Americans who carry- the ability to conceal is more important today than any other time. The actions of the few have scared the many into a misguided fear of personal firearms. Even in states with lawful open carry, one but has to openly display a holstered sidearm and it could strike fear. Is this person a policeman, a crook, or a thug who is going to shoot us? Sadly, lawful Firearm carry is almost never thought of first. So the ability to conceal is a MUST!

photo 3A Citizen should answer why Conceal Carry is important to our country, by first including the word responsible and taking a long, hard look at it. Why is RESPONSIBLE Concealed Carry important to the United States? To be responsible is to be held accountable for one’s actions, to answer for your conduct and ultimately to choose between right and wrong.

When an American citizen decides to take the step to arm themselves, an understanding must be adopted that accountability will always come into play while armed. For those who are married, that might mean working with your spouse to comprehend why exactly it is you have taken steps to become a legally armed citizen. Your action in this arena needs to be supported by the ones you love and understood by those closest to you. For it will be these exact people who you hold dear enough to risk everything that your exact actions will reflect on. Sure, they might not understand or accept it, but you can prove to them the importance by your mature and responsible behavior. Even the finances to begin your journey of self protection has ripples that will have you account for everything you do. In some cases, extra funds must be put aside to be able to afford the fees, training, and firearms required for everyday conceal carry. In my respect, I sold gold jewelry to purchase my first carry firearm. Then, with careful paycheck juggling, my CCW class and holster were paid for.

If one takes the responsible steps to daily carry, then training is a MUST! Even if one has grown up around firearms and has handled them since childhood, a well structured training class will do wonders for your ability to carry the defense of others and for your self esteem. Many classes are offered throughout the US. I greatly recommended a NRA certified instructor and training facility be chosen for Firearms instruction. When you play a personal role in your own safety, YOU become the captain of your ship.  You decide when to walk away and when to legally defend yourself and others.

When lawful carry is observed, your conduct will always be under intense scrutiny and actions will be judged. Everyone, from your closest circle who knows that you daily Conceal to the investigators (if an incident occurs) will take a vested interest to determine if moral, lawful steps have been taken. People will always judge your intent as to why you have decided to carry.  They might not know why it is an important interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

We, as human beings, will always have the ability to choose between right and wrong. Do we turn that wallet in or keep the money out of it? Do we turn right when we should have turned left? Do we shoot when we should have just walked away? Do we ignore gun safety rules or do we follow them to the letter? We have daily choices to make to ensure handling of our firearms in a safe and efficient matter.  Yes, it will eventually become second nature.  But until then, we have to take the conscious steps to respect our arms, be on our best behavior and model a demeanor that others might want to adapt.

Many Americans make the choice daily to strap on a firearm- not to be a braggart about this action, but to respectfully mimic a sheepdog’s attitude when he is protecting what is his and what is most sacred. Concealment allows the everyday citizen to go about his business without distraction and as a countermeasure against harm.

Our Country was founded on a set of timeless rights and responsibilities that include the Second Amendment- the Right to Bear Arms. Along with this imperative comes the importance of a lawful duty to make that choice of right vs wrong, protection of others or even withdrawal. Self protection is an important right in this Country- one that should never be taken for granted.

I would like to think that we can go about our daily lives, not worrying about the possible evil lurking around the corner. But we can’t. Responsible Citizens must always be ready for the strife that our future will bring, utilize our God-given right, and act to protect what is ours.
I am a US Citizen and I Conceal Carry…

–Anthony (Concealed Nation Contributor)

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