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Waffle House Gunman Still On The Loose, Many Blame NRA For His Actions

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG More than 24 hours after Travis Reinking shot up a Nashville area Waffle House restaurant, murdering four people and wounding two others, he is somehow still at large and the subject of an expanding manhunt. After Reinking fled the scene of the shooting…
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Brazen Home Invasion Leads To Shots Fired From Both Sides

FRANCIS, OK -- One armed homeowner encountered a pair of thugs in his house in the middle of the night, and one of them opened up on him with four shots. He missed with all of them. The homeowner was more than happy to give him a…
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Bears Versus Handguns: What’s the deal?

More than once (more than twice, in fact), we have covered stories in which a kid, adult, somebody has had to face off with a bear in order to make it to the next day unharmed. On one hand — of course these face offs happen…
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New Army Choice of Handgun: Sig Sauer P320 vs Beretta M9 HEAD-TO-HEAD

The Beretta M9 will be replaced by the Sig Sauer P320 as the Army's standard-issue pistol after a lengthy and rugged debate. Many have questioned why the change is occurring, and our friends at have put together a head-to-head comparison infographic to go over…
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Two Armed Men Open Fire On Crowd In New Orleans; 3 Dead, 7 Wounded

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Chaos occurred outside a strip mall in New Orleans late Saturday when two armed men wearing hoodies opened fire on a crowd of people. Three people were killed and another seven were injured. Police Supt. Michael Harrison told reporters that one of…
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Gun Statistician’s Opinion Magically Flips When She Looks at the Data

When Leah Libresco, a statistician and a former newswriter at FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism site, got into studying firearm-related statistics, her world changed. Namely, she changed her opinion from wanting some serious gun control to realizing that "common sense" gun control isn't so smart, and she…
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Man Gropes One Woman, Attacks Another, and Earns a Bullet to the Neck

CHICAGO, IL -- A man got a bullet to the neck when he groped one woman in his home, then attacked another, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Then the woman who shot him just plan bolted. According to the Chicago Sun-Times: A man was shot in the neck by…
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Former Boyfriend Shot by New Boyfriend in Florida Woman’s Home

POMPANO BEACH, FL -- A man was shot and killed at his ex's apartment after he showed up angry and was confronted by her current boyfriend, the Sun Sentinel reports. The former girlfriend, who had two children at the home, was extremely fortunate that her current…
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Why Did They Shoot? Explaining Lethal Force Misconceptions

The firearm is, of course, the primary weapon that civilians and police officers alike rely on for personal protection in the United States. Yet, despite being the world’s foremost gun culture, the general populace has little understanding of this weapon’s role in self-defense and lethal…
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CCW High Stress Training With Firearms

We all have different ways in which we exercise our Second Amendment rights. Some take tactical training courses, others become instructors, many get to the range often to practice marksmanship with pistols, some with rifles, others primarily with shotguns. There are also those who may…