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Woman Strangled Unconscious During Kidnapping, Saved By Armed Man

KANSAS CITY, MO -- An armed citizen was placed in the exact right location and time to assist a women who dearly needed it early this month, WDAF reports. A would-be kidnapper was trying to drag the mother of his three kids into her car and…

Four thugs Storm Armed Citizens’ Home — Not One Escapes Justice

MADISON COUNTY, FL -- A woman was shot and killed after she and three of her buddies attempted a home invasion in the middle of the morning earlier this month, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. The mostly-female burglary team actually managed to subdue both of the home's…
Chicago police

Chicago Sees Bloodiest Weekend of 2019… Dozens Shot

CHICAGO, IL -- A staggering 52 people, at a minimum, were shot in Chicago over the last weekend, NBC News reports. Ten people were killed. Let that sink in: 52 shot, and 10 dead. NBC News reports that police superintendent Eddie Johnson has denounced the…
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Teen Uses Dad’s Rifle To Scare Off Three Home Intruders

SNOW CAMP, NORTH CAROLINA -- Two North Carolina girls, home alone, bravely fought off a group of home invaders that came by expecting easy pickings. One of the girls, a teenager, got a rifle and pointed it at the first guy to come in the…

Teen Shot After Kicking In Door: “I’m At The Wrong House!”

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL -- A 16-year-old kid tried to ambush and murder a young Florida homeowner one late afternoon earlier this month, and things went south for him pretty quick. When that didn't work out for him -- he decided to go with a less-than-convincing…
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Gun Statistician’s Opinion Magically Flips When She Looks at the Data

When Leah Libresco, a statistician and a former newswriter at FiveThirtyEight, a data journalism site, got into studying firearm-related statistics, her world changed. Namely, she changed her opinion from wanting some serious gun control to realizing that "common sense" gun control isn't so smart, and she…
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10-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Draws National Attention

We all remember the story from a few months ago where a 9-year-old girl on vacation with her family in Arizona accidentally shot and killed her shooting instructor. It made national news with lots of attention on the fact that children should not be handling…
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Former Boyfriend Shot by New Boyfriend in Florida Woman’s Home

POMPANO BEACH, FL -- A man was shot and killed at his ex's apartment after he showed up angry and was confronted by her current boyfriend, the Sun Sentinel reports. The former girlfriend, who had two children at the home, was extremely fortunate that her current…

FOILED: Would-Be Mass Shooter Foiled By Good Guy With a Truck

ATALISSA, IOWA -- A would-be mass shooter, grieved at the death of a family member to the point that it made him abandon reason, was knocked out of commission by a quick-thinking trucker gutsy enough to weaponize his vehicle, CDL Life News reports. The trucker found…
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[VIDEO] The Happiest Place On Earth Can’t Save You From Violence

Disneyland can make all of your dreams come true, including if one of your dreams is that security takes forever to respond to a fight among a group of adult-children. As horrified actual children looked on while crying, more than a handful of adults get into…
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Woman Shoots Friend In Home Invasion — Right Idea, Wrong Application

ECTOR COUNTY, TEXAS -- What turned out to be an unfortunate attempt to defend their home from intruders, one woman accidentally shot her roommate while attempting to shoot two armed, masked men who forcibly entered their home. By the time Ector County deputies arrived, the roommate…