Controversial Louisiana Sheriff’s Captain, Clay Higgins, Has Resigned After “You Will Be Hunted” Comment


LEBEAU, LOUISIANA — Controversial Louisiana Sheriff’s captain, Clay Higgins has made his last viral video for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. The brash and bold Public Information Officer has resigned.

Since the first of his KATC Crime Stoppers videos, in which he routinely called for St. Landry Parish criminals to account for their crimes, a little over a year ago, Higgins, the “Cajun John Wayne,” realized a measure of fame and something of a cult following.

He didn’t hesitate to call criminals “low-lifes,” “parasites,” and “heathens” and the deeply religious Higgins often quoted the Bible and told these fugitive criminals they were headed for hell if they didn’t change their ways. He was also fond of warning criminals that, should they choose the wrong victim, their very lives were on the line.

His authoritative tone and straight-to-the-point monologues made criminals rethink their choices. A day after looking into the camera and telling fugitive Ladarious Young “You can’t hide from what you’ve done, and you’ll never escape … the long arm of the law,” the fugitive turned himself in to the sheriff’s office, saying the broadcast “persuaded him to do the right thing.”

While his videos certainly achieved the results he was hoping for, they weren’t without controversy.

His most recent and most popular video with over 18 million views at the time of this writing, in which Higgins referred to seven fugitive members of the local “Gremlins Gang” as “animals” and promised to “return fire with superior fire” if needed, prompted not only a wave of support from the community, but also some intense push-back.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana responded, “While we support legal law enforcement and certainly are as concerned as anyone about violence in our neighborhoods, law enforcement officers must be aware of the implications of their public statements. Assuming that what is reported is true, Mr. Higgins has suggested that those he seeks to arrest are subject to execution before trial.”

Family of Gremlins Gang members called for Higgins to be fired and suggested that it was Higgins’ tactics themselves that kept gang members on the run.


When asked via a phone interview to respond to the negative feedback the video had received, Captain Higgins said he “did the video per the request of the Louisiana State Police, and that he did his best with it.” He said “people have a right to their opinion, even if that means disagreeing, and he supports that right.”

As it turns out, the controversy was too much for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office and Captain Higgins turned in his gun and badge this Monday morning and is stepping down. In his public resignation he said:

I will not kneel, to violent street gangs… I will not kneel, to murderers… or the parents that raised them… I will not kneel, to a discredited wanna-be black activist, that doesn’t really have the best interest of his people in mind, he just wants to make a profit… and I will not kneel, to bureaucrats or politicians, in Washington or Baton Rouge, who have forgotten why they wear a badge, and who they serve.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would die, rather than sacrifice my principles. I would give my life, leave my wife a widow, and my children without a Daddy… Rather than kneel to the very forces of evil that I so long stood against.

So, if I would sacrifice my life for my principles, surely you must understand, that I must sacrifice my job.”

But not to worry, Higgins says, “my phone’s already ringing.”

It looks like “the most irresistibly intimidating man in America” is a wanted man.

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Erin is proud veteran, having served as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army. He manages an ammunition manufacturing facility and is an NRA-certified and Kansas concealed carry instructor. He…

Erin is proud veteran, having served as a Cavalry Scout in the US Army. He manages an ammunition manufacturing facility and is an NRA-certified and Kansas concealed carry instructor. He carries his Glock 43 every day in a custom-made IWB Kydex holster.

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  • David M Dalton

    This man has my utmost respect way to go

  • Stan Robertson

    If my country fails, it will be due to the liberal mindset. When enough of us stand up, and say “no more”….we can get back to what this nation once was, and can be, again.

  • Go Faster

    What my hero resigned? Why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????

  • Ron

    Stupid ACLU. Always messing things up. And no, there’s nothing about what he said which could be construed as these criminals facing execution without a trial. He said he would return fire with superior fire. That means in order for him to shoot, the criminals would have to shoot first. Shooting at a cop will get you killed. Nothing new here…except maybe to some brain-dead ACLU lawyers. Those idiots need to be put out of business. They’re terrorists. Just because they use the court system to wreak their destruction, doesn’t make them any less terrorists.

  • Stephen Keller

    Figures, Always some ***hole to mess things up. What ever he has been videoing must be working if the bad ones are turning themselves in. Besides, many now are arming themselves and if the bad guys pick on the wrong person they will find eternity real quick.

  • Triton Spew

    If the chips were down and you were in a fight for your life who would you want there fighting with you, Captain Higgins or the ACLU?

  • SFsuper49er

    Now this is an honorable guy. Something like Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) Would Do! Hey… Good for Him! I hope he threw his badge in the the urinal so the Captain could fish it back out with his hand too…..

  • Effren Benavides

    Come to Texas Sheriff, we got big balls over here.

  • Jacob Messer

    He was a big financial guy before he became a cop so he has a future.

  • DJ Cross

    He has done NOTHING wrong.
    He should hunt these scum like the Animals they are!

  • disqus_aUWn8DRjvR

    Sadly those violent protestors who raised holy #@ll over this guy do not represent the black community-they just claim to. For now we -I am from Michigan- can legally defend ouselves and our property. But if Hillary or Bernie are elected, be prepared to have your door kicked down (ie the infamous New Orleans fiasco). Those citizens lost a great Sherrif.

  • Follow Me Boys

    The cops cannot name criminals now? Ladarious? I wonder what color Ladarius “be in sheet”? Well if the guy he was after was Bill Jones, not a word would have been said.

  • Navy Corpseman

    ACLU only cares about certain people’s liberties…

  • Nick Caisse

    I would have told the ACLU to KMA! Nothing this Captain said, could be misconstrued, except by a POS LIAR (Lawyer). These little bangers, and their families were just explained what exactly will happen, if and when, one of these little Sh–stains draw down on an LEO. Nothing threatening was said. We, here in FL, have a County Sheriff that has basically said the same, in a news interview, and he is respected, and loved by everyone except for the criminal element. If a busload of lawyers got into an accident, and went off a cliff, what would it be? Well, it wouldn’t be a tragedy, nor would it be a great loss, It would be a great start, and it probably wasn’t even an accident, Gremlins beware, if you come around here, looking to do violence, you’ll encounter those who are much better at doing violence, than you are. They are called Honey Badgers, and everyone knows Honey Badgers don’t give a sh-t. You will go down! OoRah! Semper Fi