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BREAKING: WV House And Senate Immediately Vote To Override Governor Veto, Permitless Concealed Carry Coming In May


CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA — A battle is was taking place in a state looking to become the next to allow permitless concealed carry, and it looks like Governor Earl Ray Tomblin isn’t going to be victorious with his recent veto of the bill.

Citing concerns from law enforcement, the Governor made the following statement during the veto process:

“Our law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe, and helping us in times of need,” said Gov. Tomblin before signing the veto. “Now it’s time for us to return the favor and veto House Bill 4145 for the safety of our law enforcement officers and all West Virginians.”

Immediately following the Governor’s veto, however, the House voted to override his decision. Then on Saturday morning, the Senate voted in favor of overriding the veto as well. The vote was 23-11.


The new law, which can be viewed here, will go in effect in 90 days.

Currently, it is legal for people in West Virginia to openly carry a firearm without a permit. However to conceal a firearm, a permit is required.

This is the second time that Governor Tomblin has vetoed the bill, the first time coming just last year.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Mike Vee

    Governor Earl Ray Tomblin just got bytch slapped!

  • Ogrrre

    Permitless concealed carry will have zero effect on the safety of police officers. Bad guys are already carrying concealed without a permit. So, why should the law-abiding have to pay the state for permission to exercise their right to bear arms? The entire nation needs to go to so-called Constitutional Carry, and the commielib governments of states like California and New York need to go pound sand.

    • mikekalish

      I suspect a lot of good guys are carrying without permits as well, especially in states that make it difficult to get a permit. At least I hope that’s the case.

    • Reuven Mizraha

      If they’re too small a minority then all freedom loving, constitution supporting Americans should leave California and New York – take their capital, property and business elsewhere and let them sink into the sea.

      • Mark Tompkins

        The problem here in NY is that the heavily populated downstate area(NYC and surrounding area) have enough voting power to keep an anti-gun majority in the state government.

    • Anadara

      I carry for the exact same reason a the police officer does. It’s not out of fashion or ostentation, nor is it for power and dominance. I carry to protect myself, my family, and all law biding citizens around me – further ensuring public safety and good order.

    • n4zhg

      It was all about the money the county sheriffs were collecting in permit and background check fees.

      • Scorned

        If that was so, sheriff departments nation wide would be antigun. This is not the case as many Sheriffs stand in support of constitutional carry often in public defiance of the state Governor. Not all, but many.

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      FBI data over more than 20 years now has shown that in jurisdictions where concealed carry is made easier for law abiding citizens crime rated drop dramatically. Extrapolation on that data would suggest that the more armed law abiding citizens there are that the safety of police officers would also improve. The criminal that might go after a cop already knows that the cop has a gun. But, with the change in the law now, the criminal doesn’t know who else may be armed and come to the aid of an officer under attack. More law abiding citizens carrying concealed is going to create a safer environment for police officers.

  • Robert Penny

    NEED THIS EVERY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CMac

    Cost me around $300 to get a CCW and almost 6 months in waiting time. Last for two years before renewal. California will never allow permitless carry. Especially in Los Angeles.

    • Sig_Sauer

      In Ohio, cost was $67.00 and we had to wait 3 days. For our renewal, 15 minutes! That’s the difference between a Free State and California.

      As for permit-less carry in CA, it’s been going on for years, just ask your local gang banger.

    • dreamer23

      It’s similar in Maryland. We are a “may issue” state–meaning if you are wealthy, white, and well-connected, they MIGHT issue you a permit, but even then it’s not a given. It’s almost impossible for working-class people, and people who aren’t political insiders to get permits in MD. Most permits are issued to anti-gun Democrats in the government like Senator Mikulski and our Attorney General Frosh…

    • John

      That’s what they said in my state, Illinois would never allow CC, until they were ordered to allow it!

  • Patrick Moore

    This is by far the best WVCDL-ALERT message I’ve ever had the pleasure of composing. Today the final hurdle was cleared. The Senate over-rode the Governor’s veto, and as of the end of May, Constitutional Carry will be the effective law in West Virginia.

    3-22. Right to keep and bear arms.

    A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use.

    My pride in you, our members and supporters, could not possibly be greater. I am comfortable speaking for Art, Amber, Tom, and Keith (Campbell), and saying that allowing us to be your voice has been, and continues to be deeply humbling and awe inspiring. No group in the history of West Virginia has had political and policy successes anywhere near the scale of what you have accomplished.

    The lives, liberty, and safety of 1.8 million West Virginians are improved today, thanks to your efforts. And now, West Virginia joins the national narrative as a model for other states fighting for their liberty and personal safety. We have, and will continue to impact policy nationwide.

    And as we digest the magnitude of your accomplishment, let’s have a look at just a few who stood against us and fought us tooth and nail:

    Billionaire Mike Bloomberg
    Senator Joe Manchin
    Governor Earl Ray Tomblin
    The WV Sheriff’s Association
    The WV Fraternal Order of Police.
    Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper
    Statewide broadcast media.
    Statewide print media.
    Charleston Mayor Danny Jones.
    WV media mogul Bray Carey.
    House Majority Leader Daryl Cowles.
    Senator Corey Palumbo.
    Senator Herb Snyder.
    Senator Mike Romano.
    Senator Bob Beach.
    Delegate Nancy Guthrie.
    Delegate Stephen Skinner.
    Delegate Mike Pushkin.
    Many others.

    In the face of enormous, and well-funded opposition brimming with lies and deceit from both within and without the state, you made this incredible leap forward in the recovery of our liberties.

    Your state, as well as our posterity owes you all a deep debt. You made this happen.

    Tonight, in whatever way you feel is most appropriate, celebrate. Celebrate victory. Celebrate liberty.
    Find us on Facebook

    Keith Morgan


    West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

    • Sig_Sauer

      Way to go Keith. We need this in Ohio.

    • cyberscan

      Many people believe that this is the Jubilee Year, let’s all pray for both Liberty and repentance.

    • Wayne Clark

      Looking at the list of opposers, this was definitely a monumental victory for not only the citizens of West Virginia but for all states facing the same dilemma. Pray it’s contagious!

  • Patrick Moore authored this bill.

  • 66lima

    Time to impeach this jack ass of a govenor.

  • Sig_Sauer

    Attention Ohio Legislature! Are you paying attention?

  • Keith Bentley

    Congratulations West Virginia. Let freedom ring!

  • JJTX


    I hope my state of TX takes notice!

    • Michael Barlow

      same for missouri

  • Gerald Bryson

    The people the police officer worry about are going to have a gun with or without a permit. SOMETIMES COMMONSENSE GOES A LONG WAY. No law has ever unarmed a criminal that wants to be armed. The police already assume you are armed anyway. THE ONES THAT DON’T NEED TO FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK!

  • Gary

    Worthless POS governor.

  • Bostonterrier97

    Why do we need permission to exercise a Constitutional Right?

    • n4zhg


  • Anadara

    I open carry when it is not really practical to wear clothing just to conceal. I actually prefer to carry concealed because I choose not to make anyone around me uncomfortable.

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      More important is to make it difficult for a bad guy to know from whom he has to defend himself. When a bad guy comes into the place where he is going to commit a crime, his first assessment is if anyone is carrying. Those carrying openly are at worst immediately eliminated. At best their guns are taken…but that is a slow process. It is just easier to shoot the guy displaying a gun…and then finish the robbery!

  • Jim Dutton

    You know they will keep on until guns are banned, especially if Democrats get the Whitehouse and in two years take the House and Senate. Get out and vote or take your guns to the pawn shop now while you can get money for them.

    • John

      Oh sure, do you think Americans are as stupid as the Australians, the UK, ect were?
      Americans are a different breed of human than those and I “THINK” (because that is still legal right) that the majority of Americans would rather get nothing for their guns and lose them @ death than to get money for them at a pawn shop. That’s my thinking opinion about that anyway.

  • Burford Clunchman

    I wish the governor well in his upcoming surgery (going to have his head removed from his anus).

  • Jill

    The stupid is out in full force today…..

  • msg51

    How long will it take for all states to realize the people are tired of losing their rights.

    • n4zhg

      How many woodchippers can you park in front of the recalcitrant legislatures?

  • Mark Robinson

    Police do not prevent crimes. They arrive to clean up the mess. As Ogrre said, it will have zero effect on officer safety.

  • Kris Wells

    What did you expect? He’s a socialist democrat. The 2nd Amendment is the only conceal carry permit I’ve ever had. No one will ever tell me when, where, or how I will defend myself, my family, or my property. Just tell socialist Tomblin we all need to be able to carry a gun because a cop is just too heavy.

  • Jonathan Holstein

    Constitutional rights are something all citizens of this great nation are born with. Not something to be purchased at a later date if some local politition deems you worthy and you’ve greased his palm with a hundred dollar bill.

  • cyberscan

    Good, it looks like Virginia is on its way to respecting the Second Amendment RIGHTS of all Virginian inhabitants. If they do the same for ex felons after a certain amount of time out of trouble, hey will reduce the high crime areas to near zero.

  • Don

    Wv time to loose the dusty old fart

  • Don

    Let’s not forget what the police department is really for . Their job is to assist the American people when there is trouble … Assist the people!!!! And for public protection ( gunmen driving down the street firing upon the people ) .

  • injunear1

    The police have nothing to fear from armed law abiding citizens. It’s criminals and politicians(redundant?) they worry about.

  • navydave

    On the whole I don’t mind having to have a CCW permit. As I feel people should have some training in firearms handling safety and bit of understanding the law in the use of firearms. But I also feel that that permit should be a “SHALL issue” and should be seen nationwide.

  • Unjust System

    CCP = government stealing your rights and selling them back to you! It is NOTHING more than a revenue generating SCAM! The SENATE has NO power to override a STATE law! the Supreme Law of the land is the Constitution NOT elected government officials!

  • Art Mazeau

    This is actually one of the more encouraging stories I have read this week. The state of the Union is not Secure, the people are under duress, and the government it just a shell of what it used to be. Americans are at a juncture in history, possibly the same juncture that the people of the Arab Spring were at when they began overthrowing the existing governments that supposedly represented them in their own countries!

  • Fred Garvin

    Ok, I’ll never make a Backassed comment about WV again from PA. We are the Backassed state now.