Watch This Video And Ask Yourself: Would You Draw Your Firearm?



MURRAY, UTAH — A heated argument at a McDonald’s drive-thru almost turned deadly when a man pulled a gun on the staff.

The incident was caught on video by another car in the drive-thru. The customers weren’t too happy about paying the extra money, and got out of their car to yell profanities at the McDonald’s staff. In trying to intimidate the staff, one of the men walks over and pulls out the gun, pointing it at the drive-thru window.

Realizing that was going too far, the man’s friend grabs him and walks him back to the car, before things escalate further. It was almost over, but a person from a neighboring car ran out to record the commotion on a phone, which the man with the gun didn’t appreciate. The man pulled out the gun again and pointed it at the other customers in the drive-thru line, before eventually getting back in his car and driving away with his buddies.

The police have identified the license plates of the white Subaru Outback the men were driving, but currently no arrests have been made.

As a concealed carrier, I watch videos like these very closely and try to make a determination as to what I would have done if I were in a situation like this. While I wouldn’t be screaming “WORLD STAR ALL DAY!” like the guy behind the camera, I could find myself an innocent bystander to an altercation such as this, and it’s important to walk through the scenarios to decide what I’d do.

So, what’s an appropriate response? Clearly there is a threat if a person pulls out a firearm and points it at someone else. This can be seen in the video on multiple occasions. First, the firearm is pointed at the staff in the drive-thru window, and then again on the bright young lad who decides to talk towards the guy with the gun and starts filming.


He’s looking for a Darwin Award, apparently.

If you’re an innocent bystander –not provoking altercation or escalating the situation– and see a firearm pointed in your direction or the direction of someone else, it seems fitting to ultimately make a decision to draw your own firearm. It also seems fitting to GTFO as quickly as possible, which I likely would have done before the firearm was even pulled out by the young, wannabe thug.

So who’s to say, really. Again, I would have probably gotten myself a safe distance away from the altercation before it turned more serious than it was and if I drew my firearm prior to his display of a firearm, that’d be jumping the gun and unnecessary.

So in my case, the point seems to be moot because I wouldn’t have stuck around to see the gun anyway.

For argument sake, if I had stuck around to watch events unfold (while calling the police) and found myself staring down the barrel of a pistol, the game changes dramatically. First you take cover, then you try to get away. If the guy advances on you, like this guy did when he got close to the vehicle, I’d likely be pointing back at him. Would I fire? I honestly don’t know. But if I did, I don’t see the DA filing charges.

What about you?

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • maze

    They probably mess up his order. Everyone knows…you always get f&*ked at the drive thru! I bet this would not have happened if the workers were making $15 an hour!

    • William Bush

      If they were making $15 an hour then you’d either be submitting your order through a kiosk, or you’d be paying minimum $20 for a big mac meal.

      • maze

        Calm down, it’s called sarcasm!

      • Gunslinger

        Would the kiosk be armed and would it have engaged the fake bad guy? Do you get that kind of service for $15 an hour?

    • PeterMax


    • Gunslinger

      LOL!! I even read that in Joe Pesci’s voice.

  • Griff

    I would have done the same as the author, GTFO. Unless the guy was directing his intentions towards me specifically, and made clear motions as to cause bodily harm, then I would act in self defense. And if I was the cameraman, I legally couldn’t do anything in my state, because a lawyer may see my actions as instigating his malificence and would get thrown out as self defense and considered otherwise.

  • Andrew Derr

    I would have drawn and fired for sure.

    • ty

      stop acting like a tough guy. you probably wouldnt even get out of the vehicle.

      • Andrew Derr

        Wouldnt need to get out. Easy to shoot through the windshield. Whos acting tough? I carry and if some idiot had a gun right in front of me like that id shoot.

        • Stan Robertson

          “shoot thru the windshield”?? You must be Chuck Norris

        • Kevin Snyder

          If you carry a handgun with a large enough bullet to not only penetrate a windshield but continue on its trajectory and strike your ultimate target, the blast wave inside the car will puncture your eardrums and likely incapacitate you. Better hope you don’t miss.

          • Andrew Derr

            You are obviously somone that knows nothing of guns or glass. Bullets go through windshields like butter. A .380 will sail through a windshield with ease. A 9mm will easily penetrate a car door even. There are plenty of people that have fired from cars and didnt have eardrums popped. Tinnitis for awhile but certainly not incapacitated.

          • Kevin Snyder

            I say you’re wrong. So school me: Provide ballistics data, tests, or even youtube videos demonstrating a bullet fired from inside an automobile, by a shooter with no ear protection, penetrating the windshield without being deflected from its trajectory. If I know nothing, as you say, then this should be a VERY easy task.

          • Andrew Derr

            Here ya go, have a nice day.

            And there are many more…

          • Andrew Derr
          • Andrew Derr

            And heres a good one on trajectory.

    • tom

      He would have had to get out of the vehicle, to change his pants

  • PeterMax

    If you are in a following car… ie… the car with the camera in it, I would not be filming him. IF I HAD my handgun, I would have eased it out of its holster or console and placed it in my lap. I would not have fled if he did not pull out a pistol and just started cussing the MCDuffs staff. If I saw he had a pistol, I would have turned to the right and started driving away while watching him to see what he was going to do. If he ignored me pulling away, I would have driven away from the area and called the police and reported a hostile man brandishing a hand gun, told the his license plate number and waited nearby for the police to arrive and resolve the matter.

    I would not have pulled my gun and escalated the tension with his friend trying to get him to leave.

    IF he acted aggressive toward me or my passengers, then it becomes a call of is he going to shoot us or die? WHen it reached the stage of he was an imminent threat to cause us death or a serious injury, if I could leave, I’m gone… If not, then the law gives you your legal and proper response to stop the attacker with deadly force if you have to do so.

  • Doug Petri

    He would have likely been, Mc Shot.

  • TroyMule

    I wouldn’t engage. The employees were likley hiding and not in danger. If he opened the drive thru window then possibly

  • Gunslinger

    Hahaha! I love the narrator! But, on a more serious note…This guy wasn’t going to shoot anyone, he was all show. And he dropped his gun, what an idiot. I would have had mine ready but out of sight and not drawn unless the “fake tough guy” decided to engage me. Then it would be game over for one of us. I would however be writing down plate numbers and descriptions. Maybe a pic or 2 without making it obvious. This is what is wrong with us, people like this, not guns.

  • Jared

    Nope. You point a gun at me and I’m pointing mine back. The police wouldn’t need to bring charges against the guy, he’d be dead.

  • Go Faster

    You had it all on video. Call 911 and just drive off

  • Chad Russell

    The guy with the gun was most likely drunk.

  • Spook89

    I witnessed something like that once. I wondered for the longest time why the police never arrested him. Then I discovered he was a local cop’s kid.


    If I was in this situation, and watch this unfold?

    The second I see a handgun pointed at another human being tells me, that a life is about to be threatened and possibly ended.

    Folks, I don’t fire warning shots. He’d clearly had been given a Super Sized Order of McJustice with a heaping side of Double Tap.

    And the DA wouldn’t have a problem with it at all.

    • Dr Dave

      Nope the DA would have no trouble with the situation
      YOU would have been arrested and booked for murder NO question asked
      Dr D

      • Ethan

        Ah, No. Just No. He would be reacting in defense of another who was the target of an imminent lethal threat.

        Please don’t speak from ignorance. Horse Six Zero is exactly right – the moment an imminent lethal threat is made (pointing a firearm) in your presence, you have the ethical and legal right to use deadly force to end that threat.

        • Dr Dave

          At no time was the gun pointed at anyone other then the store person and in lieu of the fact it dropped like it did we have no actual understanding it was a real gun
          The whole point of the article was to open the discussion if it was cut and assured the article would not have asked the question. In my decade or so of law enforcement the one thing I can assure you is you would have been cuffed and detained pending a decision by the DA this case is not an issue of self defense at best it is a potential crime in process but that is doubtful as well.
          Had the store staff pulled a gun then NO issue at all they were justified but this case doesn’t support that anyone else was in jeopardy
          hey but if you have a good lawyer and don’t mind spending the money on him do what you want
          Personally unless I was acting as my LEO side I would have waited to filmed the whole event
          Dr D

          • euragone

            The gun doesnt have to be pointed directly at you.. and You can use you LTC to defend others …… In 44 States (including California) shooting him would be justified as self defense….

      • euragone

        Not a chance >Dr Dave< you Liberal butt monkey!

        My neighboor shot and killed a guy who threaten him with a knife when he confronted a thief while he was breaking into his car…. He was neither arrested or charged with murder.. The thief lost his life for being Stupid… He probably voted for Obuma! There hasn't been a car breaking in 2 years since!

  • flightwatch

    Nobody in these comments can accurately answer what they would do because they weren’t in the situation. Arm chair quarterbacking is one thing. Real life SHTF scenarios are completely different.

  • euragone

    I pretty sure I’d have drawn my gun in response to this threat…. He seemed to have everyone targeted!

  • Go Faster

    I was just thinking, what a great time for fries and a shake.