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*UPDATE* BREAKING: Facebook Axes The Good Guys At Kentucky Gun Company, A Legitimate Firearms Dealer


UPDATE: The Facebook page for Kentucky Gun Co. has been reinstated. Check out the interview with owner Patrick Hayden here.

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

As you’ve probably heard by now, the whiz kids at Facebook have decided that their site will no longer facilitate sales of firearms between private parties. Like their decision or not (and we don’t), it’s their site, their rules. Whether or not that decision was influenced in any way by the Obama administration isan open question. So…no more individuals advertising their guns for sale next to pictures of their cats. There’s only one problem with that: Facebook has now started swinging the ban shillelagh at licensed FFL’s too. Earlier today we highlighted Santa Cruz Armory’s take-down. The latest victim: our friends at the Kentucky Gun Company . . .


If you’re not familiar with their history, KYGUNCO isn’t exactly a fly-by-night operation. They’re a licensed FFL that’s been around since 1946 and have a thriving online sales business. This isn’t a half-ass project run out of someone’s garage either — they have a 32,000 square foot retail facility and gun range in Bardstown, Kentucky.




Facebook announced that they have started to remove gun traders groups, buy/sell groups, etc., in an effort to slow the trade of firearms between individuals. In this attempt they are also removing legitimate gun dealers.  KYGUNCO’s Facebook page was deleted today without notice, even though we are a licensed dealer. Facebook has become vital in advertising our business throughout the U.S. Our Facebook page had over 32,000 likes.

And it’s virtually impossible to reach an actual human being at Facebook to plead your case.

How long before more legitimate FFLs and, oh, I don’t know, gun blogs fall under the hoplophobic wrath of Zuckerberg’s minions, too? Watch this space.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • fred bear

    They’ve already started banning Gun Discussion groups. No sales, just discussions.

    • Doug Rowan

      there are anti gun groups right now organizing, I’ve found a few discussions, they are listing ANY page with the word gun or firearm in their group and asking all their members to report it. They want to wipe ALL guns from FB, regardless of sales, etc. They have taken over and it’s wrong. I think all of their pages should be reported as hate speech. Plenty of it on their pages if you look.

  • FrozenStiff is now taking on a BUNCH of FB’s former groups and now gaining more members. Check them out if you’d like to tell FB to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • PD Reader

      I like the feel of better than mewe.

      • FrozenStiff has gotten better. I’m a member on both.

  • Christopher James

    They did it to ours, too! We have had Keystone Gun Sales, LLC established on Facebook for over 3 years. It was deleted without notice, and the owner of the page was kicked from Facebook. If he attempts to reply to a customer message on his PERSONAL Facebook page, he gets banned for another day! It’s is ridiculous!

    • RightyOThen

      Contact Chris Cox @ FB
      He’s the bloke that sorted out all the issues that users were having last year when facebook was made to publically apologise for the discrimination against both the drag queens and Native American users when facebook introduced the ‘real name’ policy.
      This is happening to facebook users, firearms and hunting discussion groups all over the world. It is mass discrimination and vilification against licensed firearms holders and good law abiding citizens on a grand global scale.

  • FireMedic

    Numerous blogs and discussion only groups have been removed. As have reloading, ammunition, parts, and accessory groups. All of which did not allow firearms sales.

    What’s even more troubling is the posts from the anti-gun folks bragging about their tactics of posting materials that violate community standars such as porn, hates speech, etc. with a cohort immediately reporting it so that Facebook will take down the page. No means of appealing or challenging the removal through Facebook.

    If you’re going to have a rule, so be it. But enforce the rule and don’t go well beyond it. And don’t let people intentionally make false reports and sabotage groups that are following the rules.

  • Joe is the only pro 2A pro gun social media. Built by gun guys for gun guys

    • williammillerpupista

      I’ll sure be glad when it becomes usable.

  • Mike Dunger

    I wonder if the guys doing this were required to wear brown shirts this week?

    • JustObserving

      I’m sure they wear them every DAY.

  • RightyOThen

    Contact Chris Cox @ FB

  • Dave Hawes

    How can we file complaints about this both with FB and legal authorities regarding discrimination?

    • JJ Seymour

      i think the only way to file a FB complaint is to close your FB account. if this continues, that will be my next step. I have FB to follow my shooting sports and Firearms business, news, and communities. if FB shuts those accounts down, then i no longer have reason to be a member of FB.

  • FireEngine

    Free speech is protected by the Constitution. The right to bear arms is protected by the Constitution. I would like to see a lawyer go after companies such as Facebook to see just how they can defend their stand against legitimate businesses such as these.

    I would like to see legislators challenge existing business regulations allowing businesses such as Facebook to openly and wantonly practice discrimination and censorship in violation of key Rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Denying legitimate gun outlets a space that should be free and regulated only encourages the underground invisible trade to flourish. Would it be too much to ask Libturds to think once in a while?

    • Dan Houser

      As Free Speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, so is their right as a business. Their company their rules. Don’t like it? Leave FB.

      • flipper

        Unless your a bakery that won’t make a cake for a gay couple, their bakery, court system give huge award to gay couple. Double standard, maybe!

        • williammillerpupista

          Flipper, you have a hell of a point…

      • rossrogers

        I would argue that Facebook being a public forum for speech cannot then discriminate and censor that speech. They are a public company and are the modern day equivalent of a bull horn in the town square. Just because the times have changed, rights don’t.

        As the other person said. Don’t want to make cakes for gays, don’t make cakes at all then. Don’t want to have guns on your site, don’t have a site then.

        Your right to refuse service to people is based on a person by person, case by case, basis. Blanket refusal is discrimination.

        • TopCat_Texas

          All things considered, I think that social media is doing more harm than good at this point in time. Facebook probably should be shut down for good.

      • Josh Wood

        Correct free speech is guaranteed at exactly the same level as your right to bear arms. To deny someone access to a freedom guaranteed by the constitution is a violation to that right, weather it be access to free speech , firearms , voting etc…. So effectively the actions performed should be seen exactly the same as banning pages that produce content that Facebook does not agree with. Which is in line with suppressing freedom of speech.

    • williammillerpupista

      First of all, nobody is more pro-gun than me. Period.

      But Facebook is private property on the Web, run by a private company.

      Would you let me come into your house and call your wife or girlfriend a whore?

      No, because that’s your property, and you set the rules of your house, not the visitors.

      Free speech rights are protected by the Constitution against government interference. Many rights end at a private property line.

      • FireEngine

        flipper up there makes a fine point though. A viable case of “discrimination” may be made against Facebook especially now with the rulings against businesses refusing service on the basis of violation of their beliefs. Somehow “my business, my rules” no longer applies in this “open minded” age of ours. It would REALLY be ironic that huge companies with agendas such as YouTube and Facebook were made to pay the price as well.

        • bob

          Also how about banning smoking in privately owned bars , motels etc…it’s a privately owned place …can I go into your house and tell you not to smoke …

  • Harold

    Faggot Liberals at Facebook.

  • But they still won’t ban “kill the jews” pages and other pro-terrorism stuff…

    • DoNotTread73


    • williammillerpupista

      Such banned content needs to be properly reported, not just complained about in comments.

  • williammillerpupista

    Their page has been restored by Facebook.

    It’s probably because of the outcry from the Web over this. A supervisor must have reviewed the decision, and realized that a flunky employee hit the ban button hastily.

  • Titanius Ocelkuj


  • Damocles

    If it wasn’t for double standards, Fascistbook wouldn’t have any at all.

  • Geoffry K

    WeMe and Gun District are alternatives to FB.
    A lot of *former* FaceBook groups moved there.

  • Bruce T Man

    How much is Bloomberg paying Facebook to remove pro gun pages.

  • flightwatch

    Time to join MeWe

  • Brian Scott

    If you are into precision rilfes and shooting come join our page. Don’t need facebook anymore.

  • Kevin Snyder

    What is ironic, and dangerous, about this censorship is that the hoplophobes, if successful, will make it appear as if everyone agrees with them. Ironic because that will mean that they themselves are now irrelevant by their own standards, dangerous because if certain Kenyans and their toadies come to believe that, they may start something that will end very badly, and bloodily.

    • God

      That was my insight into the ramifications as well. It appears the anti-gun rights people, (likely sponsored by some big money behind the scenes), are pushing for greater social exclusion against those who understand the deeper reasons behind the 2A.

  • Russell Smith

    I play their game in reverse. FB is vehemently against anyone going by an alias so everytime I come across some liberal whack job with an obviously fake name, I turn them into facebook and they get their account closed. It works, been doing it ever since some dipshit did it to me and I had to prove who I was to get it unlocked! lol