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Robber Says “Empty Your Pockets” To Concealed Carrier, Got More Than He Bargained For


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A would-be armed robber was shot and killed when he walked behind a gun owner purchasing cigarettes at a local gas station.

According to WXYZ-7, the robber walked up behind him and told him to empty everything out of his pockets.  That was when the gun owner turned around and shot the robber at close range.  The would-be robber was pronounced dead at the scene.  No further injuries to report.

“It’s poetic justice,” said one witness to the crime.  “You come to do something that tainted, you know, that [malicious], and it just that raunchy to another person and he flips the script on you!”

Detroit police are not expecting to press charges against the gun-owner.

“He was stunned just like any of us would be,” the store manager said about the victim.  “We’ve been here thirty or forty years and we’ve never had anything like this happen.”

Detroit is famous for being a high-crime environment where thugs don’t think twice before using force against victims.  One of the rude awakenings for these criminals is when one of their own goes home in a bag.  This type of idiocy just won’t stand and it’s good to know that the folks of Detroit are able and ready to handle it.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • Bang, asshole.

    • DaveG

      I take any loss of human life a little more seriously than your comment suggest you do, but this event is a good example of how the Second Amendment, in the hands of worthy citizens can be effective in protecting ourselves.

      • Oh, please. Killing someone is always a last resort, and none of us wants to be in that position. But when a thug has a pistol in your face , you have no idea what he’s going to do next, and you fear for your life well then, bang, asshole. If you make a decision to carry, then you MUST make the decision beforehand to use deadly force if the situation warrants. If you have to think about that decision when the danger presents itself, then you will probably hesitate and then YOU’RE dead.

        • DaveG

          I have over 35 years experience in the military and Federal Law Enforcement, so it’s not about what ti “think,” Some Old Dude, it’s about what I’ve experienced. It is your apparent callous disregard for human life that offends me. I’ve taken that single fatal shot and know what it takes to live with the choice. You, sir, I suspect are nothing but INTERNET hot air except that we agree that people who carry must make an important decision before doing so. Sadly, when I’m at the range I encounter numerous individuals who think very fictionally about the decision to carry. The choice is not from a script for a Lifetime movie.

          • Beau Toxx

            Conceal carry choice places one in a whole new world of pissibilities. Many are not good, but protection if one’s life has to out weight them. Even then, no one goes unaffected.

          • Unaffected? Yeah the grave of the dead criminal just hasn’t a dump taken on it. Nor have I had a few glasses of black spiced rum to celebrate the good shooting of a thug.

          • DaveG

            Absolutely. Wish I’d made my original point so clearly.

          • DrZombo

            You seem to be the self appointed expert on this site. So why don’t you explain to me your statement “Sadly, when I’m at the range I encounter numerous individuals who think
            very fictionally about the decision to carry. The choice is not from a
            script for a Lifetime movie.” I have carried for well over 30 years and I guess maybe an expert like you can explain to me all of my misconceptions about carrying concealed. I must have foolish thoughts that it was for protection for myself and my family and anyone around me that is put in a life or death situation. Let me know so I can change my mind to concur with your mindset.

          • DaveG

            Neither self-appointed nor an expert, just a guy who spent has his entire adult life carrying a weapon as part of his job. The kind of people I’m talking about at the range are those who want to know about about everyone and then they want to tell you how cool they are for carrying this or that firearm or where they conceal their knife or something else they think sets them apart from everyone else. Those are the guys I definitely don’t want at my back in a firefight. Some of the most hard men I knew in my military career were those who freely acknowledged they would throw up the first time they killed someone during a new combat deployment – not just the first time they killed. Those are the guys I wanted at my back because they valued life and understood the human cost to themselves and others whenever it was necessary to take a life. I don’t think I disagree with your view, Dr. Zombo. You’re not foolish because I suspect your purpose is about as pure as it can be. When you are protecting those you love, the concept of proportional force goes out the window. It’s the rare individual who, when confronted with the imminent death of his children, will believe that anything less than an empty clip is the right and just response.

            I’m just trying to remind people of the cost…

          • Marc R

            I’m not sure what military YOU served in, but you certainly lost any credibility when you called a magazine a “clip”. Curious as to which branch, in which country, their hardened combat troops call magazines clips? I mean, other than Hollywood, the Air Force, Navy, and uninformed Liberals.

          • DaveG

            Haha, nice try, Marc. Common civilian vernacular. Internet warriors think purely military terms should always be used. I try to speak to the widest audience, not the smallest. If you want to debate that subject, go here:
            They may be interested. I’m not.

          • suomunon

            No debate, a magazine is a magazine and a clip is a clip.

          • DaveG

            And the very argument makes one sound like a militia member, not a particularly endearing quality.

          • suomunon

            What is it about the militia that is not endearing? The militia has contributed much to this nation from the onset of the revolutionary war on to the War of 1812 (Jackson at New Orleans would have been hard pressed.) and on to more recent times. The current batch of self proclaimed militia are mostly just that, self proclaimed, but it may be that if we are attacked by forces inimical to our way of life we may want these self proclaimed militia to supplement our hard pressed law enforement personnel.

            You claim to write to a wider audience, if so there is no reason why you can’t be accurate instead of spreading ignorance.

            Your snide swipe at the militia was not an endearing comment.

          • Dave Garner

            FU is what I think of militias.

          • suomunon

            What a coincidence, that’s exactly what I think of you. :-)

          • MrApple

            What about a clipazine?

          • Jeff Kasal

            He’s REALLY old and was only issued an M1 Garand or an M1903? Just guessing.

          • Chaz

            Sorry, will there also be a spelling grade? A Guns and Ammo reader?

          • Joaquin R. Claure

            is that all you got from DaveG comment about empting a clip not a magazine the sir you are just a troll looking for slips in articles!

          • usaafeod1

            I am a USAF Vietnam Veteran Bomb Disposal Team. We as USAF know the difference between a Mag and a Clip, but did you know that at one time in Nam the 30 Round Mags ere Called “Banana Clips”..Yes I am old, but just a little History Lesson. What branch were you in and what War?

          • Reptiles Rule The World

            Can anyone tell me where people got the idea that because you were in the military you are an expert on firearms?
            Cops carry firearms and are some of the least knowledgeable about them.
            Most military people can’t carry firearms outside of when serving in a combat zone. Tell me how many service members are trained daily, weekly, or monthly on hand guns?
            Law enforcement don’t even train on a regular basis.
            So how does that make a person more knowledgeable than someone who trains and educates themselves on them on a daily basis?
            Bottom line I appreciate those that served but it doesn’t mean they know anything beyond the basics of firearms and the daily carry of them

          • usaafeod1

            While on active duty we, in EOD, qualified monthly. We transported explosives to do our job and therefor we had to be able to protect it. As a Civilian now I shoot more often that that for my own safety. You are correct on some LEO’s. God Bless you if you “train and educate” yourself on a daily basis. Please do not use the word “MOST” when talking about any subject. It makes you look a bit non-open minded. Thank you

          • Ray C Archibald

            Well Marc, I only spent 6 years in Army, and we called a magazine a building where you stored explosive gun powder in wooden barrels. We had “clip” fed rifles, grease guns, and 1911’s.

          • suomunon

            Wow! “gun powder in wooden barrels”, You are an old dude.

          • Patrick

            Hahaha good one

          • usaafeod1

            when were you in the Army? “Explosive Gunpowder” Gun Powder actually “Burns” and when confined during a “burn it will cause an explosion due to the rapid expansion of gases….Yes the the weapons you mentioned, but damn that is wwll and Korea. As a Vietnam Veteran we had 1911’s and .38 Revolver for handguns amd M14-16’s as long guns/rifles. Yes a “magazine” can be used to describe a storage area. There has not been an issued Clip Fed rifle for quite some time..Key word..”issued”. Thank you

          • ray

            Well i carry a gun and i also conceal my knife also but i will never think twice about protecting my family and wont lose sleep over it if need be, i am a addvide hunter a very good shot i know how to take my guns apart safely and clean them and put them back together i was taught by my uncle who was a army ranger and he also taught me how to us a knife and he also taught me to always conceal my knife so when it comes to hiding your knife when you carry it thats the best bet who cares what the cops, feds, and who ever else tells you different its are right and freedom, plus who would trust the cops or feds anyway especially this day and age look at how many bad cops and feds are out there people record them all the time and look at how many cops get away with murders and beating people up just in the past 2 years and there is video and they still get away with it forget calling the cops just deal with it yourself, and all these gun advocates saying we dont need guns well it takes you cops average 10 to 15 minutes to get to a house by then someone can murder you rape your wife kill your kids and be gone you cops dont protect anyone but yourself and it has been proven look at all the news and videos in the past 2 to 3 years

          • Reptiles Rule The World

            I carry a weapon and only 3 people know it. I don’t tell people because it’s not their business.
            I don’t carry because i think it makes me a bad ass or a tough guy.
            I do it because criminals in California are coddled by the liberals that control the state.
            If someone is trying to start something with me I leave, I don’t engage them.
            I hope I never have to take a life but if someone is threatening my life I will defend myself and not consider it a loss.
            If you’re willing to pull a weapon on me I will feel nothing nothing for you if I have to take your life.

          • tom56071

            one only hopes he never has to kill someone but you will have to when the time comes

          • Hans

            Killing leaves a mark very true.

          • I suspect you are the keyboard commando…

          • DaveG

            Happy to share a copy of my DD Form 2 with you. Just tell me where to send it.

          • Bring it in person to 10610 Axis Crossing, San Antonio, TX 78245, plus two forms of ID.

          • DaveG

            Not driving 800 miles, so USPS and the originally offered DD Form 2 will have to suffice. You could stop by USAA and ask them since they’re not too far from you. Nice house, BTW.

          • I am unimprsessed that you can look up an addres with streetview.

            Not would I be if you could search property records or pay for a record search online or look at a linkin profile.

            You can send any old forged DD214 by mail.

            Put up or shut up. In person or stop posting how great n glorious you were because no one cares.

          • DaveG

            I used Google… Won’t know how to forge one, but why, why, would anyone go to the trouble of doing so. And it would also be a violation of Federal Law… Still, it’s one the way.

          • A Federal Law Enforcement officer of 35 years wouldn’t know how to forge a document?

            A USAF Col doesnt know how to copy or scan a document into and editter?

            What were you AF Security Forces?

          • Let’s not forget the other type of keyboard commando. The one who can’t let someone else express their point of view. They always have a assessment. Because they are superior and know better, all other posts are lacking. When they could have written, “This event is a good example of how the Second
            Amendment, in the hands of worthy citizens can be effective in
            protecting ourselves.” They instead write, “I take any loss of human life a little more seriously than your comment
            suggest you do, but this event is a good example of how the Second
            Amendment, in the hands of worthy citizens can be effective in
            protecting ourselves.”

      • kyew

        I would agree, but we’re not really talking about “human” life here. Anyone who thinks they deserve what someone else has worked, sweated, and bled for, and will use the threat of deadly force to achieve it is less than human and deserves whatever fate comes knocking on their door. It was a premeditated and intentional crime, with the full knowledge that killing the victim might be a part of it. Not a crime of passion. Not an accident. Every single one of them should be dead.

        • DaveG

          Kyew, I understand where you are coming from and about 49% of me agrees. It’s the 51% that hangs on to long decades as a Christian with deeply held views on the sanctity of all human life.

          • Sprocket

            Keep your god to yourself…. the POS got what he deserved.

          • Dave Garner

            I am and he did. Never in question

          • CW

            As soon as I read you are a Christian, Dave G, I knew people wouldn’t like it. Happy to see you stand up for what you believe in. I just wanted to pop in and say I’m glad I live in a place where I can (and have done) walk to the store in the middle of the night, without being worried about being hurt in any way. I have never lived anywhere I felt in danger, much less needing to carry any kind of weapon. I feel bad for people that live that way, and I Pray for them.

          • kyew

            And, again, I agree. But the sanctity of all human life is reserved for those who value human life. When anyone – anything – no longer values human life, they’re no longer part of that sanctity; they’ve sacrificed their own value.

            Like so many other concepts, the concept of the sanctity of human life hinges on the destruction of human life – to preserve those who do value it, and to destroy those who don’t. It’s positive and negative, ones and zeros, yin and yang, north and south, black and white, life and death – the ultimate dichotomy found in the essence of everything.

            I see you as being somewhere near where I used to be; locked in a moral dilemma as to what is right and wrong within the gray area. I can only tell you what I learned, and that is that “right” and “wrong” – good and evil – aren’t opposing sides of a hockey team we choose to be on. Every situation calls for one or the other, or maybe a combination of the two. God (hopefully) grants us the wisdom to know the difference – to know what action justice calls for. Was it right that a human being died? Of course not, but it was more right than allowing that scum to kill other people. Was it wrong to kill him? Only a little less wrong than allowing him to have the chance to kill someone else.

      • Ednar

        I concur, Dave.
        Life is precious & too short.
        There is NO doubt in my mind I too would open up on anyone trying to hurt my family.
        There are those who badly need to be purged from this world who rape anyone or anything dead or alive & perform such hideous horrific acts against humanity … it’d seem the devil is giving us his reasons he is so evil.

        In so many countries, life is not only short but cheap.
        Kind of like buying a gun & shooting the first person that walks by just to test it out & move on w/o a care in the world.

    • Liam Burns

      Good riddance to bad trash. Criminal’s lives don’t matter, not to me, anyhow. The world needs fewer street criminals and more armed citizens.

      • Nosmoke225

        I guess you could call it taking out the trash, Liam Burns

  • Sufferfortribe

    Livin’ the thug life…………Dyin’ the thug death.

  • Michael Chovich

    Funny story

  • charlie baker

    See how dangerous smoking is?

  • AmericanIndependent121

    Just another dumbass with an itchy trigger finger (when speaking in terms of the thug, not the citizen who defended himself). He got what was coming to him and rightfully deserved it! Let this be a lesson to wanna-be thugs!

  • Smedley Fitshitz

    I work around convicted criminals everyday.
    And they talk.
    “S*%t be getting real with y’all havin’ guns to protect y’all”.

  • Smith

    “Agh! — I said empty your POCKET!”

    • Sprocket

      I could have swore he said “empty your mag!” LOL

  • Roger Lawhorn

    I do believe the police chief told citizens to shoot the thugs recently.

  • jay2010master

    More people need to shoot asses like this.

  • TomRay

    Obama wants the Law abiding citizens to give UP their guns—-He needs to save lives of his own Voters

  • TomRay

    What NO VIDEO! DARN! this would be a good one. You know the store had cameras,

  • Mr Poitier

    Beautiful. Got rid of another liberal piece of crap

  • DaveG

    You wouldn’t say that to my face, but I’ll offer you the invitation nonetheless.

  • kyew

    The best thing about a thug’s life story is the period at the end. All you concealed carriers… make sure and use proper “punctuation”, and get this trash off the streets.

  • Bill Jones

    Would that be covered by “Seek and ye shall receive”?

    • kyew

      Yeah, same as “play stupid games; win stupid prizes”. ;)

  • kobalt staub

    Classic case of BOOYAH!

  • Kevin Murphy

    And of course you know the Liberals will condemn him for killing someone say he shouldn’t have had a gun and should have just given up with he had and maybe pissed and pooped himself to scare the robber off… I think he did a great! One last piece of shit to worry about.

  • Dave Garner

    I’m a retired Colonel and now head a legal services firm in Colorado. I have no supervisor. Another Internet hothead heard from.

  • SilverBeast

    So you’re a mall cop?

  • John Smith

    He won’t be doing that again

  • pFeather

    Love it when a story has a happy ending. If we had more people who would take down criminals in this manner the thugs would think twice before committing their crimes.

  • Phil Evans

    You know, why can’t we just trust armed robbers to not shoot us once we hand over what they demand? That way, no one gets hurt, the criminal gets to make a living, we get to earn back what we lost, and the police get to have the chance to catch the robber later. It’s a win, win, win.

    People going all sheep-doggish these days instead of being good little sheep. LOL

    • kyew

      Yeah, right? I’m sure if we put a PSA out there informing them that we’re not going to shoot back, and that they’re free to rob us, they’ll be a lot more magnanimous in the future. Actually, I can imagine the liberals buying guns for them just to make sure no one has any bright ideas about fighting back. Then everything will be just fine – no more worries about having to change laws and release them early, no more worries about them killing anyone who rolls over, no more worries about winning elections because all the politicians will be crooks by then.

      Yep, that’s exactly what we need – a CRIMINAL society for all of us to live in.

  • Mark Wurz

    th “slugs for thugs” program is working, the world is a better place today

  • tom56071

    its a concealed gun owners worst night mare if he has to shoot someone but you have to do what ever it takes to save your life

    • Mr Poitier

      Speak for yourself onion. It’s 95% of concealed carriers dream to shoot one of you liberal idiots

      • Bill Streb

        I must be one of the remaining 5%.

        • Mr Poitier

          Obviously Sherlock

  • Sherluck

    That black boy won’t be causing any more trouble.

  • Todd Breitmann

    This criminal got a hard lesson that the wages of sin is quite literally death. Sin (in this case attempted mugging) will take the offender farther than they expected to go and will cost them far more than they are willing to pay.

  • Captain America

    bahahahhahahah, yep that is the answer to stupid people. Bye bye scumbag.

  • Pudenda Shenanigans

    The new Police Chief of Detroit told it’s citizens to buy a gun because the cops can’t be everywhere.

  • Rick Grasty

    He got what he ask, everything that was in the guys pocket…

  • DrZombo

    You seem to have a thing for the homosexual lifestyle. Is it because of experience or envy.

  • Stephen Carr

    Makes my day!

  • Della Herring

    another one bites the dust

  • Edward Lewis

    Thug Lives Splatter.

  • wrestler79

    Empty your pockets, ok here I will empty my mag too! ouch

  • Adrian

    One less dirt bag to worry about.

  • Toby1

    That man probably just saved the taxpayer a million dollars over the next few decades, all things considered, collateral damage, prison, court costs, police time, welfare, hospital bills. Give the man a medal.

  • anonymouse

    I’ve always said that robbing, carjacking, or assaulting somebody in Detroit is probably just as dangerous for the attacker as it is for the victim. I visit there often and it seems like everybody is armed with SOMETHING: be it a pistol or even just a large knife strapped to their leg or tucked into a shoe. Thugs basically take their chances and hope the person they’re robbing won’t be able to react in time.

  • william

    Who says my hometown isn’t on a comeback? Now we just have to get rid of the Democrats.

  • edogg

    One less dumbass going around committing fuckery. No sorrow felt for the fool.

  • “Everyone empty their magazines!”

  • whiskey5jda

    Lead is cheap

  • Ronald Marshall

    He got a BANG out of that !
    Seriously though, __ those who choose NOT to have personal protection KNOW what their lives are worth. Get armed, be armed, stay armed for the sake of those who love you and need you.

  • Renov8

    The more this happens, the less it will happen……..luck of the draw…..who is carrying vs. who isn’t.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Read Colin Flahertys book…Dont Make The Black Kids Angry….he also has a youtube channel.

  • George Ennis

    what this story is lacking is was the robber armed? according to the story he walked up from behind and said to empty your pockets, did the robber even have a weapon? although in this particular case i think the armed person did the right thing since he didnt know what he was going to turn around and find. the individual may not have had a firearm or a weapon but the armed carrier didnt know, just like us as the reader of this article doesnt know.