Homeowner attacked

Concealed Nation Fan Fends Off Three Home Invaders With M&P Shield


COLUMBUS, NEBRASKA — A father and son successfully fought off three home invaders in an early morning all-out fight for survival.  Columbus police confirm that there was a home invasion in vicinity of 2:30 am where three suspected attackers kicked in the front door and immediately set to assaulting the son who was first to respond.  Thankfully, his father was in the other room and able to flush out the attackers — using nothing less than his future everyday carry pistol, the M&P Shield.

“I come out and this one little one come tried to attack me and I took him out right away, one in the white shirt tried attacking me from the side, tried choking me and that kind of stuff,” says Shawn Howell, “Next thing you know he loses power and I jump up to get up and ready to start cleaning clocks but I just darted into my room… I come out and they were flying out the door so fast, I never seen anybody run so fast in my life… they knew what was coming, they knew I was going for a gun.”

According to both the victims’ testimony and police statements released through Channel 48 – Nebraska, the attackers fled before the future-concealed carrier could put bullets on target but he allegedly pursued them to their vehicle to “mark the truck”.

Both victims were transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated for superficial wounds sustained during the assault.  Both the father and son were attending a concealed carry course to get their concealed carry permits and neither were expecting an attack of this magnitude to occur in their home.

”People need to go back to being Americans and not only stand up for themselves, but our police officers, our friends, our families, our neighbors, our people we don’t know next to us you know, gives us a fighting chance.”


That definitely touches off on an important point — neither of the victims were expecting men armed with claw hammers to kick open the door at 2:30 in the morning and proceed to assault them.  As much as we’d like to credit the M&P Shield, in all honesty — it was the father and son working together to fight off the bad guys that really saved the day.  The gun, if anything, was an ultimatum: get out or get shot.

One of the creepy things about situations like this is the amount of planning these robbers had to put behind this assault.  They stacked up, kicked open the door and didn’t seem at all afraid to jump into the fray.  That shows a candid willingness to fight, inflict harm, and have harm sustained upon them that we don’t normally see in the average home invasion.  Most times, a burglar figures out someone is home and either makes the smart move to run or is so caught off guard he gets plugged.  These guys didn’t seem too concerned one way or the other and only ran when they realized a single handgun would quickly change the tide in this fight.

That’s something to consider.

In terms of both the father and son — it’s great they made it out relatively unharmed and able to defend themselves.  That’s what carrying concealed is all about and especially about protecting the ones we love from harm.  When criminals aren’t afraid to bust into a house, it really comes down to the individual to be prepared — who knows when those thugs would have stopped otherwise.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • Smith

    “Marking” a truck with spray paint is called vandalism, which could lead to some jail time.

    “Marking” a truck with gunfire is called things like reckless discharge and aggravated assault, which could lead to a great deal of jail time.

    I think more training is in order here.

    • s0nspark

      Well intentioned, no doubt, but not the wisest choice.

      Glad the victims prevailed and the aggressors were caught, in any case :)

    • GDrum

      Yes. It sounds like at least one of the father and son team had a chance to respond to the entry with a firearm in the first place. If I hear something peculiar at 2am or am suddenly awakened and not sure why, and wish to investigate….it won’t be without a firearm….or two.

    • Redeye

      I agree 100%… If the robbers are not inside the property, or in this case were in the vehicle leaving, you can not shoot.

    • Marton Heart

      Simple to solve – go ahead and shoot them (dead) as they flee, then drag their bodies back into the house and put knives in their cold/dead hands. Your word against a corpse’s. Yes, some “cleanup” will have to be done to support your position, but, the reward is more killers off the streets. I’ll take my chances if the only ‘other’ witness is dead…

      • Straightshooter68

        That is seriously bad advice. It would take about 2 seconds for the most rookie cop on the planet to figure that out. You also just moved from a defensive shooting to a possible murder charge. I have no good feelings towards these thugs, and if they were shot by the homeowner during the invasion, then that’s the breaks of being a criminal. But to advise someone to break the law and then try to cover it up is just irresponsible and wrong. Are you going to serve the sentence along with them if they take your advice?

        • David C

          Agreed, Nebraska law says if the suspect is fleeing you can not fire on them, and as you said with today’s forensics it wouldn’t take much to determine what exactly took place…. Had this been in Utah then yes you can open fire as the suspects flee, but I think it would be much less costly to replace stolen items rather than paying attorney fees and possible civil suits.
          This is our right to defend ourselves not a right to kill someone…. It’s guys like Marton Heart that make those of us who carry responsibility look bad.

          • jebor

            I remember when if u caught them stealing from you, you could shoot them dead. In Nebraska Your lawnmower was safe

        • cerpas

          yeah I agree…lay a toy gun next to them with the orange tip removed…that should work.

      • Bob McMahan

        As others have said, police are quite capable of seeing through deception. And, when they do, a good shoot can turn into a crime.

      • Paul D

        This is absolutely the WORST advice ever given! Don’t you know anything about forensics? This would turn possibly a justified self-defense shooting into a justifiable reason to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law for tampering with a crime scene.

    • abag

      Making with bullet holes in a chest would have been the best practice!

      • Tired of the BS

        Jesus. STFU wannabee tough girl.

    • David C

      I’m not sure if he meant “marking the truck” as firing a couple rounds into it or as marking it as seeing it to identify it by make model license plate, possible other distinguishing marks

      • Smith

        Yes, possibly.

      • Jamie Frada

        I took it as both. example it was a black dodge ram with bullet holes in the back.

    • LtSurge659

      I think trespassing on somebody’s house and attempting to kill them warrants a little spray paint on your damn truck. And how, exactly, do you expect people to make such calculated decisions in the midst of such an ordeal?

      • Smith

        By calculating those decisions ahead of time — by training.

        • Michael Myers

          Yes, why don’t you regale us all with glorious tales regarding your vaunted accomplishments in the field of firearms training. Keyboard warriors are so pathetic.

          • Smith

            Sure we are. But how about being constructive?

            Do you view the actions in the article differently than I? If so, why not venture an opinion?

          • Michael Myers

            LOL My “view” of the actions is irrelevant, as is yours.
            And you’re an idiot.

          • Smith

            Throw insults to your heart’s content. I’m leaving this discussion.

          • Michael Myers

            Calling you an idiot us not an insult, it is simply a statement of fact. By all means, take your marbles and go home like the bitch that you are.

          • George Wright

            It’s quite obvious that you were not born yesterday. No one could become so stupid overnight.

          • Michael Myers

            LOL Ah Georgie Boy, I lie here, mortally wounded, skewered by your rapier-like wit. I wonder how many of your already sparse brain cells you fried in the process of coming up with such a scathing retort?

    • Michael Myers

      You’re an idiot.

      • Smith

        Perhaps so, but how will calling me names help matters?

        How would you have advised them to act?

        • Michael Myers

          I don’t “advise.”
          And you are an idiot.

          • Doc_Brown

            And you’re just an Internet troll.

          • Michael Myers

            LOL ah yes, projection. Such a pedestrian defense mechanism. How pathetic of you.

    • Butch Bown

      Your a asswhole, and you need more traning at the candy shop, where you work,
      get real bud , maybe the next assault, can come your way and please let us know how that worked out for you and your family…..assault on you would be kicking a fool’s ass, or aggravated ass fooling….What a PICKER_WOOD

      • Smith

        This isn’t a school yard. If throwing cheap insults makes you feel big and tough, fine. But it isn’t helpful, and I’m not hanging around for it.

        • Butch Bown

          you and your opinion won’t be missed ….Butch Bown USMC retired

        • Butch Bown

          Looks like most that replyed to your statement seem to fine you to be left of the isuue, keep your opinion, more for night’s at the women’s PTA meeting’s…

  • Virginia Lindsey

    never forget! “When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away!”

  • Mr Porter

    Big reason my EDC is Shield 9mm, but my home defense gun is a Glock 17. Invading my castle, I want a lot of rounds at my disposal. Considered using a AR and filling it Vmax rounds to prevent over penetration.

    • Panzer

      Sorry but I think a door gun should be a 12 or even 20 gauge , morel likely to get it done in fewer shots. And if you use those shells up grab your glock. I loved my glock 17 , but so does my gf and wont give it back…. so off to use my 20 gauge p14 or glock 21

  • Rick

    think they’ll do it again?? Good guys with guns make a difference..

    • ZUKIIndy

      Unfortunately they were probably back on the streets the same day and likely back to their familiar ways.

  • Bill Jones

    Can’t see a sane person arguing either the results of this encounter or the reason it ended as it did — but I will be that someone will try to argue it and insist they are sane — gotta wonder.

  • Tired of the BS

    I guess the home invaders didn’t find their’ coke stash? A lot of the home invasion stories feature people where you can’t tell the difference between the invaders and the occupants. No, of course I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to good people. I’m just saying a working knowledge of street sense says a lot of these home invasion stories involve either drugs or people in the middle of a trashy beef. Another thing. I see a lot comments here from people who think they’re experts because Walmart sold them a gun. STFU posers, 99% of you haven’t been in a gun fight. Guns are like sex. Have as much as you want but you’re better off keeping your big mouth shut about it. This will get censored because of freedom and stuff.

    • TxGold

      You’re making excuses for them?

      • Tired of the BS

        No. Anything else to add? Did that sting a little? It’s up to you to decide if you fall into these descriptions.

        • gaillowerybriggs

          We are Tired of the B.S. Quit shoveling it .

        • TxGold

          Sting? God, you are laughable!

      • Tired of the BS

        Agree or disagree, address only what I’ve said and explain why. I can take it. Otherwise STFU.

        • Michael Myers

          Yes, by all means, regale us with glorious tales of your vaunted exploits as a master gunfighter. Just another pathetic keyboard warrior.

        • TxGold

          Go to hell. I’ll STFU when it suits me, not you, putz. It’s called free speech. Got it?!

    • meyo

      Glad to see a intelligent statement, Pat yourself on the back, Now STFU.

  • gingersnaps89

    cops told me more then once that you can only shoot if 1,they come INSIDE your home,2 if you are outside of your home and feel your life is in danger or are protecting another person…you can’t chase after them on foot or in a car to shoot them because the THREAT is no longer there and then YOU could get into trouble…

    • Doc_Brown

      Don’t listen to what a cop tells you; read and understand the law for yourself.

  • James Manos

    And the story leaves out the race of the home invaders. Because their Black.

    • spasmonaut

      How is that even relevant? What difference does race make in any of the details in this story?

      • James Manos

        Because it hides the truth of just who is doing the crime. So you dont know who to be alert for. Because hidiing the truth is a type of lie. And lies arent doing us any good

  • meyo

    The gun should be in the hand already when the door was kicked in.

  • Randy Randolph

    I think i would’ve grabbed for the 12g with home defense rounds on hearing a loud noise like that.

  • Panzer

    Once again a quick entry as nothing was blocking or inside the door to slow them down with. Dont know why he didnt shoot any of them, you can be killed with a hammer and certainly a claw hammer.

  • John

    black lives matter? arm yourselves America, these savages are getting bolder every day. thank God there was a gun in the house

  • Joe Jack Black

    Funny thing is that if there wasn’t a gun in the house the thugs wouldn’t have known the difference. Unless, they actually did know, which implies that there was likely more to this little invasion than just a random robbery. Catch my drift? If these thugs were carrying, the occupants would have for sure been blasted when they figured out the occupants were running after their guns. Most of the time if you have to run after your gun during a fight it’s probably too late for you. A gun can get you out of trouble. It can also get you in trouble. Nature will sort those out who can’t tell the difference.

  • David Frederick

    Should have had that metal closer for an even better response

  • CCRider

    I feel like there’s more to this story.

  • yes the police and media are just seconds away with toe-tags and clip boards to take down the report and notify the next of kin.