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The Real Story Behind Today’s Virginia Reciprocity Announcement, Plus How It Affects Non-Resident Permits


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The gun community is abuzz with talk about Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s announcement today that will ultimately end their reciprocity agreements with 25 states.

We have been inundated with messages, emails and calls about the change, all of which we appreciate. However, there seems to be quite a bit of bad information floating around this hot topic.

Let’s set the record straight with what we’ve learned.

Why the drastic change?

The reason stated for the drastic change is because the list of 25 soon-to-be-axed states currently have weaker requirements for concealed carry permits than those of Virginia.

Herring explains, “Virginia, and nearly every other state in the country, have recognized that carrying a concealed handgun is a significant responsibility that should be extended only to those who have gone through a process to prove a level of competency and responsibility. The standards for proving competency and responsibility are up to each state, and the General Assembly has established Virginia’s standards for whom it considers capable of safely carrying a concealed handgun. Those standards should be applied evenly, consistently, and fairly to anyone who wants to lawfully conceal a handgun in Virginia.”

“That circumvents and undermines Virginia law,” Herring said. “And it has meant that individuals the General Assembly has specifically disqualified because of their past conduct still have a path to getting a concealed handgun permit.”

The changes will take effect February 1st 2016.

Those states include: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Reciprocity agreements will remain intact with the following states: West Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

The new changes also mean that a handful of states will no longer offer reciprocity with Virginia, given their requirements to have mutual reciprocity. Those states are Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wyoming.


What about Virginia Non-Resident permits?

Non-residents of Virginia are still able to apply for their Virginia non-resident concealed carry permits, however the states that those permit holders would be covered in will go down slightly; from 28 to 24.

For clarification, we reached out to American Concealed for comment. They specialize in many non-resident permits and have been digging through the new information all day. Their interpretation of today’s announcement is as follows:

“The Virginia Attorney General’s announcement today simply means that permits issued by 25 states will no longer be honored by Virginia effective February 1st, 2016.

“This mainly effects individuals who are not residents of Virginia and wish to carry concealed in Virginia.  These individuals will now need to obtain Virginia’s permit to carry concealed in Virginia.

“Of the 25 states, ten (Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) will not honor Virginia’s permit.

“Four of these ten states already did not honor Virginia’s permit (Delaware, Minnesota, Washington, and Wisconsin) so this announcement has changed nothing for these four states.

“This leaves six states (Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wyoming) that will no longer honor Virginia’s permit.  Of these six states, three (Florida, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina) already did not honor the non-resident Virginia permit.

“So, out of 25 state permits Virginia will no longer honor, only six have returned the same courtesy to Virginia.  Of those six, three already did not honor the non-resident Virginia permit anyway.

“Again, the Attorney General’s announcement mainly effects residents of Virginia when they travel outside of Virginia, and non-residents of Virginia who wish to carry concealed when they visit Virginia.  Non-residents will now need to obtain Virginia’s permit when visiting Virginia.”

Our friends at USACARRY.COM have a handy reciprocity map that you can use to see which states recognize your permit(s). Keep in mind that the information for Virginia will not be updated until February 1st, since the changes will not take place until then.

Check this space for future updates.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Gary McDuffie

    Where are the REASONS for each state being denied reciprocity? It is easy to see that many of these states have MUCH more stringent requirements to obtain a concealed handgun permit, what were the “disqualifies” that were used to drop reciprocity?

    • Michael Zenzer

      That’s what I say. I was just reading the Virginia non-resident permit training requirements and it’s certainly not anything different from those states on their list nor is it exceptional either way. This is just some agenda for sure.

      • bjensen

        The agenda is to sell more non-resident permits…

        Either that or the AG simply hates tourists and wants fewer coming to visit places like Bush Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg and spending money in his state.

    • Jim Smith

      For many states, it is technicalities. For example, KY’s permit process, while one has to undergo the same training as VA, does not require fingerprints and treats DUIs differently. Additionally, VA requires that permits be immediately verifiable, where as KY will provide verification within 24 hours. The last one is the big one that is getting a lot of states.

  • Jack Mahoghof

    What about those of us that have Non-Resident Utah permits, will we be able to carry in VA with those?


      Yes you can, as well as 36 other states as of today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring tho.

  • Roscoe

    They can give whatever reason they want to give, but the truth is a totalitarian was elected to the governor’s office. Voting has consequences. Democrats who give two cents about their gun rights better realize real quick that the Democrat Party you may have belonged to has morphed into the Totalitarian Party. And I say that as someone who used to vote for Democrats on occasion up until about 10 years ago. ***

    • Jim Smith

      Wasn’t the governor’s call. It was the AG’s call. In VA, like many states, the AG is an elected official who is not answerable to the governor.

      • law-abiding-citizen

        The governor of VA is also a leftist gun grabber.

        • Jim Smith

          That may be true, but not all that relevant to the above article, since it was the AG acting on his own statutory authority to make recommendations under 18.2-308.014. As the AG is elected in VA, he is not answerable to the governor, nor can the governor tell him how to do his job. (VA, like most states, has a plural executive with divided authority and powers, as opposed to a unitary executive in the US federal system.) Ultimately, the decision was made by the Superintendent of State Police under his statutory authority under Code of Virginia 18.2-308.014, again not involving the governor. While the governor may be anti-gun, he had no part in this decision.

          • Scott

            Believe that if you want, but in the past few week the goverror has issued executive orders against open carry on state property and is working on concealed carry. Both the ag and the govs campaigns were financed by Bloomberg. Make no mistake, they have to pay mike back and thus us how they’re going to do it.

          • Jim Smith

            That is the governor’s prerogative as executive in charge of state properties, to allow or disallow certain behaviors on state property provided that the state law on the matter allows him that authority – and most states allow their governors that authority, poorly considered as it may be. Carry on state properties and recognition of out-of-state permits are two different issues since the authority for each comes from a different elected official and separate statutes. The governor has no authority regarding the recognition of out of state permits in the same way that the AG has no authority when it comes to carry on state properties and in state buildings. See Va. Code 18.2-308 if you need further clarification on who has the legal authority to do what in regards to carrying firearms within the Commonwealth.

          • Scott Snoopy

            You can quote all the regulations of the state you like, but I am sure the superintendent serves at the pleasure of the governor like he does in many other states. You have a nice day rationalizing this intrusion on the rights of citizens, thanks to the subjects of VA electing so many liberal progressives to office; good bye

      • Scott Snoopy

        the AG in VA was backed and supported by Bloomberg and his Gun Sense/MDA crowd..VA was on of the targeted states to use the AGs to force “gun CONTROL” on the states ..the fine leftist governor there was also supported by Bloomberg money.

      • TeaPartyPatriotTD

        Do you honestly think Terrory McAweful doesn’t have his douchbag mits all over this? Please spare me.

      • John Thomas Badcock

        Im sure they had a little talk…

    • TeaPartyPatriotTD

      ALL DEMOCRATS are enemies of The United States. I put them right up there with ISIS baconhaters and that fkng scumbag.

    • John Thomas Badcock

      The Democratic Party is nobody’s friend – too bad too many haven’t realized that yet…

  • thrukhe

    Unless Virginia has changed its procedure, all a resident needed to do was go online, take a test and receive their permit in the mail. Ohio, in particular, has much more stringent standards than that.

    • bjensen


      All this is, is a $$ grab by VA to increase the number of non-resident permits they can “sell” so people can exercise their 2A Rights, they also know damn well that criminals don’t give a crap about permits, and as for the statement about people going out of state Ohio doesn’t even offer non-resident permits (and as you said, has a tougher standard)

      • John Thomas Badcock

        Get a Utah and Arizona – the other states that won’t honor one or the other of these, let’s just say, aren’t worth visiting…

    • David Lawrence

      That is true minus one step, you must take your certificate to the court and apply with your city and be fingerprinted and have your record run. Then you will receive your ccp in the mail within 60 days. I have my ccp but never found the need to carry, I keep my guns in my house locked up except for my home protection piece which is hidden but easily excessable (I do not have kids). That being said I find this change to the current code useless and without merrit since it really does not have any effect on people who break the law only people who follow the local laws and may travel. I am all for training if you are to carry (alot of dimwitted people who think shooting under stress comes naturally) but this just seems like its a stepping stone to something more to come. Just my opinnion.

    • TeaPartyPatriotTD

      Wrong. Go back to the starting line and try again…

  • Steve Whipple

    I would Hazzard to say that out of state CCW permits factor very seldom in crimes and the criminals don’t care anyway. The only thing this does Is put law abiding citizens in danger. Their excuse is TOTAL BULLSHIT! To get my NC permit, I had to be finger printed, take a course that involved physical classroom time and range time, the normal background check, AND had to have the county psychiatrist check my medical records. This is much more then a person has to do in Va. This is a Red Herring. If I were still a resident of NC, I would certainly open carry in VA as opposed to leaving my loved ones unprotected as Virginia’s Governor and Attorney General desire! Wright your representatives NOW. Let’s also work on getting the Attorney General out of office. THE ONLY PEOPLE EFFECTED BY THIS ARE LAW ABIDING VIRGIANS!!!!

    • newjerseybt

      It says right in the Constitution “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
      security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
      shall not be infringed”. PERIOD! Nothing said about firearm’s courses, fees, passing tests. Who knows better than the 6 million or so Jews back in 1930s, 40s who were disarmed by the German government. Street criminals are the LEAST of our worries. Fear the government who fears your guns.

    • spatin

      Good post, except for misspellings. It’s not “Wright your representatives”. It’s “write to your representatives”. Sorry for the grammar and spelling lesson. No charge.

      • Gk532


        • Biglou13

          Must be an intolerant, islam loving, liberal progressive communist.

          • Gk532

            Notatall. Stopwiththegrammarlessons.

          • Jim Allen

            There is a lot to be said for proper grammar and composition. Compare the following sentences with the use of just two capitol letters changed:
            I helped my Uncle Jack off his horse.
            I helped my uncle jack off his horse.
            End of lesson…

          • Chris Boyles

            If you get the man’s point, quit making divisive elitist comments. We have too much of that in this country…….

  • Grant Eagle

    Not visiting ( or spending) any money in VA.

  • Doug

    Time to stop Virginians from driving in your state. I don’t think they get as good training in the driving arts there.

  • Kickinmg

    Follow the money, that the whole reason, herringbone wants to bump up the coffers…..

  • David Gallagher

    It still sucks….. I am now further land locked as a law abiding PA resident in my right to defense with another monetary and red tape burden.

  • spatin

    Simple. Don’t go to Virginia. Don’t do any business there. Make it known that Virginia is a dangerous place to be because they don’t allow people to defend themselves. Apply lots of political pressure. Virginia has a great history of being freedom loving people who will not put up with government tyranny (remember Bobby Lee and the War of Northern Aggression?). Maybe the people of Virginia will fix this problem.

    • John Thomas Badcock

      Virginia is as of today a little bit more safe for criminals – heck, didn’t they elect one Governor?

    • TheKingJAK

      You can thank all of the carpetbaggers who’ve crossed the river into NoVa from up north (Not all northerners are carpetbaggers, not by a long shot, but Maryland, New York, Boston, etc. tend to have a higher ratio of them moving into NoVa. Northerners and other outsiders who respect Virginia for it’s history and culture are more than welcome, and I encourage all freedom loving people to consider moving into the Commonwealth).

  • Jim Smith

    How does this affect Code of Virginia 18.2-308.014(B) which seems to indicate, by statute, that Maryland CCW permits will be recognized as valid in VA?

  • Wayne Gilmore

    Want to fight back, Join VCDL(Virginia Citizens Defense League) and go with them to Lobby day at the State Capitol where we meet with state assembly for help draft new laws, like taking the ability of the Governor and the AGs ability to make unilateral political decisions. Lobby day is the 18th of Jan.

  • Patski762

    Fuck ’em. I’ll OC in VA from now on. .

  • James Alan Hoffman

    In some ways i’m not surprised with Virginia move on this, I got my CCW permit as a resident of West Virginia. in WV you have to take a CCW class, pass the shooting Qualifications, get a certificate of Qualification from the instructor, take that to the county sheriff office, Federal background check by the state police, a 2-4 week wait for “Processing” and be ready to pony up about $90 for a “Shall issue” permit (unless you got a gun purchase background check disqualifier: hospitalized mentally ill, felon, traitor, non-citizen,ect ) that lasts 5 years, Ours are getting changed to include a photo ID on the permit. All because our Republican city mayors are more Anti-gun than our Democrat Governor!, and those city mayors keep issuing anti-gun city ordinances in violation of state and federal gun laws! If only all 50 states just did things Like Bernie Sanders home state of Vermont does it, Constitutional Carry, no permit needed!

    • John Van Sickle

      That’s no different from Ohio and we already have a photo ID. This is all underhanded in that they claim that Ohio’s standards are lower.

  • Raymond Frisbey

    To me the worst part is they gave 30 days notice. The application process for a non-resident permit takes 90 days or so. That leaves me open carrying in Virginia for at least 2 months. I spend around 1/3 of my time in VA, and 10’s of thousand dollars a year. I will have to be much more cognizant of where I’m spending my money and only contribute to the VA economy when I absolutely must. On the same news cast where they made this announcement they covered a story of a women found shot and killed in the middle of the road walking home from work in the same facility where I work out of when I’m here I’m in Virginia. Pure partisan bullshit politics. I’m sick of bending over backwards to satisfy these liberal leftist control fanatics. Law abiding Americans really need to stand up to the push towards police states. It is long past time to demand national constitutional carry, or a must issue Federal CCW.

  • kingedwads

    Simple solution, do not visit or vacation in Virginia.

  • Dave

    I used to hunt in VA but no more. I will give up my lease of hunting land next year and refuse to hunt in that state. So they can now miss out on my staying there in hotels and eating there and my hunting license fees. I hope all other out of state hunters do the same and no longer hunt in that state.

  • TeaPartyPatriotTD

    Bullshit! This is asshole demoncraps forcing their totalitarian agenda down our throats. There will come a time when enough have had just that, enough, and this problem will be corrected by whatever means necessary to guarantee our Constitutional rights.

  • Political Swine Fest

    God Damn the effing Democrats and the Republicans who are too weak to stand up against them.

  • John Thomas Badcock

    Obama’s agenda in open display here…
    Hillary in full agreement no doubt

  • Gary Dunn

    My question would is: Can the law abiding commuity get enough momentum to push through Federal reciprocity legislation? That is the states issue the permits and all states recognize the permit-issuing state by federal legislation.

  • Larry Bobbitt

    Screw the govt. I will carry when and where I want. What part of shall not be infringed do these fu$ktards not understand.

  • Still Free

    I have to travel between NC and MI with a NC CCW on a frequent basis. I used to look forward to the low gas prices in the People’s Republic of VA even though I had to disconnect my radar/laser detector (due to an unconstitutional prohibition on receiving electromagnetic waves in the PR of VA).

    From now on I’m driving around. Sure, it’ll cost me some coin and release some additional CO2; but, I’ll still be able to defend my family.

    I assume the voting public in the PR of VA is happy to trade my business for the extra security provided by the absence of this responsible NC CCW holder in their oppressive state.

    VA favorite son Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave.

  • Joseph Waters

    With this new Virginia gun law in effect, which States will recognize
    the non-resident Virginia permit. For example, if I live in NC and have a non-resident Virginia permit, can I still carry in NC?

  • oldhokie

    Living on the border with Tennessee I know for a fact that TN and several other states actually have more stringent requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit. It is possible to get a permit in Virginia after having taken no concealed carry specific classes. The background check is not much different. I know of no state that does not require the applicant to eligible to own/possess a firearm before even considering issuance of a permit to carry. Most of what Mr. Herring posts as reasons do not exist in fact for several states.

  • Gunny

    You guys think VA is bad, here in CA we have certain cities and municipalities that won’t recognize CCW permits issued in other areas of the same State! How’s that Leftist, Commie, Stupid?

  • Chris Boyles

    Does this mean North Carolina will recognize Virginia non resident permits?

  • Terry King

    NOW, Mow that Virginia has this new ruling and law that limit and punish honest American citizens who responsibility have CCP for their and their families protection by taking away their constitutional right to protect their family, my question is simple.
    Will Virginia continue on the path as California, who has the strictest gun laws in the entire country, and will Virgina do as California has done by failing to do one single thing about gun violence by criminals. Anyone who is educated in what’s going on in Calafornia is fully aware that their crime rate is the highest in the nation.
    Gun control is not to control crime , it’s to control people. It’s a Socalist Democrat thing. It’s a takeover of USA!

  • Terry King

    One more thing. When Virginia starts knocking the process of North Carolina’s CCP standards, I start getting mad!
    NC is and always will have huger standards than VA with better back grown checking, fingerprinting, and requirements in obtaining a CCP. To put us down in NC is simply wrong.
    Mr Atorney General of VA, please tell us one time when a NC family with CCP privileges , while visiting or traveling through your state commuted a crime with a firearm.
    If you are not a Socialist Democrat, then before you did this ruling, why didn’t you do your home work and educate yourself with truth????

  • Terry King

    Here is my challenge as a law abiding citizen from NC who with CCP, and resoprosity priveligies for Virginia in the past.
    I challenge every law abiding citizen who is a resident of North Carolina to tell at least 10 people a day, or even 5 people per day about this and challenge them NOT TO SPEND ONE CENT OF THEIR MONEY IN VIRGINIA AS LONG AS THIS RULLING IS IN EFFECT! Stop and eat, take a break or whatever BEFORE CROSSING THE LINE INTO VA !! Do not spend NC money in VA !!, and PLEASE get the word out. NO MORE NC MONEY SPENT IN VIRGINIA.
    We’ll trade only insult for insult.
    You insult us, we stop doing $$ with you!!!! Have a nice day !!! I wish the VA Socalist Democrats would loose so much money that they would loose their lazy loafing jobs and be forced to get a real jobs!!! And learn to work !!! Then they might see things the way the working citizens in VA , NC, and around the country see them. They might even start to value protecting their families.

  • rinossuck

    I will be carrying open in va when I have to travel there,

  • Jeff Johnson

    I’m curious how the VA DA considers Virginia’s conceal carry laws to be more stringent than those of NC. I can’t find any difference that makes Va’s more thorough. In fact, the law in NC seems to be more strict than that in Va.