Corey jones wrongful death

Concealed Carrier Taken Out By Unmarked Police Officer — Negligence Or Worse?


MIAMI, FLORIDA — Corey Jones, a licensed concealed carrier, was shot three times by a plainclothes police officer driving in an unmarked vehicle in the early morning as he waited for a tow truck to recover his broken-down vehicle.  That much is known.  The details as to the police officer’s rationale seem as bizarre as the event itself.  According to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department statements, Officer Nouman Raja, 38, pulled up behind what he thought was an abandoned vehicle and encountered Jones who was waving his gun around.

via the Guardian

“As the officer exited his vehicle, he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject,” Stephen Stepp [Chief of Police, Palm Beach Gardens Police Department] said. “As a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm, resulting in the death of Mr Corey Jones.”

Jones’ family refutes these allegations, stating their son was a church-organist for their church and enjoyed playing drums with a touring church band.  Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing this case, makes a very good claim as to why Jones may have been suspicious of the approaching plainclothes officer in an unmarked vehicle.

“He rolls up on him in an unmarked white van with tinted windows. He doesn’t know if he’s about to get mugged, if he’s about to get robbed, or he’s about to be killed. Imagine yourself on the side of the road at three in the morning and an unmarked van rolls up on you,” said attorney Benjamin Crump in an emotional statement outside the courthouse.

That’s a very good question — what would you do if you were broken down on the side of the road at 3 am and you saw a white van with tinted windows roll up behind your vehicle right outside Miami?

I can tell you, as a concealed carrier who uses situational awareness on a daily basis to make threat assessments, I would be overly suspicious of that vehicle and the person who got out of it.

There is a lot in terms of rampant speculation over the officer’s motives.


Certainly, there was no way for Jones to know that the officer was who he said he was — if the officer even went that far.  From the report, it looks like the officer wasted no time putting three rounds in Corey Jones.  If he was in uniform, had a marked vehicle, there would have been at least some indication for Jones to determine the presence of law enforcement.  Otherwise, it would literally look like an armed man approaching him in the early morning hours, on the side of the highway — something I think any concealed carrier would naturally be defensive about.

…And this wasn’t Officer Raja’s first allegation of purposefully mishandling a case.

via the Guardian

[Officer] Raja previously had been reprimanded by his commanders at a different police department for being “derelict in the performance of his duties” by repeatedly mishandling evidence and paperwork, according to his disciplinary file. He was found holding on to prescription drugs that he seized from a suspect and threatened with suspension.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is personally investigating Raja’s actions and the police department he works for presently.  Raja is on paid administrative leave pending results of the investigation.

While the case is expected to take some time before it is concluded, initial autopsy reveals that Jones had attempted to flee after being critically shot.  He made it about 80 to 100 feet before collapsing and dying at the scene.

As a concealed carrier, what would have you done differently?

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  • Go Faster

    If it were me. 1. I would state, I don’t know who you are and 2. I am legally armed so please identify yourself.
    As the officer I would have repeatedly announced who I was. Name and badge number and my intent.

    Best case scenario.

    Other than that I feel the officer overreacted and will most likely be charged with murder.

    • David Rosier

      Don’t hold your breath on that murder charge. The cop is the only “living” witness. Unless some damning evidence is found he will walk with no disciplinary action. Even if they find something, he’ll likely get a wrist slap.

    • joe bloe

      what evidence do you have for murder? you should contact the DA, apparently you know more than them. Oh, wait, you made that up. never mind.

      • Go Faster

        Hide and watch. Then you can come back and apologize. LMAO

    • Rick O’Brien

      Charged…maybe. Convicted…never happen, White cop shooting a black man ? In the SOUTH ? Who had a gun ? They’ll probably promote him.

      • Chaz Walker

        I love how this article stated no race and you automatically jump and pull the race card. Bravo Zulu for you! just had to go there didn’t you? also a name like Nouman Raja sounds like a “white name” huh? You’re a part of the problem… please never post anything online again with your ignorant biased beliefs.

  • Smith

    If I could at all help it, I would be at home in the middle of the night, and not on the street. Remember: nothing good happens at 2 in the morning.

    However, if I found myself in this scenario, with someone approaching my vehicle suspiciously, I would loudly warn them to keep away, and only go for the gun as a last resort.

    In any potential self-defense scenario, I’d strive for a non-violent solution if time and circumstances permitted.

    • Bob Smiton

      There is little room for non violence when an armed person in a white van shows up waving a gun at you. There is nothing but the officer’s version of truth so chances are quite good that the deceased could likely have attempted peaceful resolve and identified himself and his CCP status.

      • Smith

        I was being rather general, as there is a glaring shortage of facts at this point.

        But I didn’t see anything about the cop himself waving a gun around. Were that the case, yes, that certainly could change things.

        • Bob Smiton

          I agree there is quite a shortage of facts and no mention of the cop himself waiving his gun around nor would there be many/any facts or mention of such a thing if the only other person to be there is dead and the survivor is a cop. Ultimately I think the whole story is BS and is just more fodder to rile up the anti human rights type of folks.

  • joe bloe

    you say in your article, according to the PD he was “waving his gun around”. Could you give us your evidence for this? No, you made it up. You also say “the police officer’s rationale seem as bizarre as the event itself.” You believe a police officer being approached by a man holding a gun is a bizarre rationale for shooting him? Also, less important but a factual error, he was a drummer in the church band, not the organist. Great article! Maybe you could get a job with bloomberg. Lastly you quote benjamin crump?

    • Kirby Crowley

      Not fond of reading much?

      From the Concealed Nation article:
      “According to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department statements, Officer Nouman Raja, 38, pulled up behind what he thought was an abandoned vehicle and encountered Jones who was waving his gun around.”

      Which in turn was a quote from the Guardian article, and so cited:
      “Stephen Stepp, the chief of Palm Beach Gardens police department, told reporters on Tuesday that Raja, 38, who was on duty in civilian clothes and driving an unmarked van, pulled up behind what he thought was an abandoned vehicle and was then confronted by Jones who was waving a gun.”

      And it was the officer approaching the victim, not the other way around.

      • Bob Smiton

        Some people have a predetermined outcome in their mind long before reading anything other than the headline and then they attempt to infect everyone else with their biased views based on fantasies in their own mind.

      • joe bloe

        so your entire critique is one was approaching the other? my point was he was waving a gun. who was approaching who is irrelevant. waving a gun around is called brandishing and it is illegal. it’s also a great reason to get shot. but congrats on the irrelevant nit picking.

        • Kirby Crowley

          No, blow, my entire critique is that you’re an idiot.

          Quote from YOU: “Could you give us your evidence for this? No, you made it up.”

          I said you should actually read.

          • joe bloe

            like i said no evidence, then the personal attacks. how about this, that dumb nigga is dead and the cop will walk. have a good one!

    • KA929

      I would agree with Kirby C., reading is not your strength. He played organ in church and drums with a touring church band. When trying to insult people, you should really have your facts straight.

      • joe bloe

        got me there! invalidates my main point! not. amazing to see you idiots grasp at straws and try to defend this idiot pulling ou gun and getting shot for it. here is a tip, don’t pull your gun unless you are ready to use it. the cop sure knew that.

  • Jack Mahoghof

    LOTS of missing information in this article.

    • Redline

      What is it?

      • Ethan

        1) What prompted the Victim to start “waving his gun around” – it strains credibility to believe that he spontaneously decided to start waving it around standing by himself on the side of the road.

        2) Did the officer offer identification?

        3) Who drew first? Under the cirmcumstances I would think the victim would be justified in drawing on some stranger walking up him in the middle of the night… the deputy then draws on him, and things go downhill from there.

        4) Even if someone (NOT in cop uniform and NOT driving a cop car) said he was a cop while pointing a gun at you, would you listen?

        • Randy

          Why did this unmarked vehicle not have a dash cam?

  • Louis Marschalko

    Geheime Staats Polizei (Gestapo for short) need to be seriously curtailed. Americans don’t automatically assume that people in civilian clothes are cops, even if they claim to be.

  • MKE gal

    What would I have done differently?
    The biggest thing I can think of is to stay in my car with the doors locked.
    That way, if someone approached I would have some measure of safety, and some delay before they could get to me (though this guy could have shot through the window).

    • MKE gal

      Stay in the car once I’d determined that the problem wasn’t something I could fix on my own, like changing the tire. (And do that with extreme prejudice, looking around frequently.)

  • top secret

    Unfortunately, trusting someone in todays society can get you killed.
    A little Monday morning QBing…
    The unmarked/plainclothes officer should have driven by, called for marked backup, and waited nearby for marked arrival to assist if needed. Poor judgement on how to approach the situation, especially at 2AM, IMO.
    Incidents/tragedies like these do no favors for officers, or 2A and CC; they open all three to criticism.

  • Randy

    Where is the dash cam video?

    • Louis Marschalko

      Probably no dash cam in unmarked vehicle.

  • C. D. Carney

    Cops fault, no argument.