11 yr old shoots 16 yr old

11-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Teen Breaking Into Home — Not As Clear Cut As It Appears


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI — One teenager is in the morgue, another suspect is in custody and an 11-year-old is still pending interview with St. Louis authorities after a tragic home invasion.  According to police, an 11-year-old was home alone with his 4-year-old sister when two teens allegedly repeatedly tried to break into the home.  The mother, at the time, was not home and said she had gotten the firearm after having her house targeted in the past by criminals.

Home alone, initial reports suggested that the 11-year-old picked up the loaded handgun and shot the first intruder in the head.  The second suspect attempted to flee but was promptly picked up by authorities.

While KSDK-5 is saying that authorities are initially ruling this as a self-defense shooting, it’s still unclear the entirety of the circumstances around this event.

Based upon KSDK-5’s latest update at 10:00 PM EST last night, the 11-year-old responsible for the shooting has yet to be interviewed by authorities due to his extreme young age.  The other alleged suspect in this case is also still in custody and no word has emerged from either source.

Because all of the victims and suspects in this case are juvenile (less than 18 years of age), authorities have to be particularly cautious when interviewing them as there are different procedures in place for interviewing juveniles than adults in the Missouri court system.

Regardless of where the conversations sways in terms of politics, the reality of placing a child into harm’s way to shoot and kill another child is certainly a deep matter of concern for all involved.

***UPDATE (09/03/2015)***

According to the St. Louis-Dispatch, residents and neighbors are disputing the initial claims that the two 16-year-olds were breaking in.

via KMBC


Some neighbors told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that they witnessed the shooting and there was no break-in.

Donna Jackson told the newspaper that she saw the 11-year-old shoot the 16-year-old at point-blank range as they talked near front door.

It was not a break-in,” Jackson, 45, said. “He shot him in the head.

The second suspect in this case is now identified as a 22-year-old.

But Sharon Taylor, who lives next door to where the shooting happened and said she is a cousin of the 11-year-old’s father, said the boy is not a troublemaker. She doubted the break-in story, however, calling it unlikely to happen in the middle of the day.

This sounds like the news is reporting on Taylor’s speculative opinion of the case – not actual eye-witness testimony.  The logic of “unlikely to happen in the middle of the day” is idiotic.  That’s a fallacious argument and would never be admissible in court or in the course of an actual investigation.  Break-ins can occur at any time and under any condition.  Saying something wouldn’t have happened due to the time of the day is about as ridiculous as this entire case is shaping up.

But the first neighbor’s account, the one suggesting the two intruders hadn’t actually broken in but instead were shot right in the front foyer of the room — that spins this case right on around.

It’s unknown why a 16-year-old and a 22-year-old were on the doorstep of an 11-year-old trying to sell him their phone.  It sounds like the only innocent person in that situation was the 4-year-old kid sister.

These kids were all up to no good and one of them got shot.

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  • Massolo

    I disagree that the 16-year-olds be named as a children. You wave that designation when you become criminals. I’m glad at least one of them won’t have a long criminal record too!

    • James England

      Story seems to be developing on this one. That 11-year-old doesn’t look so innocent anymore. Recent reports suggest that those kids (16, 22 respectively) weren’t breaking in but one was “trying to sell his phone” to the 11-year-old when the 11-year-old reportedly shot him. There’s lots of neighbors weighing in on their eye-witness account.

      • Kenneth Dowdy

        Just how many neighbors were in the foyer at the time of the shooting? We know from the Ferguson shooting just how reliable St. Louis eye witnesses are. The lie like a rug.

        • joe bloe

          didn’t see any mention of a foyer except the author.

      • Jim

        seems so the nighbors heard and saw the enire converstaion? Get real I had a hoem ionvasion that started with a kid selling news papers and ended up with 9 gang members all armed sending my brother to the hospital after they kicked the door in…oh I as a kid used self defense an stopped them by wounding one. My parenst who ahd not been there blamed it all on me regardless the criminals admitted to teh home invasion and attack. Witness are the most unreliable source of information in crimes.

  • GDrum

    Any way you look at it. It’s highly doubtful that an 11 year can possess the knowledge, have the training, and be at a maturity level to handle a firearm in a defensive situation. There are certain teens I have met and seen that would be able to handle themselves well with proper training. Such as the young man a few weeks back who defending his home against invaders with his own rifle. I was very impressed by him and his father in the interview. However, in this case? I feel the mother was very irresponsible for giving her child access to a firearm. Even in a legit home invasion, It’s likely he would be hurt or have the gun taken away from him anyway. You have to accept the fact, if your going to leave young kids at home alone, there is a certain amount of risk that will come with that decision.

    • joe bloe

      not true at all

    • Jim

      Not a rational or realistic view at all. Most kids in out in the country know how to effectively use a firearm by the time they are 11. It’s not as common in the city. In this case, the mother appears to have done the right thing by ensuring her child knew where the gun was and how to use it. That’s how every home with both (children and firearms) should be.

      • GDrum

        I respect your opinion Jim. Your entitled to yours, just like I. Maybe your right. I could have phrased the first part better. I’m sure there are “certain and many” 11 year old’s that could carry out the task of a self defense shooting. Because that’s what I’m talking about. Not about the youth of the country growing up around firearms and shooting with their dads. Your right. There are 8 years old’s out there that can shoot better than adults! But giving your average 11 year old child full access to your defensive firearm in your lockbox? I don’t think so. In my particular case, even though I grew up around firearms, and purchased my first handgun as soon as I could, for the majority of the time my son was growing up, I did not have my gun set up for home defense. It was unloaded. Locked in a box. I did want to get my son out as soon as I felt he was ready and start shooting. And we did. We moved, I became more interested in firearms, and set my home up the proper way. By then he was a teen, and I felt comfortable disclosing and training him how to access our handguns. At 11, even though he was a responsible, good kid, I just don’t think he was ready for that yet. A decision that is up to the parent. Anyway, this incident is not clear cut, and is still being investigated.

  • Jim

    Talking at the front door can be a ome invasion fi the 16 ry old man was threatening to hurt, kill the kid or his little sister.