[VIDEO] Robber Tries Make Off With $100K In Jewelry — One Store Owner Objects


BOARDMAN TOWNSHIP, OHIO — Authorities describe a chaotic scene taking place after hours at the Cirelli Jewelers after an attempted burglary is interrupted by one of the jewelers.

Surveillance video provided by WKBN 27 shows a burglar gaining access to the front entrance of Cirelli Jewelers.  It also shows one of the jewelers – who lives above the store – armed with a gun, waiting outside to stop the crime in progress.

via WKBN 27

“He armed himself and went to the front of the business where the subject came at him. He fired a number of shots,” Boardman Police Chief Jack Nichols said.


One of those shots, despite being at close range, missed the burglar altogether and went through the window of a nearby funeral home.  But the action wasn’t for naught – the thief dropped a bag filled with an estimated $100,000 worth of jewelry before escaping in a vehicle.

Police followed a trail of blood which abruptly ended – indicating the thief entered a vehicle and escaped.  The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time but generally when someone is shot severely, he has a limited time to seek professional medical assistance.

Police are also curious to see if a link exists between this failed robbery and a similar one which occurred at another jewelry store in the area.  That robbery was successful but the bandit made off with a measly $8K – in comparison to the near $100K estimated for this one.

While the identify of the burglar is still unknown, police are confident that his DNA will be identified and with it – the implication of his presence at the crime.  And especially because the guy took close quarters gunshot wounds, Nichols said it was just a matter of time before he showed up at a hospital.

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  • dragos111

    Personally, I am all for having the right to protect yourself and your stuff from low life hoods. That said, what was this guy thinking standing outside the shop just waiting to bushwhack the perp?

    In this case, he is probably lucky he did not kill the guy. There was no threat. They guy would have left with his loot and it would have been done.

    I think our system is thoroughly corrupt at this point. Honest folk can be made into felons by simply trying to protect what is theirs. The pendulum has swung too far on this issue.

    • Pat Riot

      Well, without actually having been there…if the owner was outside the door, and the thug exited the door and continued advancing towards the owner, that could very well be perceived by most rational people as a threat.

      If *you’re* willing to give up your hard-earned goods to some thug, more power to you. Again, most rational people would likely put up at least a minimal fight to protect their property, and I applaud this jewelry store owner for doing so.

      • James England

        I feel conflicted on this one because what worth is a man’s life? $100k worth of jewelry? I support this business owner’s right to protect his business. I would have really liked to see more restraint but – like you said (and very correctly) – I wasn’t there.

  • Jim

    Next time use a semi-auto shotgun