[VIDEO] Perfect Draw From Holster While Seated In Car During Attempted Armed Robbery


These two crooks on a motorcycle thought they had an easy target. How wrong they were.

The intended victim was ready, and maintained eye contact with the bad guy during the entire draw of his firearm. Then, bam.

A few important points to make here with this particular incident:

1) The driver knows the exact location to reach for his firearm without looking. This is where practicing your draw comes into play. He was able to maintain eye contact with the bad guys to watch their every move.

2) The driver also had a round in the chamber ready to go. Had he not, this story would have likely ended badly for him.

3) At the 0:28 mark, the driver uses his dominant hand to unbuckle his seat belt. This leaves him vulnerable as he places his loaded firearm in his other hand, unable to pull the trigger if need be.

As soon as the driver has his hand on his firearm, the bad guy at the door takes note and begins to back away. Then he starts to run for his life. Sure, the bad guy could have fired at this time, but he didn’t. Once he realized his victim leveled the playing field, he wanted none of it.

And that, folks, is concealed carry in action.

If anyone knows where this incident look place, let us know in the comments.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Cisco

    Very cool. Personally, I usually don’t use my seatbelt in town, because it comes down across my right side, where I have my sidearm in an IWB holster. I’d rather take the chance on a seatbelt violation, rather than the possible alternative. And I suppose there are some that wouldn’t agree with that.

    • Ryan Larson

      You realize you are far more likely to die in a car accident than because you couldn’t get to your firearm in time?

      • Cisco

        You could surely be right, but I just feel more comfortable doing it the way I do. Also, I’m from back in the day, when seatbelts didn’t come with the car. So if I’m not using one, I really don’t miss it. But I’ve carried for most of my life, and I would miss that.

        • Kyle Mohr

          Okay, just have fun ending up like my friend, who was charged with a misdemeanor for not wearing his seatbelt, then when they saw he had his legally concealed firearm, they upgraded the charge to possession of a firearm while in the commission of a crime and now he can no longer own firearms. Have fun with that in court, dummy.

          • Bill Edwards

            Not wearing a seat belt is not a misdemeanor, it is a simple traffic violation. No judge is going to allow that to be used to make a secondary weapons charge against a legally permitted concealed carrier. Sorry, your story does not make sense

          • Cecil Howard

            Bill thank you are right. This guy doesnt know what he is talking about. Sounds the me like there is more to the story.It would be great if people would not post crap thay make up

          • Cisco

            Thankfully I live in a red state, and it doesn’t go that way here. A seatbelt violation here is what’s called a secondary violation. You have to be stopped for something else, before they can write you for the seatbelt. Then it’s like jaywalking, 25 dollar fine, no points and you can pay by mail, just like a parking ticket. I know that in some states they make a big deal of it, but not here.
            I’m sorry that you felt it necessary to call me names.

          • Jija Bulaste

            I live in a red state too and seat belt violations started out as a secondary offense. Of course a couple years later it was moved to a primary and I was driving literally down the block from my house w/o belt and got a ticket on the FIRST day the law sent into effect.

          • Rorinon

            That is a flat out lie under any state’s vehicle code. you need to actually have some facts straight before you try to troll on the internet with this kind of BS.

          • John

            You are fucking stupid! LOL Prove what you are saying about your “friend”. Nobody believes you.

          • The Infidel


          • Nice story, except that you’re lying.

    • Pat Fox

      proper placement of your pistol and the correct holster, will still allow a clean draw.. even with the belt still engaged !!!!

    • mmm

      Huh? So that”possible alternative”, which statistics will show is extremely low, is worth the definite alternative ofyou getting injured in an accident which is MUCH mire likely than an incident involving using your gun? You sir, have warped logic. Very!

      • Cisco

        You have your opinion on seatbelts, and others have theirs. Believe it when I say, everybody is “not” a fan of seatbelts. Many people that use them, only do so out of fear of getting a ticket and having to take their grocery money, and give it to a corrupt legal system. Personally, I would rather be able to get at my sidearm, and not have the dumb seatbelt in the way. To each his own, said the old man when he kissed the cow.

  • Louis Marschalko

    Anyone know where it happened? I’m guessing not in USA.

    • Luis E Torres Brignoni

      Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Lynn Bell

    Glad to see how calm and collected he was, but one thing that i noticed was that he kept shooting as they were running away. Had he hit one in the back with a round, would that change the

    • WebWalker

      In Brazil? Unknown. MilPolice shooter? Unknown.

    • papachaz57

      I don’t know, if the runner is still armed, what would stop him from turning and shooting? Asking because I’d really like to know if anyone knows the answer. I personally think shooting someone in the back who is trying to get away opens up the possibility of charges. Most ‘stand your ground’ laws only give you the right to shoot to defend if there’s no other choice, right? so someone running away is giving you the choice not to. However, in this case, while the one guy was running away, the motorcycle driver was still there, so there’s that. If multiple guys are there, and one pulls a weapon on you, I think you’re safe to assume they all have weapons and take down as many as you can. Again, I’m not lawyer and if that’s not right, I’d like to know. I’m of this crowd: Judge -“why did you fire 10 shots?” Me- “because that’s all there were in the magazine”……

      • Gun Smoke

        one thing about shooting in back. If you ever get into a gun fight. Just when you draw and b4 fire, the perp may turn. It is not always about you shot an innocent in the back. I have some safety by using USCCA as my one phone call. Everyone who carries should have that or another that is ready to help you defend.

  • Carl Anglen

    Actually that guys gun is not in a hip holster must have had a place to stash it next to the seat …..and he keeped firing til he Dropped the Perp in Black then stopped to try to get out

  • Rick Vincent

    I love a happy ending.

  • Muglas

    One death vs zero deaths.
    My guess is that no deaths would have occurred if there were only one gun.

    • QuietDanTN

      Operative word is “guess.” Guess with your own life.

    • Think

      Correct if the only the guy in the car had a gun no one would have been shot.

      The fact that the two idiots on the motorbike are riding up to an innocent person and pulling a gun on him proves that they had nefarious (criminal) intent.

      Something you need to consider is that those two idiots on the bike may well have not been first timers and if they were and succeeded the first time then they probably would have continued. Who knows how many people they may have already killed or would kill in their future armed criminal acts.

      And that about sums it up. A law abiding citizen with a gun in his or her hand is no threat to any other law abiding citizen.

      It’s the non law abiding criminals who are the problem, with or without a gun. For them a tazer, knife or a length of pipe would also be employed as an aid to their criminal acts and that’s all they’d need if law abiding citizens were not permitted to carry a gun.

    • RedMeatState

      the guy in the car would be dead. nice try a-hole.

  • theGreenAggie

    First, a result is a result. Good shoot. Presumably innocent victim suffers no loss of property or bodily injury, and escapes with only the burden of psychological trauma and possible legal scrutiny. That’s about as good as a DGU gets.

    That being said, this is far from a perfect draw. In fact, I would say that it violates the “don’t kill myself” rule of drawing a handgun. I’m certainly not going to claim I would have done any better – in fact I doubt the results would have been as good if this were me. Still, I’m a bit disturbed that this post was titled a “perfect draw” when this gentlemen covers both of his femoral arteries with his own muzzle during the draw.

    I’m always glad to read stories – and even better watch videos – of successful DGU’s because there is a lot to be learned from them. We need to be looking at both the good and the bad points, though, to truly improve.

  • SexForUs

    Who gives a shit if he was wearing a seat belt or not or if he was drawing from a hip holster or the side of his seat?

    One thug dead, one on the run and life goes on, happily I might add.

  • asgeer

    It was in São Paulo, Brazil. The victim is a military police officer and was using a taurus pt 24/7 40 cal, he was entering in a parking lot of a supermarket when the both thugs came in. The one in the motorcycle is in severe state at the hospistal and the one that run away is not yet indentified.

  • Philip Ygnacio

    WRONG, wrong, wrong!!
    If you start from frame 28 and go every 2 frames to frame 32…. watching his hands: You will see that the person is not drawing from a holster at all. The weapon is slightly to his right side & beside him, between the car seat and the hump of the drive shaft. The butt must have pointing up and the barrel pointing to the back seat …. Which means the weapons was deliberately place upside down, so that the right handed shooter need only touch the weapon and know that it was in proper hand position.

  • Dan Cox

    A good guy with a Gun!

  • Fred Starr

    And that’s how you end a criminals career!!!

  • Cecil Howard

    Thats good it turned our that way. I sense you have had a problem wirh open carry because you are alwaya pushing people to buy this holster and promote CCL. Bud I would not had to remember where my gun was. I could have dropped them faster than he did. Why? My gun iis on my hip and I know exactly wher my gun is and drawing it only takes 1or 2 seconds as opposed to the time it took him.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Good muzzle discipline as well.

  • Nerd-Bro

    This is staged. The supposed “robber” runs before the guy in the car draws. I’ve framed through multiple times. A gun isn’t pulled out until the “robbers” already took off. If this was real, it means the robber saw the guy reach for a gun…which in turn, is not a perfect draw. If it was real and the robber saw the gun before he took off, then the robber should have just fired his weapon. Even if the robber wasn’t really trying to hurt anyone, then the guy in the car made a very lucky guess of that, and put himself in extreme danger. I’m going to chalk this up that this was stage by this website for their own narrative.

  • Liquid55

    Not perfect….missed one!

  • larryaschro

    hope the victim got the motorcycle

  • Logan Grayson

    And this is why we are armed citizens because you never know who is going to try to do what and i’m glad it worked out good for the driver

  • Ricotta

    This is unacceptable.

    Never let one get away.

  • Scotty Harris

    What wasn´t said is the sad fact that Brazil is a country which made citizen ownership of weapons illegal in 2003. Unless you can prove that you work as a security guard or routinely carry large amounts of money (such as a store manager or owner taking daily receipts to the bank), AND take an expensive course in firearm legislation AND undergo psychological testing AND apply to the Federal Police (their equivalent of the FBI) AND pay about $5K for the school, testing and FP licensing, THEN wait forever for approval, THEN re-apply for a permit to purchase a specific weapon (not to exceed .38 calibre) from a specific dealer (there are few), THEN pick up your weapon at a specific hour and date and arrive with it at your residence by a specified hour on the same date, you can´t have a gun. So the intended robbery victem in this video was probably fairly wealthy and patient, or was military or illegally carrying and subject to prosecution for that and probably murder. If you´re an American, protect your 2nd Amendment rights and be grateful.

    • Gun Smoke

      It is believed he was police.

  • Ram6

    I keep saying these thugs will never learn. You never know who is carrying and who isn’t. The benefit of having a CCP and a weapon on you at all times. Maybe at some time in the near future these stupid people are going to try and find another line of work.

  • “Bang, Bang, Bang, and down he goes! Looks like decent ammo, firearms package, and Dynamic ballistic performance! Even the motor cycle took the fall! Justifiable, point and shoot…”

  • Sean McCloy

    Good he lived the guy with the gun got away. Better to keep the car and put it in reverse to go get the gun man.

  • Norman Trzaskowski

    Based on the video timestamp I’d say overseas, since the format was dd/mm/ccyy

  • RJ Levesque Jr

    Wow, for the first time I am really ashamed of this site. 1) This was not a perfect draw as you pointed out yourself he was doing some sort of hand swapping with his firearm. 2) You tell us he shot the guy, who was running away after a gun was pulled on him. Shooting someone while they run away is NOT self defense and NOT a good conceled carry owner!!!

    • Don Davis

      Sez you… Once somebody identifies themselves as a threat, as far as I’m concerned he should have turned the car around and run down the armed VIOLENT CRIMINAL by any means available. Call it Civic Duty, but especially being a cop. If the violent criminal wants to drop the weapon and surrender, OK. Otherwise, he’s still a threat, and he’s running so he can continue being a threat, so, STOP the threat before he comes back to endanger you or somebody else with a regained advantage.

      • RJ Levesque Jr

        Ok, are you saying YOU are a cop? I find that hard to believe giving that horrible advice. Any court of law, shooting someone in the back IS NOT self defense sir! and by the way, I AM a former cop and special forces.

        NOW – I have since researched the story to find more about what happened because this just did not make any sense to me at all. Turns out there is a hell of a lot more to the story. It did NOT happen the way it was posted here.

        WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: The suspect approached the victims car with weapon drawn and tried to snatch the victims sunglasses, the victim pulled on him and both began firing. Victim got several shots off and the suspect got several shots off which found their home in the side of the victims car because he was shooting while trying to get away. Now under THESE circumstances the driver had every right to shoot at the suspect. And Don if you are a cop you need to either retire or take a class on anger management. Either way IMHO you do not need to be an officer of the law anywhere.

        • Don Davis

          First of all, a bullet in the back doesn’t necessarily preclude any and all justification for self-defense, if it’s even required. The burden of proof is on the State. Second, who says it has to be “self-defense” at all? In Texas, if he’s got your stuff – for that matter, he could have your neighbor’s stuff – running away, he’s just a moving target. He can either surrender or he’s done in my jurisdiction. There’s no anger, this is just how we take out the trash, for real. Now, cops do have a job to try to apprehend, but Citizens only have a Civic Duty to defend themselves, others, their own property and that of those around them in jurisdictions where the law recognizes as much. But either way, cop or no cop, law or no law, letting VIOLENT CRIMINALS escape to go do more harm to others when one has the means to stop them is irresponsible if not selfish. (And if you were really in spec ops, you wouldn’t be saying so, especially when it isn’t relevant.)

          • RJ Levesque Jr

            As far as your opinion of spec ops, you believe what you want, doesn’t really matter to me. There are many divisions of spec ops, I gave away no details and never do, not that it is any of your business. Why would I try to be secret about being in Spec Ops when I am proud of that? What an idiot… LOL. We’re not freaking CIA double agents. LMAO You watch too many movies.
            Relevance? Well you started the pissing match using cop as your title showing you had experience with high powered weapons, and I took my turn at the pissing match no harm, no foul so yes there was perfect relevance in that statement sir.
            So if you want to reply and give a response to defend your view a responsible adult would do so without trying to discredit the other person, call them names, or just general talk trash. In doing so only shows a desperate attempt to defend your position. I won’t even go into the juvenile name calling of irresponsible and selfish. You have a really screwed up view of life in general sir. So, at this point unless you have anything of real value to contribute to this conversation (certainly didn’t in your most recent reply) and I mean a REAL defense in your reply not just a bunch of name calling and stomping your feet and such, you know REAL points to make with real stats and stuff then we are done beating this into the ground. Thanks for your opinion, here is mine, If you were any kind of cop you would never use terms like take out the trash, if you were any kind of human being at all you would not choose to view any situation around you as fixable by shooting and killing them first and then using your brain afterwards. The answer to every situation with a criminal is NOT shoot and kill them so they do not hurt anyone else. You have the thinking characteristics of a freaking caveman. I am done…

            PS – Do feel free to keep spouting nonsense though if you like, like it or not that is exactly why I served to begin with…American Freedoms, to give even annoying little dum dums like yourself a chance to speak their mind freely. You’re welcome.

  • PatrickB

    And once more a liberal shows his love and compassion for others in the only way available to him. Violent rhetoric. I actually like liberals because…….well I’ll find a number one for that statement somewhere. Neanderthal Op Ed? Don’t you know about neanderthals’? They kill animals in order to survive, oh and they stick fire hardened pointy pieces of wood in each other. Oh that’s right, liberals think killers, murderers, rapist and child molesters are just misunderstood and should be given a thousand chances and lower prison sentences. I say stick ’em with the needle, then you don’t have to worry about chances.

    • Tronald_Dump

      You’re kind of stupid for not realizing “mouths” comment at the top is the beginning of the thread and contains violent rhetoric. Also for assuming I’m liberal. I could be a lot of things but just because I’m opposed to conservative f*ckboys like you, I must be a “liberal”.

  • fatbandit

    I hope this guy has a good attorney and lives in a place with judges that don’t have their heads in their asses. I applaud him for carrying and having the training and will to use his weapon to defend himself. Problem is he shot the wrong guy. Guy in grey had a gun on him and is seen running away. Guy in black on the bike, no gun is obviously hit and likely dead. I hope it all worked out for this guy.

  • Simao Silva

    This was in Brazil

  • hasone

    we need to stop the use of the phrase “gun violence”. guns are not violent, people are violent and do violent things that can be stopped with a gun… guns are good.

  • Dale Gibson

    You’re a really big pile of shit. Did you wake up with a dick in your ass today?

    • Tronald_Dump

      Straight off to personal attacks. Nice work! You have a pedophile moustache and name.

  • mmm

    How do you KNOW for a fact he could not pull the trigger with his non dominant hand???You don’t!!! Don’t write crap like that or anything else without facts or else you sound like an idiot.

  • TooMuchAlready

    Has everything to do with politics. The politicians are the ones who what to take away our guns, you idiot.

    • Tronald_Dump

      You’re a paranoid fool and you missed that this did not happen in Murika.

      • TooMuchAlready

        So who pays you to make these comments that have nothing to do with the conversation or you just on welfare? The thing I don’t understand about people like you is you point. You never make one. You just go around the internet personally attacking people. You’re an internet bully. Anyway… do you have a point to make or just tolling?

        • Tronald_Dump

          I have a day job buddy, your insistence that I’m paid to troll is cartoonish and lends to your childish mind.

          • TooMuchAlready

            Glad to hear you’re working, one less person living off me. Now do you have a point or are you still just tolling around the internet making senseless insults?

          • Tronald_Dump

            You think welfare is your problem, but you are blind to the military spending that takes 40% of your tax base. Fools leading fools.

          • TooMuchAlready

            Oh my little friend you’ve been deceived by your liberal puppet masters. I do agree with you on fools leading fools but you don’t have to stay that way. Use the internet and other resource available to you. Here is 2014 budget.

          • TooMuchAlready

            Here is the 2015 estimated one. Now realize this is just Federal taxes depending on where you live they may actually be less than your state tax. You statement is not mathematically possible much less remotely true.

  • Joseph A. Clark

    wish there were videos about how to draw from inside a car when you’re a left hander and carry your firearm on your left hip and you’re the driver………..

    • Don Davis

      In general, you practice drawing your weapon from that position, pointing it at the bad guy and pulling the trigger. I’m sure somebody out there is ready to charge a lot of money to wear a 5.11 Tactical shirt and show you how, but the reality is that most self-defense scenario-based training is generated from just identifying the common sense of what works most naturally and effectively for ‘most people’, which may or may not work for you. Better that you think this through and practice it yourself than trust somebody else to do it for you. Then again, most left-handers are more naturally ambidextrous than right-handers, so maybe draw and switch grip hands after the first couple of rounds as you sweep to the rear quarter. Or wear a gun on each hip. It’s always good to have a backup anyway, LOL

  • James

    It’s obvious you get paid to troll people.

    You make $15 an hour? Or does burger flipping mean you’d have to leave mom’s basement?

    • Tronald_Dump

      Ha. “Someone who disagrees with me must be a troll.” You’re a fool and a child.

      • Les Legato

        Hey sock chucker was that your [email protected] who got shot in that bike? What the hell r u doing here if you hate Conservatives, mourning the POS who attacked a guy shopping for food?

        • Tronald_Dump

          Not mourning anybody, just pointing out how stupid you all are for having a big wankfest over a video with zero context from another country and trying to apply it to your half brained political views. I come here for a good laugh. It’s like going to the zoo and seeing all you lesser apes throwing shit around and fighting over dogtreats.

        • Tronald_Dump

          And Les, Jesus doesn’t like it when you use such harsh words. But then again, you conservative Americans would shot Jesus Christ in the face if he ever went to America. Because he’d want healthcare for all, because he’d want an end to your senseless hate and violence. You’d kill him and applaud your faux-religious masters.

      • Les Legato

        You’re a boot licking police state lover who gets pegged while watching MSNBC dreaming of Anderson Cooper.

        • Tronald_Dump

          Lol wrong and wrong again. Keep trying Jethro. One day you’ll learn that there’s more than 2 ways to look at the world. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m “watching MSNBC”. I know you desperately wish it was that simple, you need things to be simple.

  • JonNy Begood

    Doesn’t matter where it happened moron. It shows self protection is more important than taking guns away from law abiding citizens.

    • Tronald_Dump

      How do you know the guy was a law abiding citizen? How do you know he legally obtained that gun or that this isn’t gang related? You have no context, but you claim some bullshit authority. Moron.

      • Les Legato

        I got context, you relate to criminals. Too bad you weren’t on that bike. PS – which @ss do you like licking more, obamas or Hillary’s?

        • Tronald_Dump

          Ha, again dipshit, I’m not even American. You conservatives are the funniest shitsacks on the internet. You have no context, your just dumb enough to assume you do.