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Regal Cinemas Now Searching All Bags And Purses Of Moviegoers For Firearms


While Regal Cinemas has been on the naughty list for some time now, they’re digging themselves an even deeper hole in the firearms community with their latest announcement regarding security.

If you go to a Regal Cinema, you will be greeted with a new sign at the ticket counter:

“For the safety and comfort of all our guests: Backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry to this facility.”


This new policy is said to be the reaction to the recent theater shootings, one in Lafayette, Louisiana and another outside Nashville, Tennessee.

The company’s Facebook page is seeing it’s share of backlash, with many comments in favor of patrons carrying concealed firearms.

“Just returned 2 movie tickets because ticket collector wanted to check my bag for a gun… Didn’t ask to frisk my husband who was also carrying so i guess your policy isn’t flawless”, wrote one woman.


Regal wrote on it’s website, “We acknowledge that this procedure can cause some inconvenience and that it is not without flaws, but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety.”

The lesson that can be taken away from this policy change, especially for women, is to find ways to conceal your firearm on your person. We’ve covered the inherent dangers of purse carry before and if you avoid it while going to a Regal Cinema, they won’t find it while poking around in your bag.

You can’t help but sit back and laugh just a little. After all, I can conceal 3 firearms on my person and have 3 magazines for each of them if I really wanted to. Heck, throw on some cargo pants and a big jacket, and you could bring even more.

Here’s the point: it’s not going to do any good to stop mass shooters, but it will do a great job with hindering the law-abiding from protecting themselves.

A question for Regal Cinemas; if we can’t carry into your theaters, who do you have on staff that will guarantee our safety?


Up next: Stop and Frisk.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Jesse Beaumont

    Well, I guess I can’t take my 6 pack of coke and reeses cups anymore. At least I’ll still have my gun.

  • Concerned Vegas Citizen

    Were any of the theater shooters cross-dressers with purses? Did the media fail to pick up on this detail?

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      Good point. If I were female and carried a purse I wouldn’t put my gun in there. Since I don’t have a purse, are they going to pat me down? I agree with others … I’m not patronizing this chain any longer.

  • Kyle Guthrie

    This is simple, dont submit!

    kick up a stink, clog the line, make others frustrated, make the manager come down and do this stuff. Make it hard, and after all that go and get a refund for the ticket.

    Make the search miserable, and they’ll stop doing it.

    • matt

      Very rue, I was thinking the same exact thing. i’d tell them they aren’t searching my bag, and they can go fuck themselves

    • Rob Parker

      Here are some of the suggestions people have made to “discourage” this “inspection” by untrained personel:
      – “Put some exposed hypodermic needles in your bag for the kid to stick himself with and put a stop to that right quick…. ”
      – “What about a “booby trap”? I was thinking about 4 or 5 of those extra-large size rat traps.”
      – “One funny idea is to bring the largest purse or bag filled with the contents from your paper shredder. Of course they’d have to dump that out somewhere to search, right?”
      – “I’d wear a fanny pack. Not because I believe in participating in a fashion faux pas on purpose, but because I’m curious if they would plunge their hands into a pouch situated near my wedding tackle. A bit of a social experiment, if you will.”
      – “I’d load up my wife’s old purse with a nice hot deuce from my dog. Give that poor teenager a story about his “worst job ever” for the rest of his life.”

      • Kyle Guthrie

        Oh that’s evil. How about box cutter knives, liquid in bottles, lighters and all the other things the TSA bans. Could show the insanity of 2 groups at the same time on U-tube

  • James

    Why even spend your money there? They obviously don’t want you there and have made policies to show you that. Instead of finding a way to sneak around that policy, why even spend your hard earned money with a company that is so anti-freedom???

  • Massolo

    People, please vote with your dollar and do not patronize these theaters. They are violating your 4th Amendment right and have no authority to search you or your bag. Avoid this chain like the plague. If someone insists on searching you, have them call a cop and place you under citizens arrest, so that then you can sue them for false arrest. Never waive your rights, especially to some stupid business.

  • Cisco

    I do not, and will not, spend my money at any places of business that are anti self defense, and anti 2nd amendment. If I can’t have my CW with me, I ain’t going.

  • Reid Blackwell

    whether it’s the asshole actors trying to eliminate the 2nd amendment or the asshole theater owners frisking patrons for legally possessed guns it doesn’t take a genius to see why pirating movies is the way to go.

  • RN

    Make the search awkward. Put things into a bag that are real embarrassing and go see a movie with it. Make the person searching the bag fee uncomfortable in doing so.

    • Jim Screws

      A vibrator, box of condoms, thong underwear…. I like it!

  • Stu Chisholm


  • Phil Evans

    You don’t need a purse, bag, or backpack to carry a concealed weapon such as a pistol into a movie theater.

    Regal Cinemas’ new search policy is merely security theater designed to help calm the nerves of gullible sheeple.

    Let’s hope some good guys will be conceal carrying their pistol when some bad guy gets his gun past the ridiculous and inept attempt at “security”.

    I predict this stupidity will turn away customers from an already languishing business.

    • “You don’t need a purse, bag, or backpack to carry a concealed weapon such as a pistol into a movie theater.”

      Yup. Two words – “ankle holster.”

    • Scott Pam

      Of course that pimple-faced 16 year old at the door will defend his patrons.

  • KnurledNut

    It isn’t about the firearms.

    They want to confiscate the candy.

  • Gitmo

    So if they search my backpack full of snakes …

    • “Honey! That guy just stole my wallet!”

      Run with it…

  • DKveragas

    Gun ownership and self defense are civil rights. The theater or any other place of “public accommodation” cannot stop someone for exercising them and the courts need to rule such. Not that I am going to hold my breath waiting.

  • Pernell Rodocker

    I haven’t gone into theaters for many years. I have also cut down my mall activities. When I do carry, I carry the same as the FL police… G21 13 and 1… I never read any signs any more either… If I go down it will be with traces of powder and a smile on my face… PR

  • DrKeteDC

    This was bound to happen. Have you been to a sporting event lately? They have metal detectors and also snoop inside purses and backpacks.

    • Justin

      That’s because at any big events such as sports, and to amusement parks it is actually illegal to carry weapons, even if licensed. In Texas they have those 30.06 signs.

  • BigBearCarolina

    This is an excuse to check for snacks so they can keep selling those $8 candy bars. I use Netflix. They can check their own bags, but they will find them empty.

  • thmsmgnm

    It is less about guns and more about preventing outside food from being brought in. It is security theater with a profit motive involved.

    • Justin

      So you’re saying if they see a pistol and the person can prove that they have a CHL, CCL, etc they would still be allowed entry? Or would said person be more likely to be escorted out?

      • thmsmgnm

        No, I am saying they are claiming it is about security, but other than searching bags, they are doing nothing. Most people do not carry their gun in a purse or bag, most women who legally carry guns carry them “on body” and men do so almost exclusively.

        The only thing is add up to is checking for outside food and beverages, since there is no real attempt to prevent people from bring in concealed firearms. Hence the comment “security theater”, as the company is acting like they are trying to enhance security when all they are doing putting on a show. The same as a bank having unarmed guards.

  • Yvette Gilmore

    They didn’t even check bags whn there ws a terrorist threat. But straight out of Compton com out and nw they checking bags. They didn’t even check aftr theatres were getting shot up by crazy white boys…cn u say racial profiling.

    • allenspidey

      Come back when you learn how to spell.

      • Yvette Gilmore

        Get a life and deal wit the issue at hand. Thts whts wrong wit society today petty ignorant people lk u tlkin bout spelling instead of the issue. No viable response , huh ? It’s clld no vowels to shorten the message. The Internet hides ur stupid ass. I hv a college degree hw bout u ? Mad about the white boy comment ? Speak up dick…

        • allenspidey

          Sure I’ll respond. You’re making a race issue where there is none. You make the assertion that whites are responsible for all of this violence. In the tiny percentage of gun crimes that are mass shootings, you are correct. However, the inner-city gun crimes that happen on a daily basis are committed by blacks a majority of the time. So if you’d like to get your facts straight and have a discussion that’s fine.

          • Yvette Gilmore

            The movie theatre shootings were committed by deranged white boys this is a fact. The movie theatre is not the inner city. Esp regal cinema. There were terrorist threats on cinemas aftr the movie the interview and they didn’t search bags. So I do hv my facts straight, do u ? Of course it’s its not racial to u , I’m taking it ur white. U will nvr understand and won’t try. Thts cool . ignorance hs freedom of speech too

          • allenspidey

            Did you read my response? I just said that you are correct that these mass shootings are committed by white people. But then I said that a majority of shootings are committed by black people. So by your own theory, every bar, fast food joint, sporting event, and walmart should be checking bags. It only makes sense. And yes, I’m white and no I don’t see it as racial. I’m also pretty sick of all the racist garbage and whining.

          • Yvette Gilmore

            This is why I don’t get online too much BS . Unrelated conversations instead about the issue. I start reading your message and the beginning shuts me down cause now I don’t want read anymore because you are on me and not the issue. Vowels…for real? That’s the only issue you’s have . There’s your vowels did u get that. Life is too short . Y’all need sex ,angry men.Hope y’all don’t have a gun. Pitiful.

        • WilliamDahl

          We’re not playing “Wheel of Fortune” — you don’t have to *buy* vowels, you can just use them for FREE. Try it sometime. If you don’t spell things correctly, people just figure you’re an idiot. Prove them wrong — spell things correctly and then they’ll have to read your viewpoints to determine whether you are an idiot or not. :)

  • Dan Leeder

    Another question for Regal Cinemas? What the hell are you going to do if you find something? Take it away? Call the cops? Good luck!! If it’s a bad guy, he’ll have it out in a second and start the slaughter with YOU!!

  • Jeff Staples

    If I were to go on a mass shooting one day(not that I would), I would pick a place like this just to prove to people that no place is safe from people who wants to do the most damage.

  • Jason Meyer

    Because the people that want to shoot up the place will hand over their weapons because of a sign…..

  • Flockodogs

    I was not aware of their new policy the other day and went in wearing my concealed carry fanny pack. I said sure, look, opened the pouch and showed him my wallet and stuff and he said “ok, sorry to bother you”. too bad he didn’t ask me to open the gun compartment.

  • bguy

    BS actually to force you to buy their overpriced food. I carry in my pants pocket anyway.

  • Bhotong

    Dumdum Regal, the Aurora, Colorado shooter used the emergency exit to get his guns.

  • patroy75

    They don’t search men because we all know that mass shooters hide their guns in their purses. I’ll not go to their theaters any longer. How disgusting that they would use the deaths of 18 people to search for candy.

  • RosyS

    works for me!

  • hopleyyeaton

    Went to a Regal theater with my wife last night. Before we left I did a search for their gun policy and found several sites quoting Regal as prohibiting concealed carry. I carried anyway expecting to go back to the car if they were posted. There were NO signs, so I proceeded on in to enjoy a movie whilst armed. I think the bag search is for food. They can talk about weapons but would look cheap and small if they publicized they were going to pat you down for a bag of chips. So go ahead and carry and keep your gun and candy bars concealed until needed. : )