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Buffalo Wild Wings Banned Guns In 2009 – So Why Did This Criminal Have One?


GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — Buffalo Wild Wings is analogous with a great place to grab a basket of wings and watch the game.  But, unfortunately, not everyone is out to have a good time.  According to the Daily Reflector, a man was shot by an off-duty police officer after pulling a gun and discharging in the direction of that officer.  That man died the next day in the hospital and a current investigation is underway to determine the details surrounding this incident.

What is known was that a fight had broken out in the Buffalo Wild Wings where an off-duty police officer was going to pick up a take-out order.  According to the Daily Reflector, the fight spilled out into the parking lot.  When bystanders recognized the off-duty officer, they asked him to intervene.  He obliged and identified himself to the group of men fighting.  It was at that point one of them is believed to have drawn his pistol and opened fire on the police officer.

The officer responded with deadly force.

The bigger question – why do restaurants still insist on setting up “gun free zones” if there’s absolutely no way of enforcing it or protecting their customers?  Not only do alcohol and firearms never mix – alcohol, firearms, and loose moral fiber doesn’t suit anyone too well, either.

One thing is for sure – at least two people’s nights were completely ruined.  The off-duty police officer was placed on immediate administrative leave pending results from the State Bureau of Investigation and the attacker is presently in the morgue awaiting autopsy.

This seems to be a reoccurring trend we’ve seen the past couple of days.  Criminal wields gun, is confronted by an off-duty officer, decides to act stupid and get himself killed.  The other common thread is that both of these events occurred in a place where firearms aren’t allowed.  Are we seeing a trend, yet?


Wait, let’s get a comment from Buffalo Wild Wings on how their gun policy worked.

via Daily Reflector

Buffalo Wild Wings Operations Manager David Floyd said Saturday that “last night’s incident occurred outside of the restaurant, however, due to ongoing police investigation, we are unable to provide detailed comment at this time.”

Buffalo Wild Wings launched a gun ban policy in 2009. It says the business respects the right of individuals to carry firearms. “However, because we are focused on the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all of our guests, we have elected to exercise our right to restrict the carrying of firearms within our restaurants.”

Thankfully, in both the case in Greenville and Tacoma, an off-duty police officer just happened to be by.  In both cases, we’re pretty sure the officers just wanted to go home and enjoy themselves.  We’re thankful for their service.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • Jonathan

    Buffalo Wild Wings will continue to deflect this by the fact the actually shooting occurred outside the building in the parking lot. If pushed to predict, I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempted to extend their ‘gun-free zone’ policy to cover the parking lot.

  • Jon

    Funny because I’ve open carried into b dubs like 10 times over the past 6 months and have never had an issue. Though it helps that their “gun free zone” carries no law in my state but still no staff has ever said a word to me about my 45 at my side while I enjoy some tasty wings.

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      The staff are looking at your gun and saying to themselves “he’s wearing a gun out in the open, so he MUST be a cop…” Lol! They probably think open carry is when you walk around with your purse unzipped.

  • Tony Currie

    I have said it before and will continue to say it, businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings will continue to be gun free zones until they are sued for not providing adequate protection to people injured while on their property. IF they are going to take away the right to self protection, then it is their responsibility to provide the necessary protection.

    • Bob McGeorge

      Very good point and I agree.

    • Fred Marsico

      They have no constitutional grounds to infringe on the rights of the People to self protection.

      • Gary Brill

        Constitution holds no weight on a private organization. On private property you have no free speech rights, no second amendment rights, etc. The founding fathers held the rights of private property owners in high regard, as noted in the rest of the bill of rights.

        If you don’t like the political persuasions of an establishment, just avoid shopping there and let the free market go it’s course. Because as long as they’re making profit, they aren’t going to care.

        • James Clements

          Thank you for explaining how important the rights of property owners are.

        • Wibbins

          But apparently, business owners cannot deny service to the protected “classes” because discrimination, so why is gun owners any different?

    • Jim Screws

      I don’t go there not because of their political stance, but because of the quality of their food! It sucks!

      • James Clements

        I think their wings are good so there.

        • OneOfTheGoodGuys

          Never had them, so idk.

  • Bill Harpster

    If there is no sign I will continue to carry mine into BWW, this world is much safer when we as Americans have the ability to protect ourselves.

  • Bill Starr

    Just how can Buffalo Wild Wings say they want a safe environment when criminals will not obey the law? Only law abiding citizens will obey BWW gun free zone which leaves the law abiding citizen a sitting duck in a target rich environment for a criminal with a gun. I hope an innocent person gets shot and sues the crap out of BWW for making people physically unable to protect themselves.

    • Scott Shryock

      This is the same issue with all the gun ban laws in the first place… the only people that are affected are the ones that are going to follow the law in the first place. Taking a life or attempting to, is illegal in the first place… someone that is will to do that doesn’t care about a stupid sign on the door about not being “allowed” to have a gun inside a building.

    • Douglas Andrews

      They can say anything they want however facts are facts & they are lying.

      • Gennae Angelina

        Gun ban supporters don’t care for facts, just a good supply of profanities and insults for gun owners.

    • Gennae Angelina

      That innocent person would get no more than an opology, if that, and maybe some free wings.

  • A. Tsai

    The gun control nuts will probably come out and say, “the guy had a remedial education and couldn’t read the no guns sign otherwise he would have complied.”

  • Bob in Calif

    Concealed carry folks. Concealed means just what it says.

    • Jim Screws

      Absolutely! Concealed means concealed…………..

  • Robert Viehweger

    Glad those signs carry no weight in Florida, they can only make you leave. Conceal folks… They can’t bitch if they don’t know it’s there.

    • AJR


  • Liquid_Drummer

    The anti-gunners say he was a “good guy, until he wasn’t”. Not a criminal. Liberals have a twisted state of mind.

  • kells

    They will throw the PO under the bus.

  • Joe

    People will never get it….. The cost of one bad shoot from a CCW holder will cost them millions and its not worth it to them. This is a direct reaction to all those cool California open carry ding dongs that stormed places with out warning and scaring people etc. So again when all your customers are gun and 1/3 of your employees because they ran then whats the point.

    But hell then you have crybabies who just go on and on about gun free zones when 90% are private prop. so it would be unconstitutional to force them to conform. I just don’t get why these crybabies just don’t go somewhere else since no one cares if you think higher crime will happen or not. I mean jesus if a robber brings in a gun and robs the place then he is breaking the law and they are not liable but if you get twitchy and shoot him 15 times and 12 hit him 3 hit 2 others then they are responsible.

    The best part is your looking at charges and most police depts will yank your ccw and you will be lucky if you only get sued in civil court and court hates someone who pulls over a few hundred taken and the clerk handed it over but you had to be a hero and pop rounds off. The crappy part is you will lose in civil but you have no money and so the store will pick it up. The more people act like fools the more corps will do it.

    • tie_banana

      The cost of an errant shot by a criminal with no deterrent to stop them, would cost lives. Dipshit.

      • EmmyP

        It’s cute that you called Joe a dip$hit immediately after writing a nearly indecipherable sentence.

        • tie_banana

          Shall I draw a f king picture for you? #dipsh!t no. 2.

          effing moron.

  • tie_banana

    It’s a policy, not the law. I still carry when I go in there and nobody would ever know.

    • James Clements

      The signs when properly posted carry force of law in TN and you are committing a crime when carry in a properly posted GFZ.

      • Sharon Dawn Uehara

        In North Carolina, even if you have a conceal and carry permit, it is prohibited by law to carry into any place where alcohol is served. State law, whether there’s a sign or not.

        • James Clements

          Good to know!

      • tie_banana

        In Texas they must have a 30.06 sign properly posted. A “No Guns” sign is not law. It’s policy. Therefore, NOT breaking the LAW. They can simply ask someone to leave if they happen to see the gun. But, with me, that won’t happen. Concealed, means concealed.

  • Ram6

    Hey Restaurants. GUN FREE ZONES=TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT. When are you people going to learn that? Further you can put up all the signs you want, you still don’t know who’s carrying and who isn’t so what’s the point? On top of that you are inviting someone with ill intent to assume the place is empty of firearms so it’s a good place to bring one in and do something bad. It may make you feel good Mr. Restaurant owner but you endanger the lives of your patrons. Wake Up!!!

    • Gennae Angelina

      they arent ever going to learn that. When presented with facts they ignore them. Presented with questions they refuse to answer. They have lots of uses for the words “coward, cunt, bitch, paranoid, psycho” though. I’ve heard those a lot this week, but never once “I’m sorry you were a crime victim, what happened?”

  • James Clements

    My women and I only order takeout from there. Not safe for us to be in there without armed guards or our sidearms.

    • jsl55

      Even though in Commiefornia a No Guns Allowed sign posted without a Penal Code on it has no force of law, I refuse to do business with any establishment that has such a sign. All they can do is ask you to leave, and you are trespassing if you stay. I also don’t do business with known anti-gun businesses whether or not a sign is posted. These include Starbucks, Auto Zone, Walgreens, Papa Murphy’s, etc. BTW, I’ve never been to Buffalo Wild Wings due to their anti-gun policy.

      • James Clements

        Good to know.

  • Randy Gruber

    I love it when businesses put No Guns signs on their doors in my state (Florida) because we can just ignore them here. As long as we don’t sit at a bar they can put all the signs up they want. Doesn’t stop a permit holder from carrying. Worst case which should not happen is if someone discovers you are carrying then the Manager or Owner can only ask you to leave.

  • Roger Lawhorn

    Any appearance of a gun free zone is baloney and make believe. There is no gun check at the restaurants. There are no metal detectors. Anyone can conceal carry a gun into the restaurant and no one will know or care.

  • BSM60

    I conceal carry, so what they don’t know I won’t tell them. Should I be discovered and asked to leave then I will politely pay my bill and be merrily on my way.

  • Kyle Guthrie

    Alcohol & guns mix just fine, never a problem there at all. Guns and maniacs seem to be the bigger problem.

  • Gennae Angelina

    In the last week I have had about twenty two messages from gun ban supporters who have cursed me and insulted me and called me a coward for being a woman with a gun, and when I copy stuff like this and post it for them to read they tell me it is fake and the author is a well known inventor of stories for cowards and murderer wanna be gun owners. With regard to that I compliment the guy who wrote this and thank BWW for cooperating in the making of another fake story to help the NRA sell guns and keep us gun owners living in fear and paranoia. Now for some lunch.

    • Wibbins

      Oh please, do tell

  • Linda Underwood Priddy

    But you have to see the whole picture which involves the other people sitting in there, possibly with their whole immediate family! Answer this one question, “Would you take your family to a restaurant that did not have a gun-free sign up?” If you answered yes, I believe you are not a responsible parent……can you imagine others whipping out their guns and start shooting? Well I can, and you can bet innocent bystanders (one could be your child if not all of them) will be caught up in the gunfire! Take a deep breath and consider the safety of yours and others families instead of being BULL-HEADED

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      So what happens to your kids when a “bad guy” starts shooting, and there’s no off duty cop around? Ask the families of the church shooting victims in Charleston, SC. That was also a gun free zone Linda. What we are saying is that gun free zones attract the “bad guys” because they can expect less resistance. They choose churches, schools, recruitment centers (and other federal/military offices), and movie theaters with “no gun” policies to target. Businesses with NO gun restrictions are safer because they’re less likely to be attacked. Additionally, your notion that all of us “gun nuts” will whip out our guns and start shooting irradically is ridiculous. Do some research. Look at mass shootings where no armed citizen was present versus shootings where there was one or more armed citizens present. How many people were killed and how many people were saved in each scenario? Who’s being BULL HEADED?

  • Icemancold

    WELL: If I can’t carry my gun in the Business the Business can’t get my Business simple as that I spend my money where I feel I am safe and Buffalo Wild Wings does not give me feeling of being safe How about the rest of you ?

  • 0hiojoe

    It is almost as if these gun free zones are set up to attract thugs, so that with the occurrence of an incident there can now be more public outcry to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. There are plenty of laws on the books already just enforce those. Get rid of liberal judges that let criminals back on the street.

  • Massolo

    I remember their announcement in 2009, that was the day I stopped patronizing them. Never been back since. I don’t support companies that don’t support our Constitution.