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Saratoga County Sheriff Announces Plan For Unrestricted Permit Access For Residents


BALLSTON SPA, NEW YORK — In a Press Release issued just moments ago, Sheriff Michael H. Zurlo has announced his department’s plans to help law-abiding citizens get their hands on unrestricted concealed carry permits.

First, let’s go over just exactly what an unrestricted permit is… for those of you who don’t live in the state of New York.

In New York State, an applicant looking for a permit to carry will –more times than not–  receive a permit with restrictions. These restrictions are administrative in nature, and include things like “Hunting and Target Only”, meaning that the holder is only allowed to carry his or her firearm while hunting, or going to and from the range.

To try and possess the coveted unrestricted permit can send permit holders through hoops of fire and lengthy battles with their masters. While some succeed, many will fail.


From the Press Release:

Following recent meetings with representatives from area gun clubs and County firearms instructors, a plan has been devised that would allow law-abiding and responsible gun owners to obtain an unrestricted concealed carry permit upon completion of a live-fire safety and qualification course as well as classroom training on the legalities and responsibility of carrying a concealed firearm. To be eligible to obtain an unrestricted pistol permit in Saratoga County a person would first need to possess a restricted pistol permit for a period of one year and successfully complete the live-fire safety and qualification course. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate of completion will be provided to the permit holder who may then request that all restrictions be removed from his or her permit. It is anticipated that an unrestricted pistol permit may be issued by the County’s pistol permit licensing officer to anyone who successfully completes this course, provided that all other statutory requirements are met.

So, to have an actual process to go through is encouraging. It’s a step in the right direction, but no where near perfect. Compare this new policy to, say, Albany County, where it’s up to the individual judge to make the decision. I’ve shown you first hand what the outcomes of that process look like.

Baby steps. Some portions of the state are light years ahead of others, though.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Jason

    I am a fellow Ny resident. I live in one of the counties where a judge has to sign off on an unrestricted permit. He ultimately decides if you get it or you do not. It is fairly well known that you need to complete one of several locally offered concealed carry courses and you will receive an unrestricted permit. The point here: Even though Ny gets a bad rap and is “may issue”, it really depends on each county’s issuing authority. It is not the best of situations but if you live in Ny don’t write off the possibility of getting an unrestricted carry permit without doing some research.

    • 2BRKnot2B

      Why should I “need” get a permit for a right I already have, anyway? The state is restricting my right. A violation of the Constitution.

  • PavePusher

    Dear Sheriff,

    You are still a Fascist.

    Sincerely, The Citizens

    • Wiliam Deitrick

      We know what you push and you don’t speak for our citizens even if you are one. I doubt you know what a “Fascist” is.

  • Bierwagon

    while i find the restrictions on my permit annoying, they really dont impact me much.

    • Gregory Roberts

      it will if you ever get caught with your gun, doing ANYTHING other than EXACTLY whats specified on your permit.

      • Bierwagon

        ive never had an issue. been pulled over outside restrictions, cop asked if i was carrying, told him yes. he asked where it was, i told him, waistband. that was all. asked me what i was up too, told him i was fishing earlier ( pursuit of legal game) and stopped at a friends on the way home for a few hours. On my way i went. there are grey areas. i never carry anyhow, just dont feel the need too.

  • Sheriff Zurlo puts the “balls” in Ballston Spa. :)

  • JEButler

    NEW York State Does NOT issue restricted permits. County’s restrict permits!!! Counties can UNRESTRICT them too!! What is needed is a statewide lawsuit!!! In light of the latest decision on EQUALITY by the Supreme Court, there can be no limits!!! I do believe that decision will impact a lot of lawsuits in a positive light for pro gun people. And those who want additional spouses or marry their beloved pet hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

    • 2BRKnot2B

      A statewide lawsuit was taken in the late 1970’s. The NYS Supreme Court determined that the restrictions were “constitutional.” What else would you expect a construct of the NYS government to say? If more people had cared about their rights back then, and joined with SCOPE to help with the legal costs, then we may have been able to take that decision to the SCOTUS to get permits overturned. Instead, like in the last gubernatorial election, most gun owners sit on their hands, and spend their money on frivolities. It’s disgusting. Then, these same folks compromise with a tyrant sheriff to allow him to see about maybe getting permit restrictions done away with? UNBELIEVABLE!

      • Carl Gottstein

        SCOPE is not a serious threat to the SAFE ACT. Their law suits are not going to effect the SAFE ACT. Only NYSRPA is suing NY State to find the SAFE ACT unconstitutional in federal court. Over $1,000,000 spent so far and counting. The NRA and the state of N.J. signed on to the case and are now contributing with lawyers and cash. Tell me the case the NRA or another state signed onto with SCOPE, you got nothing. SCOPES attorney is milking them dry. Steve A. SCOPEs “leader” is being played for a big fat sucker.

        I know it sounds harsh but It is what it is. Anyone can FOIL anything, doesn’t even take a lawyer to FOIL something. Just file the document and be patient.

        Only a serious org willing to spend a TON of cash goes to the US Supreme court. That is where NYSRPA/NRA is headed with this case.

        I stand with the NRA and NYSRPA because they are the serious orgs who always make a difference.

      • JEButler

        I agree with you 110%. Now, 1. This is no longer 1970, we have social networks to get the word out where there wasn’t any in 197- we also have other means of funding ( and a whole bunch of other resources we didn’t have before. 2. On top of that we have a VERY RECENT decision on EQUAL RIGHTS that was just handed down by the Supreme Court. LOAD an LOCK ………..CHARGE!!!!

        • Michael G. Marriam

          JEButler it is still comically easy to meet gun owners that don’t have an Internet connection or a smartphone.

          • JEButler

            Yes it is Michael, I agree 100% on that fact. In fact I just recently got a “smartphone”. Still don’t have much use for it and can’t answer it without the “voice command”, most of the time I just check the weather on it with the “weather app” my daughter downloaded before I go fishing. I am a firm believer no “device” should have more control over a man then his wife. With that being said, there are a lot more that can be reached and involved then in 1970. Persistence and strategy changes win, not excuses! The left wing actually started all what they have accomplished today back in the 30’s, just read all about the socialists dreams and manifesto. They even laid out their plans to become “Progressive Liberals” stealing the Republicans “Progression” and Libertarians “Liberalism”. If you doubt that just look at what they blame the Civil War on, KKK and what is going on with the Rebel Flag, all being blamed on the right wing and people are believing it. (It was actually the Norths attempted dominance over the South and we would never had had slaves if it weren’t for a black man, Anthony Johnson, who didn’t want to give up his indentured servant) All planned with the help of the media, social outlets, and over the course of years. Even in the government, negotiations, contracts, and political ideals are never for “this year” they are done ten years in advance. We can learn a lot from them, better start paying attention to tomorrow. Not everyone will use the tools available to them today, but tomorrow they will regret they didn’t !!

            Sorry this is so long, but a lot of facts have been trampled on. We can win all we seek just using what we have been given by the left!!

          • Michael G. Marriam

            I believe the lack of Internet literacy is one of the reasons Cuomo got reelected.

            Along with my “comically easy” comment it’s also tragically easy to meet gun owners who have no idea what the UnSAFE Act is.

          • JEButler

            Unfortunately, you just may be right. The blame is ours for being ignorant and for not educating and getting the issues and vote out. Too bad too, I never looked good in brown , especially a uniform.

  • 2BRKnot2B

    PL 400, NY’s Pistol Permit Law says nothing about any need for a “qualification course.” This is something the local folks who do these courses want so they can make more money. Demand the sheriff, and judge(s) issue the permits as designed, and as legislated; “Concealed Carry.” This nonsense about qualification, and such is all bullspit If you’re so worried, issue copies of the laws of NYS with every permit. What’s worse, our courts have determined that permits for rights are “unconstitutional censorships, or prior restraints” (Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham), yet NY courts continue to tell us they are legal, and legitimate. Shuttlesworth quotes Staub v. Baxley noting, “And our (SCOTUS) decisions (note more than one) have made clear that anyone faced with such an unconstitutional law may IGNORE IT, and ENGAGE WITH IMPUNITY in the right…for which the law purports to require a license (permit). Further, Murdock v. PA made plain that any fee for your right makes it a privilege–not a right any longer– and as such, is unconstitutional. If it is “unconstitutional,” it is illegal. PP fees should be discontinued, and the state should pick them up, or do away with the PP system, as it violates the Constitution, and in particular, “infringes” n the right of NYers, and all Americans, to “keep & bear arms.”

  • 2BRKnot2B

    He ought to be investigating the police beat down of one of its citizens btween 5 & 7 years ago after a traffic stop by 2 NYS Police in Half Moon, rather than trying to tell American citizens he is going to see about being more lenient on the right they already have.Said person was turned away from the Sheriff’s Dept., run hoosegow due to severe injuries which they said they would not be responsible for should a lawsuit ensue. Instead, prisoner was transferred to the Saratoga Hospital, where later released, and jailed. Further, the NY SP took liberties, after the beating, and claimed someone reaching for their keys which were falling off the hood of their car was “resisting arrest.” What they really hated was the fact the person was pro-marijuana legalization. These two SP violated said persons civil rights by search & seizure without warrant, the very reason they looked for any reason to find a reason to beat said individual for “resisting arrest.” Those two troopers deserve to be in jail, not policing any part of Saratoga County.

    What’s worse is that the pro-gun elements worked with him on this. Despicable that they would allow any infringements, and not go after his ass (lawsuit?) for undermining the Constitution.

  • Carl Gottstein

    As a 2A advocate in NY State it is hard not to love this. Thank you Sheriff Z.