House Votes To Allow Nonviolent Ex-Felons To Restore Gun Rights


Last week, the House voted to allow nonviolent ex-felons the opportunity to have their gun rights restored via petition to the ATF.

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck voiced his opinion (seen in the video above) that those who lost their gun rights by committing nonviolent felonies, be able to have the chance to win them back.

Buck’s move would settle an ongoing fight in Congress between gun advocates and gun-control fans. For years, ex-felons have been allowed to ask the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to restore their gun ownership rights. But a 23-year-old provision authored by Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer has blocked appropriations for the agency to investigate the applications, thus killing the process.

“There is no good reason to prevent law abiding citizens from at the very least petitioning ATF to have their rights restored,” said Buck.

Onto the Senate.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Massolo

    We all makes mistakes, and if someone committed a non-violent crime and has served their punishment, I see no reason to deprive them of their gun rights.

  • Snoopy

    It says you CAN do it, but it doesn’t say HOW?

  • William Keen

    The Texas Statutes allow for the “ex-con” to possess a firearm on their own property after 7 years AFTER the sentence is completed.

    • Jim Screws

      Exactly! As it should be.

    • Marc Lilly

      Yes and that is state law in many states for non violent felons. However, federal law states no felon can posses. And as we know, federal law trumps state law. I am a non violent felon. I am wanting my rights back for self defense and hunting.

      • Tony Koti

        Marc, same here, 49 years since my incarceration, never a traffic ticket or any arrest or even a warning. Done lots of volunteer work and even helped save a couple of lives. My reward? The government doesn’t trust me after all those years of being a productive citizen. Go figure!!! Why did we do our time? Was it not our way to pay back? Its time to have some laws that allow someone who has been free of any arrest for say 10 years, to have their record expunged or at least allow them to function as a proven member of the community that can be trusted.

        Obama said in his last state of the union address, that “people who committed crimes as young people, should have their records forgiven if they have proven they are good citizens”……………….well, why not allow us to defend ourselves and be able to go hunting?

        Did I mention that its been nearly 50 years for me since my youthful indiscretion? What kind of society holds a grudge indefinitely?

      • juice

        Good luck to you Marc…Many good law abiding non violent felons among us

  • lunchboxmike

    I applaud this Representative: How was it even possible for a non-violent citizen to have firearm rights eternally removed in the first place for non-violent and victimless crimes such as DUI 3rd when all three are simple police stop & arrests void of accident or injured party? The drivers license is again restored but law eternally removes the firearm right. (Makes no sense) Law eternally removes firearm rights from young 18-20yr old soldiers returning home from war too, which under current law will never be able to own a firearm or even a bullet. (Again, for simple police stop & arrests void of accident, victim or injured party) Thank you Rep., Ken Buck… We need more people like you.

    • Clif

      Well said, sir. At least Mr. Buck tried. Did you know that as a federal ex-felon, you can’t even own a BB gun? My neighbor and I play with our kids most weekends shooting BB guns in the backyard. That is until we found out that ex-felons can’t possess BB or pellets guns. But our 7 year olds can. Welcome to America.

      • juice

        It will vary from state to state but there are no provisions against felons owning air guns or bb guns on the federal level

        • Clif

          I found that federal law allows ex-felons to buy, own and possess black powder guns, which is far stronger and deadly than a pellet or BB gun. I found a nice 5 shot pistol for $224.00. Heck, a good pellet or BB gun cost at least half that. This is the route I am going. Thanks Juice.

          • juice

            Yes sir good deal. I m a firm believer non violent ex felons should be allowed to have a firearm to protect themselves and family from harm. It’s a shame the government puts a man in a position to have to break the law to protect family.non violent felonies to where debt has been paid should be auto reinstated . What many fail to understand the difference between a felony and misdemeanor is 1 day sentence.

          • Clif

            Wow, thanks Juice. You are not hanging me or other felons on the cross. I appreciate your heart and understanding. I am a 60 year old disabled man needing something to protect myself and family from the cruelties of our communities. I made a mistake 40 years ago and still paying for it with the life time ban. And yes, I have been tempted to break the gun laws to get a gun. But I don’t want to bring federal conflict on the innocent. Again, thanks for your heart.

  • Offgrid Cabin

    This is for Federal crimes. Most states have a process for restoration for State Crimes and that process is recognized by the BATFE.

    • Clif

      Yeah, as always, the feds always find a way to control people’s lives. And sometimes force them to break the law. Too many ways to buy guns that will never get registered. That’s how smart the feds are.

    • juice

      there needs to be something in place on the Federal level. At this point the only relief a federal Felon can pursue is a Presidential Pardon which is a very long shot.. People need to keep in mind the difference between a misdemeanor and a Felony is 1 year and 1 day…there are many 1st time offender law abiding nonviolent Felons out here that have no way to restore their rights..

  • Bruce Goodwin

    There are many states that restore rights after the person finishes their sentence and probation. Some states allow restoration after a period of several years have passed. One big problem is if convicted in Cook County, IL. To get a restoration of rights one has to submit the proper forms to a court and the judge will decide wether or not to approve the petition. The problem is that Chicago lies in the boundaries of cook county and having some of the toughest gun laws in the country, it makes it almost impossible for anyone convicted of a felony in the state of illinois and county of cook to ever get their rights restored. At best it will be a years long legal hassle ending with thousands of dollars in legal fees and you might get those rights restored.

  • Clif

    Thanks to Schumer, the very short hope ex-felons had for restoration of gun rights is dust in the wind. How is it that our government allow one man to have such power to torment non-violent and law abiding citizens because of their past? One man! I bet he has protection for his family.

  • lunchboxmike

    Do absolute rights confirm firearm ownership, traveling, or bass fishing? Why then does the government “permanently” remove the firearm right from non-violent offenders of DUI 3rd when all offenses are simple police stop & arrests void of accident or incident, and do not permanently remove the drivers license? The vehicle was the actor in DUI 3rd, not the firearm. We are living in up side down times…

  • Ross Zwelling

    The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, just as the 1st, 3rd, and so on, are “UNALIENABLE RIGHTS”, Meaning these are rights you are born with and under no circumstance can be taken away from you. Hypothetically, if I was to go into a crowded movie theater and scream “FIRE”, I would be in violation of the 1st Amendment, and would be rightfully charged with a crime. Once I went through our justice system and my debt to society was fulfilled, I would have no other repercussions. I could speak to crowds, I could talk amongst my peers, the government couldn’t stop me from “speaking”. All American Citizens are born with these unalienable rights, unconditionally, there are consequences if one is to misuse or criminalize these God given rights, but after they pay their debt to society. A God given right cannot be taken away. I am a Non-Violent Felon. Most of my cases are for having a weapon and being a felon. I served over 4 years for supposedly have a weapon which in actuality I never owned or possessed. Guns were my life. I’m the most gentle, non confrontational, person you would ever meet. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, a Minor Degree in qualitative and quantitative studies, and an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality Management. I’ve also taken many different courses in Dispute Resolution and Mediation. I’ve taken my states hunter’s course twice and passed with a 98% and a 97%. I have also taken our states trapper’s course and scored in the high 90’s. I just want to be like every other Natural Born American Citizen and walk in a store and legally buy a registered firearm. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME OR HAS GOOD USABLE ADVICE FOR ME. PLEASE!!! I’M BEGGING, PLEASE HELP ME RESTORE MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!!!!! I CAN BE REACHED AT [email protected] Thank you, Ross Zwelling