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Bill Will Allow Concealed Carry On Military Posts


WASHINGTON, DC — The US House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2016 on Friday, which includes an amendment that would allow military base commanders to authorize the concealed carry of firearms on military installations.

The amendment was written by U.S. Reps. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), John Carter (R-Texas) and Scott Rigell (R-Virginia).

AUSTIN, TX – Today, following passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2016, which included an amendment offered by Congressman McCaul (R-TX), Congressman Carter (R-TX), and Congressman Rigell (R-VA) which grants authority to military base commanders to allow concealed carry of firearms on military installations, either for personal defense or as a force multiple, if they deem it necessary, Congressman Michael McCaul issued the following statement.

McCaul had the following to say after the House passed the bill Friday:

“Texas has twice mourned the loss of our soldiers and civilians after shootings at Fort Hood just north of my district. In 2009, Nidal Hassan walked into Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Center, shouted Allahu Akbar, and opened fire, killing 13 and wounding 42 others in the most horrific terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. Five years later, another shooter opened fire on the base, killing four and wounding 16 others . Enough is enough. We must give our base commanders more discretion and our soldiers more protection. Thousands of my constituents in Texas already exercise this right responsibly. It is time for our service members to be allowed to do the same.”


By a vote of 269-151, it now heads to the Senate.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • law-abiding-citizen

    Nice job attaching to the NDAA. Make Obummer explain why he won’t sign it.

    • Rick

      Obama will simply explain that he’s not going to have gunfights on his military bases.

      • fish1552

        And the media will paint him in the righteous light he wants/needs them to so he comes out looking like a god while the pro-gun crowd that sponsored this (and their entire party) will be demonized for holding up funding, or some other hateful thinking. If they can figure out a way to throw in a claim of racism, that will just be icing on the cake for them.

  • Damon Dinwiddie

    Well that’s a shitty bill, it doesn’t mean anything. Just because it allows base commanders to allow CCW doesn’t mean any of them will. None will want to be the first to do so. Even if this bill passes nothing will change.

    • Rick

      Roger that Damon; you don’t get to be a base commander by not covering your six while moving up the food chain.

  • JArce

    We’ll never know what the base commanders will do until it’s given a chance. I’m all for it, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Rick

      And how the policy will change with each new base commander…

      As a military retiree, I’m pretty tired of not being able to exercise my exchange and commissary benefits because I can’t carry a weapon on me or in my vehicle while on base, and I refuse to drive that far unarmed.

  • fish1552

    Should have just included language saying if you have a permit for the state the base is in, it applies on base as well. Take out the base commander problem.

  • Brian Daniel Williams

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not buy any meen against being able to arm and protect yourself. But concealed Cary on a military base?? That’s asking for trouble, just saying. If there going to authorize it, the wepons needs to be visible.

    • BlueSCCY

      How is it asking for trouble? Not being able to carry on base does the same thing as no gun zones off base… all it does is create soft targets….

      • Jim

        This bill will allow CCW holder to travel to work and back AND carry there weapon.

        • BlueSCCY

          And that’s great. I’m a soldier and I am most vulnerable when I have to go on base. Only time I’m not armed…

    • Taolan

      Hey Brian? Hate to burst your bubble but hundreds if not thousands of soldiers are already carrying concealed in uniform, and some of them are not carrying legally even if it were off post and out of uniform because they are criminal shit-bags that need to be discharged.

      But the ones that are otherwise legal? They’re tired of the bullshit. Sure they might face disciplinary action if they shoot the next Nidal Hassan… but they’ll be hailed as heroes by everyone with a brain. It would force legislation like this into existence if it wasn’t there already, and put pressure on base commanders to smarten the hell up.

    • fish1552

      If I am unable to carry concealed, that is fine, but dammit, LET ME CARRY. Hell, just being able to secure it in a lock box in my car 30 ft from my work place would be better than 18 miles away.

  • Beardog 1763

    Like a lot of bills these days, Pretty language going nowhere. “grants authority to military base commanders to allow concealed carry of firearms on military installations, either for personal defense or as a force multiple, if they deem it necessary,” Not going to happen. The men and women who defend the constitution are denied their 2nd amendment rights. Post police chief here said “You don’t need a gun, we have enough.”

  • Michael Benedict

    The weak local commanders will not allow it. All smoke and mirrors…

  • Mike

    Oh it sounds like a miracle cure-all, but who issues the ROE? Who is responsible for fratricide? Who is responsible for the security of unregistered weapons if one is dropped during PT/Training? Who disarms a Soldier pending UCMJ? Will weapons be allowed everywhere to reduce ‘soft targets’ such as barracks, gyms, hospitals, PT, ranges and family events? Further, who ensures they are trained on their specific weapon? This is a commanders and 1SGs worse nightmare.

    • Brandon

      i have been in the Air Force for 11 years and i agree with you. One troop earned an Article 15 and later didnt shape up. I had to escort him off base. I am not sure how safe i would have felt knowing he had a gun during feedbacks, and the whole ordeal. not enough people are trained properly. What happens when i pull out my weapon to “save the day” from an active shooter and the Cops or security forces show up and see me pointing my gun? They wont know i’m helping.

      • pojodog

        If someone who has just been disciplined, or believes that they are about to be disciplined and wants to commit a crime with weapons, they will bring their weapons on base regardless of whether it is legal or the base commander approves.

        Concealed carry by other law abiding individuals will allow innocent people the opportunity to defend themselves and others from the ones intent on breaking the law.

      • Taolan

        Pojo hit most of my argument, Brandon, but your last point is something I feel I should address:

        If you go through defensive handgun training, they tell you how to not get shot by the police. You announce your presence and attempt to gain control of the situation, most defensive gun uses don’t involve actually pulling the trigger. Even without the training, if you disengage the target and cooperate with police you will be fine in the vast majority of defensive gun uses that involve the police.

        In the event of a more complex scenario, if police or uniformed armed security are already on-scene, it will be pretty obvious you are not the aggressor. On the off chance the firefight lasts long enough for police to get there before it is over, you announce and identify yourself to the police and comply with their instructions swiftly and without cause to provoke them.

    • kyle

      You’re being obtuse. How do you think hundreds of thousands of people live their lives every day all day concealed carrying. Common sense is the answer to all of your silly fear for your job progression questions.

  • Spooderman

    just because one bill says something doesn’t mean it doesn’t directly conflict with 10-12 other operational manuals whether it be Army rules for weapons, USAF, Navy or what have you. There are probably already rules that will directly conflict with this bill thus rendering it useless.

    • Matt1972

      So when the FED passes a LAW that TRUMPS regulations of DoD. Besides, the Bill simply makes it so each installation commander can allow personal firearms to be concealed carry. This is a large topic – too large to discuss here. I did my Masters Thesis on this very subject three years ago and it involved many months of research, interviews and surveys. Glad to see the FED finally seeing the light!!!!!!!! And as we have seen with LEOSA, this will take some time to implement, but eventually we will get there.

  • David Mace

    I have over 30 years service as a MP, both active and reserve, as well as an extensive background as a civilian LEO. The people that think it will be harder on MPs, if lawful CCL holders are allowed on post, are showing a complete lack of understanding regarding concealed carriers, who are around them anytime they are off post in most states. I guarantee there are unlawful concealed carriers on post too; the MPs are just oblivious to this, due to a lack of training and experience, and the signs someone is armed and carrying concealed. As a point of reference, concealed carriers tend to offend at a rate similar to LEOs. Just like a LEO, they have invested far too much effort to obtain a CCL and, like a LEO they are not prone to jeopardizing their right to carry. With the exception of just one person, in all these intervening years, I have never had an issue with a concealed carrier, and have been assisted by concealed carriers on a few occasions. That one person who, up until the commission of the crime for which he was arrested, is the single arrest I ever made who (up until that moment) lawfully possessed a firearm. Of the, literally thousands of apprehensions/arrests I have made, only a small percentage involved any kind of gun, usually a pistol. Of those illegally in possession of a firearm, all failed to advise it was in their possession, fled, shot at me, or a combination of these acts. Guess what? None could legally possess a firearm anyway. An informal poll of fellow LEOs confirmed my experience was not unique. Of these LEOs and two judges, with an average of somewhere between 20-30 years experience as a MP, and/or civilian LEO (local/state/federal) the average was one arrest of a previously lawful gun owner (up until the commission of the crime for which they were arrested), during their entire LE career. One LEO had arrested two, and one judge (a former LEO coworker) had sentenced two previously lawful gun owners (10 years LEO, and 20+ years on the bench).

    The problem is that the military, like much of civilian society is focused on the wrong issue: criminals, not lawful gun owners who take great pains to follow the law, are the problem; none of the criminals bother with getting a background check, or filling out the paperwork required to obtain a CCL.

    If this measure passes, I predict there will be no noticeable change in violent, firearms related crimes, on or off post. It’s probably not a good idea to allow an E-1 to have a firearm in the barracks, but most NCOs and officers have a clear understanding of the ramifications of illegally using a firearm. Those that will violate the law, by use of a firearm, will not be stopped by the current laws/regulations. Take a look at the case of Rashid Valmont, who murdered his supervisor on Ft. Gillem. He knew it was unlawful to have his pistol at his place of work, and he knew he was not supposed to murder his supervisor. It didn’t stop him. How about MAJ Nidal Hasan? There were regulations in place when he attacked his fellow soldiers. How’d that work out?

    Finally, if I was on any recruiting, reserve, or NG facility, separate from an installation or, for that matter in the Southwest, especially Ft. Bliss, I’d be less than comfortable: the battle is coming to us in our homeland, yet many (even senior folks) have their heads buried deeply in the sand (for lack of a better place to say it’s buried). If attacked, by a criminal or terrorist, certainly running, locking an office door, and hiding under a desk is a good COA. Sheesh! BTW, the bill should not allow restrictions by commanders, unless under very grave circumstances. Otherwise, the law would be pointless.

  • Curt Miles

    Will this amendment also cover the millions of civilian contractors, who lawfully carry concealed or will they just have to fend for themselves, the next time a Major Hassan shows up?

  • Matt Mcg

    Do some of you NOT understand what actually happened on Fort Hood? UNARMED soldiers and civilians were attacked by someone committing an act of terrorism; someone clearly having full disregard for the law. Due to the victims following the law, they were UNARMED. If concealed carry on Fort Hood were legal on Nov 5th 2009, and one of those victims decided to carry that day; the carnage would likely have been less. I worked Fort Hood as an MP from 2004-2011. I was not directly involved in the shooting, as it was my day off. I do however know several of the victims, and most of the responding officers/MPs. Thus, my opinions don’t come from mere speculation or misguided media interpretations.

    • Lobo

      No Post Commander will allow concealed carry man. If he has an incident that went south because of it, he would replaced the next day and career ended by higher. While I agree with you, the reality is the powers that be do not want Soldiers armed even if they die defenseless- sad but true. The powers that be are anti-gun aligned.

  • Rich Taylor

    Once again our political leaders pass a total crap dog and pony law that doesn’t do shit. What idiot actually thinks a base commander will actually do this? What idiot thinks a base commander is the undesputed ruler of the base? Unless something has changed since I retired the base commander follows orders both written and verbal from the chain of command. The chain of command starts from the E1 and goes up to the commander and chief. Anyone want to guess what happens to a base commander who goes against the president? It does not matter what law was passed because the base commander can be replaced easily.

  • Rob S

    Although I prefer to carry all the time I respect the decisions of the commander. However, If commanders dont want to allow us law abiding retirees and active duty to carry then give us a place to lock it up at the gate. Even Coca-Cola in Atlanta provides this service.