A Summer Without Printing: Tips For Carrying Concealed During The Warmer Months


Memorial Day has come and gone and now summer is upon us in full force.  After all the sweaters and light jackets get packed away until Fall, lighter clothing can pose a challenge for concealed carriers. More particularly, where it is important to remain concealed, the outline of a firearm can completely destroy that element of confidentiality and privacy. Let’s go over some of the biggest issues out there.


Printing is any time that someone can clearly see the outline of your gun on your person. Whether it’s because of tight trousers or a form fitted t-shirt, this outline lets others know you have a firearm on you.


Spotted refers to someone or group seeing a concealed carrier’s weapon. This commonly happens when a CCW holder bends down wrong to pick something up or accidentally shows his or her weapon. This isn’t to be confused with brandishing – which is the exhibition of a weapon.


This is usually taken as the separating line between innocently revealing one is indeed carrying a concealed firearm and actually making the foolish mistake of taking it from its holster. Alternately – and most importantly – revealing you have a concealed firearm on your person with the intent to intimidate another can also be interpreted as brandishing. This is why not getting spotted is so important – it’s impossible to know who may consider it a threat.

While the possibility of printing is just a fact of life with being a daily carrier – it’s important to know that sometimes public perception can be extremely unpredictable.  That’s why it’s important to understand why having the proper holster and clothing that helps break up the outline of a gun.

“Brandished” with reference to a dangerous weapon (including a firearm) means that all or part of the weapon was displayed, or the presence of the weapon was otherwise made known to another person, in order to intimidate that person, regardless of whether the weapon was directly visible to that person. Accordingly, although the dangerous weapon does not have to be directly visible, the weapon must be present.

18 USCS Appx § 1B1.1 (C)

5 Easy Tips to Avoid CCW Printing in the Summer

1. If possible, always wear an exterior layer that creates folds and billows.

You don’t have to don a 17th century tunic (unless that suddenly comes back into fashion) – simply a short sleeve button-up shirt or polo will suffice.

2. Squat – don’t bend.


Just like every placard demonstrating the proper lifting technique, squatting instead of bending isn’t just great for your lower back – it can prevent printing or getting spotted in lighter weather clothing.


3. Try switching to a micro or sub-compact

While many concealed carriers have a distinct preference for their style of firearm, sometimes switching to a smaller micro or sub-compact (less than 3″) can greatly assist in obscuring your firearm from prying eyes.

4. Wear looser pants or shorts

One distinct benefit of looser fitting clothing is air circulation and more room to spread out over an inside the waistband concealed carry holster.  As you may already know, using a belt that accommodates an extra inch or two on the waistline is also a great move.  Not only does it keep you from cinching down on your existing belt, but it means you have room to breathe.

5. Try clipping your holster on the inside of a cargo pants pocket

Some days just demand shorts or loose cargo pants.  Thankfully, any belt clip fastened IWB holster should be fine to be clipped to the lip of a pair of cargo pants.  Obviously, care needs to be taken if you intend on running around outside and the to-and-fro of fast movement may create some degree of printing — but it shouldn’t be enough to cause any alarm.

Before you go out, always check in a full-length mirror at multiple angles to ensure you’re good to go.  Ask a fellow concealed carrier to see if he or she sees anything out of the ordinary.  In many cases, concealed carriers can find themselves pegged into either being overly paranoid about printing or not nearly concerned enough.  Good judgement and planning will alleviate most of these issues.

Do you have any good tips for concealed carrying during the warmer months?  Share them with us in the comments section below.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • BlueSCCY

    When I first started carrying (which wasn’t very long ago….) I was having a lot of trouble with printing. At first I carried appendix and even with my subcompact 9mm, it printed like crazy! Tried 3 oclock.. same issue.. but now I have a custom molded kydex iwb holster worn at 4 oclock and it seems even my summer attire will work just fine :) the curvature of my back helps conceal the weapon.. I found the concealed carry method that works best for me :)

  • Rocky

    Gain 50 pounds, wear really tight pants, and nobody will be able see a gun squished in there somewhere. There ya go; free advice and a good reason to stop dieting.

    • friedchickenwatermelon

      Yes, but such a strategy would make my very well-endowed Mr. Happy quite uncomfortable and we cant have that! ;)

  • Droopy McDonuts

    You could do what I did: Buy a bunch of CC holsters, give up, and OC all the time. Not only does it eliminate the guesswork, it’s a lot more comfortable, especially on very hot days. ;)

    • if we go oc all the time we will loose our cwp and be in losts of trouble,so no we won’t do what you did.

      • Droopy McDonuts

        In what jurisdiction do you live that you would lose CC privileges because of carrying openly? I meant OC where it is legal, obviously.

    • 48jimmiegirl

      Mike, I live in TN and under the same carry permit you can OC or CC. It is all up to you. I choose to conceal because I am not out looking for trouble or making any. It isn’t anything I am looking to let everyone I know have either.

      • chris

        Open carry keeps trouble away. Both open and concealed carry give you the means to stop a violent crime, but only open carry will deter it.

        • scott

          That is not always the case. If a criminal walks into a resturuant with the intent to harm and sees someone that is open carrying a firearm. Who do you think they see as a threat and are going to take out first the one with open carry or the person who is concealed. Open carry does not always deter.

          • Rodney

            And how often has that happened Scott? I mean REALLY. Can you document more than once that has EVER actually happened?

          • friedchickenwatermelon

            Murphy’s Law!

          • Blonde Viking

            never.. because they will just move on to an easier target

          • friedchickenwatermelon

            EXCELLENT point! This type of scenario is illustrated in Dr. Bruce Eiemr’s book “Armed: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry”.

          • Blonde Viking

            i think he will go to the next restaurant if he were to see it. thieves and criminals go after easy targets.

        • papasan173

          Open carry let’s the bad guy, or an enemy, know you have a gun. If committing a crime he will enter with his weapon trained on you, probably firing immediately. If he is an enemy, he will ambush from behind, and after killing you, will take your weapon. The only plus to OC is faster access to the weapon, by maybe .5 sec.

          • Blonde Viking

            actually, if he sees your gun, he moves on to an easier target

      • Droopy McDonuts

        Fair enough. OC is just more comfortable for me. To each his own.

  • just me

    just carry on the outside solves problem

    • strikerdelta2387

      You DO realize not all states ALLOW open carry, right? Don’t be so ignorant about the rest of the country.

      • 48jimmiegirl

        You are absolutely right Christopher. My State, TN, is a choice. You can conceal or open carry on the same issues permit. I just moved there from NY and they are concealed carry only. I myself do not open carrying for,the simple fact, I am not looking to “make” trouble just because I am carrying.

      • pfunkypfresh

        The fact that the Second Amendment exists, along with this type of thinking, just blows my mind how everyone has this cognitive dissonance…

      • Loren Ambrose

        Open Carry is ALLOWED in all but 6 states. It will be 5 VERY soon. The vast majority do not require a permit at all. (as it should be) I carry open and concealed every day. I always carry OUTSIDE the waistband. It is a comfort thing.

        Maybe you should stop being so ignorant about the rest of the country, MORON.

        • Eris

          Maybe they’re not a moron. Maybe they’re keeping their weapon concealed out of respect for the population around them. Open carry puts a lot of people’s nerves on end, and while it is your right to carry, other people also have the right to be at easy, and not wonder if you’re a drunk moron that’s going to accidentally get someone shot.

          Driving cars is also legal, and people accidentally kill with those all day, ever day. All it takes is one little mistake, and someone else is paying for your error. Personally, I don’t want to see your guns. I will just immediately assume you’re an irresponsible person prone to knee jerk reactions and violence if you really think that you can’t leave home without the ability to be instantly lethal to anyone around you. I exist just fine without a gun, and I’m pretty sure you can too.

          Of course, I do recognize your right to carry your firearm, and I support it.

          • dg54321

            I’m not responsible for your delusions about a lawful activity. Seek help for your hoplophobia.

          • Slim934

            Or perhaps they choose to carry concealed because open carrying is tactically stupid. “Hey potential criminal, lookie what I got on my hip! A valuable high-theft value item! And now that you know it’s here, you can take your time crafting a strategy to try and blindside me to take it from me.”

          • Dave Miller

            It also tells the criminal “shoot me first”

          • Blonde Viking

            accept criminals just go and find easier targets.

          • ben carter

            You have existed without a gun, you never know about tomorrow or the next day. Just ck the stats, murders everywhere. Those people existed for a while. We can open carry here but I conceal for I don’t want to upset anyone and its not that hard. Believe me when your carrying a deadly weapon you know it.

          • ben carter

            You will assume I am an irresponsible person prone to knee jerk reactions and violence….. What are you thinking, I am local business man, 65 years old, oldest grandson graduated this week from high school, my two children are collage grads, have 4 grandchildren, coached little league, and have helped many people. I can tell you I never get road rage, open doors for anyone getting to the door before me and if someone cuts in front of me or cuts the line I just ignore it . Most of us carriers have more tolerance than most others. I do not kill for sport and would be the first to come to your defense. You can take your comment and apply it to people like you for it don’t apply to me and my friends. I will only be “lethal” if I or even you need it to keep safe. Before concealed carry came to our state 20 or more years ago I carried a handgun in my glove box since I was 18. Never had to use it and pray I get through my life without having to hurt someone but I don’t have full control of that.

          • Tonto

            We wouldn’t be having this conversation if i had been ‘unarmed’ (open carry state)

          • Jimmy Boothe

            Very well said Ben. Everyone that carries a firearm is not a psychotic lunatic looking for the opportunity to shoot someone. I would rather see a firearm than a cell phone. People with Cell phones and driving their weapons scare me much more that a guy or gal sporting an XP!

          • friedchickenwatermelon

            “Personally, I don’t want to see your guns. I will just immediately assume you’re an irresponsible person prone to knee jerk reactions and violence if you really think that you can’t leave home without the ability to be instantly lethal to anyone around you.”

            I was with you until this statement-an ignorant one, at that…

            Sure, you exist just fine without a gun–UNTIL YOU BECOME A VICTIM.

          • Blonde Viking

            actually, no. they do not have a right “to be at ease”.

          • H. Foster

            Please don’t equate the carrying of firearms with driving cars. One is a fundamental right of self defense, a true equalizer. The other is a contract with the state who maintains the roads so you are bound by the rules of that contract. Neither has anything to do with the other.

          • Buckshot67

            No your wrong actually. There is a RIGHT to carry in some states, openly, but No one has a “RIGHT to be at ease” show me where such right exists in the Bill of Rights. CCW carriers should follow the law. If your following the law, and open carry is legal, then you aren’t violating anyone else’s rights, they will have to live with it. Nope, no right to be at easy, or know my blood alcohol level. But there is a 2a right. You cant change the way a person “feels” and my rights cant be based on that. Otherwise Id never leave the house again. Many things make me uneasy, like Muslims walking in a crowded Walmart in their long flowing robes and ability to hide God knows what with their face covered. But, they have a religious right to wear what they want, and I have no right due to my “unease” to prohibit them from wearing it, and they have obligation to stop exercising their rights to make me “at ease”….Your “ease” problems, are just that-YOURS<

          • Becca Call

            You say there’s no reason for you to carry right, because you don’t on a daily basis and you’re fine…but you don’t know what the future has in store. There may be a day you are put in a serious situation where you may have wished that you carried; not me because I’m not going to allow myself to be a victim. Don’t down talk CC individuals. We are the ones who are being proactive; but you are just simply being ignorant. Good luck.

        • USAproud

          Why the name calling? What happened to civilized conversation?

          • Grendel Medlord

            Welcome to the internet… you disgusting whore.

          • Sean Pierce


        • fish1552

          Maybe you need to re-read the first post in this thread. He seems to be talking directly TO YOU.

        • InTexas

          Loren, I always make it a point to help educate fellow carriers. You should try. It helps the overall cause. We will have the ability to “open carry” as soon as Governor Abbott signs the bill and it passes. However, I will continue to carry my defensive weapon concealed.

        • Rick DeBacker

          I am not here to call those who disagree ignorant or other childish names, however being full time law enforcement and having what I consider to be above average tactical thinking, I will say legal or not, carrying “openly” takes away 100% of your tactical advantage in a situation. Why would you choose to be the first one to catch the bad guy’s bullet when concealed carry will give you extra seconds to formulate and execute a sound tactical plan?

        • strikerdelta2387

          Calm your hormones, sweetheart. Six states still doesn’t equal ALL. You tried too hard to shoot me down, and failed miserably. Run along, son.

      • papasan173

        Why would someone care what goes on in another state or other part of the country? What gives you the right to assume what another’s intellect or state of mind must be.

        • strikerdelta2387

          Why? Because last I checked, I’m an AMERICAN citizen, not just a citizen of my own state. You’re proving my point about ignorance. Stop talking until you can prove you have some intelligence rattling around inside your thick head.

    • 48jimmiegirl

      You are not a permit holder are you? If you are then why are you so ignorant to know not every State has an “open carry.” If “you” carry, you had better learn the rules of each State before you enter them because all State Rules are different!!!

      • Blonde Viking

        all but 6 states allow open carry

  • Dustin Sigmon

    Kydex and leather IWB holsters have worked well for me. Brands like Alien Ware, and white hat holsters have worked well for me. A tank top undershirt with an untucked shirt off your choosing has also been successful. A losser overshirt works wonders in hiding your IWB concealed weapon.

  • Artie Manfredi

    I wear 2 undershirts. I wear an A shirt underneath my iwb hybrid holster (for sweat protection and comfort) and a v neck which I tuck in over the gun. I can then wear whatever shirt I want with almost no printing.

  • Bob Wilkins

    The best position that I’ve found is to carry at 4 oclock, canted slightly forward. The groove of the backstrap will tuck itself against the natural curve of your body so you only have to worry about the magazine well poking out.

    If you’re a larger guy than me, or if you carry a larger gun (larger than a springfield xds 3.3) may I suggest simply wearing a short sleeve button down over your t shirt? It can make your tshirt look a bit more dressy, hides sweat marks and eliminates concern over printing.

  • Daniel

    I do fine 90% of the time with just an A shirt tucked in under the gun, IWB with my M&P compact of glock 19, and then an untucked button down shirt or polo. T shirt also works if it’s sized appropriately. If I really want to be careful, I’ll toss on an untucked t shirt and then the button down, either buttoned or not depending on the mood. I find it really doesn’t make me any hotter in summer and really eliminates any slight printing I might have had with the usual setup. Darker colors or patterns also really help as they help break up any printing lines and make them not look like anything.

  • dnhook

    Printing doesn’t bother me. I could care less. However comfort is important, which is why I use a Sneaky Pete.

    • Gordon Waite

      So you don’t care if anyone knows you have a weapon on your person? Or did I misunderstand you statement? I have to question someone’s mindset when they make statements like that. Oh, by the way, the expression is I couldn’t care less! If it was “I could care less” as you posted, it implies that you care some. As a retire cop that carries everywhere I go my first concern is adequate firepower. Just as importantly is to carry so nobody knows. Perhaps you get off on letting people see you carry. Why is that? Is it an intimidation thing?

      • strikerdelta2387

        Calm your hormones there, Grammar Nazi. Save the psychosexual analysis for the professionals.

      • 48jimmiegirl

        Hey Gordon, I think it is a “power trip, hey look at me”kind of thing when people open carry if they have a choice. I have a choice in TN to CC or OC. I choose to conceal. I feel it is much safer for everybody that way. I am not out looking for trouble or to be cool. I am just looking to make sure I can defend myself or anyone else who may need it. I would absolutely size up the situation before I bet used it.

        • chris

          There are MANY reasons someone might choose to open carry over concealed. Please educate yourself. I will not take the time to list all of the endless examples for you, but that was a foolish, and un-educated statement.

          • Gordon Waite

            Very few locals allow open carry. Your rude comment calling someone uneducated and foolish should be spoken into a mirror. Try being polite to others.

          • Paleface

            You’re a douche Gordon, how’s that for polite?

          • Loren Ambrose

            Gordon, you are a slobbering moron. Open Carry is permitted in all but 6 states. The vast majority do not require a permit at all. (as it should be) I carry open and concealed every day. I always carry OUTSIDE the waistband. It is a comfort thing.

          • friedchickenwatermelon

            Open carry is not yet permitted in Florida, but even if and when it is, I will still carry concealed. I prefer to maintain the element of surprise and not make myself a target. Furthermore, I believe it to be more conducive to weapon retention.
            To each his own, though.

          • 48jimmiegirl

            That’s what I have been trying to say, just wasn’t wording it right I guess. Thanks for filling in my holes for words lol. I can carry OC but won’t. I don’t have eyes on the back of my head like my kids always thought I did lol. I am not interested in some thug coming up from behind or being ambushed after I walked out of a store because someone wants to try and take it!! You are right, to each his own! I don’t need to show it off carrying it, it will be shown off enough when I have to pull it out and actually use it.

          • dg54321

            “To each his own, though.”

            Exactly. Not sure why we can’t just agree on this. Open, concealed….whatever is best for you. I do both depending on situation and location for the day ahead. Being armed where you go is the important part because not having it does you no good.

          • Gordon Waite

            I Can’t imagine that a man who can not control his mouth would be able to control his temper, and with a weapon on his hip he would be a threat. This slobbering moron, a retired PO that carries concealed every day, fears your type almost as much as the thug on the street.

          • dnhook

            The sun must have warped your brain when you were walking a beat all those years. You apparently cannot read. Sneaky Pete. Educate yourself, douchecanoe. Outside the waistband; concealed. It’s a fricking miracle!

          • Gordon Waite

            What are you, twelve years of age? Start articulating a lucid thought instead of name calling. You are capable of debate aren’t you? Or was ninth grade too hard for you to finishL

        • ben carter

          If you don’t have a permit you must open carry, so in many cases people don’t have a choice, however they should get the permit

        • dnhook

          If you would first learn how to read, you would notice that in my statement I said I use a Sneaky Pete. Please google “sneaky pete” and look at the CONCEALED options.

      • ben carter

        Its a hot day, light cloths and hard for me to conceal my handgun in a holster as I do in the colder months and pull a shirt over it. I wore shorts today and it fit just find laying my loose pocket, could not fall out while I went to several stores for mulch and other spring yard items. My feeling is that its best to not let your weapon be seen for there are a lot of people that may feel uncomfortable to see it and there are lots of children out that may not understand and there is no good reason for anyone to know I have it with me. Even though I have the right to have it don’t mean I don’t care about the other people around me. So yes keep It hidden if possible for there is just not a good reason not to. Oh yea these are just peoples comments and grammar is just not a big item to call people out on for you know what they mean.

      • Blonde Viking

        because who gives a shit? nobody but other people who carry even think about this. nobody is looking at your waist, nobody jumps to conclusions it’s a gun. it’s paranoia over a non-existent problem.

      • dnhook

        Ah, the grammar Nazis have arrived. How about this: I don’t give a damn if someone makes out an outline of my pistol. I do everything I can to conceal it properly, but if someone is smart enough to figure it out, then more power to them.
        I don’t “get off’ on it. I just don’t worry about it. Not sure why you have to come across as some know-it-all douchenozzle. You’re an ex-cop, eh? Let’s see how you phrased it: “As a retire cop that carries everywhere I go…” I think what you’re trying to say is “As a RETIRED cop….” So now you can take your criticism of my choice of words and shove it up your badge.

        • Gordon Waite

          I weep for the future of this country with rude, undereducated individuals such as yourself running around procreating.

          • dnhook
  • we just carry micro and compacts in our pocket or with a sticky holster in the waist band under our shirt,no one sees anything

  • pfunkypfresh

    I think we should all OPEN carry this summer to help acclimate the public to this freedom we have, and to make civilians carrying normal.. JUST like the police do now with all their ill-gotten military gear…

  • cardmaster1

    The only people that are “concerned” are those that have been brainwashed by the Liberal BS. I would Much prefer to be where people carry and the Criminal knows it! Having said that, I carry concealed all the time and No One knows it unless I Choise for them to know. I AM aware that there are those who have been Brainwashed against guns and I do Not wish to draw unnecessary attention to myself. I am the only one who Really needs to know I have it. The Correct thing is to continue to try to Educate people on the Many benefits of guns and carrying.

  • rsolid

    Some people freak out even if they see a cops gun. I don’t now what all the fear is. I like keeping mine out of site. A 380 Beretta i keep in a phone holster. Tried keeping it in my pocket but it don’t like any kind of lent. For it to be reliable it has to stay (very clean).

  • John Cheek

    Move to where you can open carry.

  • Timothy Moore

    All I see on here is a bunch of ppl who have one thing in common and that is to choose to carry a fire arm,but yet the majority of the comments are negative attacks tword each other about how is the best way to carry and name calling, almost as bad as having a conversation with an anti gunner, just sayin, grow up and be mature about this topic.

    • friedchickenwatermelon


    • ben carter

      Yea, why argue about how to carry and name call. Just give thanks you have the right to protect yourself.

    • Gooby


    • ben carter

      Your right.

  • Frank Linda Whitson

    If your still wearing long pants in the summer wear an ankle holster.

  • RXpatriot46

    Why do some see secrecy as less sinister than openly carrying? Open carry doesn’t mean you’re looking for trouble or attention. Some people don’t have the time or money to obtain a CHP or CHP. The fact that most states that allow open carry do so without a permit, yet you need a permit to conceal. In Louisiana you have to get finger printed, send in a photo, pay the state a hefty fee, and they constantly be monitored. It becomes a defacto gun registration. It’s not our fault that people freak out when they see a gun. Cops OC, security open carries, off duty cops OC. What’s the big deal. Traditionally it’s the criminals that try to hide things.

  • ValpoJD

    The age old open carry/ concealed carry argument… Ad nauseum…
    Know your local laws and carry as you wish… If I am in a suit and tie. -ala work. I will likely be open carry for comfort and to acclimate the Sheeple to seeing an armed law abiding citizen. Dirty working in the yard all weekend? Concealed as I always consider that I represent all of you who also carry…
    Beyond that give the OC/CC argument a rest..
    Love Indiana laws … Hate People’s Republic of Illinois laws!!!

    • ben carter

      Indiana and here in Kentucky are great. Your right Illinois laws suck. Took my grandson to Chicago for a ballgame last year, from Kentucky all the way up 65 to Ill. I had called Chicago Sheriff office to see what the rules were and at the state line I had to pull over and put my pistol in the trunk with the clip not with it. It was bull and if you ever need to be careful Chicago is the place. I wont be going to Ill ever again.

  • Patrick Hall

    Get longer baggie shirts, even tees, wear under shirt. Darker shirts help conceal yoyr weapon better. Then carry inside waist band. This keeps your weapon concealed and allows for the element of surprise. God forbid you would ever need it but at least you know it’s there.

  • Mark Holcomb

    Get a Maxpedition Fat boy pattern CCW pouch with both shoulder and waist retention straps, too. Put a patch or sticker implying its a medical device on this same pouch. Problem solved.

  • Blonde Viking

    there are too many myths on “brandishing”.

    Brandishing is a legal term that means showing/using a weapon during the commission of certain felonies, and is a factor used for sentencing purposes.

    someone simply seeing your gun? that is not brandishing.

    Plus, in all but just a few states open carry is legal. so there are no legal ramifications to printing, etc.

  • H. Foster

    I carry a 45 Kimber Crimson Carry Ultra 3 in barrel in a Cross Breed custom itw holster. It works well with enough firepower to stop the craziest of crazies and the largest of large and let’s me conceal very well with shorts, tank top and top shirt (button down or loose tee.) So I stay cool and protected.
    Addressing some of the other comments on here about open carry, it should not up to us to make the public at ease, they should already be, but some are not. I carry open at home and out in my yard, on my sidewalk and sometimes out in public I allow my shirt to stay open and my firearm shows, at least partially. If someone says something I calmly explain their right to do the same, or to not look, but please don’t try to deny me my right to carry, because I am the one protecting their right to say something!
    I live in Pennsylvania, and even though open carry has always been allowed (except in Philly), there are a lot of apprehensive people here too but if you calmly talk it out, they usually agree with my premise.

  • Mike Bolo

    light weight vest worn open will conceal and keep you cool. We have open carry in Michigan so if you accidently show off your piece its not a big deal.

  • Becca Call

    Great post for helpful tips on conceal carry for men…what about the ladies? I’m not going to wear multiple layers and die of heat stroke so these crazy liberals don’t get their feelings hurt when they see my weapon. Any ideas for the ladies? And don’t say my purse because that’s not where I want to have my gun, it should be on me at all times.

  • ConcernedGom

    In Florida where summer is here almost all year you learn to wear a larger untucked button-up shirt over a tee. Some wear the concealed vest but most know what it is used for. Glad FL passed the accidental show law. reminded of the Clermont man put on the ground for accidental showing & the Walmart customer that was killed ffor his accidental show. Had hoped to learn something here but nothing new.

  • Excellent advice on all accounts, I would just add that wearing two shirts, possibly a collared or polo outside and a T shirt on the inside helps alot as well. Tuck the firearm inbetween the two shirts so the first layer provides an additional layer of comfort against the firearm, also creating those billows and folds to go over it. In a worst case scenario, you can tuck the first layer around the firearm as well. This will hamper drawing, but it will certainly make it more concealable.

  • Observations99

    I try to dress to avoid printing as best as I can, but I always carry in the same location. I have way too many repetitions drawing from that spot to start moving things around with different holsters.

    A quick question about about that brandishing code posted. That’s USC and my state has no brandishing statute as broadly defined as that. That may apply on federal reserves, indian reservations, military bases, etc. but check your own state laws to find out what actually applies to you.