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Officer Denied Treatment At Urgent [We Don’t] Care Facility Because He Was Carrying His Firearm


MANSFIELD, OHIO — A police officer went to visit an urgent care facility with an eye problem, only to be held at gunpoint by police and escorted out of the building.

The Plymouth officer, Wayne Liggett Sr., called ahead to make sure the facility, Walk In Urgent Care, 1341 S. Trimble Road, had equipment to look at his eye. He stated he was seeing floaters and flashes of light in his vision and knew something wasn’t right. They told him to come in.

In a private room, an employee asked him to remove his jacket to take his vitals. As a courtesy, Liggett said he told the person he was carrying his duty weapon under his shirt, in case they would see it. He also had written down on the sign-in form he was employed as a Plymouth police officer, he said.

The employee took his vitals, said the doctor would be in soon and left.

The next knock at the door Liggett didn’t expect.

Several Mansfield Police Department officers told him to come out slowly with his hands up. More than one of them were pointing their firearm at him, he said.

Liggett said he was placed in handcuffs while police verified his identity as an auxiliary officer, which took only minutes. He was carrying his badge and ID in his wallet.

It turns out that Liggett had a tear in his retina and needed surgery, which he received by week’s end after visiting his eye doctor (who was happy to see and treat him).


Even after verification of his identity, he was still asked to leave the building and was refused service.

The owner of the facility denied comment. Surprise.

It brings up the valid question: what if this were to happen during a more serious medical need and an officer or concealed carrier came into this urgent care facility? Are they going to refuse treatment and let a person die on the floor?

“Officers carry to be prepared, and citizens do too,” [Plymouth Police Chief Charles] Doan said. “If you have a concealed carry and get hurt, are they going to say, ‘Get him out of here?’

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • ChoiceNC

    Sue! Medical Facilities are not allowed by law to deny medical care.

    • NoAccount

      Emergency departments are not allowed to under EMTALA and COBRA (doesn’t apply in this case anyway), however urgent care facilities are not covered under these laws. Basically they are a well equipped private practice.

      • VT Patriot

        Ah, but if they refused to bake a wedding cake, they’d be hung. I can see the logic there.

    • Tim Ruyle

      That is, what is the word, stabilizing care they cannot refuse, but if you are not dying or in immediate threat of death then yes they can

      • Glenn Gamblin

        They are not equipped for immediate threat of death, in that case they would be required to call an ambulance while they performed first aid

        • Patrick Oxford

          If all of this is true, why do illegals go to the ERs for basic care for minor medical problems and cannot be denied?

    • frankstclair

      I don’t believe they are.

  • sanjuro

    I think there is a missing part to this story, what was the auxiliary officer’s reaction to being asked to remove his gun.

    Now his injury was not serious enough to require to go to the emergency room. His retina tear was treated the next day.

    Could he have stored his weapon in his vehicle? Left it at home? Did the medical staff feel a firearm would interfere with their work and if he had to remove it, they did not feel comfort storing it for him?

    The laws and rules covering concealed carry does not preclude common sense or basic civility. This wasn’t an emergency case which required immediate medical treatment.

    • parkerglp

      You sound like a liberal. He didn’t know if it was serious or not…that is why he went in. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid right into the FEMA camps. I hope you need to call him someday….and I hope he never shows up!

      • sanjuro

        You know what the difference between “Urgent Care” and “Emergency Room” is right?

        Because if you are about to die, don’t go to Urgent Care!

        • parkerglp

          You really read things into this report, don’t you? Did I say he was about to die? I don’t give a damn what was wrong with him…this place has no right to deny care and have him escorted out under gunpoint! I hope he sues their ass and the cops that held him at gunpoint!

          • sanjuro

            If the story was simply that he was armed and then denied care, I would agree.

            I think the story is missing some details. I guess you don’t?

          • Odoyle

            The only detail that is included in the story that should tell you not much is missing is this:

            “The owner of the facility denied comment.” If details were missing, as you seem so sure of – I’d think the owner would have cleared it up. An absence of information does not mean it exists..

          • marshallbrinson

            I think you are missing one important FACT….He was a Law Enforcement Officer with ID!

          • 2BRKnot2B

            Doesn’t matter if he was Joe Blow off the street with a Clinton cigar shoved up Monica. S/he should be able to carry in public, whether with, or without a permit, as the law (the Constitution, Amendment II) notes, without being infringed.

          • JD

            Nope, I see no room for anything missing.

          • JD

            I put no blame on the responding officers, they only knew what the facility told them. All the blame lies with the girl who took his vitals and whomever dialed 911.

        • Jack

          I brought my wife to urgent care and they refused to see her because we didn’t have the money for the co-pay and they sent her to the hospital. She’s dead now…nuff said

        • ComputerWhiz

          If you’re about to die from an injury, are you going to bypass the Urgent Care and head 40 miles to the E.R.? Hell no, you’re going to first place that can provide help.

    • dave

      U imagine how he had felt if a drug addict came in guns blazing and the cop had left his legally possessed gun in the car. He would have been sued for failure to act. U wouldn’t be very pleased if ur love one was killed and an off duty cop did nothing to stop it.

      • sanjuro

        Don’t forget, this officer was there for eye surgery. Would he be even able to shoot?

        Believe or not, there are times where you don’t be carrying. Like an exam room.

        • Kevin J. Reidy

          You don’t go to an Urgent Care center for any type of surgery, they are not equipped to do anything like that at all.

        • Jeannine Kajdi

          And if he was hurt on the way home from work and had his weapon sanjuro was he supposed to throw it out the window? Officers are on “duty” 24/7. They carry unless they are idiots themselves. Never know when an idiot will do something. I am sure he knew he was there for eye surgery. It is amazing how dumb people are.

    • Stormridercx4

      Seriously you want the officer to leave his gun in an unguarded vehicle while in the clinic? The gun was holstered and in his control all the time. You people are always whining about stolen guns, yet you want this officer to place his gun where it is more likely to be stolen. This clinic needs to be sued and the employee needs to find another job. He logged the weapon in, he told the employee he was a cop and he had a weapon, and they call the cops, this is a clear case of trying to get that officer killed. Basic civility my butt, if my job dictates I carry a gun, your whiny fears do not over ride my safety. PERIOD. DEAL WITH IT..

      • 2BRKnot2B

        Even if you are not on the job, or have no dictate to carry a gun, there should be no over reactive fear as was noted in this story. Government is creating the fear factor through propaganda in order to make us all kowtow to their whims. Stop kowtowing!

    • marshallbrinson

      What to the Laws and Rules covering Concealed Carry have to do with this issue? HE IS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER! They Carry as part of their DUTY! He had his Law Enforcement ID and BADGE! That is all he needs for carry rights!

      • 2BRKnot2B


    • sanjuro

      Let me be clear about this: we do not know how he was behaving.

      He was an auxiliary officer, not a full time cop. And if he was behaving horribly or even worse, angry, then yes, that’s not good.

      • 2BRKnot2B

        And, we do not know that he wasn’t behaving rationally, notifying the gal who was to do the vitals he had the gun.

    • JD

      I believe they addressed that issue: they never asked him.

    • Joe O’Neal

      Basic civility? What a dumb comment.

    • momazilla

      He was never ASKED to remove his gun; He volunteered that information, (more than once) and apparently the staff took it as a threat of some kind.

    • Robert Williams

      Many jurisdictions require off-duty officers to carry… oh and the “No weapons allowed” signage does NOT apply to LEO anywhere that I know of.

    • Michael Dennis

      Are you reading a different article? Because they didn’t ask him to remove his gun. None of the options you list are ever mentioned in the article.
      As far as seriousness of his eye problem if they do surgery the same week they diagnose the issue then it’s normally fairly serious. Most surgeries are planned weeks (sometimes months) in advance. I recently had a couple of surgeries. It started out with me going to an urgent care because I didn’t realize how serious the issue was. Then when it was finally identified by my primary physician they still scheduled the surgery about two weeks after the problem was diagnosed because even though I hurt, it wasn’t going to kill me. Two weeks later I ended up in the ER and they did another surgery the next day. My options were surgery, paralysis or death. I spent a week in the hospital because of something that didn’t seem like an emergency when it started.

    • Isaac Carter

      They didn’t know that it was a turn retina, for all they knew he was having a brain aneurysm. They sent a police officer away before being seen without cause. They were lucky it wasn’t an emergency, but they had no idea when they sent him away.

      Common civility would have led them to ask him to lock the gun in his car and come back, not leave him in the room while they called the police without even seeing him.

  • parkerglp

    Close the place down. They are probably getting money form the state or feds.

  • buzz

    You don’t to an Urgent Care for serious medical emergencies. Nice to see the officers are held to the same laws as everyone else for a change.

    • Scar

      I doubt it’s the state, Ohio is pretty gun friendly, for the most part; we just passed a bill that lowered the class time for CCW, allowed pistol caliber rifles to be used for hunting(Ohio is too flat in most areas to allow actual rifle rounds to be used for hunting deer), allowed the use of suppressors for hunting, and got rid of our ridiculous magazine limit(by the old definition of full auto, Ohio said anything that could fire more than 31 rounds without reloading was a full auto weapon)

    • guest

      there is no law that prevents anyone from carrying in an urgent care facility if there is no sign posted. a hand written or computer printed sign doesn’t count. there is a federal regulation that describes the sign and placement of it. this officer was well within his rights. the clinic should be sued and shut down.

  • Jerry McBurney

    He needs to sue them for threatening him with a weapon

    • Kogashuko

      There is no telling what the lunatics told the dispatcher when they called. They could have thought the guy was in there waiving a gun around…

  • dave

    Very poorly handled all round, except for the guy seeking help.

  • Michael Adams

    Well this dipstick nurse and doctor just threw that guy under the bus and the oath out the window as complete and utter morons, noting could surprise me more in that town.

  • Keith Frey

    It is a urgent care facility there it is by law a mental health facility wherein firearms are not permitted by RCW. He’s a cop he should have known this. He broke there law even though it’s a stupid one and violates the 2nd ammendment. But i agree they were wrong in how they handled it.

    • Amber Fawn Andershonis

      You broke the laws of learning to spell. Hospitals would be in the same category, and officers come into hospitals carrying all the time, whether as patients, responding to calls or accompanying accident or crime victims. He let them know when he signed in, and if it was against any they should have told him to take his gun outside. If the didn’t pay attention to his paperwork, that is on them.

      • Sharon Cargil

        Thank you Amber! I’ll be laughing all day about “breaking the laws of learning to spell”. It just gives proof of ignorance.

      • elvis

        Amber can you smell asshole?

        • Amber Fawn Andershonis

          Lol I hope you meant spell, not smell? I’m not sure who you are referring to as an asshole, but if namecalling is your only means of arguing, I assure you people won’t listen to your argument.

          • bzzoff

            Amber….I’ve smelled assholes before. Uh…I also think he was referring to…uh…you! Somehow I think I agree with him. Some women don’t have a clue…

          • Amber Fawn Andershonis

            I’m sure you realize I know he was talking about me. I just don’t understand how I’m an asshole.

          • VT Patriot

            It’s because they don’t agree with you, neighbor. Carry on.

      • Ryan

        Hospitals are not in the same category, Amber. I carry in hospitals all the time, on and off duty.

        • Amber Fawn Andershonis

          I’m not the one arguing that fact. I was making a statement to a person who thought that because mental patients can be treated at the facility, guns are not allowed by law. I was informing him of how wrong he was. Officers of the law are permitted to carry in an urgent care or hospital. The cops they called on him did, right? He didn’t hide it, he didn’t threaten anyone. He let them know twice that he had a gun and showed them his badge and ID.

      • Joe W

        I worked as a Correctional Officer for 7 years, and carried at the Ft Madison Comm .Hospt., and at University Of Iowa Hospital and Clinics , MANY TIMES. No questions asked. Well, I was asked one question, an inmate, ask me if I would really shoot him, if he tried to escape. I told him, lets not put your life on the line to find out.

        • Amber Fawn Andershonis

          It is amazing to me that he even thought that question needed to be asked. I don’t understand… I see cops in my daily life- at stores, in the streets, at doctor’s offices. We had resource officers in our high school (13 years ago) and they had guns and tasers, although they never had to be used when I was there. I never even consider that them having a gun is a bad thing. I actually never notice, because I have always been taught that officers of the law are generally good people who are there to help. I live in NH, and I am sure I see people on a daily basis who concealed carry (I don’t, as I don’t feel comfortable carrying with 2 little kids who are tearing me in different directions constantly…I would always 2nd guess myself and be a nervous wreck. I am a good shot and was raised around guns, though.) and I don’t even think about it. A majority of legal gun owners are responsible and are not a threat to anyone. Most people who are threats are those who are not mentally fit or have illegal guns for the intent of causing harm.

    • Sharon Cargil

      I bet they would have treated him a little differently if he was the ONLY person carrying and some armed lunatic busted through the door with plans to kill everyone in the building…. Assclown. Reckon you’re a Tim McGraw fan too, huh?

    • 1asked2risk

      Actually, HR213 says an active/retired LEO can carry anywhere in the country, not owned by FedGov…

      • sgt6stripes

        Amen! But the problem is, even law enforcement officers are not aware of this, or they know about the law but do not understand it. Brothers and sisters in law enforcement PLEASE read and understand this law so it is not YOU that ends up with egg on your face.

        • sgt6stripes

          Oh yeah it is H.R. 218 not 213.

      • Michael

        HR218 says that any active/retired LEO can carry in any jurisdiction. It does not say that any active/retired LEO can carry anywhere. Businesses, residences, etc. that have a policy of not allowing firearms on their premises and other restrictions may apply. HR218 does not automatically waive those types of issues (although individual state laws may – depends on the state).

        • Tim Ruyle

          Instead of just throwing him out, they could have asked him to remove the weapon from the building

        • Charles Batchelor

          What do you think jurisdiction means? That’s everywhere dumbass.

    • sgt6stripes

      You are way wrong on that statement. Urgent Cares are private businesses that do not fall under any type hospital rules and regulations.

    • Randy Francis

      Sorry but apparently you have difficulty understanding the law – this was in Ohio not Washington State (RCW). Also I (as a former police officer) know of no state that bars police officers from carrying weapons anywhere with the exception of a correctional facility or a residential mental health facility for criminals (same as a correctional facility) As a police officer I was allowed to carry anywhere – schools, hospitals, church, courthouse, Federal buildings, etc.

      • Ken Keith

        Only a place run by scum sucking low life liberals do crap like this.

    • Guy Bennett

      I Don’t recall that part in the bill of rights…

    • AirFrank

      Cops can carry where the rest of us can’t

    • raziel71

      Sorry but not all urgent care facilities are also a mental health facility. I been to several of them that they DO NOT treat any kind of mental health problems and will forward you to the proper place.

  • Jim Lindley

    A Denney’s here made some on-duty police officers who had their badges showing leave because they were carrying. The mayor and chief of police gave orders that no police were to eat there. The restaurant manager apologized quickly for the shift manager running them out. He suddenly realized that they had torqued a lot more than the police department. A lot of private citizens quit doing business there too. The same should happen to that urgent care facility. When they see the pinch in the pocket book, they’re very quick to realize they messed up.

  • Scott Snoopy

    the world of the hoplophobic –gun fearing–crazies knows no limits. Perish the thought this man could have lost his eye sight.

  • Roger Shirley

    In Ohio, a facility is required to place a sign stating no weapons in a conspicuous place by the door. However this does not necessarily apply to active or retired LEO. If there is no sign, it is allowed by law to carry the weapon in. My question is, did the facility have the appropriate signage?

    • Tossaway

      If he was having problems with his eyes, it’s not likely he would have been looking for such a sign.

      • Roger Shirley

        Thanks for answering my question. My comment had nothing at all to do with his eye problem. And if he was carrying, he should have been looking for a sign, And BTW, he probably drove there.

        • Glenn Gamblin

          As an officer he can carry it in despite what sign they have

          • Jacoby Watson

            WRONG! if he was on duty, yes. But he was OFF duty. Therefor a civilian. All rules apply to him as they do to us.

          • mark wallers SSGT

            Negative on that sir. off duty an officer can be told to disarm. also, even on duty an officer can be asked to leave unless there is “police duty” to be performed with documentation EI warrant or probable cause.

          • oldhess

            Even on duty officers can be asked to disarm. I worked as a nurse on a psych unit and we had the LEO’s place their firearms in a lock box outside the door before they could enter the facility.

          • Steve Thomas

            I should certainly hope so!! If we trust him to work 40+ hours a week carrying, I think we should be able to trust him while he is off duty.

    • Larry New

      Sinage doesn’t mean s**t if you are legal.All they can do is ask you to leave.But it’s Ohio,a nightmare to freedom.

      • Roger Shirley

        Don’t be a putz. It means everything if you ARE legal or not. And I’ll put our laws up against the laws in your state any day. Great comment “But it’s Ohio, a nightmare to freedom”.

        • Patrick Oxford

          No, a “No Guns” or “Gun-Free Zone” sign doesn’t mean anything in Texas. It must be the right size and have the correct verbiage and placed correctly otherwise it means nothing.

          • Roger Shirley

            Sorry Patrick, this didn’t happen in Texas and quite frankly, Texas laws mean nothing in Ohio. The only thing Ohio cares about is if the sign is prominently placed where it can been seen without problem. Ohio gives guidelines as to verbiage and size.

          • Patrick Oxford

            Well, no shit. I was answering, or correcting if you will, someone else..

          • Roger Shirley

            So sorry, my mistake. But maybe if you were correcting someone else, you should reply to them.

          • skydivepaul

            I’m from Texas too. The signage has to be exact or it doesn’t apply. Like the 30.06 sign

      • Ms_V

        My cousin is a Dayton, Ohio police sergeant and fully supports gun
        ownership. I openly target practice in my backyard, and neighbors do the same (we are on the edge of town.) There are idiots in this state, as there are in yours, wherever that is. At this point, it would seem more expedient if the people in the states got together (rather than engaging in insults to each other) and rid themselves of the monstrosity we have in the Whitehouse. I don’t know anyone that voted for obama, but supposedly, he carried Ohio. The votes, usually tallied by the next morning, were in by the 11 o’clock news – like most every other state, Ohio’s election was stolen.

      • Ray Liptak

        If ohio is a nightmare to freedom what is new york? Or California?

      • TexasJester

        In Texas, signage is all – IF it’s a 30.06 (statute number) or 51% (alcolhol sales) sign. A “no guns” or “gun-free zone” sign doesn’t cut it, unless it’s a school, post office, or other government building.

    • bzzoff

      Roger…Sign or no SIGN….All LEO’s are EXEMPT from this. PERIOD! In not wishing to BASH YOU, it is common knowledge. Most signs also say the Phrase “Except Law Enforcement”!

      • Roger Shirley

        Thank you, but not exactly true, read this;

        “Concealed Carry by Law Enforcement Federal law (HR 218) permits active and retired law enforcement officers, under specific circumstances, to carry a concealed firearm. This publication does not address issues related to HR 218. If you are an active or retired law enforcement officer and have questions about HR 218, consult an attorney”.

        This was taken directly from the Ohio Concealed Carry Laws Manual, by Mike DeWine, the Ohio State Attorney General and it is dated 3/11/15.

        Also the state suggested signage says nothing at all about law enforcement. It states “Unless authorized by law”. It does not specifically say anything about law enforcement.

        If you notice in my original statement, I said the signs did not necessarily apply to active or retired LEO’s.

      • oldhess

        In most cases you may be correct but not all. As I stated to another post I worked on a psych unit and if the officers wished access ot the unit they had to place their firearm into a lock box outside the unit.

    • Lynn McCrann

      Same sign required in my state, Penn. I carry into the local hospital and in fact also to my eye doctor and my family doctor both of whom know I am licensed and always carry.
      If this facility was concerned they could have easily called someone such as the local police to verify and if he were admitted the officer could have secured the weapon and returned it to the patient upon his exit from the facility.

  • DigitalSmoke

    fucking gungrabbers. I bet the stupid nurse said he was brandishing and felt threatened for her life.

  • Tonga Saurus

    Vote with your dollars….make sure the locals KNOW this facility can and has refused to treat someone that was a concealed carrier…..

  • Tyler M

    Not in compliance with LEOSA. Time to shut these liberals down!

  • KC Vendetta

    As an auxiliary officer, I wonder if he’s actually “POST Certified” where he falls under a different category as an “officer” versus an issue with the 2nd Amendment.
    On private property in my state, an “owner” has the right to prohibit weapons from entering the facility if the individual is not an officer.

    • Joe

      In Ohio, all facilities have to have posted that the building/area is a gun free one. Otherwise, you may carry there. Exception being federally funded buildings like… Universities, high schools, court buildings.

  • Dennis Hall

    Dr. Muzhar Hussain, MD is the owner of the facility – hmmmmmmmm

    • 2BRKnot2B

      Must be a relative of Barrack Hussein.

  • Rick Carver

    Can you say L-A-W-S-U-I-T?

  • Mark Cantwell


  • Justin

    Another sick and disgusting reveal of the reality of this country. Our constitution prohibits royalty or a class of citizens above others. Yet police are placed above the rest, with their own laws to follow or not. This country is headed towards being a monarchy with the police and lawmakers as our “royalty”.

  • Joe

    I find it pretty despicable that officers barged into the room with their guns drawn and pointed. If we’ve seen anything the past few months on the news, it’s that officers can make mistakes and “accidentally” discharge their weapons. Especially, when someone’s already identified themselves as a police officer (and apparently had credentials with him).

  • Roger Williams

    I see two or three lawsuits in the future unless he is very forgiving. Glad he received treatment elsewhere for a true emergency. Second Amendment United States Constitution, no exceptions!!

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    People are such cowardly sheeps! A society of GUN FEAR is being fostered to the point that if you are not in a blue uniform and wearing that badge on your chest then people are ignorantly terrified. What are people going to do if our guns are regulated to almost nothing or gone all together and the government brings the military in to control us. Don’t think it will not happen. It already has, here on American soil. National Guard and Law enforcement going around illegally and confiscating guns and even supplies from people after a natural disaster.

  • 2BRKnot2B

    I fell, and injured my forehead, deep gash prior to a day of hunting. I went to the emergency without thinking about the pistol strapped to my hip, just stopping the belleding from my head. The MD’s knew I had the gun, and I handed it to my equally permitted wife. They never made mention of it. Never called police. They treated me. I guess that is the difference between a rural hospital versus an inner city one. Or perhaps it is the new bs of the medical field to make any use of weapons seem ill advised. This is psychiatry taking hold of our medical profession, stating that anything outside the norm they create is not rational, or sane. It’s all nonsense meant to take as many people into custody for exercising their rights as possible. Unless the pro-gun, pro-America community comes together it will only get worse.

  • Tim Ruyle

    What facility so I know never to go in there even if I am dying

  • Ben George

    Just sue them for NOW and let the Message out to other care facilities about it.

  • Spectre

    Kinda goes against the Oath if you ask me. Do no harm? Well, what do you call denying urgent care?

  • Claude

    Never read the comments.

  • So he could not Carrie but the officers that came in could hum

  • Retinal detachment is a surgical emergency.

  • Stlhdr

    What if he was gay and denied a cake at a bakery ….

  • Matt

    Did that medical employee even lift?

  • Matt1972

    I’ve never known a medical facility (no matter the type) to allow firearms in the hospital unless by their own security or police (such as with the VA Police Department). This he should have known and secured his weapon in a locking device in his vehicle. I asked a hospital police officer one day and he stated that even if a police officer was injured on duty and was rushed to the hospital, that some other officer would have to secure his/her firearm BEFORE entering the facility. So this is not uncommon.

  • Alan Higginbotham

    What you put up with is what you’ll get.

  • Ken Keith

    I would say that would be grounds for a massive law suit. They wouldn’t hesitate a second to take care of some low life gangbanger, armed or not. According to the Hippocratic oath, they can not refuse to treat someone, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Michael Dennis

    If I thought I was dying, I wouldn’t go to an urgent care. They’re convenient if you’re sick, but they really aren’t good for trauma, as I found out in December. I basically wasted a couple hundred dollars, got no answer to what was wrong with me, but please take these Norco until you get home from your vacation (I was in CA). It turned out to be a herniated disc, which ended up with staph infection that just about killed me. If you think you have a serious issue, go to an ER.

  • Zojja

    When I was a police officer, I had to go to one of those emergency care places while on duty. I was in uniform and not one word was uttered except to ask me if my hand was swollen because I punched out a suspect. She was giggling as she said it. Hospitals in my area are very police friendly.

  • Celtic

    Easy solution. All gun owners should boycott this Urgent Care facility. Losing a large portion of your clients, and therefore, your profits has a way of changing policy — or getting rid of bad rubbish.

  • Tossaway

    A *private* facility has the right to deny treatment and to refuse to allow entry of firearms. They also deserve the consequences of that choice. This is the other side of freedom, folks.

  • Norm Faith

    Just wondering…What would be the outcome if in the future this facility was in an emergency situation requiring the police and were informed that the police were not going to respond, because of “no guns allowed?”

  • TJ Bradders

    Was it a gun thing or a cop thing? After Kelly Thomas many people in Fullerton california stopped serving cops. I agree with them.
    Okay maybe medical care is a bit too far, but in general I support not serving cops.

  • Jeannine Kajdi

    An Officer was off duty and had to take his wife into an emergency room. The Hospital Security asked him to store his duty weapon. He did not want to, but was told he could not be with his wife if he did not. Finally after a long argument, the gun was locked in a locker. He had been to this particular hospital many times while on duty because of incidents, so they knew who he was. When he went to leave and had retrieved his gun, they were going out the door and a shooting victim came in. Gang bangers followed and an incident occurred. Hospital security asked him to help since he was a Police Officer and was armed. Ha, Now it was ok to have his gun. What a joke. He helped them until the Police Officers arrived. I don’t know that I would have wanted to be as nice. ( I would have helped, but I would have been furious !) Keep messing with the Police and it will come back to bite you right in the behind.

  • Jeannine Kajdi

    Law across the country now is Police Officers whether on duty or off can carry in all states. He should, and I hope he does, sue their asses.

  • Thomas Cahill

    Completely disgraceful.

  • JaySands1234

    The cops that handled the call are chickenshit…

  • proud American

    There is just no common sense anymore.

  • Bradley Morris

    close that establishment down NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  • raziel71

    More moronic leftards in the health community.

  • TSM

    Detached retinas need immediate treatment with blindness likely without treatment.
    And if one of the responding police officers were hurt at the Urgent Care (trip and fall), would they be denied treatment too?

  • Civil DK

    Actually. Think about it this way. You can deny anyone access to your home if you desire for whatever reason and so can any business. Because your gay, because you carry a weapon or you have body odor.
    ONLY when laws are made, removing the rights of individuals to who own business’s, preventing them from “… reserve the right to deny service to ‘anyone'” do WE the People lose our rights to individuality.
    I say, BRAVO! to the clinic, for NOT allowing themselves to be ‘bullied’ by public opinion, “HOWEVER, stupid, idiotic, dumb, or foolish their actions and or inactions are/ were. See ‘tards’ this is the type of ‘fodder’ liberals will use to make laws restricting our individual rights.
    ie “Gay and or Lesbian or Bisexual or ANY act that makes MY / OUR / US ‘feel’ uncomfortable or ‘un-natural’ will NOT receive service and will be asked to finish their meals/ drinks within 30 minutes never to return unless invited”.
    Would a straight or hetero sexual go to a ‘Gay Bar?
    Would you feel uncomfortable?
    Why would a gay or lesbian go to a straight club?
    Wouldn’t they feel uncomfortable?
    So, why the laws? Shouldn’t they be enforceable? What prevents anyone who was denied service for any other reason, to claim it was based on their ‘sexual’ preference or ‘orientation’ and sue, putting the burden of proof on the business to prove the individual or group ‘wrong’?
    But, back to ‘this’ business. So, law abiding, non hostile, patient, who’s carrying a holstered, legally carried firearm, is ‘forced’ at gun point, by others to surrender himself by ‘drawn guns’, allowed into the same facility?
    Bad job on the officers involved. They could have just as easily called and verified this mans information, really quick!
    Talk about the “Good cop bad cop routine”.
    Just once, I’d like a law to be written this way.
    364 of 365 days per year we, the American People shall adhere to the laws of nature, honoring our mothers and fathers and grand parents, etc., any other time left may be used to otherwise to celebrate or ignore what is normal or natural.

  • Fred Garvin

    This place need all of its funding stopped and burnt to the ground. Sue, torch, then sue the smoldering remains.

  • Fred Garvin

    And Mansfield LE, GFY, I wish you only the worst. I hope Al Sharpton moves to your community.

  • RN

    Your information is wrong. Medical institutes like urgent care CAN deny service since it is not an emergency clinic. If you have an emergency go to the closest ER not a doc in the box.

  • Michael

    Just make them take care of you at gunpoint if you have to.

  • Larry Milam

    The constitution says I can be armed and carry anytime I want, anywhere I want. I don’t care two figs about your signs.

  • ConstitutionalStudent

    It is so difficult to fathom why and how people who are suppose to have good sense (doctors/nurses/administrators) can be so utterly stupid. Disclaimer: Of course, I don’t have all the facts about this, I’m sure!

  • borg

    What would happen if a cop was in dire need of emergency medical care? Are they going to call the police to pick up a dead cop that they refused to treat?

    • Ted Unlis

      No borg, they would call the police and ask them to come secure the incapacitated officers firearm. Apparently you’re as lacking of common sense as Officer Liggett if you actually believe it is reasonable for any injured person to remain armed while receiving urgent or emergency care that includes sedation or anesthesia. Nothing wrong with Walk In Urgent Care exercising due caution by not allowing a sedated or anesthetized patient to remain armed, it’s not any different than a hospital not allowing a patient effected by medication to drive themselves home, it’s the responsible and common sense thing to do.

      • borg

        I would agree but instead of calling police over to secure the weapon they called the police to threaten him with deadly weapons.

        • Ted Unlis

          At that point he hadn’t displayed his badge and ID to the medical staff which he should have done immediately upon arrival, all he did was verbally identify himself as an officer once in the examination room while exposing his gun and about to be treated. I don’t blame them not accepting verbal ID only for verification and calling the police. This may come as a shock to you but it is not uncommon for armed criminals to seek treatment when they have a serious injury. The nurse was smart to play it cool once she realized the patient in civilian clothes was armed, and the responding officers were smart to not take any chances until it was confirmed the idiot displayed a gun but neglected to display a badge. Liggett is an auxiliary Podunk PD officer at a agency with 4 full time and 8 auxiliary officers, a larger more professional police department would have suspended or fired him for pulling such a boneheaded stunt. It was his choice to refuse to secure his weapon in his vehicle before seeking treatment at Walk In Urgent Care.

  • Ted Unlis

    Plymouth Auxiliary Police Officer Wayne Liggett Sr. is embarrassingly lacking of common sense. Since the first of the year I’ve had two medical procedures here in Texas that required mild or local anesthesia, and even though as a Texas Peace Officer I can legally carry a handgun in a Hospital, it would be idiotic for me to show up expecting urgent or emergency treatment while carrying a firearm and not anticipate the problem it would create with the medical staff. I had enough sense to secure my weapon in my vehicle before entering the hospital for treatment (secure as in you need a rotary cutter or cutting torch to defeat the security device). When an on duty officer is injured the proper protocol is for another officer to take custody of and secure the injured officers’s firearm. No police officer with even the slightest bit of common sense expects to remain armed while receiving treatment under local or general anesthesia in an ER or Urgent Care facility. What the hell did the injured officer expect the medical staff to do with his gun while he was incapacitated during treatment and surgery? Leave it in a bag with his clothes and personal items? Put in a drawer in the treatment room or nurses station? Officer Liggett was responsible for securing his firearm BEFORE entering the medical facility for treatment, and if he is now incensed that his failure to do so caused the incident at the Urgent Care facility, then he is a monumental [email protected]$$ deserving of serious disciplinary action, and if Plymouth Police Chief Doan doesn’t have enough common sense to recognize that, the Plymouth City Council needs to discipline the Chief.

    • borg

      He merely went there for a diagnosis not realizing that he needed surgical repair. Once
      you have initiated care of a patient you cannot just stop, it is considered
      patient abandonment.

      • Ted Unlis

        He went there for treatment, a routine appointment at the Doctors office is where he’d have gone if all he sought was a diagnosis. For something as painful as a torn retina, he needed treatment, that’s why he went to the Urgent Care facility, one of the first things they would have done is give him something for the pain. Anyone with half a brain realizes that Officer Liggett showed his @$$ by demanding treatment while armed. Walk In Urgent Care were absolutely within their rights to not proceed with treatment requiring pain medication and/or anesthesia to be administered to an idiot who insisted on remaining armed while under the influence of pain medication and/or anesthesia.

    • borg

      The facility is lucky that he was not having a stroke.

  • borg

    you have initiated care of a patient you cannot just stop, it is considered
    patient abandonment.

  • borg

    Urgent Care 1341 S Trimble Rd Mansfield OH 44907 (419) 775-7807

  • borg

    Her is the location so everyone knows which place to avoid
    Walk-In Urgent Care
    1341 S Trimble Rd
    Mansfield OH
    (419) 775-7807

    • Kathy

      Thanks for sharing the address. Now people know who to avoid when seeking treatment. Wonder how much they’ve billed his insurance company for this “care”?

  • TheLight

    He should have told them it was his duty firearm and he’s not allowed to be without it in case he gets an emergency call. The police who responded would have understood this and not escorted him out of the building.

    • Ted Unlis

      A torn retina is a serious injury requiring pain medication, sedation, anesthesia, or all of the above and to suggest that an off duty auxiliary police officer from another jurisdiction needs to remain armed while receiving treatment “in case he gets an emergency call” is absolutely ridiculous, it’s not any different than a hospital not allowing a patient under the influence of medication to drive home, it’s the common sense responsible thing to do. This entire incident is on Officer Liggett, not Walk in Urgent Care.

  • Yap

    Life, limb or eyesight are emergencies. He had a tear and what if he lost his eyesight that day and needed emergency care that day to save it but they denied him service. Sue the shit out of that facility. Lucky he was an officer, what if it were me? Whose to say that I would have been shot?

  • myauthorizedopinion

    Bunch of brain dead wannabe’s.

  • Phillip

    To be sure, ours isn’t a free society. However in a free society this is how it works, property owners get to make the rules for what occurs on their property without special concessions/exemptions for law enforcers or any other specific class of people. Not sure of OH, but overwhelmingly in most states law enforcers are exempt from laws ‘allowing’ property owners to ban weapons from the premises.

    Like it or not, that’s what freedom is. It means the property owners make the rules on their property, period, no exceptions for anyone. It also means they become responsible for those choices in both good and bad outcomes. It’s why markets represent freedom, people are able to choose where and with whom to do business.

  • Larry Wilson

    Morons abound! Let me guess it was a Micheal Bloomberg care facility!

  • Larry Wilson

    What I would do is… sure that everyone hear of this. So one goes in there if they don’t have to. Word of mouth is a good way to spread the word about the place. No business is a bad thing for them! They can not say a thing if you tell everyone they refuse to treat you…..That is a fact and true!!

  • jerry rice

    this was a volunteer cop….one that doesn’t go through the training or licenses police officers do…more of a step above a security guard. He is a wannabee cop, nothing more.

  • Grog656


  • John

    Liberals not wanting guns in their place of buisness call in gun carrying people to remove a gun carrying person by people with guns. Do I have that right ? ? ? LOLOLOLOL ! ! ! ! ! ! May they all find themselves in a quiet place with a criminal.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    The first thing these liberal crybabies will do when someone shows up to shoot the place up is to call a good guy with a gun.

  • Mike Quaid

    What’s funny is officers with guns responded to the officer with gun complaint. Why did that facility allow them in?

  • jimpeel

    Read up on “SWATting” that is being advocated by anti-firearms groups.

    Search on the following to see. This site is not willing to let me provide links to these stories.

    Beware of “Swatting”

    Moms Demand Supporters Hope For More Executions Of Open Carriers

    Virginia Open Carrier Is SWATted By Known Gun Control Loon

    Gun Control Crowd Advocates ‘SWATting’ Open Carriers

    A disturbing trend on the fringes of the gun-control movement

  • Anonymous Patriot

    So much for the Hippocratic oath at this place.

    Interesting case though, most hospitals around here are “gun-free” zones, so would they leave me outside to die if I was picked up by an ambulance? LOL

    The state of this country is sad.

  • grannie

    It is immoral and inhuman to deny anybody urgent care. We have accepted and practiced political correctness far too long.

  • StargazerInSavannah

    Most important that all criminals in the vicinity be made aware that this is a gun free facility where they can operate freely without opposition.
    The address, identification and operating hours of all such facilities should be published to assist those of us who are Constitutionalists the information we need to avoid association with such vermin.