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When Shooting At A Suspect Doesn’t Make Sense


You’re inside your home sleeping when you hear your car alarm go off. You get up to investigate, where you find two males in the process of stealing your truck. One of them takes off in the vehicle they came in, a Suburban, and the other takes off in your truck.

What do you do?

Two brothers in Houston, TX decided to take matters into their own hands, while armed, and get in their vehicle to chase down the suspects. During the chase, the brothers shoot at the stolen truck, hitting the suspect which causes him to crash the truck. The brothers then stop in front of the stolen truck and fire multiple shots at the suspect, hitting him in the head and chest. The suspect died at the scene.

The other suspect in the Suburban took off and got away.

As of yet, no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.


So, what would you have done in this situation? Do you chase down the bad guy and fire at your stolen vehicle while driving down the road, then once you successfully stop the suspect, park in front of him and fire some more rounds?

It was reported that the brothers saw the suspect in the Suburban point a gun at them, and it is at that time they started firing while driving.

If you’re in a vehicle, behind another vehicle, and they point a gun at you, you should be hitting your brakes. A fleeing suspect is not a danger to you, and a truck can be replaced. That’s just my .02 on the subject.

In short, I would have called police from my home to report the stolen vehicle. Sure it sucks that your vehicle was just stolen, but it seems like a better option than shooting at a suspect while driving. What if one of your bullets made its way into someones home, or any other one of a million possibilities?

What say you? Comment below.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • dyscarp

    I think they went way to far. I agree with defending yourself, but this is more like murder than self defense. Honestly, I would have let them take the vehicle. I have onstar and could track the vehicle and have it shut off. If not, that is what insurance is for.

    • Tim Woods

      What else would you let them take?

      • Jason Adams

        Personally, I draw the line at endangering the lives of innocent bystanders. Life isn’t like in the movies where bullets fired *only* hit what was intended. Any one of those bullets could have struck someone that had absolutely nothing to do with the theft, The thieves could have struck another car, the number of things that could have gone wrong are almost too numerous to count. Cops get all sorts of legal protections if they hit/kill a bystander or cause property damage while in pursuit of a suspect, civilians do not.

        I firmly believe in protecting one’s life and property, but endangering the lives and property of other people is simply irresponsible at best, and criminal at worst.

  • Randy Nolff

    They will end up wearing orange jump suits. A good lawyer might get their sentence reduced but these guys are looking at jail time.

    • ShertzDude

      Legal to do what they did in Texas. But only at night. They will not face chsrges.

      • Arthur Morse

        Actually, I think you can shoot someone during the day if you think you will never see your property again. A man in Texas not too long ago shot someone that had robbed him and ran. The guy shot the robber in the back. No charges as of publication. The article said that under Texas law what he did was legal.

      • EdC

        I’ll bet you that’s not true. Leave a note after they decide whether to charge them or not.

        • ShertzDude

          I will. I know Texas law. Lived there when I got my first CHL.

          • EdC

            Look up Reckless Endangerment.

  • ED/PHX

    99% of us being allowed to carry or simply have guns in general. The other 1%, finds themselves in a position where they actually do have to act in defense, either their own or someone elses, not by choice but by need. My math isn’t that great but 99%+1%= 100%….Too me, they saw this as their way to become part of that 1%….They went far beyond the line that these laws are set up to do the right thing….If they didn’t receive fire, while facing the the perp but shot him anyway, they’re looking at a minimum of Manslaughter or maybe 2nd degree….Bad move to be a “participant” and a high price to pay….ARE THOSE YOUR THOUGHTS AS WELL. P/s, I used to help audit sentences, felonies and above for a good size Mid-west P.D. so we didn’t leave anything on the table…..

  • Todd

    You have the right to defend yourself, loved ones, and property. The criminals should start fearing for their lives. Police aren’t worth a shit anymore. The DA offices are only prosecuting cases when it affects their friends and families. Its time that we stand up for what we worked for and take our freedoms and our right to feel safe back.

    • fish1552

      At what point are you defending yourself when you go looking for a shoot out though? The author is right – chasing them down is far from defending yourself or property.

    • TheLight

      Todd, you are not allowed to use deadly force in defense of property. If you see someone walking your grass, you aren’t allowed to snipe at them from your bedroom window with a high powered rifle. You also are not allowed to shoot them if you catch them wheeling your lawn mower down the street. These two guys grabbed their guns before they left because they had the intention of shooting the guys if they caught up to them whether they were armed or not.

      • Juan Picon

        Walking unto someone’s grass is not deemed as an endangerment of life, or property loss. But, if that transgression continues and that person is now becoming an uninvited guest, the inhabitants lives are now being threatened, the scenario changes. One should read and educate themselves on just what is and isn’t allowed under the “CASTLE LAW.”

    • Mike

      So how is it feeling safe when they are out there shooting up the streets. What if a kid got hit by a stray bullet then what would you say

      • ShootsAlongWay

        The good guys were White. Honest White folks HIT their targets. We don’t shoot our weapons like the Ghetto Chimps do. Oh, was that “racist”? Sorry….Not. I shoot HUNDREDS of rounds from lots of my guns, monthly, and I try to make 1 hole on each target. I have more than one weapon that can shoot a stretched out hole at 100, and 200 yards. Welcome to reality. Whether its Dune Coons, or ghetto Chimps. They are going to learn the hard way, that “Whitey” is done walking on egg shells.

        • Big Sky HD

          Thank you for posting this. Prosecutors will absolutely LOVE pulling this off the web for the sentencing phase of your inevitable trial. Don’t worry about deleting it, it lives forever.

          • ShootsAlongWay

            Oh. I’m scared now!! LMAO! Honest people that Defend their rights, don’t worry about “Prosecutors”. Now, if i was a criminal, you might have me. Sorry, but I Strictly Adhere to the LAW of the State, Federal, and ATF. You Lose, again….Get used to it!

        • Stevo

          You need 1 rite between your eyes

          • ShootsAlongWay

            That would be “right”. Poor, undereducated liberal.
            I’m VERY capable of delivering one, right between someone’s eyes. Haven’t met anyone (yet) that is capable of returning one though.
            Yeah, affirmative action!!!

  • Russell Easley

    Sounds to me that at no point were their lives in danger

    • Eric Wright

      You must have missed the point in the article where it states they believed he was pointing a weapon at them after the truck was stopped.

  • Greg

    With today’s laws these two will probably get some jail time and while I don’t agree with what they did why should they be out the thousands of dollars that the insurance company won’t pay. They used to hang horse thieves back in the day,maybe some of that today might slow down the thieves or at least make them think about what they are stealing.

  • Joel Blayney

    “Protection of life limb and property” If you give up on property instead of fighting for it, the motivation to not rob people is weaker. Property involves people and stealing it often leads to an altercation. While I disagree with parking in front of the guy to shoot him after he stopped and shooting at them during the chase (unless they were actually under fire or risk of such) I dont agree with just letting them go either. That leaves them feeling like they can keep doing it and eventually worse things will happen. But thinking “Oh shit, they chased our asses down (and returned fire if they indeed were threatened with a gun) maybe we should rethink this shit!” is a far better outcome.

  • Chris Smith

    I would have done the same thing. as the cops would have taken a report and not put any effort into finding or stopping the theft , the brothers did what the cops should be doing . Now a scumbag is dead and one ran away scared. Too bad for the scumbags . Don’t wanna get killed , don’t steal other people’s stuff. It’s that EFFing simple, people .

    • TheLight

      And if you ever did what you suggest, YOU would be the one doing hard time and if your victim survives, he’ll be living in your house after he files a massive civil suit against you and your family will be out on the street because you decided to be a moron.

      • Hugh Schneider

        Not in Texas!

      • Mark Elliott

        In Texas, Castle Law gives you the right to use deadly force to defend your home AND your property.
        So the brothers won’t be charged with much more than discharging a firearm within the city limits, if even that. If they choose a jury trial on any charges, they’ll walk.

      • Mestranger Toall

        Not in Texas it is the one and only one state that allows for the protection of personal property with deadly force as long as it is at night time

        • James Shiderly

          North Carolina allows for the use of deadly force to protect yourself, your family, your property and any other person that is not capable of protecting themself. Also, it don’t have to be at night. We are good 24 hours a day. So Texas isn’t the only place. Believe it or not, there are better places than Texas.

          • Dagaz

            And it is idiots like this that are chasing people around with guns causing more danger than the criminals themselves do.. Insurance covers Items that are replaceable.. Give the gun grabbers more ammo…

          • James Shiderly

            Not once did I say that I condone their actions. I would have shot at them from my front porch. I wouldn’t chase them down the road. Their actions were careless and they should be charged with murder. The point of the laws are to stop the threat. If they hit him and he wrecked the truck, the threat was stopped. But then they got out and continued shooting at him to ensure he was dead. This sounds more like a sloppy gang style murder than it does self defense.

          • Dagaz

            Agreed on your reply. However,One question.. In the process of the chase, the would be criminals crash into a car and kill all of the occupants.. Who is at fault, the ones being chased or the ones doing the chasing ? I dont live in Texas, so i know how this would play out in my hometown…..

          • csbubba

            Nah sounds more like COPS! Of course cops, like 99.9% of
            them, will always get off, even after discharging many many more rounds. A lot of cop shootings are also, as you say, a sloppy gang shooting!

          • Edward Coss

            insurance would not of covered that truck point blank, houston is really bad if it aint welded to something immovable they fucking steal it

          • Bob P

            So many crimes never happen because of guys like this.. Keep up the good work boys.

          • Danny Rivera

            You steal, you die.

          • Crash Burning

            Your idea sounds good except for one thing.. It just continues to happen day in and day out.. The criminal gets bolder and bolder…This criminal will not be doing it again EVER..! Not to mention the next crook is thinking maybe this life of crime is getting to dangerous…The What ifs and maybes never happened… So Whats your point again.?

          • csbubba

            Criminals like “gun free zones” i.e schools. Read up on the UK, seems you are NOT allowed to resist and break-ins.If you do and you hurt one of them, you get arrested, and they have no guns.

          • Dave Ottawa

            insurance won’t repeatedly cover you for loss. hope it doesn’t happen often. your rates will also go up and you will have to pay the deductible on it. while i don’t agree with shooting while moving, the thief got what he had coming to him.

          • Olly Ilarraza

            Not too many lol! Great for NC. No use of deadly force in day time for defense of personal property. Then again do you want to kill someone over stuff?

          • Mestranger Toall

            Wow good to know thanks for your input I appreciate the knowledge it is very helpful

          • Nick Belcher

            Better places than Texas? LOl

          • Mestranger Toall

            I am not saying it is OK to chase anyone down the street shooting at someone that is careless.

        • Adam Evans

          NH does as well.

        • so after the sun goes down you have the right to chase after someone on public roads and shoot at them? They did not steal your dog, they stole a vehicle. Something tells me you leave your front door open and just wait for some poor sap to walk up to it so you can blow him away and feel like a real tough guy for about 10 seconds. It must really suck having such a tiny tiny penis

      • jo mama

        That’s why they done the right think and killed the POS

      • PacRat

        Please give some examples, including case law and civil litigation judgments, to support your assertions. Thank you.

  • Andrew Vacante


    • William Bush

      Caps. You don’t need to shout. It is a civil discussion after all.

  • Fed up

    I think that if more criminals start realizing that that’s what going to happen when you F with a good person they will start changing their minds about stealing things that don’t belong to them!!!!!

  • Rob

    It is just a vehicle. If it can be replaced and your life or the life of someone around you is not in danger then do not make a tense situation worse.

  • leslie

    It’s not like cops are going to chase them down anyway , they will probably shoot at the owners of the truck first than the people stealing the truck. Cops don’t give a damn anyway. They’re still getting paid !

  • onebigelf

    At your home is one thing, but you cannot pursue.

  • Mike Rieker

    Only LEO’s the RIGHT to shoot in a pursuit.
    That’s the law. Citizens may protect themselves but not their property.
    These guys are gonna be in deep shit.

  • Peter D. Putnam

    BUTTHEADS these are the people that cause the Anti-Gunners to go crazy

  • clayton

    After reading many of the comments the major hitch point in the debate seems to be if their lives were in danger. I just want to remind everyone that this was in Texas which has the castle doctrine. When the criminal entered the vehicle they entered the brothers’ home in principle. Would anyone here debate using force on a home invader? I am not saying they did or did not go too far but merely reminding everyone of the law. I am saying that I feel instances like this will serve as a warning to future potential criminals.

  • fish1552

    I found this:
    “In many U.S. jurisdictions, using deadly force against a burglar/thief who is attempting to escape with stolen property is likewise not justifiable. (Texas law holds the defendant to a high burden of proof that the deadly force was the only means available to recover the property without a serious risk of death or serious injury).”

  • Shawn Powers

    There was no reason to chase the vehicle. Your not defending yourself when your looking for the gun fight. Especially when your not getting shot at.

    • Mark Elliott

      You are defending your property which is legal in Texas.

  • TheLight

    Nope. It’s not justified what they did. They should go to jail.

  • EdC

    Anyone chasing their vehicle AND firing THEN firing after it is stopped is recklessly endangering others.

    • larkpilot

      What ” others ” ? Where does it say anyone else was close ?

      • EdC

        Right Rambo, they were in a deserted area with no life for a mile either side of a roadway during the chase.

        • larkpilot

          Maybe reading is difficult for you . Where does it SAY ANYONE was close to chase or the use of weapons . You are assuming , which means you don’t know shit .

          • EdC

            You really are clueless aren’t you?

  • Steve Eskina

    You can’t just shoot at a fleeing felon even in Texas unless you have a reasonable belief that your stolen property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the property would expose yourself or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury. By initiating the chase they actually placed other people in harms way. They better hope the thieves had firearms on them. You can bet the police and the DA are going to look at the circumstances but its going to be a hard sell to convince them that the shooter had no other recourse unless the perpetrators were armed.

  • Daniel

    I wouldn’t have chased em. I would have called the po po, then I would have got online and start shopping for a new Pickup.. Thats why we have insurance..

  • TUBS!

    I would kill any thief on my property, and yes I would of done the same. I would of gutted that P.O.S with my bowie knife.

  • Nola_Fire

    Per Texas Law they did have a right to follow and shoot at them, which I feel is pretty insane. But then again if you stole a man’s horse you were hung in Texas years ago. i have to agree that people are tired of the thugs taking our stuff when we work 60+ hours a week to afford what we have.

  • Eff Fihv

    Regardless of what one thinks or would’ve done, they were within the law. Moral of the story, know the local laws before you carry. These guys did, thugs didn’t.

    • Mike

      Sure they may be able to defend their property i don’t think that is true but they will be in prison guaranteed.

  • Mike

    This was a major disregard for public safety. Anyone who agrees that this was the right thing to do is clueless. To be going down a road shooting at a vehicle puts innocent people at risk. These two should be sitting in jail for a long time. They could have easily tailed the vehicle while in contact with the police.

  • DaveG

    Within the law, but a poor choice since the danger to innocent bystanders is not insignificant. Better to follow, report, and let police apprehend, at least that’s my view as a former law enforcement guy…

  • Kalie Gambill

    I would never chase them down while firing a gun at them. I am not going to recklessly endanger innocent children in their homes , the old couple out for an evening stroll or the people in the restaurant , because I am driving a moving vehicle firing at another moving vehicle. That is about as dumb as it gets.They are not the police and should not be racing through the streets at night acting like police. Only if life is in danger or I have a reasonable margin of safety at the house do I shoot.

  • Aaron

    Sounds to me like these guys let anger and adrenaline get the best of them and they will be going to jail. Texas law doesn’t allow for this type of action. Sucks. Sounds like fun though.

  • Steve Howard

    How about following at a safe distance while on the cell phone with the cops? I agree not to shoot on the move from a car, and not to try to stop them this way, but I would damn sure stay with them until the cavalry arrived….

  • Tony Filipeli

    Hey this is all good, RIGHT? Ummmmm NO it is not. First off there is not enough information to make a justified comment about the right of them shooting the driver several times. The other factor is, THEY, the brothers, went after the vehicle which removes the Castle Doctrine stance AND, after they stopped the car they fired into the car. On top of that, THEY, the brothers, put themselves into a situation which they did not need to be in…..were they pissed that someone stole their car—YEAH, however, being pissed, not calling the police, going after the criminals, firing in public (regardless if there are people close by) and then killing the driver is NOT justified, at least the part of them shooting the driver. Legally, these two brothers are wrong—while the courts may not prosecute, they would lose their butts in a civil case—they had NO need to pursue and shoot. That is just how it is. For the idiot who says “I would do the same thing” than you would be the one going to jail and you would have your weapon taken and you would be a felon and a murderer….it is that simple—WHY you own a weapon is questionable. The weapon is for self defense, NOT vigilante activities.

    • Mark Elliott

      In Texas, they have the right to pursue in an attempt to recover THEIR property.
      Now if the THIEF had left the STOLEN vehicle when it stopped, the brothers wouldn’t have been justified in shooting him. However unless the truck was disabled, the THIEF was in possession of a deadly weapon (the truck.)

  • Greg Prewitt

    I have the right to defend and protect my property. If I were to have confronted them with a butter knife, what would have been the outcome? Exactly. I will defend my family, home and property with any and all means that I may find necessary.

  • Chris Gellisch

    If I would have done that in the state of Michigan I would be sitting in cuffs right now. The only reason that gives you the right to use deadly force is to stop someone from causing imminent harm to you or someone else. Once he’s in the truck and driving away he is no longer a threat to your life and no matter how much it sucks legally you have to stand down. Now if I walked out and the guy points a gun at me telling me to go inside, my life is at risk, I have the right to stop the threat and I’ll gladly put 2 in the head and 1 in the chest.

    Just my 2 cents,


  • old fire guy

    This is murder and NOT what you do even if you hold a CCW

  • Mestranger Toall

    As far as I know Texas is the one state where you are allowed to protect your property with deadly force. There is a catch to it though. It has to be at night and this story was at night time so I don’t think charges will come even though it was a stupid gun owner who put the neighborhood in danger. These type people are the reason why gun bans are so prevalent. I think the gun bans and banners need to be thrown out though personally but that’s cause I am careful and safe with my fire arm

  • Joshua Jax Jordan

    I would have followed, dialed PD and got an officer to take over… Would I have fired at my own vehicle given a weapon was actually pointed at me? No, I would have laid into the brakes and turned away from him.

    Honestly this sounds like vigilante justice including execution.

  • Harvey Pryor

    Stay home call the police let the insurance company buy me a new truck. The threat left the scene there is no need for deadly force.

  • Scott Evans

    The escalation of force principle says you only use the amount of force necessary to stop a threat. It’s a stupid car. A thing. Don’t risk your life or the life of others over a machine which is easily replaced. The shooters should be tried and convicted of murder. No matter what the laws in Texas or anywhere else say about this, all laws are not necessarily moral laws.

  • wildman

    follow them until they stop and then shoot em fukin dead- just to beat the cops from have the enjoyment of doing it

  • HarleyRider77

    SHOOT THEM big time!!!

  • robert g

    Shooting at your own truck is fair. Now if they had shot at the other vehicle that would be going to far.

  • John

    difference from today versus past is where if a man stole a horse you could go after them…horse theft and cattle rustling was a executable offense given it was a person’s transportation and more than likely the difference between life or death……today you are suppose to let them just take your stuff if it means your life isn’t threatened by the other person. Police are toooooo busy to find your stuff and get it back because of all the other idiots out there beating their spouses, doing drugs, prostitution, etc taking up police officer’s time that could be used to actually go after thieves and get people’s stuff back

  • Theodore Sloat

    I would have followed at a distance while on my cell phone talking to the police. Let the cops deal with them.

  • Nathan Culver

    I pay an insurance company good money every
    month to replace the truck if it’s stolen. There was no threat to me or my
    family, I’d have simply called the cops. The bad things that could happen
    multiply when you do what they did. You could cause an accident that injures or
    kills someone who is innocent. You shooting at a suspect from a moving vehicle
    could hit an innocent person with a stray round or a ricochet. Worst of
    all, what if I had wrecked and gotten seriously hurt or killed or killed in a shootout
    with these idiots? Who is going to take care of my family? I will defend my
    family without question but since these guys were leaving with the truck and
    present no threat to myself, my wife or my kids……let them go. A truck can be
    replaced. These brothers made what I consider bad decisions and now someone is
    dead and they could be going to jail. They legally may in the end be in the
    right but it is not an action that I would have taken. Being in the right doesn’t
    always mean you are.

  • v2iper

    It’s why I have vehicle insurance….people seem to think material possessions are to be protected like their children. Come into my house your a target but other wise no threat no shooting. Just my 2 cents.

  • jesus

    I love my family and im not a cop so obviously, i would have dialed 911 and report the dang truck stolen , its just a truck ..again i love my family.

  • Paul Gibbs

    You have the right to protect yourself and your property. They came looking for trouble and seem to have found it. Now if every warm blooded legal gun owner would do the same then there would be fewer stolen vehicles in America.

  • Bob P

    GOOD GOING GUYS.. He won’t be costing anyone any more money.

  • Clif Steward


  • omar

    Well maybe that would put a stop with all the stolen trucks in texas…

  • Charles Prichard

    It’s simple; be the best witness the law can have. It can be justified if a baby was in the vehicle.

  • Mike

    The brothers should be charged for murder. It’s wreckless actions like this that make it hard for gun owners in other states. Civilian gun ownership is for protection and sport. What these two brother allegedly did was retaliation. if it’s legal in TX to chase someone down and kill them then shame on the politicians in that state.

  • Jeff

    I agree. No need to chase them down. Let the cops do their job. Not only did you put your life in danger , bur you put others in danger also. Plus you could have cause a major accident. Cars can be replaced, lives cannot. Not worth it.No one was in danger over a vehicle being stolen in this situation.

  • MCVet

    I would have called police, followed at a safe distance, armed just in case, with police on the phone, and then backed off once the police arrived and gave chase.

  • Nick Belcher

    In Texas you are permitted to use deadly force in defense of yourself or your PROPERTY, including fresh pursuit. Which is what these guys did. No problem what so ever with what these guys did and I would do the same.

  • Ray

    If you commit a Crime you deserve to be shot… crime=won’t be shot

  • HaveYourCake

    There are four deputies and a sheriff in my county. We have to police ourselves here.

  • Ken Cooper

    Why do people who are more than capable of handling a situation on their own, call the Cops? We need more men in this country.

  • To all the trigger happy wannabe cops out there, do you have car insurance? if so then what is the point of this? Why would you chase them down and shoot at them? To protect your property? A Car? give me a fucking break. What do you hope to accomplish? Now these two d-bags are going to have to deal with the authorities and the courts, for (at a bare minimum) putting the public at risk. Is it really worth the aggravation and the time to feel like a bad-ass? Now maybe they had drugs in the car and had to get it back, but short of that why not just call the cops? I understand the adrenaline rush you gun junkies get from holding that cold, HARD steal in your hand and acting tough, but seriously grow the fuck up and let the authorities take care of it.