The Kahr CW380 is part of Kahr’s “value series” which cuts out a few of their manufacturing processes & features (polygonal rifling, addition of some MIM parts, less refined machining, etc…) found on their “P series” pistols in order to deliver a pistol that performs similarly at a lower cost to the customer. I’ve had this gun since just after it’s release to the market and here’s what I’ve found.


Reliability is always priority number one for me and this gun had some serious issues out of the box. In the first 100 rounds with various manufactures I don’t think it ever made it through a full magazine without a malfunction. So, it was time to test Kahr’s customer service and it turns out that it was excellent. I emailed them describing the problem and had a shipping label within 48 hours. Nine days later the pistol was returned to me and hasn’t had a single malfunction since.


Compared to a “standard” size gun a gun designed for pocket carry will never have what most would describe as good ergonomics. But, compared to other pistols in its’ class it’s pretty good. There’s stippling on the front and back strap which help control the pistol under recoil and the grip angle helps it point naturally.






The trigger is on par with every other Kahr pistol I’ve used. It has a long, smooth double action only pull and breaks right at 6 pounds. The reset is a little long for my personal preference but I know some folks prefer a long pull and a long reset for a back up, pocket-type gun. So, I suppose it depends whom you ask as to whether it’s a good trigger or not. One thing I’ll say in its’ defense is that it doesn’t impede you from hitting targets at defensive distances as the triggers on some guns in the class do.



The gun is extremely thin and lightweight (10.25 oz on my scale) and is easy to carry as you’d expect. The downside of a thin, lightweight gun is that it’s not exactly pleasant to shoot. But, as they say the 6+1 rounds of 380 ACP in your pocket is much better than the 45 ACP in your glove compartment. In the end that’s where the CW380 excels—-you can take it with you regardless of what you’re wearing or what you may be doing

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Mrgunsngear is a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and served in the USAF as well as the US Army, and has experience on a pretty wide variety…

Mrgunsngear is a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and served in the USAF as well as the US Army, and has experience on a pretty wide variety of small arms. His YouTube channel can be found at

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  • GallifreyFalls

    I own the CW40 and it is absolutely flawless. Never cleaned and ran a few hundred rounds thru it with no malfunctions. I finally took it apart and bent something in there that i cant remember the name of. Called their customer service and in less than 2min40sec after i hit send they took my info and had the part ship receiving it less than a week later. I’m a Sig guy but wanted a light weight thin .40 to carry, this firearm is fantastic for the price and will drive tacks within 15 yards. I prefer shooting it over my P226 most days and that’s saying something.

  • Kelly

    I own a KAHR CW 380, I have shot several different brands
    ammo through this gun and have nothing but problems with jamming and the slide
    failing to return fully therefore failing to fire. A bit of background about
    me, I spent 10 years as a police officer (not reserve, no disrespect intended),
    I was awarded “Best Shooter” at police academy when I attended, and I
    am an above average shot and have above average knowledge and experience with handguns and shooting.
    I recently returned this gun to KAHR (with their required
    letter for warranty returns) this letter is posted here:

    Dear K.A.I.:
    On 08/06/14, I purchased a new Kahr CW .380, Model RH7491

    Sportsman’s Warehouse
    11505 NE Fourth Plain Rd.
    Vancouver, WA. 98662
    (360) 604-8000

    Within the first week of ownership I shot 200 rounds of ammo
    consisting of the following:

    • 50 rounds, Remington UMC FMJ .380ACP

    • 50 rounds, Federal American Eagle FMJ .380ACP

    • 50 rounds, MagTech First Defense SCHP .380ACP

    • 50 rounds, 380 Auto Speer Gold Dot 90

    With all of these I found that the slide mechanism would not
    travel completely forward and that the gun would not fire unless tapped
    forward, I also had the gun jam about every third round. This is still the guns
    current malfunction.
    When I cleaned the gun I noticed that the polymer slide area
    had plastic burrs and little flakes of metal in the slide area so I called Kahr
    Customer Service (Approx. Date: 08/13/14) and was told “this is normal for a
    new gun, you should run several hundred more rounds through it to break it in”.
    I have since shot 200 more rounds through the gun and am having the same
    problems, except that now when the gun is disassembled the wear on the metal
    parts in the slide area are now extremely worn, and there are still polymer
    flakes and burrs showing.
    I again called today, 11/13/2014 and spoke with your Kahr
    Customer Service and was told that Kahr would not pay for return shipping, I
    should take it back to Sportsman’s Warehouse and that they could call you for
    return/warranty info.


    This gun was returned this week, 12/7/14, with a note from
    KAHR stating they “Reworked the slide and fired 30 rounds through the gun
    with no problems” When I disassembled the gun I found that the slide area
    looked worse than when I sent it to them, it looks like they took a flat
    screwdriver to the slide area and scratched it up terribly! none of the metal
    parts that were being worn were serviced in any way, and they didn’t even clean
    the gun after firing it, I supposed that was their way of giving proof they fired
    it, but come on!
    I will NEVER buy another KAHR brand gun in my life, I am very unhappy with the company, and none of my very extensive family and friends will buy a KAHR either after witnessing this experience.

    Buyer beware! The warranty is only as good as the company
    backing the product! I plan to shoot the gun this week to see if it truly is
    fixed, but as a side note; After getting the returned gun, I went home and put
    a loaded mag into the gun, racked the slide and the first round jammed. Not

    For anyone that is skeptical, I have 2 short videos I took after receiving the Kahr back from warranty, showing it not working properly almost every round with 2 different people firing the gun. I am more than willing to send these to anyone, but it would really be nice if Kahr would just step up and fix their screw up!
    Comparison: My Ruger 1911 Commander, when I had an issue with it they were fantastic! they offered to come to my door and pick up the gun personally for warranty repair. Now that is customer service to be proud of!

    The article above where the author says that Kahr offered, and sent him a shipping label for free mailing, WTHeck! when I called them they said “NO!, we do not pay for shipping, It will cost you $60.00 to ship it to us” So of course I wonder why the difference, could it be because its an author and not just little ol’ me!

    • Charles Dollfus

      Well, you’ve cured me of wanting a Kahr. But then I wanted the little conceal/carry one at $389. When I went back to get it right after the school massacre in NJ. it was over $700. Don’t know if this was Gander Mountain or the Kahr people.

    • Marc Dalton

      Stretch the slide spring and it should bring lock the barrel to the slide fully forward.’
      The larger of the 2 springs is a bit short.

  • bRobert

    I recently bought a Kahr cw380 for my wife, and just finished putting the recommended 200 rounds through it for the break in mentioned in the manual. Zero problems and surprisingly comfortable to shoot for a gun this size.

    There is quite a bit of polymer wearing off on my hand from the slide, which concerns me slightly. I don’t expect this gun will be shot more than 50 rounds every few months from here on out, so I’m curious about its lifespan with so much of the frame coming off.

    Regarding the frustrations that the poster Kelly was experiencing, I had a similar experience with a Keltec PF9. After a year and several replacement parts, they finally sent an ‘updated’ extractor spring that resolved the problem. If I didn’t have people around me who were very happy with Keltec products, I would say I was swearing off of them completely as well.

  • Bob H

    I have a CW380 and have over 500 rounds through it. Witdh good ammunition it is flawless – I carry Hornady Critical Defense and Liberty Civil Defense in it. Great gun. Added a Hogue rubber grip and Pearce grips – get all 3 fingers on the grip and the Hogue makes it the most comfortable gun I own to shoot. I am extending my practice range shooting from 25-30 feet out to as far as 60 feet. At 78 years old, this is the perfect gun for me.
    Bob H